Nutramar Live Adult Artemia 16.9oz



Nutramar Live Artemia packaged in our own state-of-the-art laboratories in Los Angeles, CA. Artemia are a great way to entice new or shy fish to begin feeding as they adapt to their new environment. More seasoned fish will enjoy having live prey to hunt. Feel confident feeding your fish the same Artemia used at industry leading facilities.

USE: Target feed Nutramar Live Artemia to finicky fish or pour directly into the tank and watch all your fish feed in a frenzy!

CONTENTS: Live Artemia are packaged in sterilized, laboratory-grade sea water with Nutramar IC Live Microalgae to maintain nutritional quality upon use. Debris in the water is marine snow AKA Artemia poop (your filter feeders will love it).

STORAGE: Artemia should be fed to inhabitants shortly after purchase but can be stored in your refrigerator door for a day or two with the cap removed. Longer life can be obtained by pouring Artemia into a container and adding Nutramar IC Live Microalgae to tint the water (feed daily or as the water clears).

Nutramar Live Artemia is not a significant source of nitrates, phosphates, or silica, and will not degrade water quality. Feed Nutramar Artemia with confidence!

Size: 16.9oz pouch (500ml)

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