Nutramar Ogo - Gracilaria (12 lot)

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Nutramar Ogo is a freeze-dried Gracilaria algae, which when soaked in aquarium water rehydrates to approximately 10 times its dry weight. After full rehydration, Nutramar Ogo looks as it does in the wild and fish will accept it just as eagerly. Nutramar Ogo is a high-quality solution for feeding marine herbivores and omnivores a natural diet filled with amino acids, vitamin C, zinc, unsaturated fatty acids, and a variety of other essential vitamins and minerals.

Nutramar Ogo is cultured, freeze-dried, and packaged in the USA. Excellent quality control throughout the culturing process guarantees optimal composition and the elimination of pathogens and contamination concerns associated with imported foods.

Nutramar Ogo comes in 1/4 oz. resealable packages, and rehydrates to 2 ½ oz of edible product after soaking in aquarium water.

Ingredients: Contains pure freeze-dried Gracilaria algae and trace salts. No preservatives, artificial colors, or ingredients added.

Directions: Soak for 15-30 minutes in aquarium water. Feed once hydrated. Feed daily, as much as your fish can consume in 2 hours.

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