20x24 Four Bag, Black Liner (5pc) 100/box

Bags and Liners
Quality Marine offers a wide variety of different bags and liners for retail and commercial applications. Liners are used to add more durability and reduce the probability of leakage due to tears in the bags. Most liners come in either clear or black. The black liners are used for reducing stress of the inhabitants. Please view our full item list for additional details.
Rubber bands
These rubber bands are made from a heavy duty rubber, built for high strength and elasticity. Bands are approximately 1.5" in diameter and one-quarter inch in width.
Tro-Pack - Tropical Fish Shipping Warmer
Tro-Pack warmers are ideal for use in transporting aquaria inhabitants. Their use should be used when shipping through cold environments. After activation each pack has a useful life of approximately 24 hours. Their average sustained temperature is approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with a maximum temperature of 110 degrees. Each bag contains one warmer.
Dimensions are 5" x 3.75"
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