Nutramar Live Microalgae Phyto CRIT 16.9oz/500 ml Pouch

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Nutramar Live Phyto CRIT is a blend of our most popular phytoplankton and is specially formulated to provide the broadest range in cell size as well as content of omega-3s, proteins, vitamins, and other phytonutrients vital to a healthy aquarium ecosystem. Each pouch contains Chaetoceros, Rhodmonas, Isochrysis, and Tetraselmis. This is the ideal blend to target the widest range of filter feeding organisms. Whether you are kick-starting the microfauna cycle in your aquarium or target feeding clams, sponges, and coral, CRIT has you covered.

Use: The recommended dose is 15-30ml per 50 gallons, once per day. Turn off your protein skimmer for 30-45 minutes while inhabitants feed. For target feeding, or to maximize feeding opportunities for your corals and invertebrates, turn off your circulating pumps while dosing. More densely stocked tanks may benefit from larger or more frequent feedings.

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