News / Company News / AquaRed Flexi-LED (09/30/15)

AquaRed Flexi-LED

The newly-launched AquaRay AquaRed Flexi-LED from TMC is a flexible, self-adhesive lighting strip which can be fitted into an AquaRay MMS rail or fixed to almost any other surface. The waterproof strip incorporates red LEDs.

Because of this unique configuration, it is often used for color enhancement (it picks out reds, oranges and pinks.) It can be used as a "night light," making for a very unique twist on standard blue or white moonlights. The color balance added is suitable for both marine and freshwater environments.

Here at Quality Marine, we use them for acclimation purposes. The red wavelength of light penetrates water the least of all visible wavelengths, and over generations fish have evolved to not perceive it as well as other colors. This little twist of science is very useful; it allows us to closely monitor the fish while giving them the comfort of a dark environment. We find it dramatically reduces the stress of acclimation.

The AquaRed Flexi-LED is designed to be used as supplementary lighting in conjunction with other forms of lighting such as the AquaBeam 500, 600, 1000 and 1500.