News / Species Spotlight / Highly Underrated Fish - Yellow Goatfish (11/19/14)

Highly Underrated Fish - Yellow Goatfish

In the Wild

Yellow goatfish are usually found around reefs, from as shallow as 20 feet to as deep as 200 or more. As juveniles they are a schooling fish, but tend to be more solitary as they grow into adulthood. The largest recorded size was a male that was 20 inches long, but they are much more commonly found at about half that size. They are harvested for food and for the aquarium trade, and chased as gamefish.

In the Aquarium

Yellow goatfish are beautiful, hardy additions to most tanks. While they are likely to eat smaller fish, tubeworms and motile inverts, we have found them to be low risk with corals and anemones. In addition they do a great job turning over the sandbed, watching them hunt through it with their barbels is very interesting, especially when they find a tasty morsel.