Nutramar Live Phyto TC 16.9oz/500 ml Pouch



Nutramar Live Microalgae Phyto TC is a blend of our Tetraselmis and Chaetoceros microalgae, which is specially formulated to provide the ideal proteins, fatty acids, and other phytonutrients to boost populations of our Nutramar Tigrio copepods. Nutramar Live Microalgae Phyto TC can also be fed to your filter feeding inhabitants such as other zooplankton, sponges, and some SPS corals.

Tetraselmis is a genus of phytoplankton with a bright green coloration that is high in lipids making it an ideal nutrition source for filter feeders.

Chaetoceros makes up one of the largest families of phytoplankton and is of large importance to micro-crustaceans - such as your copepods and amphipods while simultaneously helping to create an oxygen rich ecosystem. In your aquarium, this translates to giving your pod population a boost while simultaneously controlling dissolved nutrient levels.

Use: The recommended dose is 15-30ml per 50 gallons, once per day. Turn off your protein skimmer for 30-45 minutes while inhabitants feed. For target feeding, or to maximize feeding opportunities for your corals and invertebrates, turn off your circulating pumps while dosing. More densely stocked tanks may benefit from larger or more frequent feedings.

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