In Remembrance of Paul Humann 1937-2024

Posted by Quality Marine Staff on February 8, 2024

In Remembrance of Paul Humann 1937-2024 thumbnail image

With great sorrow, we mourn the loss of Paul Humann. We will be remembering all that Paul did for our industry through his photographs and publications.

Paul Humann, a prominent figure in the diving industry, passed away peacefully at the age of 86 in his home in Davie, Florida, USA, on February 5th. He was a renowned author, photographer, and publisher, best known for co-founding New World Publications and Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF). Humann began his publishing career in South Florida in 1980, and his marine life and travel images were featured in various magazines, including National Geographic and Audubon. In 1988, he partnered with Ned DeLoach, founder of New World Publications, and together they co-edited Ocean Realm magazine. This collaboration led to the publication of a series of marine life and diving-related books, including the popular "Reef Fish Identification," which received the Benjamin Franklin Award for best reference book in 1994. Humann's work established visual identification criteria for numerous marine species, facilitating biodiversity assessments of reef ecosystems. He collaborated closely with marine taxonomists to ensure scientific validity and contributed to the discovery of several previously undocumented species, which were named in his honor. These include: the Ornate Cup Coral, Coenocyathus humanni, from the Tropical Western Atlantic; Ophichthus humanni, an Eel inhabiting the Western Pacific, and a beautiful fairy wrasse, Cirrhilabrus humanni, from Indonesia. Humann and DeLoach's shared concern for marine conservation led to the founding of REEF in 1990, an organization dedicated to protecting ocean life through citizen science, education, and partnerships with the scientific community. To learn more about Paul’s remarkable life please go to the Scuba Diver Magazine