News / Species Spotlight / Highly Underrated Fish - Banded Sifter Goby (12/11/14)

Highly Underrated Fish - Banded Sifter Goby

In the Wild

The Sleeper Banded Sifting Goby is a sandsifter that lives near reefs and similar cover, but burrow in the sand bed. They are endemic to the Western Pacific and can be found in between 6 and 60 feet of water. They will pair and spawn in the burrows they make and the male will guard the eggs. Adults have been known to reach almost 6 inches. They eat a variety of benthic invertebrates, algae and detritus.

In the Aquarium

Amblygobius phalaena goes by a lot of common names; White Bar, Sleeper Banded, the list goes on. We use Banded Sifter Goby because it's the best descriptor of the animal's habits. These look great under actinic lighting and are hardier than a lot of other sifting gobies.

Their natural feeding habits make them extremely valuable for turning over and scouring clean aquarium sandbeds. Because they are more likely to be up in the water column than other fish with similar habits, they are easier to segue onto prepared foods. We have great luck getting them started on frozen foods with Gamma Mysis and Gamma Krill, and ultimately onto Spectrum Pellet foods as well.