Today is World Aquarium Day 2023

Posted by Quality Marine Staff on February 20, 2023

Today is World Aquarium Day 2023 thumbnail image

February 20, 2023, is World Aquarium Day, an initiative created by world-renowned aquascaper Oliver Knott to celebrate and honor “the best hobby in the World.” Aquatropic has had the privilege to get to work with Oliver Knott in years past and witness his impressive aquascaping ability. I think its easy to say that Quality Marine, Nutramar and Aquatropic loves aquariums and what they mean to others. It is truly incredible to see so many people in the industry and hobby that care deeply about their aquariums and our oceans. Oliver Knott is encouraging you to flood social media with images of your aquariums and livestock! We would like to take it a step farther and encourage you all to support your local fish stores (LFS) and organizations that are working hard to protect our industry, such as Rising Tide Conservation and Pet Advocacy Network (formly PIJAC).

Happy World Aquarium Day everyone!

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