High-Precision Thermometer

Measuring Equipment
Manufactured by Tropic Marin
Tropic Marin High Precision Thermometer
Tropic Marin produces what is simply the very best High-Precision Thermometers for the aquarium trade. They are so precise that they are guaranteed accurate (maximum deviation) to within 0.4F (0.2C). To achieve these superior tolerances, craftsmen make each graduated scale to match the glass tube of its thermometer. The response of the indicator fluid to temperature variance is capillary attraction and the degree of this action varies with the diameter of the tube. True accuracy requires that each scale be constructed to match the tube that it will be paired with.
Each Tropic Marin High-Precision Thermometer has a unique scale that is custom-made to coincide with the capillary attraction of its glass tube. The scale of degrees is permanently etched in black directly onto a white ceramic placard that will not vary or deteriorate for the life of the instrument. This placard is registered from top-to-bottom and side-to-side to ensure lasting accuracy.
The instrument is a floating glass ampule 7.25" tall and 3/8" diameter, packaged in a protective case with a suction cup for optional mounting. Scale from 64F (18C) to 108F (42C) with increments of 1/5 of one degree Fahrenheit (1/10 of one degree centigrade).
Tropic Marin Hydrometer
These high precision hydrometers are handmade in Germany by experienced craftsmen.
They have a maximum deviation of 0.0005.
These hydrometers never need calibration. Indispensable for scientists and the committed hobbyist. The higher price will soon pay off by an always exact salinity in the aquarium.
Scale from 1.018 to 1.028, with a marked recommendation range 1.021 to 1.024.
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