Aquarium Science: New species description Procatopus websteri

Posted by Aquatropic Staff on January 18, 2023

Aquarium Science: New species description Procatopus websteri  thumbnail image

Lampeye Killifish are a loved species in the freshwater community due to their small size, docile nature and hardiness. They can be enjoyed within a planted aquarium and will look glowing under the aquarium lighting. This makes the news of a new species all the more exciting. There are a many different species of Lampeye Killifish that are enjoyed by the aquarium trade and now a newly described species can hopefully be added to the list. The new Lampeye Killifish species, Procatopus websteri, comes from Akaka camp of western Gabon. This species has similar colorations as the Banded Lampeye (Aplocheilichthys spilauchen) but the male’s fin shapes are different between the two species. Like all 70 species of Lampeye, the Procatopus websteri sports the signature blue eyes in both the females and males. With the expansion in science around the world, it is no surprise that this species was discovered and described. Here at Aquatropic we look forward to more new species being described and enjoyed in aquariums. To learn more about this new species please go to the Tropical Fish Magazine’s article