News / New Dry Goods / Hi-Per Flow Pumps (07/25/11)

Hi-Per Flow Pumps

Manufactured by Multi-Duti Manufacturing

Anyone looking for a MDM Sequence pump at a budget price would do well to look at these Hi-Per Flow pumps. There are more similarities than differences: the wet side is the same design as the Sequence 1000 and everything, including the motor is made in the USA, (unlike what nearly every competitor is doing right now.) Just like the Sequence pumps they feature TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) construction, which means reduced heat transfer to system water. They even have the same saltwater seals as the 1000s.

The only difference is the Hi-Per Flow pumps have a motor that isnt quite as efficient as their Sequence brethren, but they still offer all the benefits of external pumps like increased durability, lower watt draws and much higher efficiency than any comparable submersible pump.

The Hi-Per flow series offers a perfect blend of medium pressure and ample flow for the majority of aquariums. They come pre-wired with an 8 115v cordset, but they can be wired for 230v. They also come with an 18 month limited warranty.

Hi-Per Flow 4500
Item#DescriptionMax WattsMax AmpsMax HeadMax GPH
0800280Hi-Per Flow 45002532.2214500

Hi-Per Flow 6100
Item #DescriptionMax WattsMax AmpsMax HeadMax Flow
0800300Hi-Per Flow 61003443236100