News / New Dry Goods / AquaRay MiniLED 500HD (01/05/12)

AquaRay MiniLED 500HD

New from TMC, the AquaRay MiniLED 500HD can give you that "halide shimmer" without the outlandish power bills and associated carbon footprint. The extremely low heat transfer is very important for the nano sized tanks this light is recommended for, as their small water volumes heat up easily. It has excellent lamp life, even by LED standards, with 50,000 hours or nearly ten years depending on your lighting schedule. Because of the variety of bulbs in this modular compatible tile, it can do double duty as a daylight and moonlight unit. Its a perfect single unit for nano tanks and as supplemental lights on larger systems.

  • Unique combination of lensed and unlensed LED bulbs combine for maximum par and distribution
    • 4x 10,000k white Cree XP-E Power LEDs (lensed)
    • 1x blue Cree XP-E Power LED (unlensed)
  • Natural Shimmer Effect
  • Moonlight mode
  • High PAR for full blown nano reefs
  • Only 12W and completely dimmable