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Rock Anemones vs. Sand AnemonesNew Icon (01/14/19)
When it comes to the successful aquarium husbandry of sea anemones, one of the most important considerations is where to place a specimen.
A Quick & Painless Guide To Identifying Those Confusing Species Of Large AcanthurusNew Icon (12/27/18)
There are somewhere around 40 species of Acanthurus surgeonfishes spread across the worlds tropical marine waters, plus another 9 species that go by the name Ctenochaetus.
Echinoderms For The Home Aquarium (12/03/18)
Echinoderms are one of the most successful groups of animal life in the ocean today, with a rich fossil history (estimated at 13,000+ species!) stretching back to the Cambrian, more than 500 million years ago.
Friendly, Lovable Damselfishes (11/19/18)
No family of coral reef fishes is quite so maligned among aquarists as the pomacentrids the damselfishes. The name alone sends a shiver down the spine of many, but theres often little justification for this piscine bigotry.
Tongas Unique Marine Life (11/05/18)
The islands of the Central Pacific can seem both foreign and familiar to those of us raised far away in North America.
Giant Clams Identification 101 (10/15/18)
Giant clams are undeniably one of the coolest things about coral reefs, and no reef tank is ever really complete without one.
New Caledonias Unique Fishes (10/02/18)
At the end of the Cretaceous, some 65 million years ago, the landmass we that we know today as New Caledonia was still firmly attached to Australia.
What Exactly Is A Pygmy Angelfish? (09/18/18)
The marine angelfishes of the family Pomacanthidae are among the most iconic of reef fishes, and, for many, an aquarium isnt quite complete without a representative from this charismatic group.
Fabulous Fijian Fishes (09/11/18)
The islands of Fiji are an idyll of tropical paradise, with a unique marine fauna that is in many cases found nowhere else.
Grab a Pencil Wrasse, that is. (08/21/18)
Reef safe wrasses are some of the most popular marine aquarium fishes. The Cirrhilabrus fairy wrasses, Paracheilinus flasherwrasse, and the pin-striped species in Pseudojuloides are all readily sought after by aquarists.