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Continuing Sustainability: The Aquacultured Bluelined AngelfishNew Icon (08/15/19)
Sustainability is of the utmost importance in securing the future of our industry and hobby. One of the ways to achieve this is through aquaculture. Dive in deep with Quality Marine as we take a look at the aquacultured blue lined angelfish.
Prehistoric Predator: The Zebra MantisNew Icon (07/25/19)
When is a shrimp not a shrimp? Enter the Stomatopods, the mantis shrimp an order that has existed far longer than humans, over 340 million years!
The Pink Cave Basslet: A reclusive and lesser seen Liopropoma species (07/18/19)
Many aquarium hobbyists seek out large and bold fish that are constantly active in their displays and will interact with their keeper to some degree, but theres a lot to be said about catering a system around more cryptic species.
The Gentle Giant: Tridacnid Gigas Clam (07/11/19)
Many reef aquarium hobbyists are well familiar with the Tridacnid family of giant clams, but for most of them, the giant moniker is relative. Theres genuinely only one Tridacnid that embodies this name, and its THE giant clam; Tridacnid gigas.
Cheer up Your Tank with the Cherry Anthias (07/05/19)
When considering a member of the Grouper family (Serranidae) for your aquarium, the usual suspects that come to mind are larger fish such as the Miniatus Grouper (Cephalopholis miniatus). Those that have tanks with both motile and sessile...
The Blue Neon Goby (06/27/19)
Gobies make up the largest family of fish in our oceans (Gobiidae), probability alone makes many of these ideal fish candidates for captivity. From filefish to diamond gobies and prawn gobies, there are tons of great choices for home aquaria. That...
Morays In The Reef Tank? (06/20/19)
One of the groups that fits this bill are the menacing looking moray eels, which can make stunning displays in a reef-type set up where the contrast of their colors against the back drop of live coral really have a chance to stand out. Regarding...
Banggai Cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni) (06/13/19)
When considering what essential or staple fish make the aquarium industry go round, youd be amiss not to mention the Banggai Cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni). Its easy to see why this fish is so popular; they are peaceful, social, striking in...
Line-spot Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus lineopunctatus) (05/29/19)
When you belong to a genus of stunningly beautiful fishes, its easy to get overshadowed. This might be the case for the Line-spot Flasher Wrasse, an underappreciated gem from Paracheilinus. Though it is regularly available at an affordable price...
Peppermint Angel (Paracentropyge boylei) (05/21/19)
The crown jewel of this genus, nay the holy grail of the aquarium industry, needs absolutely no introductions, despite the fact that most hobbyists will never have a chance to see it in person let alone be responsible for the husbandry of one. ...
Lavender Tang (Acanthurus nigrofuscus) (05/14/19)
The Lavender Tang is one of the most abundant and wide-ranging acanthurids in the Indo-Pacific, but, despite this, its also one of the most frequently misidentified and underappreciated species by divers and aquarists. Researchers, on the other...
Fowlers Surgeonfish (Acanthurus fowleri) (05/08/19)
Acanthurus fowleri is named after the prominent early 20th century zoologist Henry Reed Fowler, who had collected the first specimens from the Philippines, but misidentified them as the Mimic Tang (A. pyroferus). The species has since been reported...
Pink Margin Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus) (04/24/19)
Cirrhilabrus is home to some of the most colorful and revered reef-safe fishes within the aquarium trade, but the group also has plenty of lesser-known gems worth taking a look at. The Pink Margin Fairy Wrasse could be considered one of these...
Sebae Clownfish (Amphiprion sebae) (04/10/19)
Amphiprion sebae is one of the most distinctive species of clownfish, and yet its also one of the most frequently misidentified. A quick Google search of its scientific name reveals that this fish is regularly mistaken for some of its relatives.
Dragon Moray (Enchelycore pardalis) (04/03/19)
With the final season of Game of Thrones about to premier, now is a good time to get excited about dragons. But its always a good time to be excited about Enchelycore pardalis, the Dragon Moray.
Checkered Snapper (Lutjanus decussatus) (03/27/19)
Snappers are a ubiquitous sight on coral reefs, but relatively few species from this family ever make their way into the aquarium trade.
Coral Catfish (Plotosus lineatus) (03/20/19)
Catfish arent exactly the sort of thing one might expect to find on a coral reef. The group is well-known from rivers, lakes, and swamps, but theres also a small number of species (out of the 3,000 or so in the order Siluriformes) which occur in...
Ceriantharia: More Than Just A Tube (03/13/19)
The humble tube anemone is a deceptive creature. Given its overall appearance, one could easily mistake a specimen as being just another sort of sea anemone.
Hoplolatilus Tilefish (03/06/19)
Tilefish are brilliantly colored with an active temperament and the inclination to play in the substrate. Most aquarium species are burrowers, digging a home out from under rocks to use as cover from predators and a safe haven for sleeping.
Pacific Crown Toby (Canthigaster axiologus) (02/26/19)
Up until 2008, the Crown Toby was generally considered to be a widespread species found all across the Indo-Pacific, from the Red Sea to Hawaii and Tahiti and everywhere in-between.
Half-barred Goby (Priolepis semidoliata) (02/13/19)
The Half-barred Goby might not seem like much at first glance, but this little goby hides an interesting trick up its sleeve (fin?).
Asfur Angelfish (Pomacanthus asfur) (02/06/19)
The Asfur Angelfish (Pomacanthus asfur) is a species mired in confusion, Aquarists, divers, and sometimes even scientists struggle to correctly recognize it, which naturally invites the question what is an Asfur?
Scoly (Homophyllia australis) (01/30/19)
For the past decade or so, one of the most dominant corals in the aquarium trade has been a colorful, circular species known far and wide as the scoly. Specimens come in a bewildering array of colors.
Kiri Triggerfish (Xanthichthys greenei) (01/23/19)
Triggerfishes are large, charismatic (and tasty) members of coral reef ecosystems. They tend to get noticed by divers, researchers, and fishermen and are usually quite easily collected, which is why most species from this family were discovered and...
Blue-nose Pencil Wrasse (Pseudojuloides kaleidos) (01/16/19)
There was a time not that long ago when there was just a single species of Pencil Wrasse known from coral reef ecosystems.
Saddleback Clownfish (Amphiprion polymnus) (01/09/19)
We tend to think of clownfishes as a characteristic part of coral reefs, and, of course this is largely true, but there are also a few species from the genus Amphiprion which have gravitated towards a very different sort of ecological specialization.
Acans (Micromussa lordhowensis) (01/02/19)
The pillowy little polyps of the Acan or Lords Coral are one of the most common and colorful sights in fish stores, but, thanks to a recent change in nomenclature, this coral is now woefully misnamed.
Bearded Filefish (Anacanthus barbatus) (12/26/18)
The filefish family is filled with no shortage of strange species. Compared to their close cousins, the triggerfishes, monacanthids are far more variable in their morphology.
Orange Lined Wrasse (Stethojulis balteata) (12/19/18)
Stethojulis wrasses, sometimes known as Ribbon Wrasses, are not a common site in the aquarium trade, despite being a fairly diverse and common genus thats found all across the Indo-Pacific.
Reticulated Pufferfish (Arothron reticularis) (12/12/18)
Despite their large size and prominent color patterns, the dogface pufferfishes are some of the most frequently confused and misidentified fishes found in the tropical Indo-Pacific.
Japanese Spider Crab (Naxioides robillardi) (12/05/18)
Spider crabs are a highly diverse group with somewhere around 800 known species; however, few aquarists pay them much attention.
Daisy Coral (Alveopora spp.) (11/28/18)
Goniopora and Alveopora are a pair of similarly shaped stony corals that aquarists often confuse for one another.
Bluespotted Tuskfish (Choerodon cauteroma) (11/14/18)
Tuskfishes belong to the wrasse family Labridae and, along with the closely related hogfishes, represent the earliest branch to diverge within this enormously speciose group.
White Fangblenny (Meiacanthus smithi) (11/07/18)
For some fishes, elegance comes naturally. Such is the case with Meiacanthus smithi, a beautiful creature of unblemished alabaster, marked only with a daring black streak that runs along its dorsal fin.
Personifer Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus personifer) (10/31/18)
The beautiful black and yellow Personifer Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus personifer) is an impressive centerpiece for any rare fish collectors aquarium.
Joculator Angelfish (Centropyge joculator) (10/22/18)
Aquarium rarity comes in many different flavors. Some fishes are only found at great depth others are naturally in low abundance on the reef
Green Canary Blenny (Meiacanthus tongaensis) (10/17/18)
Tonga is home to a number of reef species found nowhere else, and Quality Marine is able to offer several of these through our exclusive local supplier.
Tongan Blue Devil Damselfish (Chrysiptera taupou) (10/10/18)
The Blue Damselfish (Chrysiptera cyanea) is one of the most commonly exported species for the aquarium trade and is quite often recommended to novice marine aquarists as a starter fish.
Tuamotu or Zebrastripe Hawkfish (Paracirrhites nisus) (10/03/18)
Lurking within the hawkfish genus Paracirrhites is one of the more intriguing mysteries among Indo-Pacific reef fishes.
Joculator Angelfish (Centropyge joculator) (10/02/18)
Aquarium rarity comes in many different flavors. Some fishes are only found at great depth... others are naturally in low abundance on the reef
Barspot Cardinalfish (Apogon retrosella) (09/26/18)
For a true cardinalfish experience, aquarists might wish to consider the beautiful red species in the nocturnal genus Apogon.
Dr. Seuss Fish (Belonoperca pylei) (09/19/18)
The evocatively named Dr Seuss Soapfish is definitely high in the rankings when it comes to strange reef fishes.
Guineafowl or Golden Pufferfish (Arothron meleagris) (09/12/18)
The Guineafowl Pufferfish may very well be the perfect pufferfish for a large marine aquarium. The species grows large, but not TOO large
Clarion Angelfish (Holacanthus clarionensis) (09/05/18)
Aquarists have been describing certain species as holy grails for as long as theyve been keeping fishes in little glass boxes, and high on this illustrious list is Mexicos visually stunning and exceedingly rare Clarion Angelfish.
The Flame Tail Blenny (Enchelyurus flavipes) (08/29/18)
The Flame Tail Blenny, Enchelyurus flavipes, is another affordable, yet attractive, option for a marine aquarium.
Arrowhead Soapfish (Belonoperca chabanaudi) (08/21/18)
The muted colors and secretive habits of the Arrowhead Soapfish make it a phantom of the Indo-Pacific, a rarely seen specter haunting the regions darkest corners.
Polynesian Atavai Wrasse (Pseudojuloides atavai) (08/14/18)
In Polynesian, atavai translates as pretty, which seems quite fitting for this beautifully colored member of the pencil wrasse genus Pseudojuloides.
Gold Flake Wrasse (Labropsis polynesica) (08/08/18)
Polynesia is a remote corner of the Central Pacific that is home to many illustrious coral reef fishes found nowhere else. The list of aquarium highlights goes on and on and one deserving species is a stunning gold-flecked labrid which few aquarists...
Japanese Kelpfish (Pseudoblennius marmoratus) (08/01/18)
When is a blenny not a blenny when its a kelpfish or, perhaps a bit more accurately, a sculpin. Pseudoblennius, despite its blenny-like nomenclature, actually belongs to the family Cottidae
Yellowfin Surgeonfish (Acanthurus xanthopterus) (07/25/18)
Among surgeonfishes, Acanthurus xanthopterus is a giant. The average size of this species is upwards of a foot and a half! The largest specimens easily exceed two feet!
Lunula Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus lunula) (07/17/18)
Like the Conspicuous Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus) and the Femininus Wrasse (Anampses femininus), the legendary Lunula Triggerfish is found only in the South Pacific, making it quite the rarity within the aquarium trade.
Goldenback Triggerfish (Xanthichthys caeruleolineatus) (07/10/18)
Xanthichthys triggerfishes are the cream of the balistid crop, but few aquarists have had the pleasure of keeping the elusive species in todays spotlight.
Trachyphyllia geoffroyi (07/04/18)
Trachyphyllia is beautiful and unique among Indo-Pacific stony corals, and worthy of a bit of discussion. As far as common names go, this genus is often regarded as one of the open brains.
White Cap Clownfish (Amphiprion leucokranos) (06/26/18)
The coral reefs of New Guinea and the Solomon Islands sit in an interesting part of the Pacific Ocean, as far as clownfishes are concerned.
Lunate Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus lunatus) (06/18/18)
Fairy wrasses are one of the most diverse groups of wrasses and also among the most colorful.
Lieutenant Tang (Acanthurus tennentii) (06/11/18)
The Lieutenant Tang (Acanthurus tennentii) is named for its distinctive pair of black stripes, which recalls the pair of stars or stripes worn by military officers of that rank.
Ventralis Anthias (Pseudanthias ventralis) (06/04/18)
The Ventralis Anthias is about as beautiful and desirable a fish as youll find for a reef aquarium, but one whose many mysteries have not yet been revealed in full.
Yellow Flanked Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura) (05/30/18)
Among fairy wrasses, Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura is one of the most commonly seen and affordable options. The species occurs across much of the West Pacific, from Japan to Australia and the Solomon Islands.
One Spot Foxface (Siganus unimaculatus) (05/21/18)
The Foxface Rabbitfish is sometimes taken for granted, perhaps overlooked a bit. Its an attractive, hearty, and useful aquarium fish thats just as at home in an SPS reef tank as it is in an aggressive fish-only.
Dracula Shrimpgoby (Stonogobius dracula) (05/08/18)
The origins of this fishs supernatural sobriquet is quite the tale to tell.
Leopard Searobin (Prionotus scitulus) (05/01/18)
Searobins are an intriguing group of fishes which seemingly combine the fanlike pectoral fins of a Flying Gurnard (Dactylopterus) with the bizarre fingerlike fin rays of a Sea Goblin (Inimicus) and the body of a Scorpionfish (Scorpaena).
Griffis Angelfish (Apolemichthys griffisi) (04/24/18)
Out on the remote reefs of the Central Pacific lurks one of the most peculiarly patterned and rarely seen of the larger angelfishes: Apolemichthys griffisi.
Rose Skunk Clownfish (Amphiprion nigripes) (04/18/18)
Skunks Clownfishes (AKA anemonefishes) are a distinctive lineage in the genus Amphiprion which, with the exception of one species, have taken to specializing in a single species of host anemone, the iconic Magnificent Sea Anemone (Heteractis...
Akindynos Clownfish (Amphirion akindynos) (04/10/18)
The Akindynos Clownfish tends to get overlooked by aquarists, but it is nonetheless an attractive and interesting species with a bit of mystery to it.
Slender Seaver Anthias (Luzonichthys seaveri) (04/04/18)
Luzonichthys seaveri was discovered back in 2014 in Micronesia. As a newly discovered fish it wasn't described until a year later. Recently, Quality Marine received specimens for the very first time.
Stars & Stripes Pufferfish (Arothron hispidus) (03/28/18)
The Stars & Stripes Pufferfish (Arothron hispidus) is a species which truly ranges across the tropical Indo-Pacific.
Sohal Tang (Acanthurus sohal) (03/21/18)
In the late 18th century, a young Swedish naturalist named Peter Forsskl journeyed to Egypt and Yemen in an effort to study the regions little-known plantlife.
Barber Perch (Caesioperca rasor) (03/14/18)
Caesioperca is a small genus, just two species strong, found exclusively in the temperate waters of Australia and New Zealand.
Circular Dragonet (Synchiropus circularis) (03/07/18)
Mandarinfishes are among the most colorful and iconic of coral reef organisms.
Guam Chromis (Pomachromis guamensis) (02/28/18)
The Pomachromis damselfishes are a small and little-known group found across the Indo-Pacific.
Midnight Angelfish (Centropyge nox) (02/21/18)
We associate coral reef fishes with an abundance of color.
Lennards Wrasse (Anampses lennardi) (02/14/18)
There are a number of holy grails within the wrasse family.
Griessingeri Goby (02/07/18)
Incredibly colorful, extremely tiny, and a dancer to boot! Griessingeri gobies, Discordinpina griessingeri, are one of the greatest nano fishes out there!
Hawaiis Unique Marine Fish Fauna (01/24/18)
In late October of this year, the First Circuit Court of Hawaii issued a ruling which effectively halted the collection of aquarium fishes from Hawaiian waters.
What, pray tell, is a Pholidichthys (and what doth it eat)? (01/17/18)
All fishes are full of mystery, but some more than others and perhaps none so much as Pholidichthys, which aquarists will know as either the Engineer Goby or the Convict Blenny.
They Came From The Deep: Mesophotic Aquarium Fishes (01/10/18)
The fishes available to marine aquarists can come from a variety of ecosystems.
Species Spotlight - Geminate Species Across The Indo-Pacific (01/03/18)
The geographic distribution of a coral reef fish can tell us a lot about its evolutionary history and even hint at its larval development.
Species Spotlight - Magma Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus shutmani) (12/26/17)
One of the most sensational new species to enter the aquarium trade in recent years has been the brightly colored Magma Fairy Wrasse.
Species Spotlight - Orange Skunk Clownfish (Amphiprion sandaracinos) (12/20/17)
The skunk clownfishes are one of the trickier Amphiprion subgroups to identify.
Species Spotlight - Banded Humeralis Butterflyfish (Chaetodon humeralis) (12/13/17)
Chaetodon humeralis is a fish that goes by many names.
Species Spotlight - Dream Fish: Blue Spotted Jawfish (12/06/17)
The Seasoned Aquarists Launch Pad to Difficult, Demanding, or Tank Busting Fish
Royal Dinar Dottyback (Pictichromis dinar) (11/29/17)
In October of 2009, legendary ichthyologist Jack Randall coauthored a paper describing a colorful new dottyback that had been found in aquarium collections from Sulawesi.
Species Spotlight - Blue Star Damselfish (Pomacentrus alleni) (11/22/17)
The vibrant Pomacentrus alleni is a perfect example of a quite harmless Damselfish.
Species Spotlight - Orange Back Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis) (11/15/17)
There are quite a few examples of fairy wrasses which have especially limited distributions in the wild.
Species Spotlight - Similar Damselfish (Pomacentrus similis) (11/08/17)
With its blue body and yellow caudal fin, it would be easy to mistake the Similar Damselfish for the ubiquitous Yellowtail Damselfish (Chrysiptera parasema).
Species Spotlight - Laboutes Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus laboutei) (11/01/17)
The Laboutes Fairy Wrasse stands apart from its entire genus for a variety of reasons.
Species Spotlight - Pelicier's Wrasse (Halichoeres pelicieri) (10/25/17)
From the remote island of Mauritius comes an exceptionally elusive wrasse which few have had the good fortune to keep in an aquarium, Halichoeres pelicieri.
Species Spotlight - Radiant Wrasse (Halichoeres iridis) (10/19/17)
It might not be apparent at first glance, but the Radiant Wrasse (Halichoeres iridis), with its deep burgundy coat, is a close relative to one of the yellowest fishes in the sea, the Canary Wrasse (H. chrysus).
Species Spotlight - Black-edge Moray (Gymnothorax nigromarginatus) (10/11/17)
Gymnothorax is the most diverse group of moray eel in the West Atlantic, with a dozen species. However, most of these are rarely seen in aquariums
Species Spotlight - Dream Fish: Orange Spot Filefish (10/02/17)
The Seasoned Aquarists Launch Pad to Difficult, Demanding, or Tank Busting Fish
Species Spotlight -Fantastic Tangs and Where To Find Them (09/22/17)
Among aquarists, Zebrasoma is arguably the most popular genus in the surgeonfish family, and for good reason.
Painted Anthias (Pseudanthias pictilis) (09/20/17)
The beautiful little basslets in the genus Pseudanthias are full of color and splendor, but few of the species in this highly diverse group can match the magnificence of the Painted Anthias (P. pictilis).
Flameback Angelfish (Centropyge acanthops) (09/13/17)
There has been a fair bit of research published in recent years on the evolutionary history of angelfishes.
Species Spotlight - Deepwater Anthias (Pseudanthias cf cooperi) (09/06/17)
For all their beauty, diversity and popularity, the colorful little basslets of the genus Pseudanthias have not been particularly well-studied to date.
Species Spotlight - Marquesas Butterflyfish (Chaetodon declivis) (08/30/17)
Roaops is a small genus of mesophotic butterflyfish, which has endeared itself to aquarists thanks to the robust nature of its species and their relatively benign behavior in reef tanks.
Species Spotlight - Lesser Known Aquarium Fishes of the Eastern Pacific (Part Two) (08/24/17)
The reef fishes available to marine aquarists tend to come from just a couple geographic locations. In the West Atlantic, we get a sparse selection of popular species, like the Royal Gramma, the Queen Angelfish and the Yellowhead Jawfish.
Species Spotlight - Lesser Known Aquarium Fishes of the Eastern Pacific (Part One) (08/17/17)
The reef fishes available to marine aquarists tend to come from just a couple geographic locations. In the West Atlantic, we get a sparse selection of popular species, like the Royal Gramma, the Queen Angelfish.
Species Spotlight - Hawaiian Damselfish (Dascyllus albisella) (08/09/17)
Coral reefs have a reputation for colorful fishes, but theres something to be said for a stately fish dressed in black and white. For instance, the Hawaiian Damselfish (Dascyllus albisella).
Species Spotlight - Giant Jewel Damselfish (Microspathodon dorsalis) (08/02/17)
The Giant Jewel Damselfish comes with a caveat it gets big and mean. As long as youre cool with that, lets continue.
Species Spotlight - Crested Weedfish (Cristiceps australis) (07/19/17)
The southern coastline of Australia has a highly unique marine fauna that is often quite different from what we find on tropical coral reefs
Thompsons Surgeonfish (Acanthurus thompsoni) (07/14/17)
Close your eyes and picture a surgeonfish any surgeonfish. You are probably imagining it swimming along the bottom, gently rasping away at some bit of algae growing upon the rocks.
Whats In A Name: the Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto) (07/05/17)
Most saltwater aquarists are going to be quite familiar with the Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto). This colorful, affordable, and ubiquitous species is a hugely popular fish for smaller reef aquariums, and rightfully so.
Wounded Wrasse (Halichoeres chierchiae) (06/28/17)
Aquarists dont typically get to see many wrasses form the Eastern Pacific Ocean, but the Wounded Wrasse (Halichoeres chierchiae) is an interesting exception.
Slender-spined Globefish (Diodon nicthemerus) (06/22/17)
The porcupinefishes (AKA globefishes) are some of the most personable fishes on the planet. With their big, bulging eyes and open mouth, they seem to have a permanent smile upon their face.
African Reef Basslet (Liopropoma africanum) (06/16/17)
The colorful and reclusive reef basslets in the genus Liopropoma are a favorite of rare fish collectors.
The Cherry Anthias (Sacura margaritacea) (06/08/17)
The cool, subtropical waters of Japan are home to a great many endemic species. Most of which are rarely seen in the aquarium trade, at least, outside of Japan.
Anemones and Anemonefishes (06/01/17)
Theres a misconception among aquarists that to keep an anemonefish (AKA clownfish) happy all you need to do is provide it with an anemone.
No Bar Melanopus Clownfish (Amphiprion melanopus) (05/25/17)
The Melanopus Clownfish belongs to the same species group as the Tomato Clownfish of the Philippines, the Red Saddle Clownfish of the Andaman Sea and the Fijian Barberi Clownfish, but, unlike those, Amphiprion melanopus is far more widespread.
Belted Sandfish (Serranus subligarius) (05/18/17)
The Caribbean is home to an impressive 14 species of Serranus basslet, many of which are hugely popular among aquarists.
Armitage Angelfish (Apolemichthys trimaculatus X A. xanthurus) (05/11/17)
There are only two species of Apolemichthys angelfish that occur across the entirety of the Indian Oceanthe Flagfin Angelfish (A. trimaculatus) and the Cream or Yellowtail Angelfish (A. xanthurus).
Tiger Tail Coral Beauty (Centropyge cf bispinosa) (05/04/17)
When is a Coral Beauty not a Coral Beauty? This might seem like a trick question, but theres evidence to suggest that not all Centropyge bispinosa are created equal.
Red Banded Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus randalli) (04/27/17)
Pistol Shrimp are incredible little shrimp that exhibit unique behavior, digging tunnels in the sand and sometimes forming a symbiotic relationship with certain species of gobies.
Harlequin Shrimp (Hymenocera picta) (04/06/17)
Harlequin Shrimp, also called Clown Shrimp due to their somewhat comical appearance, are one of the most striking and desirable species of shrimp commonly available to marine aquarists.
Nano Tank Residents (03/30/17)
Nano tanks have been all the rage lately! However, choosing residents is not as easy as you may think. The fish and invertebrates must have a small adult size and not need a large amount of swimming space. Tryout some of the suggestions below...
Species Spotlight - St. Patrick's Day Marine Livestock (03/16/17)
Everyone can be Irish on St. Patricks Day, so what better way to celebrate than decking your tanks out with green and gold! Show your spirit with some of these festive marine livestock.
The Wonderful Tail-Spot Blenny (Ecsenius stigmatura) (03/09/17)
In fish, sometimes what a particular species lacks in stature they make up for tenfold in personality. A perfect example of this phenomenon is the adorable and gregarious 2.5-inch Tail-Spot Blenny, Ecsenius stigmatura.
Species Spotlight - The Blue Gudgeon Goby (Ptereleotris heteroptera) (03/02/17)
The Blue Gudgeon Goby, Ptereleotris heteroptera, which is actually a type of Dartfish, is a unique and enchanting addition to marine aquaria.
Species Spotlight - The Chevron Tang (Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis) (02/22/17)
The Chevron Tang, Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis, also commonly referred to as the Hawaiian Bristletooth Tang, is the 5th most-collected species of aquarium fish in Western Hawaii, the Big Island.
Species Spotlight - Splendid Pin Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus isosceles) (02/17/17)
Its not uncommon for the aquarium trade to become aware of a new species long before the scientific community has a chance to catch up, and such is the case with the eye-catching wrasse Cirrhilabrus isosceles.
Species Spotlight - Cleaning Crews (02/09/17)
Cleaning crews are essential for managing your aquarium while also reducing your work load. Knowing who does what is an important aspect to make sure your crew is successful. Check out these great suggestions!
Species Spotlight - We just got in some beautiful, cultured Reidi Seahorses (Hippocampus reidi)! (02/02/17)
Seahorses are a beautiful, unique fish that are very picky when it comes to tank mates. Helping your customers choose the appropriate tank mates will aid in reducing the seahorses and your stress.
Species Spotlight - Royal Species (01/26/17)
Treat yourself like royalty with these monarchy worthy suggestions. This fish and invert list include Royal Dottybacks, Emerald Crabs, Yellow Assessors, Emperor Shrimps, Royal Grammas, Jewel Damsels,Top Crown Snails, and Queen Angels.
Species Spotlight - Yellow Cardinalfish (Ostorhinchus luteus) (01/19/17)
Cardinalfishes are a diverse lot, with dozens upon dozens of species scattered throughout the worlds tropical waters. Theyve long endeared themselves with aquarists thanks to their peaceful demeanor and reef-safe nature.
Species Spotlight - Conchfish Astrapogon stellatus (01/12/17)
While it wont be winning any piscine beauty pageants, the Conchfish is a remarkable little species with a truly unique ecological specialization. It belongs to the vast cardinalfish family Apogonidae, but, unlike any other member of this group, the...
Species Spotlight - Green and Yellow Brittle Stars (Ophiarachna sp.) (01/05/17)
One of the more diabolical of marine creatures have to be the seemingly benign brittle stars of the genus Ophiarachna. These are commonly seen in the aquarium trade and are often sold to unwitting aquarists to help clean tanks of unwanted detritus.
Species Spotlight - Eyebrow Barnacle Blenny (Ekemblemaria myersi) (12/29/16)
The Barnacle Blenny (Acanthemblemaria hancocki) has become one of the most popular nano fishes in recent years, adored for its comical appearance and slapdash manner of chasing after food.
Species Spotlight - Winter Livestock (12/22/16)
Winter is the time for comfort, good food and warmth. Celebrate the change in seasons with some of these themed livestock.
Species Spotlight - Clearfin Squirrelfish (Neoniphon argenteus) (12/15/16)
There is a strong case to be made that the Clearfin Squirrelfish (Neoniphon argenteus) is one of the most underrated aquarium fishes around. This stately species has a sleek, streamlined ap-pearance and a bright silvery body that absolutely shines...
Species Spotlight - One Spot Rabbitfish (Siganus unimaculatus) (12/08/16)
The Foxface Rabbitfish is a classic reef fish which youd expect to find at just about any reasonably well-stocked retailer.
Species Spotlight - Blue Stripe Clownfish (Amphiprion chrysopterus) (12/01/16)
There are around thirty species of clownfish out there, and each is interesting in its own special way, but, if we had to choose one which shone above the rest in terms of sheer aesthetic appeal, we might just have to go with Amphiprion chrysopterus.
Species Spotlight - Red-spotted Dottyback (Pholidochromis cerasina) (11/23/16)
One of the most enigmatic members of the dottyback family is a seldom seen species with a relatively short, stocky body and beautiful bright-red spots. Known variably as the Red-spotted or Cherry Dottyback, Pholidochromis cerasina was first...
Species Spotlight - Blue Hippo Tang (Paracanthurus hepatus) (11/17/16)
Long before it became famous as Dory in Finding Nemo, Paracanthurus hepatus was a star among aquarists, as it is without a doubt one of the most singularly beautiful and iconic species of coral reef fish.
Species Spotlight - Guam Chromis (Pomachromis guamensis) (11/09/16)
The island of Guam is part of a long chain of island stretching from Tokyo to Palau and is home to a surprisingly large number of species found nowhere else, including todays spotlight: the Guam Chromis.
Spotted Sharpnose Pufferfish (Canthigaster punctatissima) (11/03/16)
Like a miniature version of a Guineafowl Pufferfish, the colors and pattern of the Spotted Sharpnose Pufferfish is a study in subtle geometric beauty. Adorning its dark-brown body are countless white polka dots, which grow to become more numerous in...
Black-Barred Zebra Tang (Acanthurus polyzona) (10/26/16)
Some fish are seen more than others, reasons could be actual rarity, depth, political turmoil or even pirates among others! When that rare fish shows up, especially at QM, there is always pure excitement and today's arrival, the rare and beautiful...
Sandhopper Blenny (Parapercis schauinslandii) (10/20/16)
The beautiful red and white fish featured in this discussion, Parapercis schaunslandii, has a bit of an identity crisis. Here at Quality Marine we refer to it as the Sandhopper Blenny, which is a fun name that gives some idea of its behavior, but,...
Multicolor Angelfish (Centropyge multicolor) (10/13/16)
One of the more exotic beauties among the dwarf angelfishes is a deep-dwelling species from the Central Pacificthe Multicolor Angelfish.
Species Spotlight - Nahackys Fairy Wrasse (10/06/16)
As one of the rarer fairy wrasses in the aquarium trade, Cirrhilabrus nahackyi is a showpiece in any fish tank and a feather in the cap of any rare fish collector.
Species Spotlight - Suggestions To Start Reef Keeping (09/29/16)
Becoming a marine hobbyist is very exciting, but can be a little nerve-racking at first since there is so much to know and understand. Here are some suggestions for starter livestock to get on the right path to reef keeping.
Species Spotlight - Fish For Aquariums Over 100 Gallons (09/22/16)
Adding fish to the correct size aquarium is essential for their continued health and reduced aggression. Below are some great fish recommendations for aquariums over 100 gallons that can co-exist together.
Species Spotlight -Top Fish Back to School Part 2 (09/15/16)
Its that time againback to school! Try showcasing some of these suggestions to celebrate. Bring some back to school excitement to your marine aquariums!
Species Spotlight - QM's Top Fish For Back to School (09/08/16)
Its that time againback to school! Try showcasing some of these suggestions to celebrate. Bring some back to school excitement to your marine aquariums!
Species Spotlight - Invertebrates "Clean up Crews" (09/01/16)
Clean up Crews are essential for keeping your aquarium clean and reducing the need for manual cleaning maintenance.
Green Canary Blenny (Meiacanthus tongaensis) (08/25/16)
When we think of animals with venomous fangs, we tend to envision snakes and spiders, not fish.
Sexy Shrimp (Thor amboinensis) (08/18/16)
We dont usually think of crustaceans as being particularly sexy creatures, but theres no denying the appeal of Thor amboinensis, a pint-sized polka-dotted shrimp that knows how to shake it
Species Spotlight- Palenose Moray Eel (Echidna nocturna) (08/08/16)
Its hard not to love the Echidna morays. Unlike so many other eels out there, which can often be rather drab in appearance, this genus is usually quite beautifully patterned, whether its the zebra stripes of the Barred Moray (E. polyzona) or the...
Species Spotlight - New Invertebrates (08/03/16)
Quality Marine has recently added a bunch of new invertebrates that are available to Customers.
Species Spotlight - Its Too Darn Hot: Ten Species That Are Burning Up (07/22/16)
Its July, which means the air conditioner is humming and sweat starts to drip down your fore-head if you so much as look outside.
Ornate Cowfish (Aracana ornata) (07/18/16)
Theres no doubt that the Ornate Cowfish has earned its name, as few fish can rival the exuberant appearance of this peculiar piscine, which practically exudes <i>joie de vivre</i> from each colorful scale on its bizarrely misshapen body.
Beautiful Brutes: The Golden Heart Triggerfish (Balistes punctatus) (07/14/16)
This seldom seen Eastern Atlantic species is a bit deceptive in its common name, as its namesake heart of gold doesnt refer to any innate kindness or generosity on the part of this fish, but, rather, to the golden-yellow marking flanking its side.
Tiny Treasures: The Leopard Toby (Canthigaster leoparda) (07/07/16)
We couldnt decide what category to put the mesmerizing Leopard Toby (Canthigaster leoparda) into, as they seem to be a little bit of everything petite, peculiar, and, in our opinion, far too underrated.
Aquaculture Breakthrough: The Goldflake Angelfish (06/30/16)
The Goldflake Angelfish (Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus) is a beautiful and rare aquarium species known only from the isolated islands of Micronesia and Kiribati.
Highly Underrated Fish: The Goldbar Wrasse (Thalassoma hebracium) (06/28/16)
As a juvenile, the Goldbar Wrasse Thalassoma hebracium might lead one to wonder how it ever acquired its common name.
Interesting Invertebrates: The Arrow Crab (Stenorynchus seticornis) (06/24/16)
Not recommended for the arachnophobe at heart, the Arrow Crab (Stenorynchus seticornis) is an interesting addition if you can appreciate its bizarre, creepy crawly presence.
Return of the Aquacultured Maze Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus) (06/20/16)
The Maze Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus) is so named for the complicated mazelike pattering which marks its head, but it could just as well refer to its puzzling history as a species.
Resplendent Rarities: The Australian Symphyllia wilsoni Brain Coral (06/15/16)
Once upon a time, Symphyllia wilsoni, or the Wilsoni Brain Coral, was touted for setting a bar that couldn't possibly be visually surpassed.
Popular Piscines: The Scribbled Angel (Chaetodontoplus duboulayi) (06/13/16)
A true blue beauty, the widely covetted Scribbled Angel Chaetodontoplus duboulayi is one of the most desirable angelfishes available in the aquarium trade.
Peculiar Piscines: The White-barred Flame Trunkfish (Anoplocapros lenticularis) (06/08/16)
Our spotlight today shines into the subtropical seas of Southern Australia where lurks a unique fish that toes the line of "peculiar" and downright "freaky".
Tiny Treasures: The Spikefin Goby (Discordipinna griessingeri) (06/06/16)
While we certainly could have included the striking Spikefin Goby on our recent Top Ten Fishes Under Two Inches, we felt this dynamic darling deserved a spotlight all to itself.
Popular Piscines: The "Who's Who" of Sergeant Major Dameselfishes (06/03/16)
Species Spotlight reporting for duty with the ever popular Sergeant Major Dameselfishes!
Peculiar Piscines: The Longhorn Cowfish (Lactoria cornuta) (06/01/16)
This odd little fish are certainly strange and usual creatures.
Popular Piscines: The Royal (Gramma loreto) (05/27/16)
Instantly identifiable to both seasoned veterans and the rookie aquarist (and even 'Nemo' enthusiasts, who may recognize this particular species as "Gurgle")
Beautiful Brutes: The Yellow Goatfish (Parupeneus cyclostoma) (05/25/16)
The hyper-xanthic "bearded" Yellow Goatfish may be of impressive stature when fully grown, but this gentle giant is quite the demure inhabitant for an appropriately-sized aquatic domicile.
Cuskeels: An "'Eel" by Any Other Name (05/23/16)
Cuskeels and Brotulas are a peculiar type of fish that is seldom seen in the aquarium trade and unfamiliar to most aquarists, but the 500 species in this diverse group are an abundant and important part of the world's ocean ecosystems.
The Little Things: Top Ten Fishes Under Two Inches (05/19/16)
Pull up a tiny chair and let's talk about some of the cutest little fish in the sea!
The Regal Angel (05/17/16)
A coveted staple in the aquarium trade, the Regal Angel is certainly a fish of elegance and distinction.
Aquacultured Half-spined Seahorse (05/12/16)
Quality Marine is excited to announce that as part of our continuing effort to promote sustainable and responsible marine life conservation, we have obtained the first aquacultured Hippocampus semispinosus Seahorses available to the trade.
Highly Underrated Fish - Pakistan Butterfly (02/24/16)
The Pakistan Butterfly (Chaetodon collare) is a gorgeous, hardy aquarium inhabitant. They have a totally undeserved reputation for being finicky eaters, we feed them a wide variety of foods, and they eagerly accept pretty much everything.
Look-A-Likes: Fireball or Flameback (02/18/16)
The Fireball Angel and the Flameback Angel come from vastly different places in the world, and from different depth ranges. Other than those two facts, they are nearly identical.
Look-a-Likes: Miniatus and White Margin Crescent Tail Groupers (02/09/16)
There are a few groupers that are quite suitable for the marine aquarium hobby, being both extremely hardy and beautiful. However, some of these grow to quite large sizes and will need extravagant aquariums when full grown. When they are small,...
Highly Underrated Fish - Bluehead Wrasse (01/26/16)
The Bluehead Wrasse (Thalassoma bifasciatum) is a fish common to the Caribbean and tropical West Atlantic Ocean. They can be found at a variety of depths, ranging from the surface down to about 120 feet. They are generally found around reefs.
Highly Underrated Fish - Coris venusta (01/20/16)
The Elegant coris is also called the Venusta Coris. It is a beautiful and hardy aquarium inhabitant, too often neglected in our hobby.
Highly Underrated Coral - Flowerpot Corals (01/14/16)
Gonipora have an undeserved bad reputation, mostly because of misinformation about how to keep them alive. Several aquacultured variants are now available and they are great animals for the right kind of captive system.
False Percula Clownfish (12/30/15)
The false percula or common clownfish, Amphirion ocellaris, is one of the most popular aquarium fish. Recently made even more famous by the re-release of the movie, Finding Nemo in 3D, the orange body and three distinctive white bands make them...
Popular Piscines - Cirrhilabrus laboutei (12/09/15)
The Laboute's Wrasse is far too popular to add it to our list of Highly Underrated Fish, but it is one of the Hobby's most spectacular fairy Wrasses.
Revisited: Coralline Algae (12/02/15)
In a little bit of a departure from the normal Species Spotlight subject matter, this installment of our popular series focuses on an often overlooked inhabitant of marine aquaria, Coralline Algae.
Montipora Corals (11/26/15)
Montipora corals are one of the best choices for aquarists new to SPS care. They also happen to be some of the most beautiful corals available in the trade.
Highly Underrated Coral - Caulastrea echinulata (11/19/15)
Caulastrea echinulata is a very hardy Large Polyp Stony Coral that will grow quickly (for a stony coral) and do well in a variety of conditions. Large meaty meals will enhance growth and general health, moderate lighting will enhance coloration.
Revisited - Sea Cucumbers (11/10/15)
Sea cucumbers are echinoderms that are covered in a thick leathery skin and have an elongated body. These animals have tube feet, numerous folds and are covered with conical podia, often with pointed tips.
Serpent Star (11/04/15)
Serpent stars are truly amazing animals. Often they are only seen as smooth long arms protruding from rocks or other hiding places. The name Ophio = snake in Latin and is derived from their snake-like arms and sinuous movement. While there are over...
Highly Underrated Fish - Bicolor Goatfish (10/29/15)
Parupeneus barberinoides is also known as the Bicolor Goatfish. They are a schooling fish that sifts through the sand bed for crustaceans and other inverts. Their very active lifestyle demands multiple feedings per day.
Popular Piscines: Coral Beauty Angels (10/21/15)
The Coral Beauty Angelfish (Centropyge bispinosus) is fish frequently seen in the marine aquarium hobby, and rightly so. Its gorgeous coloration can be extremely variable, and is only overshadowed by its near legendary hardiness.
Highly Underrated Fish - Spanish Hogfish (10/14/15)
The Spanish Hogfish (Bodianus rufus) isn't usually all that reddish as the rufus portion of that name would imply, but it is a hardy and beautiful aquarium inhabitant.
Button Corals, the Mega Polyp (10/08/15)
The solitary Mussid corals, aka Button corals, Meat corals, and Open-Brains...beautiful, fascinating, and hungry! Explore the growing interest, and learn why these corals are important to know about.
Popular Piscines - Zebrasoma desjardinii (10/01/15)
There are two very similar tangs in the hobby that go by the name of "Sailfin Tang." While both are hardy and beautiful aquarium fish, the Zebrasoma desjardinii is the more sought after of the two. It is more brilliantly colored, but also somewhat...
Highly Underrated Fish - Cirrhilabrus lubbocki (09/24/15)
The multicolor wrasse (Cirrhilabrus lubbocki) is endemic to the west central pacific. They can be found in large groups at roughly 60 feet. They are planktivores, making them safe for the reef aquarium and they accept frozen food readily.
Popular Piscenes - Hooded Bathyphilus Wrasses (09/17/15)
Hooded Bathyphilus is most commonly called the Hooded Flame Wrasse, but it is also known as Deepwater Wrasse. They have a limited distribution in the Western Pacific.
Highly Underrated Corals - Yellow Leathers (09/10/15)
Yellow Leather Corals (Sarcophyton elegans) go by several common names like "Elegant Leather" and "Ruffled Yellow Leather" but the most common are probably "Yellow Leather Toadstool" and "Fijian Yellow Leather". We call them Yellow Leather...
The Achilles Tang (09/03/15)
One of the most stunning of all surgeonfish, the Achilles Tang is the subject of the newest species spotlight.
Popular Piscines - Blue Throat Triggerfish (08/27/15)
Blue Throat Triggerfish are also called Gilded Triggerfish, because of the golden fin rims displayed by mature males. They can be found throughout the tropical Indopacific.
Look-A-Likes: Tierra & Randall's Anthias (08/18/15)
All Anthias look somewhat alike. The males are all more colorful than the females. They are usually some variation on pink and yellow. they usually have striking contrasts and flowing tail fins. However, the Tierra and the Randall's Anthias look...
Highly Underrated Fish - Halichoeres biocellatus (08/11/15)
Halichoeres biocellatus has multiple common names: Two Spotted Wrasse, Red Lined Wrasse, Fiji Christmas Wrasse. What ever you call it, it makes a gorgeous, hardy, and peaceful addition to most aquariums, including most reefs tanks.
Interesting Inverts - Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (08/06/15)
Lysmata amboinensis goes by many common names but the most common are the "Pacific Cleaner Shrimp" and the "Skunk Cleaner Shrimp". The moniker cleaner comes because they are efficient removers of parasites and dead flesh from fish, which makes for...
Revisited - Duncan Corals (07/23/15)
From few to many, colonies of this lovely coral grow fast and furious. Read on for more about Aussie Duncans.
Revisited: Trochus Snail (07/16/15)
The Top snail (Trochus niloticus) is one of the most popular and biologically important gastropods in the world. While this article will focus on a specific species, there are a number of snails in the Turbo, Astraea, Tectus and Trochus genera that...
Copy Cat - Saddle Puffers and their Filefish Mimic (07/09/15)
One of the more exact species mimics seen in the marine aquarium hobby is the Saddle Puffer (Canthigaster valentini) and its Filefish Mimic (Paraluterus prionurus). At small sizes they are frequently mistaken for each other, and because the...
Aquacultured Banggai Cardinals (06/29/15)
What makes Banggai Cardinals so special? They are only naturally found near one chain of islands in Indonesia, the Banggai Archipelago. They boast a striking coloration and blend in well when hiding amongst the protective black spines of Long...
Amazing Inverts - Bubble (Bulb) Anemones (06/10/15)
The bulb anemone is widely regarded as hardy and adaptable to most reef aquarium environments. The ability to host many different species of anemonefishes offers the aquarist more choices in establishing a symbiotic partnership.
Popular Pisciness - Crosshatch Triggers (06/03/15)
Crosshatch Triggers (Xanthichthys mento) are among the most desired fish in the aquarium trade for their stunning coloration, reef compatibility and general good tempers.
Revisited: Fungiid Plate Corals (05/28/15)
Plate Corals are in style right now. And it's no wonder, because these unique LPSs are beautiful and rugged! If you don't already have one, this article just might change your mind.
The Genus Ricordea (05/26/15)
Ricordea are in the Corallimorpharia order, being related to the Discosoma, Rhodactis, Actinodiscus, and several other mushroom genera. These soft corals are very popular due to their vibrant and varied color types. They are relatively slow growing...
Revisited: Mantis Shrimp (05/21/15)
The Mantis Shrimp is here, its got attitude, and it doesn't care whether you want it or not. Once it's in your tank, you might find yourself liking it--or not.
Highly Underrated Fish - Manonichthys polynemus (05/12/15)
The Spotfin Pseudochromis is also commonly called the Longfin Dottyback.
Look-A-Likes: Vagabond vs Black Finned (05/06/15)
Both Chaetodon vagabundus and Chaetodon decussatus have dominantly white bodies with similar perpendicular lines. One is commonly known as the Vagabond Butterfly and the other is frequently called the Indian Vagabond Butterfly. They both have a...
Highly Underrated Corals: Lobophyllia (04/28/15)
Lobophyllia is a genus of corals with a seemingly few number of species, but a wide variety of coloration. They are a fairly hardy coral that does well in low flow, low light scenarios. They require supplemental foods to display good vigor and...
Popular Piscenes - Blue Face Angels (04/21/15)
The Blue Face Angel (Pomacanthus xanthometopon) is a popular fish in the marine aquarium hobby, and for good reason. While they are on the expensive side, they are a hardy fish that grows slowly and they generally take to processed food quite...
Highly Underrated Fish - Aquacultured Court Jester Goby (04/13/15)
Koumansetta rainfordi was once classified as Amblygobius rainfordi; adding to this confusion, it has at least 4 very commonly used names. It has been called Court Jester Goby, Rainford's Goby, Orange (or Red) Lined Goby and Old Glory Goby.
Highly Underrated Coral - Yellow Polyp (Parazoathus) (03/25/15)
Yellow polyps approach ideal as a beginner coral. They are very hardy, grow quickly and can live in just about any environment. Given supplemental feedings, they can thrive in very low light placements. When placed in moderate light scenarios,...
The Fire Shrimp (03/19/15)
The fire shrimp displays a beautiful overall coloration of deep blood red. This is strikingly accented by numerous white spots on the carapace, and white antennae and forelegs. Most individuals look similar throughout their range, with the exception...
Highly Underrated Fish - McCosker's Wrasse (03/12/15)
McCosker's Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus mccoskeri) is a peaceful, reef safe fish that is suitable for most marine aquariums, as long as it is housed with similarly peaceful aquarium inhabitants. One of the lesser known qualities of this genus of...
Trochus snails (02/24/15)
The Top snail (Trochus niloticus) is one of the most popular and biologically important gastropods in the world. While this article will focus on a specific species, there are a number of snails in the Turbo, Astraea, Tectus and Trochus genera that...
Blastomussa wellsi (02/17/15)
The Blastomussa wellsi is one of two members of the Blastomussa genus. The other species being Blastomussa merleti, which differs in several ways with the most notable difference being the polyp shape and the size of the corallites.
Popular Piscines - Lemon Peel Angels (02/11/15)
Lemon Peel Angels are among the best fish, let alone Angelfish, for marine aquarium owners. They are brilliantly colored, hardy, stay small and don't require a huge aquarium at max size.
Popular Piscines - White Cheek Tangs (02/03/15)
The White Cheek Tang ( Acanthurus nigricans) is a popular surgeonfish, and with good reason. They are among the hardiest Acanthurus, they have the smallest adult size of all acanthurids, and as far as that genus goes, their are pretty docile with...
Highly Underrated Fish - Green Wrasse (01/30/15)
The Green wrasse could possibly use a more imaginative name, even its scientific name sounds more appealing: chloropterus. What ever you call it, this wrasse should be a more common feature in the aquarium trade, it is hardy, eats a lot of nuisance...
Highly Underrated Fish - Pajama Cardinals (01/20/15)
Pajama Cardinals (Sphaeramia nematoptera) school, are reef safe, have a small adults size, don't need a lot of space and eat just about anything. What's not to like? This is definitely an Underrated Fish.
CopyCat - Black Lined Blenny and its Mimic (01/15/15)
The Black Lined Blenny (Meiacanthus nigrolineatus) has a fanclub. The are mimicked quite effectively by the Blenny Ecsenius gravieri. They are easily distinguishable from each other by the shape of their heads.
The Ventralis Anthias (01/07/15)
The Pseudanthias ventralis is a deep water anthias collected mostly in the waters of the south pacific. These fish are regarded as one of the most colorful and vibrant fish of their genus. They are also one of the smaller members of their genus,...
Elyssid Lettuce Slugs (aka Lettuce Nudibranchs) (12/30/14)
Some animals are just weird. Lettuce nudibranchs, which are not even nudibranchs, are as strange as they are gorgeous. But they might be harder to keep than you think.
Popular Piscines - Red Coris Wrasse (12/18/14)
Red Coris Wrasses can be found around reefs all over the tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans. They are absent from the Atlantic ocean. They are very hardy, take processed food readily and come from one of our best Short Supply Chains.
Highly Underrated Fish - Banded Sifter Goby (12/11/14)
Amblygobius phalaena is a hard working and hardy sand sifting goby for the reef tank. They will spend the whole day working over your sandbed cleaning it of algae and detritus.
Highly Underrated Fish - Annularis Angel (12/03/14)
The genus Pomacanthus is full of 13 great aquarium fish, and as a result more than one of them is consistently overlooked. In my opinion, first on this list is the Blue Ring or Annularis Angel, especially the aquacultured ones.
Highly Underrated Fish - Melichthys niger (11/25/14)
Everyone has heard about the Niger trigger (Odonus niger), but the lesser known Melichthys niger is a great fish for the aquarium as well. The Black Durgeon Triggerfish are extremely hardy, sport amazing coloration and are among the lesser...
Highly Underrated Fish - Yellow Goatfish (11/19/14)
Yellow goatfish are beautiful, hardy additions to most tanks. While they are likely to eat smaller fish, tubeworms and motile inverts, we have found them to be low risk with corals and anemones. In addition they do a great job stirring up the...
Revisited Dwarf Angelfish (11/12/14)
The dwarf angelfish of the Genus Centropyge are beautiful, hardy, and small enough to survive in larger nano-tanks. These fish are favorites for marine aquarists, and can be used to add great neon coloration to FOWLR and reef tanks.
Popular Piscenes - Queen Angels (11/04/14)
Queen Angels are one of the most sought after angelfish in the hobby. With good reason, there is a lot to recommend them; they are very hardy, personable and stunningly gorgeous.
Seahorses (10/29/14)
Seahorses are among the most unusual creatures in the ocean. People are often fascinated by their strange shape and interesting behaviors. As a member of the Syngnathidae (fused-jaw) family, seahorses are closely related to pipefishes, pipehorses...
Firefish (10/23/14)
Firefish are like the "Golden Oldies" of the aquarium hobby. These cute little fish have been with us for a long time, but they are still as popular today as they ever were. All three species are detailed inside today's Species Spotlight.
Highly Underrated Fish - Halichoeres chrysus (10/09/14)
There are a lot of fish in the world that have more than one common name, but Halichoeres chrysus goes even further and has an incredible number of them, including a couple names that reference the wrong genus!
Highly Underrated Fish - One Spot Rabbitfish (10/01/14)
Siganus unimaculatus is also known as the One Spot Rabbitfish, the One Spot Foxface and the Blotched Foxface. They are a very common fish in the south Pacific and are one of the hobby's best algae grazers.
Highly Underrated Fish - Gobiodon citrinus (09/17/14)
Lemon Clown Gobies are usually found in pretty shallow tropical water, somewhere in the 6 to 30 foot range all over the Western Pacific. They are known as a coral commensal species, meaning they live in and around corals. In this case they can...
Highly Underrated Fish - Yellow Zoster Butterflies (08/27/14)
Hemitaurichthys polylepis is called both the "Pyramid Butterfly" and the "Yellow Zoster Butterfly." It is a shoaling fish that does very well in marine aquariums.
Highly Underrated Corals - Cynarina lacrymalis (08/06/14)
Button corals are hardy, unique additions to any reef tank. Because the large fleshy mantle can be damaged on rock, care must be taken to place in an area where full extension won't be inhibited. This is a coral that doesn't need a lot of light or...
Highly Underrated Fish - Orange kleini Butterfly (07/29/14)
Chaetodon kleini is the very definition of an underrated fish. They eat just about anything you put in front of them, they are disease resistant, and a great choice for soft coral reef tanks.
Highly Underrated Fish - Meiacanthus oualanensis (07/23/14)
Meiacanthus oualanensis is an extremely hardy fish that is native to the west coast of Fiji. They have great personalities and are much bolder than blennies other families so you will see them more often. We get them from a MAC Short Supply Chain.
Photo of the Week - Galaxy Clown (07/17/14)
Galaxy Clowns are a captive bred variant of A. clarkii with some amazing abberant colors and patterns. Just like their wild counterparts, they are quick to adopt just about any anemone that you offer to them.
Highly Underrated Fish - Red Tail Triggerfish (07/16/14)
Red Tail Triggerfish are part of the Genus Xanthichthys, considered by many to be the best triggerfish choice for reef aquaria.
Popular Piscines - Emperor Angelfish (07/09/14)
The Emperor Angelfish is the prized showpiece in any marine aquarium. Their impressive appearance and distinctive personality have made them an iconic favorite among the marine ornamental.
Look-A-Likes - Melanurus and Vrolik's (07/02/14)
Frequently in the trade you will come across fish that look so close to each other that it makes you wonder what the differences really are. In this series we'll have a look at some of these species and in so doing, give you the tools you need to...
Highly Underrated Fish - Klausewitz's Blenny (06/23/14)
Klausewitz's Blenny is also commonly called the Lined Blenny, Linear Blenny, Striped Blenny, Linear Combtooth Blenny and that is just in English.
Gecarcinus quadratus (Halloween Land Crab) (06/09/14)
Gecarcinus quadratus or the Halloween Land Crab is a terrestrial crab that needs access to water for keeping it wet as well as reproduction.
Highly Underrated Fish - Queensland Dottyback (06/04/14)
One of the most beautiful fish available in the marine aquarium world is the Queensland Dottyback (Ogilbyina queenslandiae). A very active, reef safe fish with outstanding colors, this Dottyback is too often shunned for its aggressive tendencies.
Look-A-Likes Tomato and Cinnamon (or Fire) Clowns (05/28/14)
The Tomato and Cinnamon clownfish have color forms that look extremely similar, ranges that overlap, they get to a similar max size and naturally prefer the same kinds of anemones. So what makes these different species? Luck.
Euphyllia Corals (05/15/14)
Hammers, Frogspawns, and Torches--still some of our favorites after all these years! Hardy and beautiful, Euphyllia corals add a sparkling touch.
Highly Underrated Fish - Ptereleotris zebra (05/01/14)
Ptereleotris zebra goes by a few different common names, the most popular being "Chinese Zebra Bar Goby.' It is a perfect reef aquarium fish. It is also one of the best schooling fish in the hobby, but sadly, this fact usually goes unmentioned.
Highly Underrated Fish - Stocky Anthias (Hypselosoma) (04/23/14)
Pseudanthias hypselosoma or the Stocky Anthias is a staff favorite that just doesn't get noticed in the trade enough. Of all the wide variety of anthias that we see at QM, Stockies are among the quickest to eat (even pellets), and the least likely...
Popular Piscines - Harlequin Tuskfish (04/16/14)
Harlequin Tuskfish (Choerodon fasciatus) is a popular fish for FOWLR (Fish Only With Live Rock) tanks. While unsuitable for many reefs for their rambunctious ways, They can kept in a reef with some dedicated husbandry.
Highly Underrated Corals - Acanthastrea echinata (04/10/14)
Acanthastrea echinata is often overlooked in favor of A. lordhowensis, which has larger polyps, and is less common. This is an amazing coral in its own right, and is some ways is more desirable than its cousin.
Similar Sounding - Teardrop Butterflies (04/01/14)
There are currently two species of Butterflies that are called "Teardrop Butterflies." They come from different regions and have some visual similarities, but are pretty easily told apart, the real question is, which one do you want?
Highly Underrated Fish - Centropyge ferrugatus (03/26/14)
Centropyge ferrugatus is a Dwarf Angelfish from the Western Pacific. As their "dwarf" nomenclature suggests, they stay fairly small, reaching a max size of only 3.5 inches. They can be kept singly or in groups, but groups should be added to larger...
Highly UnderRated Corals - Scolymia vitensis (03/19/14)
Roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of the "Australomussa" coral seen in the marine aquarium trade is actually Scolymia vitensis. It is a very undemanding and brightly colored LPS coral.
Popular Piscines: Porcupine Puffers (03/05/14)
Porcupine Puffers (Diodon hystrix) are one of the most popular and "personable" fish in the marine aquarium hobby. These fish quickly learn to recognize people as sources of food and have an engaging demeanor with us.
Look-A-Likes - 3 Stripe and Tuxedo Damsels (02/26/14)
Both these damselfish are a popular fish in the marine aquarium hobby, and with good reason. They are very active, very hardy and give an unparalleled level of activity to just about any aquarium.
Revisited - Scott's Fairy Wrasse (02/19/14)
The wrasse family, which includes the parrotfishes and rainbowfishes, is one of the largest and most abundant groups of fishes on the reef. With almost 500 species in 65 genera, they play an important ecological role in the coral reef habitat.
Revisited: Copperband Butterflyfish (02/05/14)
One the most beautiful marine fish species, the Copperband Butterflyfish is a worthwhile challenge for capable aquarists. Learn what it takes to keep one of stunners in this new Species Spotlight article.
Revisited: Zoanthids (01/29/14)
In spite of their small size, zoanthids pack a big punch. These hardy and colorful little polyps are more than just a beginner coral (even though they are not corals at all!).
Midas Blenny (01/15/14)
The Midas Blenny is a member of the Blenniidae family, a large group of combtooth and mostly scaleless fish comprised of over 340 known species. Being similar to the goby family, blennies are distinguishable by their fully continuous dorsal spines.
Popular Piscines - Blue Hippo Tangs (01/08/14)
Blue tangs go by several names in the hobby. Blue and Yellow, Palette, Hippo are a few of the most common ones. Add in the Yellow Bellied Variant from the Red Sea and you have at least 5 names for one fish, Paracanthurus hepatus.
Look-A-Likes - Yellow Angels vs Yellow & Black Angels (12/30/13)
Frequently in this hobby you will come across fish that look so close to each other that it makes you wonder what the differences really are. Other times you'll see two fish that just can't be the same species. This is the question we ask here.
The Dark Banded Fusilier (10/31/13)
The Dark Banded Fusilier (Pterocaesio tile) was QM Currents first featured fish and it represents one of several species of fish sold exclusively by Quality Marine. These magnificent fish are commonly collected in Tahiti and occasionally in the...
Revisited: Flame Hawkfish (10/15/13)
Standing at attention like a proud soldier in a scarlet jacket, the flame hawkfish closely watches over his tank. Ever vigilant, sometimes belligerent, and always cute--the Flame Hawkfish.
Puffer Fish (09/10/13)
Species Spotlight gives some love to a dangerously cute group of fish, the puffers, in this newest installment. Included with the requisite care information are a few cool facts about these fish as toxic delicacies (oxymoron?!?), plus the features...
The (Not-So) Hard to Keep Gorgonian (09/03/13)
Gorgonian care is easier now than ever before. Better collection practices and strong filtration have made these beautiful creatures within reach of most good aquarists. Selective purchasing and attentive care makes for healthy Gorgonians.
Bizarre and Surprising, Sea Squirt Care is a New Type of Challenge. (07/16/13)
Tunicates are strange but often beautiful animals, that are not that unlike you and me. They will add a splash of color to your reef tank, and will definitely get people talking.
Revisited: Hoplolatilus Tilefish (06/12/13)
Tilefish are beautiful little community fish with great housekeeping skills.
Popular Piscenes - Borbonius Anthias (06/05/13)
Odontanthias borbonius are commonly called Blotched, Checked and Spotted Anthias; frequently they also get the Swallowtail modifier. They are a very hardy, somewhat aggressive fish. They are collected from extremely deep water; while found...
Revisited: Chalice Corals (05/15/13)
Chalice corals are all the rage. Take a moment to learn why this beautiful group of corals is on the rise.
Photo of the Week - Rhodactis sp (04/11/13)
This is very unique QM Carnation Rhodactis mushroom is being cultured here at QM.
Revisited: Cave Shrimp (01/02/13)
The Cave shrimp is one of several members of the Stenopodidae (Stenopus meaning narrow footed) commonly available to aquarists. This genus is better known as the "Boxing Shrimp" due to their relatively large chelae (pinchers) on their third set...
Highly Underrated Fish - MAC Orangetail Filefish (12/12/12)
Our MAC Orangetail Filefish are a very unique animal that does quite well once it gets acclimated. We segue them onto prepared foods with Nutramar Ova and a variety of frozen foods.
The Purple Tang - Revisted (07/05/12)
The Zebrasoma xanthurum is one of the most treasured members of the Surgeonfish family. Found almost exclusively in the waters in and around the Red Sea these fish can be colorful and active additions to most any marine aquarium.
Platax Batfish (03/28/12)
Get to know the batfish, an elegant beauty with personality. Peaceful and hardy, these are big fish for big tanks.
Highly Underrated Fish - Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus (03/10/12)
Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus are more commonly known as Singapore or Vermiculated Angelfish. They are a shallow water fish that ranges from Japan to Indonesia. The largest recorded size is 7 inches. They feed mostly on tunicates and filamentous...
Revisited - The Purple Frilly Gorgonian (11/01/11)
The Purple Frilly gorgonian is a commonly collected species for the aquarium trade. With its beautifully dark purple branches and contrasting white polyps, it is a wonderful specimen for the modern reef aquarium.
Revisited - Mandarin Gobies (10/25/11)
The Mandarinfish belongs to the group of fishes referred to as Dragonets. This group is characterized by having a large head (relative to their body) and reaching sizes of less than 4 inches. They are famous for having some of the most beautiful and...
Revisited: Cuttlefishes (10/04/11)
Colorful, intelligent, and interactive, cuttlefish are more than your average aquarium pet. Trying your hand at cuttlefish care will add a unique and rewarding experience to your husbandry repertoire.
False Shepard's Angelfish (08/17/11)
The False Shepard's Pygmy Angelfish is a unique fish as a species (or hybrid of two species) but also as individuals; there is a wide range of appearances between False Shepards.
The Ultimate Test - Large Carpet Anemones (06/14/10)
The large Stichodactyla anemones, otherwise known as Carpet Anemones, are huge, colorful, and a tough customer to keep happy. Do you have what it takes to care for one?
Reef Safe Triggerfishes (07/10/09)
Triggerfishes in a reef aquarium? With a little research and the right aquarium, aquarists can now enjoy the beauty and personality of numerous triggerfish species in a variety of reef tanks.
Bulb Anemone (05/22/09)
The Bulb Anemone is an ideal choice for the aquarist who would like to observe the fascinating symbiotic relationship between this animal and the anemonefish.
Emperor Angelfish (04/27/09)
The Emperor Angelfish is a beautiful and well known species which adapts well to captivity. Their interesting characteristics and personality make them fascinating aquarium inhabitants.
The Blue Tang (02/11/09)
The Blue Tang has been a marine aquarium favorite for many years. Its popularity increased greatly with the release of the animated film, Finding Nemo.