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The Best Calming Videos Are of People Tending to Aquarium Tanks


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In these uncertain times we're all looking for calming content. And like most people living in the world right now, I'm prone to plenty of anxiety in my daily life, even without the threat of a pandemic hanging over my head. Sometimes it lasts for maybe a minute or two, and sometimes it makes it harder to get to sleep at night. In those instances -- which, of course, have been compounded by the current state of the entire world right now -- I turn to YouTube, which is home to the most calming subcultures on the Internet.

I love a bullet journal video, I'm big into ASMR, I love those videos where people show off the menagerie of snakes or moths or whatever creatures they choose to spend their time caring for and collecting, but, recently, I've found that the videos that give me the fuzziest sense of serenity of all are aquaculture videos.

What is aquaculture, you ask? In simple terms, it's fish tank making, though the fish themselves aren't always a requirement. You can have a tank with nothing in it at all but plants and water and some rocks and skip adding in any other little critters if that doesn't appeal to you. Even for many fish tank havers, the fish are sometimes secondary to the design of the tank itself.

There isn't really a place to start with aquaculture videos, or anything, really, to know about them in order to enjoy them. That's the beauty of this entire enterprise. You just google something like "aquaculture videos" on a whim and are immediately sucked into this world. One of my favorite channels is Foo the Flowerhorn, who creates small tanks full of substrate and a couple interesting plants and maybe some shrimp or a fish or two, and then posts regular videos tracking the tanks' weekly progress. My favorite tank of theirs is a tank full of shrimp that, in every video, get a tiny piece of some sort of fruit or vegetable to snack on in time-lapse.