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Highly Underrated Fish - McCosker's Wrasse

In the Wild

Paracheilinus mccoskeri is common to shallow tropical seas (generally less than 100ft), with a range that spreads from the Indian Ocean to the Waters of Fiji. They are usually found close to the bottom near outer reef slopes or other suitable cover. Juveniles and females frequently form groups that males tend to swim between.

P. mccoskeri has a maximum size of just over 3 inches. It has a very short population doubling time, which makes it very resilient as a species.

In the Aquarium

McCosker's Flasher Wrasse is an excellent tank inhabitant. The are very hardy, adapt well to both confines of an aquarium and to most of the prepared foods available to the home hobbyist. Small groups of them make for an excellent display as the Males will flash and show off for the smaller sub-adults and females.

They are a very peaceful fish, with aggression issues only usually between males. To avoid this, add females first, or all together with only one male. Because of their generally peaceful nature, their presence will encourage other reclusive fish to come out of hiding. Conversely, they can be easily intimidated by larger, more rambunctious tankmates.

We recommend feeding them multiple times per day. mccoskeri

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