Quality Marine supports a number of organizations that represent the trade and others that look after our environment. We are very active with associations, groups and efforts that recognize the trade as an important revenue stream for the collector communities that produce our supply, and that help educate those same communities in the value of preserving their resource and harvesting responsibly in a sustainable manner for the longevity of this industry and the hobby.

Marine Aquarium Council
International Certification for the Quality and Sustainability of Marine Aquarium Organisms... from Reef to Retail.
World Wide Pet Industry Association, Inc
WWPIA is a non- profit, membership-controlled trade association organized to represent its members and the interests of the companion animal and pet products industry. WWPIA"s mission is plain and simple: to promote responsible pet care worldwide.
Pet Industry Joint Advisory CouncilPIJAC is the world's largest pet trade association, representing all segments of the pet industry. Their mission is to ensure the availability of companion animals to sustain the entire pet industry through various means.