NutraShot Vitality Boost 12mm 100g


Gamma Shots are suitable for every day feeding of ?sh, corals and other invertebrates. Sticks easily to the side of the tank or rockwork allowing your ?sh to graze whilst giving you a close up view of your ?sh feeding!

  • Gamma Shots are pre-mixed, ready to use food balls designed to enrich the animal’s environment and stimulate natural grazing and feed responses.
  • Easy to feed - can be fed directly to aquarium inhabitants.
  • Nutritionally balanced, and made from 100% natural ingredients including Mussel, Krill, Prawn, Fish, Kelp, Spirulina Algae, Aloe Vera, Omega 3, Red and Green Nori, Pro-biotic yeasts, and Garlic.
  • The ingredients used have been pre-digested, so livestock can easily absorb and retain the nutritional content of the food, and then dried at low temperatures and cold extruded to retain essential amino acids and proteins. All these processes ensure high digestibility and encourage full consumption of the food, reducing waste and water pollution, and ensuring better water quality.
  • Manufactured in the UK, in small, highly controlled batches using TMC’s own special formulation.

Gamma Shots Vitality Boost - With added vitality boosters including probiotics, garlic, aloe vera and omega 3 and Vitamins A,D,C and E. Suitable for feeding to new or stressed ?sh for up to 6-8 weeks.

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