Pro Clear Ultima 55 Watt UV

The Pro Clear Ultima 55W is a beast of a UV Sterilizer; with maximum flow rate of 4000 gph, it is suitable for ponds and water features up to 10,000 gallons. Like all Pro Clear UV units, the Ultima 55w comes with an 8000-hour bulb, meaning bulb changes only happen annually in the spring. This unit is built with glow ends, allowing the user to safely confirm, at a glance, that the bulb is functioning. They are easily plumbed into just about system as a result of their included, universal, 45-degree connectors. These units are rated for outdoor use.

  • 55W
  • Suitable for ponds up to 12,000 gallons US
  • Max. flow rate of 4,755 gallons US
  • Completely waterproofed
  • Shape allows for greater water shedding
  • Care:
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