Gungo Highhat

(Pareques viola)

Highhats should be added to very large well established aquariums with wide open swim space. Provide rockwork with plenty of caves, cracks and crevices to hide and rest in. These timid, shy fish are often difficult to start eating in the aquarium. If not eating try offering live fortified Brine or Glass/Grass shrimp several times daily. Highhats have been known to consume fireworms. If other more aggressive fish reside in the aquarium Highhats can be out competed for food and may not receive proper nutrition. Juveniles and adults may have slightly color differences.

The Gungo Highhat are also known as Rock Croaker. Occasionally seen in the aquarium trade. Gungo Highhat are quite unique with juvenile and adult color differences. Juveniles are attractive with their white body and black body stripes, hints of yellow on their head and fins. Adults are a grey to silver color with hints of purple. They can grow to almost 10".

We recommend a minimum aquarium size of 100 gallons or larger for this species.

Water conditions: Salinity 1.020 - 1.025, Temp (F) 72 - 78, pH 8.1 - 8.4, Alkalinity 8 - 12 dKH

  • Care: CareModerateModerate
  • Behavior: BehaviorSocialSocial
  • Diet: DietFrozen FoodFrozen Food DietLive FoodLive Food
  • Habitat: HabitatReefReef HabitatSand FlatSand Flat
  • Light: LightMediumMedium