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Discosoma sp. (Mushroom Polyps) (03/12/19)
The ultimate starter coral might have to be the humble Mushroom Polyp. It is nigh indestructible and should be proof to any newbie that corals are not inherently difficult to keep.
Rock Anemones vs. Sand Anemones (01/14/19)
When it comes to the successful aquarium husbandry of sea anemones, one of the most important considerations is where to place a specimen.
A Quick & Painless Guide To Identifying Those Confusing Species Of Large Acanthurus (12/27/18)
There are somewhere around 40 species of Acanthurus surgeonfishes spread across the worlds tropical marine waters, plus another 9 species that go by the name Ctenochaetus.
Echinoderms For The Home Aquarium (12/03/18)
Echinoderms are one of the most successful groups of animal life in the ocean today, with a rich fossil history (estimated at 13,000+ species!) stretching back to the Cambrian, more than 500 million years ago.
Friendly, Lovable Damselfishes (11/19/18)
No family of coral reef fishes is quite so maligned among aquarists as the pomacentrids the damselfishes. The name alone sends a shiver down the spine of many, but theres often little justification for this piscine bigotry.
Tongas Unique Marine Life (11/05/18)
The islands of the Central Pacific can seem both foreign and familiar to those of us raised far away in North America.
Giant Clams Identification 101 (10/15/18)
Giant clams are undeniably one of the coolest things about coral reefs, and no reef tank is ever really complete without one.
New Caledonias Unique Fishes (10/02/18)
At the end of the Cretaceous, some 65 million years ago, the landmass we that we know today as New Caledonia was still firmly attached to Australia.
What Exactly Is A Pygmy Angelfish? (09/18/18)
The marine angelfishes of the family Pomacanthidae are among the most iconic of reef fishes, and, for many, an aquarium isnt quite complete without a representative from this charismatic group.
Fabulous Fijian Fishes (09/11/18)
The islands of Fiji are an idyll of tropical paradise, with a unique marine fauna that is in many cases found nowhere else.