Elimi-Phos 200 g

Highly effective granules fort he removal of phosphates and organic pollutants in saltwater and freshwater aquaria.
High levels of phosphates and organic pollutants promote unwanted algae growth and compromise health of aquarium inhabitants. Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS granules are a very effective way to remove both phosphates and organic pollutants in saltwater and freshwater aquariums.
In addition to effective removal of phosphates, ELIMI-PHOS takes the place of activated charcoal and will improve the general water quality in the aquarium. Phosphates become so strongly bonded to the ELIMI-PHOS granules that it will never be released, even after the full absorption capacity of the ELIMI-PHOS is reached.
Application and dosage:
Place 100 g of Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS per 200 liters (27 gallons; 1 Quick & Clean bag contains 100 g of ELIMI-PHOS) of total aquarium system water volume into the tank and position it in the filter or other area of strong water circulation.
It is always a good idea to make any changes in your aquarium environment slowly. If the organic load of the aquarium is very high, start with 100 g per 500 liters (135 gallons) of system volume and slowly increase to the above recommended maximum. This will give your more delicate plants and animals a gradual introduction to the positive change in water quality.
Sizes: 2 Quick & Clean-bags 100g each, 1.5kg can
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