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Species Spotlight -Top Fish Back to School Part 2

Species Spotlight - Top Fish Back to School Part 2
Its that time againback to school! Try showcasing some of these suggestions to celebrate. Bring some back to school excitement to your marine aquariums!

Start your morning commute riding the yellow school bus with a Yellow Tang in your tank. This beautiful tang is very hardy and fairly easy to care for, which makes it ideal for beginner hobbyists. They do best in aquariums with live rock that provides hiding spots, but ample amount of swimming room. They tend to be aggressive towards other fish that have a similar shape and color. But, they can live with multiple Yellow Tangs as long as they are all introduced into the aquarium at the same time. This fish is an herbivore so it will graze on any algae on the live rock, which is great because they will help reduce the amount of algae. For keeping Yellow Tangs at their best health, they should be fed dried seaweed once or twice a week and meaty foods once a day.

Dont be a clown in class like the Clown Tang. Because they are a very active fish, Clowns should be fed a high quality food multiple times per day. Providing a varied diet with seaweeds and algae will help strengthen their immune system and overall health. Also, be sure to provide an environment with a great deal of swimming space to keep this tang happy. A perfect display would also have some structure for them to swim through and pick on. They will do best in a display that doesnt have any other tangs, and other tangs will thank you for not being placed with this fish. Take caution when acclimating it because this guy can get stressed during shipping, so be sure to take your time.

Dont get caught sleeping in class! The Sleeper Golden Head Goby is a great bottom dwelling fish that is pretty low maintenance. Be sure this fish is added to an aquarium with a deep sand bed for it to burrow into. They are considered reef safe and is a nice addition to communities of peaceful fish. This goby sifts through the sand looking for food, which in return oxygenates the sand. Their diet should include a variety of frozen meaty foods and should be fed frequently since they are so active. They have been known to jump from their aquariums when startled, so it is a good idea to use a tight fitting lid.