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Blue Dot Jawfish: Fun Facts and Husbandry TipsNew Icon (03/18/20)
Blue Dot Jawfish are often difficult to keep long term for aquarists but with proper husbandry techniques and practices they can be a long lived and fascinating pet.
Should you consider an angler in your smaller reef tank? (02/28/20)
Wartskin anglers are often overlooked though they make fascinating biotopic displays and present unique challenges to their aquarist.
The Care and Display of Spiny Rock Lobsters (01/07/20)
Many aquarists are looking for new oddball challenges, spiny rock lobsters are a fun and unique challenge.
Do Triggers have a place in the Reef or Community Tank? Xanthichthys says maybe (12/19/19)
The Xanthichthys genus of Balistidae (Triggerfish) is made up of six recognized species. What makes them different than other Triggers? Where do they belong in home aquaria?
The Rabbitfish: A Look at Several Siganus Species (11/21/19)
Genus Siganus, the Rabbitfish, are great inclusions for aquariums that need an algae grazer. Lets explore some of the common and less common offerings that may be a good match for you.
Continuing Sustainability: The Aquacultured Bluelined Angelfish (08/15/19)
Sustainability is of the utmost importance in securing the future of our industry and hobby. One of the ways to achieve this is through aquaculture. Dive in deep with Quality Marine as we take a look at the aquacultured blue lined angelfish.
Prehistoric Predator: The Zebra Mantis (07/25/19)
When is a shrimp not a shrimp? Enter the Stomatopods, the mantis shrimp an order that has existed far longer than humans, over 340 million years!
The Pink Cave Basslet: A reclusive and lesser seen Liopropoma species (07/18/19)
Many aquarium hobbyists seek out large and bold fish that are constantly active in their displays and will interact with their keeper to some degree, but theres a lot to be said about catering a system around more cryptic species.
The Gentle Giant: Tridacnid Gigas Clam (07/11/19)
Many reef aquarium hobbyists are well familiar with the Tridacnid family of giant clams, but for most of them, the giant moniker is relative. Theres genuinely only one Tridacnid that embodies this name, and its THE giant clam; Tridacnid gigas.
Cheer up Your Tank with the Cherry Anthias (07/05/19)
When considering a member of the Grouper family (Serranidae) for your aquarium, the usual suspects that come to mind are larger fish such as the Miniatus Grouper (Cephalopholis miniatus). Those that have tanks with both motile and sessile...