Aquacultured Twinspot Bass

Posted by Quality Marine Staff on February 12, 2024

Aquacultured Twinspot Bass thumbnail image

Quality Marine is proud to have received the aquacultured Twinspot Bass for the first time. These are the first ones to hit the market and we are so excited to add this to our ever-growing list of captive-bred species available to our valued retail store partners. The Twinspot Bass (Serranus flaviventris) is occasionally kept in aquariums by experienced marine aquarists. These fish are native to the Western Atlantic Ocean inhabiting rocky reefs and ledges, often found at depths ranging from 10 to 300 meters. They require a larger tank with plenty of hiding spots, such as caves or crevices, to mimic their natural environment. Additionally, they prefer well-oxygenated water with stable parameters, including temperature and salinity. In house, we are feeding them a variety of Gamma Frozen Foods and Nutramar Complete Pellets.