Kaudern's Cardinalfish

(Pterapogon kauderni)

Pterapogon Cardinalfish should be added to well established aquariums with rock work with caves and ledges should be provided for hiding. Pterapogon Cardinalfish will consume small fish and invertebrates. A diverse diet of enriched meaty foods should be provided for continued good health. Pterapogon are nocturnal and should be fed very early mornings or evenings. Some Cardinalfish are mouth brooders research each species to ensure the appropriate care is given. Groups are peaceful in large aquariums however as they begin to mature and pair up they do become a bit more agressive and territorial. Pterapogon should be housed with other peaceful tank mates. Males and females can be hard to tell apart, females tend to be larger while males generally have a larger 2nd dorsal fin and wider bottom jaw. They are slow methodical swimmers house with other peaceful tank mates.

The Kaudern's Cardinalfish is also known as the Banggai Cardinalfish. Captive Bred species are very commonly seen in the aquarium trade. Kaudern's Cardinalfish have an amazing color scheme with their silver to white colored body with black vertical stripes, white spots, and long black trimmed fins also with white spots. Kaudern's Cardinalfish can grow to almost 3".

We recommend a minimum aquarium size of 30 gallons or larger for this species.

Water conditions: Salinity 1.020 - 1.025, Temp (F) 72 - 78, pH 8.1 - 8.4, Alkalinity 8 - 12 dKH

  • Care: CareEasyEasy CareModerateModerate
  • Behavior: BehaviorSocialSocial
  • Diet: DietFlake FoodFlake Food DietFrozen FoodFrozen Food DietLive FoodLive Food
  • Habitat: HabitatReefReef
  • Light: LightMediumMedium