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The Flame Tail Blenny (Enchelyurus flavipes)

Species Spotlight - The Flame Tail Blenny (Enchelyurus flavipes)
The Flame Tail Blenny, Enchelyurus flavipes, is another affordable, yet attractive, option for a marine aquarium. Though they can be comparatively more elusive and cryptic than some of their relatives, such as the Tail Spot Blenny, as they become more comfortable with their surroundings, theyll be sure to make more appearances for your viewing pleasure! This Western-Central Pacific species, found from the Philippines to Singapore, and much of Malaysia and Indonesia, possesses the classic, rounded blenny face, tiny little mouth, and ribbon-like body in a dark, smoky grey shade. The only contrasting coloration is their blazing, yellow-orange tail from which it gets its common name. Due to their secretive nature, its best to add E. flavipes before larger, territorial fishes, allowing it the opportunity to establish their territory and become comfortable with the lay of their underwater land. Be sure to include plenty of crevices and caves in the rockwork, as theyll want to seek refuge from tankmates and observe activity while perched from the safety of their chosen home. Expect more social behavior from this hardy, reef-friendly species as they become more situated within their surroundings.

An opportunistic omnivore, E. flavipes will readily take to a diet of live, frozen, and dry prepared foods with their voracious appetite. Feeding time is a guaranteed way to catch a glimpse of this svelte stunner within your aquarium. Like most blennies,the Flame Tail will never be of tremendous size, reaching a maximum length of approximately 2.5-inches.