Reef Pump Compact 250nano 12V DC Aquarium Pump

The Reef Compact 250 is a tiny submersible pump that could be used in either fresh or saltwater. It is well suited for any aquarium that is tight on space. This space saving compact pump sits vertically and draws water from the base. The RC250 will push a maximum of 66 gph and is often used in bigger sumps for diverting water to low flow filters. The pump takes up a minute footprint and draws from under the base of the pump, allowing it to function in very shallow water.

  • 5v DC
  • Compact design for aquariums with limited space
  • Variable speed control with up to 10 different speed settings
  • Extremely quiet running
  • Soft start features to increase impeller life
  • Ability to work in low level water, perfect for water changes
  • Integrated 10-minute feed timer to allow easy feeding



250 nano

Max. Flow Rate


Max. Power




PSU Voltage

100-240V 50/60Hz

Max. Head ft


Outlet in.



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