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Highly Underrated Fish - Manonichthys polynemus

In the Wild

Manonichthys polynemus is a fish found in the Western Pacific, from Northern Indonesia to Palau. They are always associated with reef settings and usually dense coral growth. They are seen at a variety of depths, as shallow as 10 feet and as deep as 150. They reach a max size of just under 5 inches. Their diet consists largely of small motile invertebrates and fish.


In the Aquarium

Common names for Manonichthys polynemus include the Spotfin Pseudochromis and the Longfin Dottyback. Like most Pseudochromis, they are much maligned because of their aggressive tendencies. However, when kept with like minded fish, the Spotfin makes an excellent aquarium inhabitant. They are hardy, take quickly to prepared foods and are reef safe, with the exception of small motile inverts they can fit in their mouths like reef sized hermit crabs, etc. They have bold personalities which means they get used to people quickly. Colorwise, the pictures just don't capture the electric quality of the spots all down the sides of this animal. Avoid mixing them with very docile fish like cardinals, or on the other end of the spectrum, other pseudochromis and look alikes.