P6 - 330 W Commercial UV Sterilizer (up to 792 g)

Professional Series : Commercial UV Sterilizers
Manufactured by Tropical Marine Center
Quartz Ultraviolet Sterilizers provide for maximum sterilization power at all aquarium water temperatures. The Tropical Marine Centre Ltd. manufactures a full range of units capable of handling all sizes of aquariums and systems, both marine and freshwater, tropical or cold water. These quality Quartz Ultraviolet Sterilizers are for larger aquaria and commercial systems.
All Tropical Marine Center UV Sterilizers feature:
  • Individually chambered lamps for optimum efficiency and contact time, even for saltwater applications where UV absorption is far higher than in freshwater.
  • Fused quartz glass sleeves which ensure that germicidal lamps are able to reach their optimum burn temperature ' where the highest amount of UVc radiation is emitted. Also facilitates simple lamp replacement by keeping lamp separate from the system water.
  • Constructed from exclusively and specially formulated UL1018 PVC compound. Designed by Tropical Marine Centre for its ultra-low toxicity and high UV resistance properties. Can be used in the most demanding hatcheries and larval rearing facilities with absolute confidence.
  • Used widely around the world including in Tropical Marine Centre's own commercial marine ornamental fish and invertebrate hatchery, and our own facility here at Quality Marine.
  • No significant pressure drop.
  • 2" Female Socket Inlet and Outlet
  • New-design control gear allowing for simple replacement.
The amount of ultraviolet produced by UV lamps decreases with the number of hours that the lamps operate. In order to take this into account, most UV sterilizers are specified at 60% of their output efficiency. This means that lamps have a defined useful life span, and need periodic replacement.
Technical Details
Description # of 55 Watt lamps Weitght (lbs.) Approx. Input Current (A) Inlet/Outlet Size (in) Max Flow Rate @ Level 3 (gph) Max Sys. Vol. based on 4x/hr turnover @ Level 3 (g) Dimensions lxwxh (in)
P2 - 110 W
2 15 0.44 2 1056 264 36 x 10.8 x 6.2
P4 - 220 W
4 36.75 0.88 2 2113 528 36 x 18 x 19.7
P6 - 330 W
6 54 1.32 2 3117 792 36 x 18 x 25.1
P8 - 440 W
8 67.75 1.76 2 4226 1056 36 x 18 x 30.4
P8 - 440 W
8 67.75 N/A 2 4226 1056 36 x 18 x 30.4
Technical Facts
To achieve desirable levels of sterilization the total volume of a system needs to be turned over regularly through the sterilizer.
  • Shell fish depuration tanks Minimum 3 x per hour, recommended 5 x per hour
  • Marine/freshwater ornamental Minimum 4 x per hour, recommended 7x per hour
  • Public display Minimum 2 x per hour, recommended 3-5 x per hour
  • Total UVc Radiation Emitted @ 253.7 nm is 18w per lamp when new
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