Lamp-55 Watt

Quality Marine offers a full range of replacement UV lamps for all of the T.M.C. UV products we carry.
UV lamps used for sterilization purposes in our Vecton and Commercial System UVs should be replaced every 6 months (approx. 4000 hrs) to ensure the continuous high output that is required for these applications.
Lamps used for clarification of ponds can be replaced once a year (approx. 8000 hrs) without detriment to the effectiveness of the unit under normal circumstances.
When replacing the UV lamp, the quartz sleeve should be carefully cleaned with a light acid cleaner and washed with water to remove any deposits and dirt that may have built up.
The quartz O-rings should be replaced to ensure an effective seal between the quartz sleeve and the plastic body.
Item # Product Approx Overall Length (mm) Approx Diameter (mm) Suitable For
0769650 TM G8T5 UV Lamp 8w 302 16 Vecton UV8, Vecton V2 200, PondClear 8
0797010 TM G16T8 UV Lamp 16w 302 16 Vecton V2 200
0767000 TM G15T8 UV Lamp 15w 451.6 28 Vecton UV15, Vecton V2 400, PondClear 15
0767050 TM G25T8 UV Lamp 25w 451.6 28 Vecton UV25, Vecton V2 600, PondClear 25
0767100 TM G30T8 UV Lamp 30w 908.8 28 30w TMC Commercial Sterilizers, Model 30, PondClear 30, Pro Clear Advantage 30
0767120 TM G55T8 UV Lamp 55w 908.8 28
55w TMC Commercial Sterilizers, Pro Pond Advantage 110

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