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V2O Frozen Foods

Quality Marine Introduces V2O Foods!

The V stands for Vitamins, Vitality, Vibrant colors and Voracious appetites. V2O was recently founded by Christopher Turk, who has spent his entire life observing and studying coral reef fish and their feeding habits. He has been a prominent figure in the aquarium industry for the past 40 years as a collector, aquaculture breeder and, most importantly, food manufacturer.

Using his experience as founder and owner of both OCEAN NUTRITION and H2O LIFE FROZEN FOODS, Turk has grown to a new level of expertise in this new operation by partnering with some of the worlds best nutrition scientists from the aquaculture industry. As a result, they have produced then refined a range of nutritional products that raises the standard for the fish and reef keeping hobby.

V2O FOODS is now the premier Go To Brand for frozen foods, soft-freeze foods, high-end pellet foods, low temperature flake foods, nutritional supplements and feeding tools and accessories.