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Griessingeri Goby

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Griessingeri Goby

The Seasoned Aquarists Launch Pad to Difficult, Demanding, or Tank Busting Fish
Incredibly colorful, extremely tiny, and a dancer to boot! Griessingeri gobies, Discordinpina griessingeri, are one of the greatest nano fishes out there! These gobies are cryptic, passive fishes of the shallow coral reef and rubble zones in the Indo-Pacific. Many fail with this species due to their unique needs. Lets take a look at them.

Some quick stats about Griessingeri Gobies:

Max Size: 1

Min. Tank Size: 2.5 gallons

Aggression level: Passive

Reef Safe: Yes

Range: Red Sea to Hawaii, Australia to Japan

These gobies easily disappear in large systems. They work best in nano sized systems with other very small and passive fish. Overflows to sumps need to be covered completely. A piece of sponge, window screen, or filter floss works the best for this, but it must be diligently maintained so it does not clog. A tank without an overflow is the best scenario for these fish. They are easily eaten by tank mates as well, especially when not full grown. It is important to choose tank mates carefully. Other small gobies such as Trimma spp., Eviota spp., Koumansetta spp., Gobiodon spp., Barnacle blennies, dragon pipefish and blue stripe pipefish are perfect fish tank mates for these tiny gobies. They also dont mind company of each other either, often displaying for each other frequently during the day.

Griessingeri Gobies are microfauna eaters. Nutramar ova, cyclopeeze, baby brine shrimp, live copepods, live baby brine shrimp, and other small meaty food items are acceptable fare. Always ensure that the specimen you take home is already eating at the store. These fish are fairly bold so even if they are kept in small pill bottles at the store, they should still feed while in the bottle. They will graze off micro fauna on live rock in aquariums all day, but should be offered supplemental feedings daily or every other day. It is also a good idea to examine the fish for unnatural skinniness. The stomach of your goby should not be concave. Carefully examine these fish as their large pectoral fins can hide how skinny they are.

Once established, eating, and good body condition, this goby does not seem to be sensitive to any medications within normal usage while going through quarantine. Griessengeri Gobies do not seem to be very susceptible to common aquarium parasites either, but as always, quarantine is the best way to prevent common aquarium parasites.

In conclusion, Griessengeri Gobies have the personality and looks to be an awesome aquarium specimen, as long as you dont mind not seeing it every time you look at your aquarium. When you do see it, it will likely reward you by strutting around on the miniature dance floor (sandy area) in your aquarium. With the correct setup and dedication, they can be an interesting addition to the specialized passive aquariums!