News / Species Spotlight / Highly Underrated Fish - Stocky Anthias (Hypselosoma) (04/23/14)

Highly Underrated Fish - Stocky Anthias (Hypselosoma)

In the Wild

Pseudanthias hypselosoma are common all over the Western and Central Pacific. They usually found inshore, anywhere from 20 to 150 feet deep and associated with reefs. The largest male recorded in the wild was almost 8 inches, but are much more commonly found from 1 - 5 inches (males averaging slightly larger). Like most Pseudanthias they are haremic, being found in the wild with one male to several females and usually in large groups.

In the Aquarium

One of the best anthias for captivity, Stocky Anthias are quite hardy. Of all the many varieties of anthias we see here, hypselosoma are among the quickest to eat and will usually take the widest variety of foods. They will usually take Gamma frozen foods immediately, and it is not uncommon for us to be able to segue them onto Spectrum Pellet within days of arrival. They have good disease resistance and are reef safe.

While the full wild size is large, they are relatively slow growing. The largest captive size I have heard of was 4 inches, in a fish that had been in aquaria for a few years. There is some aggression, though no more or less than other anthias as males will "boss" everything around. The colors are stunning under aquarium lights, and the long wavy fins will definitely grab peoples eye.

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