News / Species Spotlight

Green Canary Blenny (Meiacanthus tongaensis)New Icon (10/17/18)
Tonga is home to a number of reef species found nowhere else, and Quality Marine is able to offer several of these through our exclusive local supplier.
Tongan Blue Devil Damselfish (Chrysiptera taupou)New Icon (10/10/18)
The Blue Damselfish (Chrysiptera cyanea) is one of the most commonly exported species for the aquarium trade and is quite often recommended to novice marine aquarists as a starter fish.
Tuamotu or Zebrastripe Hawkfish (Paracirrhites nisus)New Icon (10/03/18)
Lurking within the hawkfish genus Paracirrhites is one of the more intriguing mysteries among Indo-Pacific reef fishes.
Barspot Cardinalfish (Apogon retrosella)New Icon (09/26/18)
For a true cardinalfish experience, aquarists might wish to consider the beautiful red species in the nocturnal genus Apogon.
Dr. Seuss Fish (Belonoperca pylei) (09/19/18)
The evocatively named Dr Seuss Soapfish is definitely high in the rankings when it comes to strange reef fishes.
Guineafowl or Golden Pufferfish (Arothron meleagris) (09/12/18)
The Guineafowl Pufferfish may very well be the perfect pufferfish for a large marine aquarium. The species grows large, but not TOO large
Clarion Angelfish (Holacanthus clarionensis) (09/05/18)
Aquarists have been describing certain species as holy grails for as long as theyve been keeping fishes in little glass boxes, and high on this illustrious list is Mexicos visually stunning and exceedingly rare Clarion Angelfish.
The Flame Tail Blenny (Enchelyurus flavipes) (08/29/18)
The Flame Tail Blenny, Enchelyurus flavipes, is another affordable, yet attractive, option for a marine aquarium.
Arrowhead Soapfish (Belonoperca chabanaudi) (08/21/18)
The muted colors and secretive habits of the Arrowhead Soapfish make it a phantom of the Indo-Pacific, a rarely seen specter haunting the regions darkest corners.
Polynesian Atavai Wrasse (Pseudojuloides atavai) (08/14/18)
In Polynesian, atavai translates as pretty, which seems quite fitting for this beautifully colored member of the pencil wrasse genus Pseudojuloides.