Our Facilities

Holding Tanks

Quality Marine’s incredible holding system is comprised of  thousands of specialized holding cubes, tanks, invertebrate trays, coral flats, and specialized cup raceways. Each system is continuously treated with redundant UV and Ozone sterilization, virtually eliminating the risks of parasite infestation, bacterial outbreak and cross-contamination. Water fed to our primary holding system is passed at optimal flow rates through more than 12kw of UV light.

Filtration Systems

Return water from each system is collected in several high capacity sumps where it is mechanically filtered then processed by a bank of massive skimmers of our own proprietary design. Each skimmer is independently fed with a variable supply of Ozone and controlled with dedicated Redox measuring equipment; optimum foam production is maintained via accurate feed water flow control. Water is then delivered to the UV sterilization before delivery to the holding tanks.

Water Production

Our systems are computer monitored and controlled via real-time detailed water parameter and system dynamics. Any irregularities in water quality or system functionality are alerted to staff 24/7/365 and addressed within minutes by our own on-staff systems technicians. Our water production and pack-out mix systems are tightly controlled to exacting specific gravity and pH levels, using the best synthetic salts, Tropic Marin, to ensure consistency that no one can match.

Pump Room

Our large bank of high flow, energy efficient pumps provide amazing flow rates and incredible system volume turnover. Redundancy in the design ensures optimum water quality in the event of individual  component failure. Water quality parameters including pH, ORP, D.O. and S.G. are maintained with accuracy through a number of process controls pioneered and refined over decades by staff here at Quality Marine.

Large Fish Handling

Quality Marine biologists are the most knowledgeable and experienced staff in the industry. We commonly handle the transfer of larger livestock for public aquaria and coordinate the shipping logistics. QM is well equipped to care for these larger animals and help to ensure a safe arrival to their destination.