Robert M. Fenner, 1952-2020

Posted by Quality Marine Staff on May 19, 2020

Robert M. Fenner, 1952-2020 thumbnail image

It's with shock and sadness that I have to write about the passing of Bob Fenner...a loss as friend personally and a loss to the entire aquarium fish community.

Ive known Bob since my earliest days as a professional in the aquarium fish business... since the late 90s anyway, but he had been a friend to Quality Marine since long before my time. Any time Bob dropped by for a quick visit as he was passing through on his way to head off on a dive trip, or to make an introduction, or to provide someone a tour of the place, he was always gracious, funny, insightful, and complimentary. Bob was a genuine enthusiast, an interested and always interesting person to talk to, and for me personally - someone that always heaped rewarding praise on our efforts to lead the industry responsibly and with integrity.

Bob knew the industry and hobby inside and out, and I know he was very close with many in it. He wanted to make the industry and the hobby better for all, and he did this by sharing information, contacts, leads, and advice. He wrote countless articles, authored books, and shared his opinions openly. Through his Wetwebmedia online platform he fielded questions, provided answers, made introductions, and shared a vast volume of articles and information. We hope that his work will continue to serve the hobby for many many years to come.

Running into Bob at a conference, or trade event, somewhere around the world was always a really nice encounter... and Im sure that sentiment is universally shared.

Rest In Peace Bob, well miss you.

Chris Buerner, Quality Marine