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Research based on analysis of field observations from 20-year global coral survey
New evidence suggests that corals once sought refuge from warming waters by migrating
For many aquatic retailers, the past few years have been difficult. Retailers report an increase in showrooming shoppers, who use brick-and-mortar stores to examine products in person before buying...
For a new species to evolve, two things are essential: a characteristicsuch as a colourunique to one species and a mating preference for this characteristic.
24 breathtaking underwater photos
In warmer and more acidic seas, little skates develop stronger jaws but weaker fins
A new living reef exhibit at the University of Hawai?i Waikiki Aquarium highlights cutting-edge coral research done by six researchers at the UH Manoa. It features work on both soft and stony coral...
As the outlook for coral reefs across a warming planet grows grimmer, scientists in Israel have discovered a rare glimmer of hope: The corals of the northern Red Sea may survive, and even thrive,...
Awash in spangles of red and blue on an olive green base coloration, and potentially exhibiting a sail-like first dorsal fin, the newest member of the Watchman/Shrimpgoby genus Cryptocentrus might...
Carrying frozen fish food and keeping a variety in stock allows retailers to maintain the edge in this category.
Last weeks CORAL Newsletter teased a beautiful little red Corvette of a mystery fish, this stunning bottom-dweller from the intertidal zone, which is a fish few have likely seen or might...
Transport Yourself to the Coral Reefs of Indonesia with bugDreamer
Freediver and photographer Jules Casey shared video on February 4 of what they described as one of the most beautiful moments they had every captured: two seahorses mating
Mexican scientists create robot to protect coral reefs
Similar to forests on land, the most important source of energy for tropical shallow water coral reefs is light. Photosynthetic algae, called zooxanthellae, live within the tissues of reef-building...
Evolution is a rich and dynamic process. Species respond to pressures in a variety of ways, most of which reduce to finding food, avoiding becoming someone else's food and attracting a mate.
Evolution is a rich and dynamic process. Species respond to pressures in a variety of ways, most of which reduce to finding food, avoiding becoming someone else's food and attracting a mate.
A team of researchers from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology and the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum conducted a study of coral resiliency that showed...
n the animal kingdom, food access is among the biggest drivers of habitat preference. It influences, among other things, how animals interact, where they roam and the amount of energy they expend to...
You may recognize Richard Ross (aquarist & biologist at the California Academy of Sciences Steinhart Aquarium) as a popular aquarium conference speaker and espouser of critical thinking in the...
According to reports on climate change, most of the worlds coral reefs could die by the end of this century as a result of bleaching, which occurs when above-average sea temperatures upset the...
Researchers have succeeded in directly measuring three key parameters necessary for skeleton formation in a live tropical coral. This way, they completely characterized the carbonate chemistry at the...
A rare calico lobster has been spared from the boiling pot thanks to its 1-in-30 million mutation and may be headed to the Georgia Aquarium.
Some coral species might be better equipped to adapt to a warmer, more acidic ocean. Finding out which ones, and why, could be the key to saving reefs around the world.
Natural is in with hobbyists looking to bring some of the outside world in to their homes in the form of a terrarium or paludarium, and manufacturers, mindful of this growing consumer demand, are...
The role of skill in determining the outcome of animal contests is to be explored in new research by the University of Plymouth.
Pioneering new techniques will enable leading aquarium visitor attractions to breed their own tropical fish, following a new collaboration.
The aquatics hobby is growing, and with it flake, pellet and frozen food sales.
Silicon Valley is no stranger to emoji blunders. Case in point: earlier this month, Apple was called out for its anatomically incorrect squid emoji.
Dolphins are picky about who they are friends with and shun rival groups, new research has found.
Queensland Museum scientists have used remotely operated vehicles and specialised diving techniques to find 195 coral species in deeper reef areas in the Great Barrier Reef region.
The future of the world's coral reefs is uncertain, as the impact of global heating continues to escalate
When coral reefs die, what will replace them?
In the struggle to save corals from climate change, reef-dwelling animals dont get much attention.
Methuselah is no ordinary fish, and this month, she's swimming into her 80th year as a resident of the California Academy of Sciences' Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco.
Adult krill appear unharmed by upticks in ocean acidification.
Aquarium maintenance products and services that keep customers in the hobby and coming back in-store for more are helping to reshape the aquatics retail business model.
Strap on a diving mask and fins and slip under the crystal-clear water near a coral reef in Indonesia, Papua-New Guinea or the Philippines, and you'll immediately see why divers and snorkelers from...
Today, Paul G. Allen Philanthropies and a consortium of partners, including Carnegie, unveiled the Allen Coral Atlas, a pioneering effort that uses high-resolution satellite imagery and advanced...
Scientists from the California Academy of Sciences constructs new family tree for group of nudibranchs; discovers color mimics.
This National Sea Slug Day, celebrate the addition of 17 new species of nudibranch to the tree of life.
Sound generated during photosynthesis in seaweed may help monitor the health of coral reefs, new research shows.
Researchers are developing an autonomous system to monitor coastal and deep waters for fish stock. Their technology could enhance marine environment protection.
Livestock Lifeline (10/19/18)
Live fish and coral sales are pivotal for independent pet retailer success.
Livestock Lifeline (10/18/18)
Live fish and coral sales are pivotal for independent pet retailer success.
Contemporary Sells (10/11/18)
LEDs with programmable lighting options score big with hobbyists looking to customize their aquarium environments.
Coral reef ecosystems around the world are facing serious threats from the impacts of rapid climate change.
Scientists question whether prescription practices can help the environment
Researchers studied nitrogen levels in the skeleton of a 130-year-old brain coral living 620 miles from the North American mainland and found that the nitrogen from human sources was less than had...
Tank Sales Trends (09/20/18)
Aquariums and kit sales are helping keep retailers in the black as new offerings create interest and feed hobbyists needs.
A study in the journal Bulletin of Marine Science describes a new, blood-red species of octocoral found in Panama.
The "jellybots" are powered by pumps and feature silicon rubber tentacles that propel them through the water.
In each issue of Sport Fishing magazine, a panel of five international expert ichthyologists identifies unusual and often amazing fishes in photos submitted by readers. Find out what they are and...
A new, innovative and interactive approach to generating interest in aquaculture is now publicly available, following the publication of a number of stories about the industry on the AquaTED platform.
Climate change poses a number of threats to the long-term viability of the Great Barrier Reef and the species that live on it.
The Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA) will be awarding its annual MASNA Aquarist of the Year and MASNA Award at the MACNA Saturday Night Banquet on Saturday, September 8, 2018 at the...
Coral reef fishes, including clownfish, display a wide variety of colors but it remains unclear how these colors evolved or how they develop throughout a fish's life.
A review of the latest news concerning the ornamental fishery industries in Indonesia, Fiji and Hawaii
Marine heat waves are the most dangerous effect of global warming on coral reefs worldwide. In 2016 and 2017 alone, these heat waves killed almost half of the Great Barrier Reef corals.
Preliminary data suggest that deep-water reefs are more vulnerable to storm threats than researchers had suspected.
Back in the 1970s, a curious scientist introduced a non-native algae species into the delicate ecosystem of Hawaiis Kaneohe Bay.
Pelleted fish food offerings are growing, and retailers can give their customers what they want with an eye to bringing them back for more.
It could teach us how to save reefs around the world.
A new study shows that the relationship between coral polyps and zooxanthellae that produces colorful coral reefs began 160 million years ago.
SuperZoo, which is produced by World Pet Association (WPA), has changed the dates for its 2019 show.
Log on to your laptop. Start swotting up on sea life. Millions of everyday Australians are being encouraged to take a 'dry dive' on the Great Barrier Reef, as part of a first-of-its-kind, citizen...
A DNA probing technique clarifies the mechanism behind clonal reproduction of female dojo loach fish, also providing insight into the ancestral origin of the clonal population.
A type of black coral identified may be an entirely new species, says Marine Institute
Shark Week 2018 (07/23/18)
With their huge, sharp teeth and menacing demeanor, its no wonder this ocean predator has long struck fear into the hearts of many.
Coral reefs are on the brink of extinction under a changing climate. So researchers have been working in labs to create more resilient coral that can hopefully survive the warmer ocean waters of the...
Tubular colonial jellies known as pyrosomes that arrived in 2014 along North America's Pacific Northwest Coast appear to be adapting to cooler water and may become permanent residents.
Budding aquarists and long-time hobbyists alike seek the miniaturized appeal of nano aquariums.
This years SuperZoo trade show, which was held June 26-28 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas attracted 9,500 pet retail, grooming and service industry professionals.
Here's how to find a sunscreen that doesn't harm the marine organisms.
Tropical oceans teem with the dazzle and flash of colorful reef fishes and contain far more species than the cold ocean waters found at high latitudes. This well-known "latitudinal diversity...
Belize shows that a little local action can go a long way.
Owning fish comes with chores, and David Jones of Wet Pets spent part of a a recent day cleaning the water in a tank full of pacu fish.
An international team of experts presents their discovery of 38 coral reefs located in the Pacific and the Caribbean that are resilient to climate change.
Marine biologist Joshua Stewart was scuba diving in the Gulf of Mexico when he spotted a baby manta rayan unexpected find, given that juveniles are extremely rare and seldom observed by humans.
If you want to know about the future of coral reefs that harbor marine life and protect coastlines, sometimes that means you have to go there and count barnacles.
As weve reported, the Great Barrier Reef now lives under threat of coral bleaching events prompted by warming ocean waters.
Many coral reefs will be unable to keep growing fast enough to keep up with rising sea levels, leaving tropical coastlines and low-lying islands exposed to increased erosion and flooding risk, new...
Many coral reefs will be unable to keep growing fast enough to keep up with rising sea levels, leaving tropical coastlines and low-lying islands exposed to increased erosion and flooding risk, new...
Methylation changes how DNA is read. Coral might be doing it on its own.
On World Oceans Day, conservation leaders on the island of Providencia, Colombia, started a project to protect the parrotfish.
Detected for the first time in Brazil on the coast of the Southeast region in the late 1980s, when oil and gas prospecting began in the Campos Basin offshore of Rio de Janeiro, sun corals of the...
Microbes keep reef-building corals and other reef animals healthy
Prawns have personalities -- and cautious crustaceans do better in the battle for food, new research shows.
Many stores have incentive programs related to sales, but do you offer anything to reward excellent customer service from your employees.
A new study using satellite data shows that the landmark 2015-2016 bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef was more extreme than we thought
When corals are stressed, they expel their colorfuland life-sustainingalgae. Dive into a coral polyp to see both how and why.
Over the last 30 years, 50% of the world's coral reefs have suffered significant damage due to climate change and acidification with the last three being the worst in reefs recent history.
Corals growing in high-latitude reefs in Western Australia can regulate their internal chemistry to promote growth under cooler temperatures, according to new research at the ARC Centre of Excellence...
Retailers have had great success offering customers frozen aquarium diets, which offer a competitive advantage and attractive margins for local fish stores.
Retailers have had great success offering customers frozen aquarium diets, which offer a competitive advantage and attractive margins for local fish stores.
Fish Foods Offer Frozen & Novel Formulas
Rising sea-level is threatening island nations that are no more than 3 feet above the high-tide line, but a new study has found that healthy coral reefs may be able to keep up and thus protect these...
Shedd Aquarium scientists and volunteers are busy tracking thousands of Great Lakes fish during their annual migrations to reproduce in creeks and rivers throughout Illinois and surrounding states.
A Kiwi coral reef researcher has seen first hand the devastating effects of coral bleaching.
Restoring coral and fighting crown of thorns starfish at the Great Barrier Reef
Marine scientists from WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society), University of Warwick, and University of Queensland have identified two key factors that create the ideal conditions needed for high...
Slurp guns, sea lettuce and grunt sculpins if its not some underwater sci-fi epic then it must mean that Campbell Rivers Discovery Passage Aquarium is preparing to open its doors for the spring...
A group of 153 Mexican fishermen successfully relocated a coral reef in the Gulf of Mexico, in the first project of its kind in Latin America, the government said on Sunday.
The deepest-dwelling fish in the sea just got one more bragging right.
Some of the oceans tiniest creatures may be creating powerful jets of water that profoundly alter the Earths environment.
The powerful gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 is taking the scientific world by storm. It gives researchers unprecedented power and precision in making tweaks to practically any gene in a plant or...
Earth Day, which will be celebrated this year on April 22, was founded in 1970 to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment.
Scientists have discovered the impact of crustaceans on the mixing of water by conducting an experiment with 135 thousands of plankton.
Hidden over 1,000m underwater along the Sunda Strait off the coast of Jakarta is a peculiar spider crab with plates resembling ears that actually protect its eyes.
Strengthen your marine-ID skills by learning how to identify the most common coral species.
Corals are in rapid decline on many reefs due to global stressors associated with climate change, such as increasing sea surface temperatures that cause coral bleaching and disease, as well as local...
New research shows shallow waters around Maui County not only support a shark population there, but also attracts sharks from other islands.
A few hundred feet beneath the oceans surface, spots known as twilight zones are home to extraordinary and glowing deep-water creatures that few humans have ever seen in their natural habitat.
Control efforts such as the removal of shipwrecks and application of chlorine may help mitigate the damaging effects of corallimorph, which is a type of invasive anemone, on valuable coral reefs in...
As global sea temperatures rise with climate change, some of the most fragile biomes, like coral reefs are being threatened.
Coral reefs can naturally protect coasts from tropical cyclones by reducing the impact of large waves before they reach the shore, according to scientists.
With competition heating up in the aquatics segment, many retailers are realizing profits in aquascaping and plant sales.
t's an unsettling image that seems more suited to a conversation about demonology than one about marine biology.
Its long been known that sharks help nourish coral reefs, but exactly howor to what extenthas never really been mapped out. Until now.
Resistance and recovery determine how well ecosystems respond to adversity