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Oxygen levels in oceans have fallen 2% in 50 years due to climate change, affecting marine habitat and large fish such as tuna and sharks.
Its almost a guarantee that when you head towards the sea, you will also see a less sightly presence.
The amount of oxygen in oceans around the world has declined, a long-predicted result of climate change, scientists have revealed.
TAIPEI For people in the know, Taiwan is the go-to place for aquarium fish. That status is being enhanced by a new slate of specialty courses offered by the graduate school at National Pingtung...
Male guppies pay a high cost for their sexual harassment of female guppies including much higher mortality rates a new study from Macquarie University has found.
The worlds oldest aquarium resident has passed away.
A researcher found and recorded the Cuatro Cinegas cichlid, a rare fish by the scientific name of Herichthys minckleyi, using a stealth mating strategy called sneaking to slip his DNA into the next...
Dr. David Vaughan is leading the fight to bring the coral reefs of the Florida Keys back to life.
The mystery of a bizarre crab that is always found clutching two sea anemones in its claws may have been solved: The crabs clone their poufy accessories, new research suggests.
New research shows there may have been more nitrogen in the ocean between one and two billion years ago than previously thought, allowing marine organisms to proliferate at a time when...