The Feisty and Vibrant Black Ribbon Eel

Posted by Quality Marine Staff on March 8, 2021

The Feisty and Vibrant Black Ribbon Eel thumbnail image

The Black Ribbon Eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita) is the Houdini of eels as they can use any small opening as an escape. Having a tight sealed lid is essential when owning this eel. These eels look quite unique compared to other eels like the more common Snowflake Eel because they have a distinctive face and their bodies are more slim and resembles a ribbon.

Ribbon Eels may take longer to acclimate and can become stressed. When stressed, you will see that the Ribbon Eel will not eat even if offered the best foods. To help reduce stress, be sure the aquarium's water parameters and quality are pristine. Also, adding multiple caves and rockwork will allow this eel to retreat until comfortable.

The Ribbon Eel has poor eye sight, so it is best to use tongs when feeding so they do not mistake your hand as food. They are carnivores and will do best with a varied diet of different meaty foods like krill, shrimp and silversides. Do not house with fish or invertebrates small enough to fit into the eel's mouth or they may become a snack.