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Species Spotlight - Splendid Pin Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus isosceles)New Icon (02/17/17)
Its not uncommon for the aquarium trade to become aware of a new species long before the scientific community has a chance to catch up, and such is the case with the eye-catching wrasse Cirrhilabrus isosceles.
Species Spotlight - Cleaning CrewsNew Icon (02/09/17)
Cleaning crews are essential for managing your aquarium while also reducing your work load. Knowing who does what is an important aspect to make sure your crew is successful. Check out these great suggestions!
Species Spotlight - We just got in some beautiful, cultured Reidi Seahorses (Hippocampus reidi)! New Icon (02/02/17)
Seahorses are a beautiful, unique fish that are very picky when it comes to tank mates. Helping your customers choose the appropriate tank mates will aid in reducing the seahorses and your stress.
Species Spotlight - Royal Species New Icon (01/26/17)
Treat yourself like royalty with these monarchy worthy suggestions. This fish and invert list include Royal Dottybacks, Emerald Crabs, Yellow Assessors, Emperor Shrimps, Royal Grammas, Jewel Damsels,Top Crown Snails, and Queen Angels.
Species Spotlight - Yellow Cardinalfish (Ostorhinchus luteus) (01/19/17)
Cardinalfishes are a diverse lot, with dozens upon dozens of species scattered throughout the worlds tropical waters. Theyve long endeared themselves with aquarists thanks to their peaceful demeanor and reef-safe nature.
Species Spotlight - Conchfish Astrapogon stellatus (01/12/17)
While it wont be winning any piscine beauty pageants, the Conchfish is a remarkable little species with a truly unique ecological specialization. It belongs to the vast cardinalfish family Apogonidae, but, unlike any other member of this group, the...
Species Spotlight - Green and Yellow Brittle Stars (Ophiarachna sp.) (01/05/17)
One of the more diabolical of marine creatures have to be the seemingly benign brittle stars of the genus Ophiarachna. These are commonly seen in the aquarium trade and are often sold to unwitting aquarists to help clean tanks of unwanted detritus.
Species Spotlight - Eyebrow Barnacle Blenny (Ekemblemaria myersi) (12/29/16)
The Barnacle Blenny (Acanthemblemaria hancocki) has become one of the most popular nano fishes in recent years, adored for its comical appearance and slapdash manner of chasing after food.
Species Spotlight - Winter Livestock (12/22/16)
Winter is the time for comfort, good food and warmth. Celebrate the change in seasons with some of these themed livestock.
Species Spotlight - Clearfin Squirrelfish (Neoniphon argenteus) (12/15/16)
There is a strong case to be made that the Clearfin Squirrelfish (Neoniphon argenteus) is one of the most underrated aquarium fishes around. This stately species has a sleek, streamlined ap-pearance and a bright silvery body that absolutely shines...