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Highly Underrated Corals - Cynarina lacrymalis

In the Wild

Cynarina lacrymalis are the only species in their Genus. Their range extends from all over the Indian and western Pacific oceans into the the Red Sea. Button corals are nearly always found in conjunction with reef environments in deep sandy substrates. They are photosynthetic, but will nocturnally extend polyps and take meaty sustenance. They are quite distinctive in form, having extremely colorful but translucent mantles that can often extend over twice the diameter of the skeleton, especially in low light scenarios.

Ref: Veron, JEN - Corals of The World

In the Aquarium

Button corals are hardy, unique additions to any reef tank. Because the large fleshy mantle can be damaged on rock, care must be taken to place in an area where full extension won't be inhibited. This is a coral that doesn't need a lot of light or flow. On the other hand, they will eat a surprising amount of small chopped meaty foods like Krill or Chopped Prawn. They will extend polyps at night, not unlike those seen in scolymia.