Look for the Label



Ensure your fish had the softest ride from the reef to the retailer. Look for the Label at leading retailers near you.


At Quality Marine, we constantly analyze and improve how animals are shipped, acclimated, treated, and housed. In order to do this, we track every animal from every shipment all the way from the collector, through our facility and on to the customer we sell it to. We have decades worth of data telling us exactly which fish from which vendors perform the best. 

For almost 10 years now we have been offering that information to you through a mobile site that can be accessed by anyone who scans the QR code label; available for every fish we sell. These static cling labels affix to the outside of the tank. Scanning this code with your Smartphone will direct your browser to our mobile site where you can learn key facts about that specific fish.

It starts with your customers being able to identify an animal, see if that animal is suitable for their aquarium, what foods it needs, what country it came from, and even when it arrived at and departed from Quality Marine, and they can access this information, even if every employee in the store is busy.


The Best Collectors

Quality Marine's exclusive sources feature the most skilled marine life collectors, many of whom have more than 30 years experience in the collection, handling and shipping of marine animals. Because we track our stock with such rigorous detail, we can engage in feedback loops with our sources about best practices. This has allowed us the opportunity to fine tune processes over decades, something no other wholesaler can say.

The Best Holding Facilities

Our marine animal acclimation, quarantine, and holding systems are, without question, the finest of their kind. Every system here is under continuous development as we continue to lead the industry in technology innovations and the refinement of already proven, commercially viable aquaria.

The Best Animal Care

While in our care, our staff of the industry's most experienced husbandry professionals rigorously feed and treat and monitor our specimens. We have left no stone unturned while looking to improve every aspect of our business and animal health is no exception; from our multiple time per day feeding schedule, to our nutritionally diverse and complex feed mix we go the distance to ensure you the healthiest fish possible.

The Highest Quality Marinelife

It all starts with seeking out the healthiest specimens from the very best supply lines that practice responsible, sustainable harvesting, then we offer them the best care in the absolute best holding conditions.