Sedra G-2 Pump Ksp-3500

Sedra pumps are powerful, quiet and reliable. When combined with a needlewheel impeller, they become ideal for use in protein skimming. The pumps incorporate a venturi intake, sucking both water and air into the impeller. The many needles on the impeller wheel shred up the air and water into very fine micro bubbles and sends them into the skimmer contact chamber.
  • Multi-Use (submersible/in line)
  • Space age design
  • Powerful, quiet and reliable
  • Ceramic Shaft, won't corrode in saltwater
  • Ideal for Saltwater use
  • Full 2 year warranty
Item # Model For use with ASM Skimmer Model Power (watts) Max Head (ft) Max Flow (gph)
078291 KSP-2500 G-1 25 7 250
078298 KSP-3500 G-1X 35 8 350
078292 KSP-3500 G-2 35 8 350
078293 KSP-5000 G-3, G-4 50 10 500
078294 KSP-7000 Upgrade for G-4 70 15 700
078295 KSP-9000 G-5 90 17 900
Models KSP-3500 on left & KSP-5000 on right. Needlewheel impellers also shown beneath pump intakes.
Replacement Needlewheel Impellers
Manufactured by All Seas Marine
These impellers are made with a ceramic shaft and a molded needlewheel impeller plate. With it's many needles, the impeller shreds the incoming mix of air and water into a combination of water and extremely fine air bubbles. These fine bubbles are injected into the protein skimmers reaction chamber where dissolved organic molecules bond to the surface of the bubbles which are then exported into the collection cup.
Item # Model For use with ASM Skimmer Model
0782300 Ksp-2500 G-1
0782320 Ksp-3500 G-1X, G-2
0782330 Ksp-5000 G-3, G-4
0782340 Ksp-9000 G-4x, G-5, G-6
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