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Posted by Nutramar Staff on March 10, 2008

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Nutramar is a new and exciting food product for the fish and aquarium industry. Made from 100% all natural food sources, Nutramar products elicit voracious feeding behaviors in fish and invertebrates. Unlike flake and other processed foods, Nutramar is the real thing, ensuring your fish adapt and thrive in their captive habitat. Nutramar foods currently offers two lines of foods; Ogo (Gracilaria) and Ova (Prawn Eggs).

Nutramar Ogo is a freeze dried gracilaria algae which when soaked in aquarium water re-hydrates to approximately 10 times its dry weight. After full re-hydration Ogo looks as it does in the wild, and fish will accept it just as eagerly. Nutramar Ogo is a high quality solution for feeding marine herbivores and omnivores a natural diet filled with amino acids, vitamin C, zinc, unsaturated fatty acids, and a variety of other essential vitamins and minerals.

Gracilaria is perhaps the finest algae for feeding fish. After being fed with gracilaria fish have been shown to be healthier, more colorful, and more active. What's more, fish love it! Difficult to feed Tangs, Angelfish and various Butterflies are easier to keep and begin to thrive when gracilaria becomes a major portion of their diet.

Nutramar Ogo finally solves the issue with the seasonal availability of gracilaria algae. Far superior to the other less nutritious algae substitutes, raw lettuce or spinach, the new availability and long shelf life of Nutramar Ogo ensures your fish never have to go without this fantastic algae diet.

Nutramar Ogo is cultured, freeze dried and bagged in the USA. The excellent quality control throughout the culturing process guarantees optimal composition, virtually eliminating disease and contamination concerns associated with imported foods.

Nutramar Ogo is currently sold in 1/4 oz. packages and re-hydrates to 2 oz of edible product after soaking in aquarium water for 15-30 minutes.

Nutramar Ova is made from all natural prawn eggs. These eggs are highly nutritious and are an ideal size for feeding corals and smaller fish. Ova makes soft corals, small and large polyp scleractinia (SPS and LPS) go wild, as feeding responses in most species can be seen almost instantly! Ova has also been used to successfully feed Anthias, Mandarin Dragonets, various Pipefish, Seahorses, nano-sized gobies, most juvenile fish species and many more! Ova is highly concentrated with protein and natural HUFA's, this nutritious food is a must have when rearing fishes of nearly any species in the larval and post-larval stage.

Ova eggs are packaged with a minimal amount of water making them extremely dense, a little goes a long way in feeding your aquarium.