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Popular Piscenes - Hooded Bathyphilus Wrasses

In the Wild

Cirrhilabrus bathyphilus is a wrasse found on deepwater reefs in the Western Pacific; though there are reports of them being found in very shallow water on specific reefs.

Sub-adults and females have the same coloration, which is very similar to sub-adults/females of other Cirrhilabrus species. Differentiation is done via the males whose color is not only dramatically different (from the females and from each other), but can also change quickly based on the activity of the male. They have a max size of about three and a half inches.

They are found in large groups that are often comprised of multiple different species, nearly all of which will be planktivores like the C. bathyphilus.

In the Aquarium

Almost never seen above 120ft, they are unused to the type of bright lighting common in reef style aquariums. So when adding them to these types of conditions, try to dim the lights and shorten the day period for a week or two.

Despite this, they make very hardy aquarium inhabitants that can be kept in pairs or harems. When adding pairs, always add the fish simultaneously, when adding harems, either add all at once, or add the females first. Do not wait too long to add the male. Adding males and females will enhance the male's coloration, and ensure that he stays extravagantly patterned.

Like most planktivores, these fish should be fed a varied diet of small meals as frequently as possible to maintain robust health and activity levels.

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