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Highly Underrated Fish - Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus

In the Wild

Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus is a shallow water fish found from just below the surface down to about 60 feet of water. They are endemic to the western Pacific, with a range that stretches from Japan to Indonesia. The largest recorded size is 7 inches. Two color morphs have been identified, one with the yellow tail pictured here, and another with a grey tail. Whether or not these should be described as separate species is currently under debate. They feed mostly on tunicates and filamentous algae.


In the Aquarium

C. mesoleucus is commonly known as the Singapore or Vermiculated Angel, even though Singapore is on the very western edge of their normal range. They are quite hardy and take to frozen foods quickly; we feed them a mix of meaty and pelletized foods. A varied diet is a requisite for any angelfish, and these are no exception. You should expect this fish to reach into the 5" range in captivity. These aren't the most aggressive animal in their family, but they still don't like other fish that are the same size and shape. They look amazing under lights with actinic highlights. This is a perfect example of a fish you don't see very often, but probably should.