News / New Dry Goods / AquaRay AquaBeam 1500 Ocean Blue (07/17/11)

AquaRay AquaBeam 1500 Ocean Blue

New from TMC, the AquaRay AquaBeam 1500 Ocean Blue does double duty as a daylight and moonlight unit. Hobbyists looking for versatility in a compact light will appreciate the dual function of this tile. Its a perfect single unit for fish-only tanks and low-light corals or as secondary lighting on a tank containing hard corals.

The Aquabeam 1500 Ocean Blue features whites and blues on two different channels, which can be controlled separately from actinics. The whites and blues can be used separately or turned on together for excellent color balance. The whites produce more light than the blues. The lights are unlensed, which creates a realistic, blended lighting effect.

The Aquabeam 1500 Ocean Blue is easy to mount to any size aquarium using the multiple options available in the TMC Mounting System. It provides over 50,000 hours of light and comes with a 5 year guarantee. Plus, Aquaray lights are energy efficient resulting in low cost of ownership. What other unit can create realistic shimmering light that doesnt drain your wallet? Only the AquaRay AquaBeam 1500 Ocean Blue.

  • 5 x 9000K White XP-G LEDs and 5 x blue XP-E LEDs (unlensed)
    • Can be controlled separately allowing use as an all-in-one daylight and moonlight unit
    • latest and brightest generation of Cree PowerLEDs available
    • High output, wide angle design
  • Cool running with low heat transfer to the water
  • Low cost of ownership and environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with all aquarium types, including nano tanks
  • Minimum lamp life of 50,000 hours - 6 x standard fluorescent lighting