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Freshwater Plants

The finest quality, pure culture aquatic plants available today.

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Freshwater Invertebrates

From Assassin Snails to Zebra Lobsters and everything in between.

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​Neocaridina davidi

​Neocaridina davidi

By Aquatropic Staff | June 14, 2021

Neocaridina davidi, commonly known as the Dwarf Cherry Shrimp, is a freshwater shrimp first collecte … Read more
Paracheirodon innesi

Paracheirodon innesi

By Aquatropic Staff | May 24, 2021

Paracheirodon innesi, also known as the Neon Tetra, has been making a splash in freshwater aquariums … Read more
​The Electric Blue Acara

​The Electric Blue Acara

By Aquatropic Staff | May 10, 2021

The Electric Blue Acara (Andinoacara pulcher) has a great species name in that “pulcher” means “beau … Read more
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Gamma 100% Natural Frozen Foods

Gamma Blister Packs are 100% natural, easily digestable foods. Flash frozen to capture freshness and gamma irradiated to guarantee no pathogens. Used in-house at Aquatropic, they are safe to store in domestic freezers.

Widest Variety & Best Value

Check out Quality Marine for the widest variety on fish, inverts, coral, and supplies.

Nutramar Foods

An exciting line of natural live, frozen, and dry foods for your delicate and finicky feeders.

Ecoscape Hardscaping

See our wide range of hand-picked stones, woods, and substrates for aquascaping.