The Fascinating Feather Duster

Posted by Quality Marine Staff on March 25, 2021

The Fascinating Feather Duster thumbnail image

Did you know that Feather Dusters are not corals? They are a sessile invertebrate that filter feeds. The Common Feather Duster is very appealing to hobbyists due to their unique structure and fan-like crown. The crown will sway beautifully in the aquarium's current, but be sure the current is not direct or too strong. For continued health and growth, weekly feedings of plankton are necessary. Most aquarists should have no problem keeping these alive in their aquarium with no special attention as Feather Dusters will usually get enough food from fine food particles and supplemented feedings. However, it is recommended to only add them to well established aquariums without tank mates that want to snack on them.

When stressed or frightened, the Feather Duster will retract into its tube for protection. Do not be alarmed if you see this worm outside of its tube because they will occasionally leave it for a better location with a stronger current. They can build a transparent tube in a few hours then will use detritus and sand to coat its tube.