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New Icon Highly Underrated Fish: Zoster Butterfly (Hemitaurichthys zoster) (10/21/20)
Hemitaurichthys zoster is a common fish, with widespread distribution throughout the tropical Indian Ocean. It is replaced in the Pacific by H polylepsis (the Yellow Zoster, Shy, or Yellow Pyramid Butterfly).
The Coral Banded Shrimp (07/21/20)
Coral Banded or Barber Pole Shrimp are a resilient and hardy choice for the seasoned aquarists and those new to marine crustaceans alike.
Anemones That Pair with Clownfish in the Home Aquarium (05/05/20)
Many speceis of anemones are available to home aquarists but only a select few host clowfish, and even those have different care challenges.
The Importance of Copepods and Other Microfauna (04/30/20)
New aquarists often times have a near panic-attack when noticing copepods in their aquarium for the first time. They are making the assumption that they are a pest, but this could not be further from the truth.
Blue Dot Jawfish: Fun Facts and Husbandry Tips (03/18/20)
Blue Dot Jawfish are often difficult to keep long term for aquarists but with proper husbandry techniques and practices they can be a long lived and fascinating pet.
Should you consider an angler in your smaller reef tank? (02/28/20)
Wartskin anglers are often overlooked though they make fascinating biotopic displays and present unique challenges to their aquarist.
The Care and Display of Spiny Rock Lobsters (01/07/20)
Many aquarists are looking for new oddball challenges, spiny rock lobsters are a fun and unique challenge.
Do Triggers have a place in the Reef or Community Tank? Xanthichthys says maybe (12/19/19)
The Xanthichthys genus of Balistidae (Triggerfish) is made up of six recognized species. What makes them different than other Triggers? Where do they belong in home aquaria?
The Rabbitfish: A Look at Several Siganus Species (11/21/19)
Genus Siganus, the Rabbitfish, are great inclusions for aquariums that need an algae grazer. Lets explore some of the common and less common offerings that may be a good match for you.
Continuing Sustainability: The Aquacultured Bluelined Angelfish (08/15/19)
Sustainability is of the utmost importance in securing the future of our industry and hobby. One of the ways to achieve this is through aquaculture. Dive in deep with Quality Marine as we take a look at the aquacultured blue lined angelfish.
Prehistoric Predator: The Zebra Mantis (07/25/19)
When is a shrimp not a shrimp? Enter the Stomatopods, the mantis shrimp an order that has existed far longer than humans, over 340 million years!
The Pink Cave Basslet: A reclusive and lesser seen Liopropoma species (07/18/19)
Many aquarium hobbyists seek out large and bold fish that are constantly active in their displays and will interact with their keeper to some degree, but theres a lot to be said about catering a system around more cryptic species.
The Gentle Giant: Tridacnid Gigas Clam (07/11/19)
Many reef aquarium hobbyists are well familiar with the Tridacnid family of giant clams, but for most of them, the giant moniker is relative. Theres genuinely only one Tridacnid that embodies this name, and its THE giant clam; Tridacnid gigas.
Cheer up Your Tank with the Cherry Anthias (07/05/19)
When considering a member of the Grouper family (Serranidae) for your aquarium, the usual suspects that come to mind are larger fish such as the Miniatus Grouper (Cephalopholis miniatus). Those that have tanks with both motile and sessile...
The Blue Neon Goby (06/27/19)
Gobies make up the largest family of fish in our oceans (Gobiidae), probability alone makes many of these ideal fish candidates for captivity. From filefish to diamond gobies and prawn gobies, there are tons of great choices for home aquaria. That...
Morays In The Reef Tank? (06/20/19)
One of the groups that fits this bill are the menacing looking moray eels, which can make stunning displays in a reef-type set up where the contrast of their colors against the back drop of live coral really have a chance to stand out. Regarding...
Banggai Cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni) (06/13/19)
When considering what essential or staple fish make the aquarium industry go round, youd be amiss not to mention the Banggai Cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni). Its easy to see why this fish is so popular; they are peaceful, social, striking in...
Line-spot Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus lineopunctatus) (05/29/19)
When you belong to a genus of stunningly beautiful fishes, its easy to get overshadowed. This might be the case for the Line-spot Flasher Wrasse, an underappreciated gem from Paracheilinus. Though it is regularly available at an affordable price...
Peppermint Angel (Paracentropyge boylei) (05/21/19)
The crown jewel of this genus, nay the holy grail of the aquarium industry, needs absolutely no introductions, despite the fact that most hobbyists will never have a chance to see it in person let alone be responsible for the husbandry of one. ...
Lavender Tang (Acanthurus nigrofuscus) (05/14/19)
The Lavender Tang is one of the most abundant and wide-ranging acanthurids in the Indo-Pacific, but, despite this, its also one of the most frequently misidentified and underappreciated species by divers and aquarists. Researchers, on the other...
Fowlers Surgeonfish (Acanthurus fowleri) (05/08/19)
Acanthurus fowleri is named after the prominent early 20th century zoologist Henry Reed Fowler, who had collected the first specimens from the Philippines, but misidentified them as the Mimic Tang (A. pyroferus). The species has since been reported...
Pink Margin Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus) (04/24/19)
Cirrhilabrus is home to some of the most colorful and revered reef-safe fishes within the aquarium trade, but the group also has plenty of lesser-known gems worth taking a look at. The Pink Margin Fairy Wrasse could be considered one of these...
Sebae Clownfish (Amphiprion sebae) (04/10/19)
Amphiprion sebae is one of the most distinctive species of clownfish, and yet its also one of the most frequently misidentified. A quick Google search of its scientific name reveals that this fish is regularly mistaken for some of its relatives.
Dragon Moray (Enchelycore pardalis) (04/03/19)
With the final season of Game of Thrones about to premier, now is a good time to get excited about dragons. But its always a good time to be excited about Enchelycore pardalis, the Dragon Moray.
Checkered Snapper (Lutjanus decussatus) (03/27/19)
Snappers are a ubiquitous sight on coral reefs, but relatively few species from this family ever make their way into the aquarium trade.
Coral Catfish (Plotosus lineatus) (03/20/19)
Catfish arent exactly the sort of thing one might expect to find on a coral reef. The group is well-known from rivers, lakes, and swamps, but theres also a small number of species (out of the 3,000 or so in the order Siluriformes) which occur in...
Ceriantharia: More Than Just A Tube (03/13/19)
The humble tube anemone is a deceptive creature. Given its overall appearance, one could easily mistake a specimen as being just another sort of sea anemone.
Hoplolatilus Tilefish (03/06/19)
Tilefish are brilliantly colored with an active temperament and the inclination to play in the substrate. Most aquarium species are burrowers, digging a home out from under rocks to use as cover from predators and a safe haven for sleeping.
Pacific Crown Toby (Canthigaster axiologus) (02/26/19)
Up until 2008, the Crown Toby was generally considered to be a widespread species found all across the Indo-Pacific, from the Red Sea to Hawaii and Tahiti and everywhere in-between.
Half-barred Goby (Priolepis semidoliata) (02/13/19)
The Half-barred Goby might not seem like much at first glance, but this little goby hides an interesting trick up its sleeve (fin?).
Asfur Angelfish (Pomacanthus asfur) (02/06/19)
The Asfur Angelfish (Pomacanthus asfur) is a species mired in confusion, Aquarists, divers, and sometimes even scientists struggle to correctly recognize it, which naturally invites the question what is an Asfur?
Scoly (Homophyllia australis) (01/30/19)
For the past decade or so, one of the most dominant corals in the aquarium trade has been a colorful, circular species known far and wide as the scoly. Specimens come in a bewildering array of colors.
Kiri Triggerfish (Xanthichthys greenei) (01/23/19)
Triggerfishes are large, charismatic (and tasty) members of coral reef ecosystems. They tend to get noticed by divers, researchers, and fishermen and are usually quite easily collected, which is why most species from this family were discovered and...
Blue-nose Pencil Wrasse (Pseudojuloides kaleidos) (01/16/19)
There was a time not that long ago when there was just a single species of Pencil Wrasse known from coral reef ecosystems.
Saddleback Clownfish (Amphiprion polymnus) (01/09/19)
We tend to think of clownfishes as a characteristic part of coral reefs, and, of course this is largely true, but there are also a few species from the genus Amphiprion which have gravitated towards a very different sort of ecological specialization.
Acans (Micromussa lordhowensis) (01/02/19)
The pillowy little polyps of the Acan or Lords Coral are one of the most common and colorful sights in fish stores, but, thanks to a recent change in nomenclature, this coral is now woefully misnamed.
Bearded Filefish (Anacanthus barbatus) (12/26/18)
The filefish family is filled with no shortage of strange species. Compared to their close cousins, the triggerfishes, monacanthids are far more variable in their morphology.
Orange Lined Wrasse (Stethojulis balteata) (12/19/18)
Stethojulis wrasses, sometimes known as Ribbon Wrasses, are not a common site in the aquarium trade, despite being a fairly diverse and common genus thats found all across the Indo-Pacific.
Reticulated Pufferfish (Arothron reticularis) (12/12/18)
Despite their large size and prominent color patterns, the dogface pufferfishes are some of the most frequently confused and misidentified fishes found in the tropical Indo-Pacific.
Japanese Spider Crab (Naxioides robillardi) (12/05/18)
Spider crabs are a highly diverse group with somewhere around 800 known species; however, few aquarists pay them much attention.
Daisy Coral (Alveopora spp.) (11/28/18)
Goniopora and Alveopora are a pair of similarly shaped stony corals that aquarists often confuse for one another.
Bluespotted Tuskfish (Choerodon cauteroma) (11/14/18)
Tuskfishes belong to the wrasse family Labridae and, along with the closely related hogfishes, represent the earliest branch to diverge within this enormously speciose group.
White Fangblenny (Meiacanthus smithi) (11/07/18)
For some fishes, elegance comes naturally. Such is the case with Meiacanthus smithi, a beautiful creature of unblemished alabaster, marked only with a daring black streak that runs along its dorsal fin.
Personifer Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus personifer) (10/31/18)
The beautiful black and yellow Personifer Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus personifer) is an impressive centerpiece for any rare fish collectors aquarium.
Joculator Angelfish (Centropyge joculator) (10/22/18)
Aquarium rarity comes in many different flavors. Some fishes are only found at great depth others are naturally in low abundance on the reef
Green Canary Blenny (Meiacanthus tongaensis) (10/17/18)
Tonga is home to a number of reef species found nowhere else, and Quality Marine is able to offer several of these through our exclusive local supplier.
Tongan Blue Devil Damselfish (Chrysiptera taupou) (10/10/18)
The Blue Damselfish (Chrysiptera cyanea) is one of the most commonly exported species for the aquarium trade and is quite often recommended to novice marine aquarists as a starter fish.
Tuamotu or Zebrastripe Hawkfish (Paracirrhites nisus) (10/03/18)
Lurking within the hawkfish genus Paracirrhites is one of the more intriguing mysteries among Indo-Pacific reef fishes.
Joculator Angelfish (Centropyge joculator) (10/02/18)
Aquarium rarity comes in many different flavors. Some fishes are only found at great depth... others are naturally in low abundance on the reef
Barspot Cardinalfish (Apogon retrosella) (09/26/18)
For a true cardinalfish experience, aquarists might wish to consider the beautiful red species in the nocturnal genus Apogon.
Dr. Seuss Fish (Belonoperca pylei) (09/19/18)
The evocatively named Dr Seuss Soapfish is definitely high in the rankings when it comes to strange reef fishes.
Guineafowl or Golden Pufferfish (Arothron meleagris) (09/12/18)
The Guineafowl Pufferfish may very well be the perfect pufferfish for a large marine aquarium. The species grows large, but not TOO large
Clarion Angelfish (Holacanthus clarionensis) (09/05/18)
Aquarists have been describing certain species as holy grails for as long as theyve been keeping fishes in little glass boxes, and high on this illustrious list is Mexicos visually stunning and exceedingly rare Clarion Angelfish.
The Flame Tail Blenny (Enchelyurus flavipes) (08/29/18)
The Flame Tail Blenny, Enchelyurus flavipes, is another affordable, yet attractive, option for a marine aquarium.
Arrowhead Soapfish (Belonoperca chabanaudi) (08/21/18)
The muted colors and secretive habits of the Arrowhead Soapfish make it a phantom of the Indo-Pacific, a rarely seen specter haunting the regions darkest corners.
Polynesian Atavai Wrasse (Pseudojuloides atavai) (08/14/18)
In Polynesian, atavai translates as pretty, which seems quite fitting for this beautifully colored member of the pencil wrasse genus Pseudojuloides.
Gold Flake Wrasse (Labropsis polynesica) (08/08/18)
Polynesia is a remote corner of the Central Pacific that is home to many illustrious coral reef fishes found nowhere else. The list of aquarium highlights goes on and on and one deserving species is a stunning gold-flecked labrid which few aquarists...
Japanese Kelpfish (Pseudoblennius marmoratus) (08/01/18)
When is a blenny not a blenny when its a kelpfish or, perhaps a bit more accurately, a sculpin. Pseudoblennius, despite its blenny-like nomenclature, actually belongs to the family Cottidae
Yellowfin Surgeonfish (Acanthurus xanthopterus) (07/25/18)
Among surgeonfishes, Acanthurus xanthopterus is a giant. The average size of this species is upwards of a foot and a half! The largest specimens easily exceed two feet!
Lunula Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus lunula) (07/17/18)
Like the Conspicuous Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus) and the Femininus Wrasse (Anampses femininus), the legendary Lunula Triggerfish is found only in the South Pacific, making it quite the rarity within the aquarium trade.
Goldenback Triggerfish (Xanthichthys caeruleolineatus) (07/10/18)
Xanthichthys triggerfishes are the cream of the balistid crop, but few aquarists have had the pleasure of keeping the elusive species in todays spotlight.
Trachyphyllia geoffroyi (07/04/18)
Trachyphyllia is beautiful and unique among Indo-Pacific stony corals, and worthy of a bit of discussion. As far as common names go, this genus is often regarded as one of the open brains.
White Cap Clownfish (Amphiprion leucokranos) (06/26/18)
The coral reefs of New Guinea and the Solomon Islands sit in an interesting part of the Pacific Ocean, as far as clownfishes are concerned.
Lunate Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus lunatus) (06/18/18)
Fairy wrasses are one of the most diverse groups of wrasses and also among the most colorful.
Lieutenant Tang (Acanthurus tennentii) (06/11/18)
The Lieutenant Tang (Acanthurus tennentii) is named for its distinctive pair of black stripes, which recalls the pair of stars or stripes worn by military officers of that rank.
Ventralis Anthias (Pseudanthias ventralis) (06/04/18)
The Ventralis Anthias is about as beautiful and desirable a fish as youll find for a reef aquarium, but one whose many mysteries have not yet been revealed in full.
Yellow Flanked Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura) (05/30/18)
Among fairy wrasses, Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura is one of the most commonly seen and affordable options. The species occurs across much of the West Pacific, from Japan to Australia and the Solomon Islands.
One Spot Foxface (Siganus unimaculatus) (05/21/18)
The Foxface Rabbitfish is sometimes taken for granted, perhaps overlooked a bit. Its an attractive, hearty, and useful aquarium fish thats just as at home in an SPS reef tank as it is in an aggressive fish-only.
Dracula Shrimpgoby (Stonogobius dracula) (05/08/18)
The origins of this fishs supernatural sobriquet is quite the tale to tell.
Leopard Searobin (Prionotus scitulus) (05/01/18)
Searobins are an intriguing group of fishes which seemingly combine the fanlike pectoral fins of a Flying Gurnard (Dactylopterus) with the bizarre fingerlike fin rays of a Sea Goblin (Inimicus) and the body of a Scorpionfish (Scorpaena).
Griffis Angelfish (Apolemichthys griffisi) (04/24/18)
Out on the remote reefs of the Central Pacific lurks one of the most peculiarly patterned and rarely seen of the larger angelfishes: Apolemichthys griffisi.
Rose Skunk Clownfish (Amphiprion nigripes) (04/18/18)
Skunks Clownfishes (AKA anemonefishes) are a distinctive lineage in the genus Amphiprion which, with the exception of one species, have taken to specializing in a single species of host anemone, the iconic Magnificent Sea Anemone (Heteractis...
Akindynos Clownfish (Amphirion akindynos) (04/10/18)
The Akindynos Clownfish tends to get overlooked by aquarists, but it is nonetheless an attractive and interesting species with a bit of mystery to it.
Slender Seaver Anthias (Luzonichthys seaveri) (04/04/18)
Luzonichthys seaveri was discovered back in 2014 in Micronesia. As a newly discovered fish it wasn't described until a year later. Recently, Quality Marine received specimens for the very first time.
Stars & Stripes Pufferfish (Arothron hispidus) (03/28/18)
The Stars & Stripes Pufferfish (Arothron hispidus) is a species which truly ranges across the tropical Indo-Pacific.
Sohal Tang (Acanthurus sohal) (03/21/18)
In the late 18th century, a young Swedish naturalist named Peter Forsskl journeyed to Egypt and Yemen in an effort to study the regions little-known plantlife.
Barber Perch (Caesioperca rasor) (03/14/18)
Caesioperca is a small genus, just two species strong, found exclusively in the temperate waters of Australia and New Zealand.
Circular Dragonet (Synchiropus circularis) (03/07/18)
Mandarinfishes are among the most colorful and iconic of coral reef organisms.
Guam Chromis (Pomachromis guamensis) (02/28/18)
The Pomachromis damselfishes are a small and little-known group found across the Indo-Pacific.
Midnight Angelfish (Centropyge nox) (02/21/18)
We associate coral reef fishes with an abundance of color.
Lennards Wrasse (Anampses lennardi) (02/14/18)
There are a number of holy grails within the wrasse family.
Griessingeri Goby (02/07/18)
Incredibly colorful, extremely tiny, and a dancer to boot! Griessingeri gobies, Discordinpina griessingeri, are one of the greatest nano fishes out there!
Hawaiis Unique Marine Fish Fauna (01/24/18)
In late October of this year, the First Circuit Court of Hawaii issued a ruling which effectively halted the collection of aquarium fishes from Hawaiian waters.
What, pray tell, is a Pholidichthys (and what doth it eat)? (01/17/18)
All fishes are full of mystery, but some more than others and perhaps none so much as Pholidichthys, which aquarists will know as either the Engineer Goby or the Convict Blenny.
They Came From The Deep: Mesophotic Aquarium Fishes (01/10/18)
The fishes available to marine aquarists can come from a variety of ecosystems.
Species Spotlight - Geminate Species Across The Indo-Pacific (01/03/18)
The geographic distribution of a coral reef fish can tell us a lot about its evolutionary history and even hint at its larval development.
Species Spotlight - Magma Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus shutmani) (12/26/17)
One of the most sensational new species to enter the aquarium trade in recent years has been the brightly colored Magma Fairy Wrasse.
Species Spotlight - Orange Skunk Clownfish (Amphiprion sandaracinos) (12/20/17)
The skunk clownfishes are one of the trickier Amphiprion subgroups to identify.
Species Spotlight - Banded Humeralis Butterflyfish (Chaetodon humeralis) (12/13/17)
Chaetodon humeralis is a fish that goes by many names.
Species Spotlight - Dream Fish: Blue Spotted Jawfish (12/06/17)
The Seasoned Aquarists Launch Pad to Difficult, Demanding, or Tank Busting Fish
Royal Dinar Dottyback (Pictichromis dinar) (11/29/17)
In October of 2009, legendary ichthyologist Jack Randall coauthored a paper describing a colorful new dottyback that had been found in aquarium collections from Sulawesi.
Species Spotlight - Blue Star Damselfish (Pomacentrus alleni) (11/22/17)
The vibrant Pomacentrus alleni is a perfect example of a quite harmless Damselfish.
Species Spotlight - Orange Back Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis) (11/15/17)
There are quite a few examples of fairy wrasses which have especially limited distributions in the wild.
Species Spotlight - Similar Damselfish (Pomacentrus similis) (11/08/17)
With its blue body and yellow caudal fin, it would be easy to mistake the Similar Damselfish for the ubiquitous Yellowtail Damselfish (Chrysiptera parasema).
Species Spotlight - Laboutes Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus laboutei) (11/01/17)
The Laboutes Fairy Wrasse stands apart from its entire genus for a variety of reasons.
Species Spotlight - Pelicier's Wrasse (Halichoeres pelicieri) (10/25/17)
From the remote island of Mauritius comes an exceptionally elusive wrasse which few have had the good fortune to keep in an aquarium, Halichoeres pelicieri.
Species Spotlight - Radiant Wrasse (Halichoeres iridis) (10/19/17)
It might not be apparent at first glance, but the Radiant Wrasse (Halichoeres iridis), with its deep burgundy coat, is a close relative to one of the yellowest fishes in the sea, the Canary Wrasse (H. chrysus).
Species Spotlight - Black-edge Moray (Gymnothorax nigromarginatus) (10/11/17)
Gymnothorax is the most diverse group of moray eel in the West Atlantic, with a dozen species. However, most of these are rarely seen in aquariums
Species Spotlight - Dream Fish: Orange Spot Filefish (10/02/17)
The Seasoned Aquarists Launch Pad to Difficult, Demanding, or Tank Busting Fish
Species Spotlight -Fantastic Tangs and Where To Find Them (09/22/17)
Among aquarists, Zebrasoma is arguably the most popular genus in the surgeonfish family, and for good reason.
Painted Anthias (Pseudanthias pictilis) (09/20/17)
The beautiful little basslets in the genus Pseudanthias are full of color and splendor, but few of the species in this highly diverse group can match the magnificence of the Painted Anthias (P. pictilis).
Flameback Angelfish (Centropyge acanthops) (09/13/17)
There has been a fair bit of research published in recent years on the evolutionary history of angelfishes.
Species Spotlight - Deepwater Anthias (Pseudanthias cf cooperi) (09/06/17)
For all their beauty, diversity and popularity, the colorful little basslets of the genus Pseudanthias have not been particularly well-studied to date.
Species Spotlight - Marquesas Butterflyfish (Chaetodon declivis) (08/30/17)
Roaops is a small genus of mesophotic butterflyfish, which has endeared itself to aquarists thanks to the robust nature of its species and their relatively benign behavior in reef tanks.
Species Spotlight - Lesser Known Aquarium Fishes of the Eastern Pacific (Part Two) (08/24/17)
The reef fishes available to marine aquarists tend to come from just a couple geographic locations. In the West Atlantic, we get a sparse selection of popular species, like the Royal Gramma, the Queen Angelfish and the Yellowhead Jawfish.
Species Spotlight - Lesser Known Aquarium Fishes of the Eastern Pacific (Part One) (08/17/17)
The reef fishes available to marine aquarists tend to come from just a couple geographic locations. In the West Atlantic, we get a sparse selection of popular species, like the Royal Gramma, the Queen Angelfish.
Species Spotlight - Hawaiian Damselfish (Dascyllus albisella) (08/09/17)
Coral reefs have a reputation for colorful fishes, but theres something to be said for a stately fish dressed in black and white. For instance, the Hawaiian Damselfish (Dascyllus albisella).
Species Spotlight - Giant Jewel Damselfish (Microspathodon dorsalis) (08/02/17)
The Giant Jewel Damselfish comes with a caveat it gets big and mean. As long as youre cool with that, lets continue.
Making Sense of the Cocopeel Angelfish (07/26/17)
Species Spotlight - Crested Weedfish (Cristiceps australis) (07/19/17)
The southern coastline of Australia has a highly unique marine fauna that is often quite different from what we find on tropical coral reefs
Thompsons Surgeonfish (Acanthurus thompsoni) (07/14/17)
Close your eyes and picture a surgeonfish any surgeonfish. You are probably imagining it swimming along the bottom, gently rasping away at some bit of algae growing upon the rocks.
Whats In A Name: the Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto) (07/05/17)
Most saltwater aquarists are going to be quite familiar with the Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto). This colorful, affordable, and ubiquitous species is a hugely popular fish for smaller reef aquariums, and rightfully so.
Wounded Wrasse (Halichoeres chierchiae) (06/28/17)
Aquarists dont typically get to see many wrasses form the Eastern Pacific Ocean, but the Wounded Wrasse (Halichoeres chierchiae) is an interesting exception.
Slender-spined Globefish (Diodon nicthemerus) (06/22/17)
The porcupinefishes (AKA globefishes) are some of the most personable fishes on the planet. With their big, bulging eyes and open mouth, they seem to have a permanent smile upon their face.
African Reef Basslet (Liopropoma africanum) (06/16/17)
The colorful and reclusive reef basslets in the genus Liopropoma are a favorite of rare fish collectors.
The Cherry Anthias (Sacura margaritacea) (06/08/17)
The cool, subtropical waters of Japan are home to a great many endemic species. Most of which are rarely seen in the aquarium trade, at least, outside of Japan.
Anemones and Anemonefishes (06/01/17)
Theres a misconception among aquarists that to keep an anemonefish (AKA clownfish) happy all you need to do is provide it with an anemone.
No Bar Melanopus Clownfish (Amphiprion melanopus) (05/25/17)
The Melanopus Clownfish belongs to the same species group as the Tomato Clownfish of the Philippines, the Red Saddle Clownfish of the Andaman Sea and the Fijian Barberi Clownfish, but, unlike those, Amphiprion melanopus is far more widespread.
Belted Sandfish (Serranus subligarius) (05/18/17)
The Caribbean is home to an impressive 14 species of Serranus basslet, many of which are hugely popular among aquarists.
Armitage Angelfish (Apolemichthys trimaculatus X A. xanthurus) (05/11/17)
There are only two species of Apolemichthys angelfish that occur across the entirety of the Indian Oceanthe Flagfin Angelfish (A. trimaculatus) and the Cream or Yellowtail Angelfish (A. xanthurus).
Tiger Tail Coral Beauty (Centropyge cf bispinosa) (05/04/17)
When is a Coral Beauty not a Coral Beauty? This might seem like a trick question, but theres evidence to suggest that not all Centropyge bispinosa are created equal.
Red Banded Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus randalli) (04/27/17)
Pistol Shrimp are incredible little shrimp that exhibit unique behavior, digging tunnels in the sand and sometimes forming a symbiotic relationship with certain species of gobies.
Harlequin Shrimp (Hymenocera picta) (04/06/17)
Harlequin Shrimp, also called Clown Shrimp due to their somewhat comical appearance, are one of the most striking and desirable species of shrimp commonly available to marine aquarists.
Nano Tank Residents (03/30/17)
Nano tanks have been all the rage lately! However, choosing residents is not as easy as you may think. The fish and invertebrates must have a small adult size and not need a large amount of swimming space. Tryout some of the suggestions below...
Species Spotlight - St. Patrick's Day Marine Livestock (03/16/17)
Everyone can be Irish on St. Patricks Day, so what better way to celebrate than decking your tanks out with green and gold! Show your spirit with some of these festive marine livestock.
The Wonderful Tail-Spot Blenny (Ecsenius stigmatura) (03/09/17)
In fish, sometimes what a particular species lacks in stature they make up for tenfold in personality. A perfect example of this phenomenon is the adorable and gregarious 2.5-inch Tail-Spot Blenny, Ecsenius stigmatura.
Species Spotlight - The Blue Gudgeon Goby (Ptereleotris heteroptera) (03/02/17)
The Blue Gudgeon Goby, Ptereleotris heteroptera, which is actually a type of Dartfish, is a unique and enchanting addition to marine aquaria.
Species Spotlight - The Chevron Tang (Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis) (02/22/17)
The Chevron Tang, Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis, also commonly referred to as the Hawaiian Bristletooth Tang, is the 5th most-collected species of aquarium fish in Western Hawaii, the Big Island.
Species Spotlight - Splendid Pin Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus isosceles) (02/17/17)
Its not uncommon for the aquarium trade to become aware of a new species long before the scientific community has a chance to catch up, and such is the case with the eye-catching wrasse Cirrhilabrus isosceles.
Species Spotlight - Cleaning Crews (02/09/17)
Cleaning crews are essential for managing your aquarium while also reducing your work load. Knowing who does what is an important aspect to make sure your crew is successful. Check out these great suggestions!
Species Spotlight - We just got in some beautiful, cultured Reidi Seahorses (Hippocampus reidi)! (02/02/17)
Seahorses are a beautiful, unique fish that are very picky when it comes to tank mates. Helping your customers choose the appropriate tank mates will aid in reducing the seahorses and your stress.
Species Spotlight - Royal Species (01/26/17)
Treat yourself like royalty with these monarchy worthy suggestions. This fish and invert list include Royal Dottybacks, Emerald Crabs, Yellow Assessors, Emperor Shrimps, Royal Grammas, Jewel Damsels,Top Crown Snails, and Queen Angels.
Species Spotlight - Yellow Cardinalfish (Ostorhinchus luteus) (01/19/17)
Cardinalfishes are a diverse lot, with dozens upon dozens of species scattered throughout the worlds tropical waters. Theyve long endeared themselves with aquarists thanks to their peaceful demeanor and reef-safe nature.
Species Spotlight - Conchfish Astrapogon stellatus (01/12/17)
While it wont be winning any piscine beauty pageants, the Conchfish is a remarkable little species with a truly unique ecological specialization. It belongs to the vast cardinalfish family Apogonidae, but, unlike any other member of this group, the...
Species Spotlight - Green and Yellow Brittle Stars (Ophiarachna sp.) (01/05/17)
One of the more diabolical of marine creatures have to be the seemingly benign brittle stars of the genus Ophiarachna. These are commonly seen in the aquarium trade and are often sold to unwitting aquarists to help clean tanks of unwanted detritus.
Species Spotlight - Eyebrow Barnacle Blenny (Ekemblemaria myersi) (12/29/16)
The Barnacle Blenny (Acanthemblemaria hancocki) has become one of the most popular nano fishes in recent years, adored for its comical appearance and slapdash manner of chasing after food.
Species Spotlight - Winter Livestock (12/22/16)
Winter is the time for comfort, good food and warmth. Celebrate the change in seasons with some of these themed livestock.
Species Spotlight - Clearfin Squirrelfish (Neoniphon argenteus) (12/15/16)
There is a strong case to be made that the Clearfin Squirrelfish (Neoniphon argenteus) is one of the most underrated aquarium fishes around. This stately species has a sleek, streamlined ap-pearance and a bright silvery body that absolutely shines...
Species Spotlight - One Spot Rabbitfish (Siganus unimaculatus) (12/08/16)
The Foxface Rabbitfish is a classic reef fish which youd expect to find at just about any reasonably well-stocked retailer.
Species Spotlight - Blue Stripe Clownfish (Amphiprion chrysopterus) (12/01/16)
There are around thirty species of clownfish out there, and each is interesting in its own special way, but, if we had to choose one which shone above the rest in terms of sheer aesthetic appeal, we might just have to go with Amphiprion chrysopterus.
Species Spotlight - Red-spotted Dottyback (Pholidochromis cerasina) (11/23/16)
One of the most enigmatic members of the dottyback family is a seldom seen species with a relatively short, stocky body and beautiful bright-red spots. Known variably as the Red-spotted or Cherry Dottyback, Pholidochromis cerasina was first...
Species Spotlight - Blue Hippo Tang (Paracanthurus hepatus) (11/17/16)
Long before it became famous as Dory in Finding Nemo, Paracanthurus hepatus was a star among aquarists, as it is without a doubt one of the most singularly beautiful and iconic species of coral reef fish.
Species Spotlight - Guam Chromis (Pomachromis guamensis) (11/09/16)
The island of Guam is part of a long chain of island stretching from Tokyo to Palau and is home to a surprisingly large number of species found nowhere else, including todays spotlight: the Guam Chromis.
Spotted Sharpnose Pufferfish (Canthigaster punctatissima) (11/03/16)
Like a miniature version of a Guineafowl Pufferfish, the colors and pattern of the Spotted Sharpnose Pufferfish is a study in subtle geometric beauty. Adorning its dark-brown body are countless white polka dots, which grow to become more numerous in...
Black-Barred Zebra Tang (Acanthurus polyzona) (10/26/16)
Some fish are seen more than others, reasons could be actual rarity, depth, political turmoil or even pirates among others! When that rare fish shows up, especially at QM, there is always pure excitement and today's arrival, the rare and beautiful...
Sandhopper Blenny (Parapercis schauinslandii) (10/20/16)
The beautiful red and white fish featured in this discussion, Parapercis schaunslandii, has a bit of an identity crisis. Here at Quality Marine we refer to it as the Sandhopper Blenny, which is a fun name that gives some idea of its behavior, but,...
Multicolor Angelfish (Centropyge multicolor) (10/13/16)
One of the more exotic beauties among the dwarf angelfishes is a deep-dwelling species from the Central Pacificthe Multicolor Angelfish.
Species Spotlight - Nahackys Fairy Wrasse (10/06/16)
As one of the rarer fairy wrasses in the aquarium trade, Cirrhilabrus nahackyi is a showpiece in any fish tank and a feather in the cap of any rare fish collector.
Species Spotlight - Suggestions To Start Reef Keeping (09/29/16)
Becoming a marine hobbyist is very exciting, but can be a little nerve-racking at first since there is so much to know and understand. Here are some suggestions for starter livestock to get on the right path to reef keeping.
Species Spotlight - Fish For Aquariums Over 100 Gallons (09/22/16)
Adding fish to the correct size aquarium is essential for their continued health and reduced aggression. Below are some great fish recommendations for aquariums over 100 gallons that can co-exist together.
Species Spotlight -Top Fish Back to School Part 2 (09/15/16)
Its that time againback to school! Try showcasing some of these suggestions to celebrate. Bring some back to school excitement to your marine aquariums!
Species Spotlight - QM's Top Fish For Back to School (09/08/16)
Its that time againback to school! Try showcasing some of these suggestions to celebrate. Bring some back to school excitement to your marine aquariums!
Species Spotlight - Invertebrates "Clean up Crews" (09/01/16)
Clean up Crews are essential for keeping your aquarium clean and reducing the need for manual cleaning maintenance.
Green Canary Blenny (Meiacanthus tongaensis) (08/25/16)
When we think of animals with venomous fangs, we tend to envision snakes and spiders, not fish.
Sexy Shrimp (Thor amboinensis) (08/18/16)
We dont usually think of crustaceans as being particularly sexy creatures, but theres no denying the appeal of Thor amboinensis, a pint-sized polka-dotted shrimp that knows how to shake it
Species Spotlight- Palenose Moray Eel (Echidna nocturna) (08/08/16)
Its hard not to love the Echidna morays. Unlike so many other eels out there, which can often be rather drab in appearance, this genus is usually quite beautifully patterned, whether its the zebra stripes of the Barred Moray (E. polyzona) or the...
Species Spotlight - New Invertebrates (08/03/16)
Quality Marine has recently added a bunch of new invertebrates that are available to Customers.
Species Spotlight - Its Too Darn Hot: Ten Species That Are Burning Up (07/22/16)
Its July, which means the air conditioner is humming and sweat starts to drip down your fore-head if you so much as look outside.
Ornate Cowfish (Aracana ornata) (07/18/16)
Theres no doubt that the Ornate Cowfish has earned its name, as few fish can rival the exuberant appearance of this peculiar piscine, which practically exudes <i>joie de vivre</i> from each colorful scale on its bizarrely misshapen body.
Beautiful Brutes: The Golden Heart Triggerfish (Balistes punctatus) (07/14/16)
This seldom seen Eastern Atlantic species is a bit deceptive in its common name, as its namesake heart of gold doesnt refer to any innate kindness or generosity on the part of this fish, but, rather, to the golden-yellow marking flanking its side.
Tiny Treasures: The Leopard Toby (Canthigaster leoparda) (07/07/16)
We couldnt decide what category to put the mesmerizing Leopard Toby (Canthigaster leoparda) into, as they seem to be a little bit of everything petite, peculiar, and, in our opinion, far too underrated.
Aquaculture Breakthrough: The Goldflake Angelfish (06/30/16)
The Goldflake Angelfish (Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus) is a beautiful and rare aquarium species known only from the isolated islands of Micronesia and Kiribati.
Highly Underrated Fish: The Goldbar Wrasse (Thalassoma hebracium) (06/28/16)
As a juvenile, the Goldbar Wrasse Thalassoma hebracium might lead one to wonder how it ever acquired its common name.
Interesting Invertebrates: The Arrow Crab (Stenorynchus seticornis) (06/24/16)
Not recommended for the arachnophobe at heart, the Arrow Crab (Stenorynchus seticornis) is an interesting addition if you can appreciate its bizarre, creepy crawly presence.
Return of the Aquacultured Maze Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus) (06/20/16)
The Maze Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus) is so named for the complicated mazelike pattering which marks its head, but it could just as well refer to its puzzling history as a species.
Resplendent Rarities: The Australian Symphyllia wilsoni Brain Coral (06/15/16)
Once upon a time, Symphyllia wilsoni, or the Wilsoni Brain Coral, was touted for setting a bar that couldn't possibly be visually surpassed.
Popular Piscines: The Scribbled Angel (Chaetodontoplus duboulayi) (06/13/16)
A true blue beauty, the widely covetted Scribbled Angel Chaetodontoplus duboulayi is one of the most desirable angelfishes available in the aquarium trade.
Peculiar Piscines: The White-barred Flame Trunkfish (Anoplocapros lenticularis) (06/08/16)
Our spotlight today shines into the subtropical seas of Southern Australia where lurks a unique fish that toes the line of "peculiar" and downright "freaky".
Tiny Treasures: The Spikefin Goby (Discordipinna griessingeri) (06/06/16)
While we certainly could have included the striking Spikefin Goby on our recent Top Ten Fishes Under Two Inches, we felt this dynamic darling deserved a spotlight all to itself.
Popular Piscines: The "Who's Who" of Sergeant Major Dameselfishes (06/03/16)
Species Spotlight reporting for duty with the ever popular Sergeant Major Dameselfishes!
Peculiar Piscines: The Longhorn Cowfish (Lactoria cornuta) (06/01/16)
This odd little fish are certainly strange and usual creatures.
Popular Piscines: The Royal (Gramma loreto) (05/27/16)
Instantly identifiable to both seasoned veterans and the rookie aquarist (and even 'Nemo' enthusiasts, who may recognize this particular species as "Gurgle")
Beautiful Brutes: The Yellow Goatfish (Parupeneus cyclostoma) (05/25/16)
The hyper-xanthic "bearded" Yellow Goatfish may be of impressive stature when fully grown, but this gentle giant is quite the demure inhabitant for an appropriately-sized aquatic domicile.
Cuskeels: An "'Eel" by Any Other Name (05/23/16)
Cuskeels and Brotulas are a peculiar type of fish that is seldom seen in the aquarium trade and unfamiliar to most aquarists, but the 500 species in this diverse group are an abundant and important part of the world's ocean ecosystems.
The Little Things: Top Ten Fishes Under Two Inches (05/19/16)
Pull up a tiny chair and let's talk about some of the cutest little fish in the sea!
The Regal Angel (05/17/16)
A coveted staple in the aquarium trade, the Regal Angel is certainly a fish of elegance and distinction.
Aquacultured Half-spined Seahorse (05/12/16)
Quality Marine is excited to announce that as part of our continuing effort to promote sustainable and responsible marine life conservation, we have obtained the first aquacultured Hippocampus semispinosus Seahorses available to the trade.
Highly Underrated Fish - Pakistan Butterfly (02/24/16)
The Pakistan Butterfly (Chaetodon collare) is a gorgeous, hardy aquarium inhabitant. They have a totally undeserved reputation for being finicky eaters, we feed them a wide variety of foods, and they eagerly accept pretty much everything.
Look-A-Likes: Fireball or Flameback (02/18/16)
The Fireball Angel and the Flameback Angel come from vastly different places in the world, and from different depth ranges. Other than those two facts, they are nearly identical.
Look-a-Likes: Miniatus and White Margin Crescent Tail Groupers (02/09/16)
There are a few groupers that are quite suitable for the marine aquarium hobby, being both extremely hardy and beautiful. However, some of these grow to quite large sizes and will need extravagant aquariums when full grown. When they are small,...
Highly Underrated Fish - Bluehead Wrasse (01/26/16)
The Bluehead Wrasse (Thalassoma bifasciatum) is a fish common to the Caribbean and tropical West Atlantic Ocean. They can be found at a variety of depths, ranging from the surface down to about 120 feet. They are generally found around reefs.
Highly Underrated Fish - Coris venusta (01/20/16)
The Elegant coris is also called the Venusta Coris. It is a beautiful and hardy aquarium inhabitant, too often neglected in our hobby.
Highly Underrated Coral - Flowerpot Corals (01/14/16)
Gonipora have an undeserved bad reputation, mostly because of misinformation about how to keep them alive. Several aquacultured variants are now available and they are great animals for the right kind of captive system.
False Percula Clownfish (12/30/15)
The false percula or common clownfish, Amphirion ocellaris, is one of the most popular aquarium fish. Recently made even more famous by the re-release of the movie, Finding Nemo in 3D, the orange body and three distinctive white bands make them...
Popular Piscines - Cirrhilabrus laboutei (12/09/15)
The Laboute's Wrasse is far too popular to add it to our list of Highly Underrated Fish, but it is one of the Hobby's most spectacular fairy Wrasses.
Revisited: Coralline Algae (12/02/15)
In a little bit of a departure from the normal Species Spotlight subject matter, this installment of our popular series focuses on an often overlooked inhabitant of marine aquaria, Coralline Algae.
Montipora Corals (11/26/15)
Montipora corals are one of the best choices for aquarists new to SPS care. They also happen to be some of the most beautiful corals available in the trade.
Highly Underrated Coral - Caulastrea echinulata (11/19/15)
Caulastrea echinulata is a very hardy Large Polyp Stony Coral that will grow quickly (for a stony coral) and do well in a variety of conditions. Large meaty meals will enhance growth and general health, moderate lighting will enhance coloration.
Revisited - Sea Cucumbers (11/10/15)
Sea cucumbers are echinoderms that are covered in a thick leathery skin and have an elongated body. These animals have tube feet, numerous folds and are covered with conical podia, often with pointed tips.
Serpent Star (11/04/15)
Serpent stars are truly amazing animals. Often they are only seen as smooth long arms protruding from rocks or other hiding places. The name Ophio = snake in Latin and is derived from their snake-like arms and sinuous movement. While there are over...
Highly Underrated Fish - Bicolor Goatfish (10/29/15)
Parupeneus barberinoides is also known as the Bicolor Goatfish. They are a schooling fish that sifts through the sand bed for crustaceans and other inverts. Their very active lifestyle demands multiple feedings per day.
Popular Piscines: Coral Beauty Angels (10/21/15)
The Coral Beauty Angelfish (Centropyge bispinosus) is fish frequently seen in the marine aquarium hobby, and rightly so. Its gorgeous coloration can be extremely variable, and is only overshadowed by its near legendary hardiness.
Highly Underrated Fish - Spanish Hogfish (10/14/15)
The Spanish Hogfish (Bodianus rufus) isn't usually all that reddish as the rufus portion of that name would imply, but it is a hardy and beautiful aquarium inhabitant.
Button Corals, the Mega Polyp (10/08/15)
The solitary Mussid corals, aka Button corals, Meat corals, and Open-Brains...beautiful, fascinating, and hungry! Explore the growing interest, and learn why these corals are important to know about.
Popular Piscines - Zebrasoma desjardinii (10/01/15)
There are two very similar tangs in the hobby that go by the name of "Sailfin Tang." While both are hardy and beautiful aquarium fish, the Zebrasoma desjardinii is the more sought after of the two. It is more brilliantly colored, but also somewhat...
Highly Underrated Fish - Cirrhilabrus lubbocki (09/24/15)
The multicolor wrasse (Cirrhilabrus lubbocki) is endemic to the west central pacific. They can be found in large groups at roughly 60 feet. They are planktivores, making them safe for the reef aquarium and they accept frozen food readily.
Popular Piscenes - Hooded Bathyphilus Wrasses (09/17/15)
Hooded Bathyphilus is most commonly called the Hooded Flame Wrasse, but it is also known as Deepwater Wrasse. They have a limited distribution in the Western Pacific.
Highly Underrated Corals - Yellow Leathers (09/10/15)
Yellow Leather Corals (Sarcophyton elegans) go by several common names like "Elegant Leather" and "Ruffled Yellow Leather" but the most common are probably "Yellow Leather Toadstool" and "Fijian Yellow Leather". We call them Yellow Leather...
The Achilles Tang (09/03/15)
One of the most stunning of all surgeonfish, the Achilles Tang is the subject of the newest species spotlight.
Popular Piscines - Blue Throat Triggerfish (08/27/15)
Blue Throat Triggerfish are also called Gilded Triggerfish, because of the golden fin rims displayed by mature males. They can be found throughout the tropical Indopacific.
Look-A-Likes: Tierra & Randall's Anthias (08/18/15)
All Anthias look somewhat alike. The males are all more colorful than the females. They are usually some variation on pink and yellow. they usually have striking contrasts and flowing tail fins. However, the Tierra and the Randall's Anthias look...
Highly Underrated Fish - Halichoeres biocellatus (08/11/15)
Halichoeres biocellatus has multiple common names: Two Spotted Wrasse, Red Lined Wrasse, Fiji Christmas Wrasse. What ever you call it, it makes a gorgeous, hardy, and peaceful addition to most aquariums, including most reefs tanks.
Interesting Inverts - Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (08/06/15)
Lysmata amboinensis goes by many common names but the most common are the "Pacific Cleaner Shrimp" and the "Skunk Cleaner Shrimp". The moniker cleaner comes because they are efficient removers of parasites and dead flesh from fish, which makes for...
Revisited - Duncan Corals (07/23/15)
From few to many, colonies of this lovely coral grow fast and furious. Read on for more about Aussie Duncans.
Revisited: Trochus Snail (07/16/15)
The Top snail (Trochus niloticus) is one of the most popular and biologically important gastropods in the world. While this article will focus on a specific species, there are a number of snails in the Turbo, Astraea, Tectus and Trochus genera that...
Copy Cat - Saddle Puffers and their Filefish Mimic (07/09/15)
One of the more exact species mimics seen in the marine aquarium hobby is the Saddle Puffer (Canthigaster valentini) and its Filefish Mimic (Paraluterus prionurus). At small sizes they are frequently mistaken for each other, and because the...
Aquacultured Banggai Cardinals (06/29/15)
What makes Banggai Cardinals so special? They are only naturally found near one chain of islands in Indonesia, the Banggai Archipelago. They boast a striking coloration and blend in well when hiding amongst the protective black spines of Long...
Amazing Inverts - Bubble (Bulb) Anemones (06/10/15)
The bulb anemone is widely regarded as hardy and adaptable to most reef aquarium environments. The ability to host many different species of anemonefishes offers the aquarist more choices in establishing a symbiotic partnership.
Popular Pisciness - Crosshatch Triggers (06/03/15)
Crosshatch Triggers (Xanthichthys mento) are among the most desired fish in the aquarium trade for their stunning coloration, reef compatibility and general good tempers.
Revisited: Fungiid Plate Corals (05/28/15)
Plate Corals are in style right now. And it's no wonder, because these unique LPSs are beautiful and rugged! If you don't already have one, this article just might change your mind.
The Genus Ricordea (05/26/15)
Ricordea are in the Corallimorpharia order, being related to the Discosoma, Rhodactis, Actinodiscus, and several other mushroom genera. These soft corals are very popular due to their vibrant and varied color types. They are relatively slow growing...
Revisited: Mantis Shrimp (05/21/15)
The Mantis Shrimp is here, its got attitude, and it doesn't care whether you want it or not. Once it's in your tank, you might find yourself liking it--or not.
Highly Underrated Fish - Manonichthys polynemus (05/12/15)
The Spotfin Pseudochromis is also commonly called the Longfin Dottyback.
Look-A-Likes: Vagabond vs Black Finned (05/06/15)
Both Chaetodon vagabundus and Chaetodon decussatus have dominantly white bodies with similar perpendicular lines. One is commonly known as the Vagabond Butterfly and the other is frequently called the Indian Vagabond Butterfly. They both have a...
Highly Underrated Corals: Lobophyllia (04/28/15)
Lobophyllia is a genus of corals with a seemingly few number of species, but a wide variety of coloration. They are a fairly hardy coral that does well in low flow, low light scenarios. They require supplemental foods to display good vigor and...
Popular Piscenes - Blue Face Angels (04/21/15)
The Blue Face Angel (Pomacanthus xanthometopon) is a popular fish in the marine aquarium hobby, and for good reason. While they are on the expensive side, they are a hardy fish that grows slowly and they generally take to processed food quite...
Highly Underrated Fish - Aquacultured Court Jester Goby (04/13/15)
Koumansetta rainfordi was once classified as Amblygobius rainfordi; adding to this confusion, it has at least 4 very commonly used names. It has been called Court Jester Goby, Rainford's Goby, Orange (or Red) Lined Goby and Old Glory Goby.
Highly Underrated Coral - Yellow Polyp (Parazoathus) (03/25/15)
Yellow polyps approach ideal as a beginner coral. They are very hardy, grow quickly and can live in just about any environment. Given supplemental feedings, they can thrive in very low light placements. When placed in moderate light scenarios,...
The Fire Shrimp (03/19/15)
The fire shrimp displays a beautiful overall coloration of deep blood red. This is strikingly accented by numerous white spots on the carapace, and white antennae and forelegs. Most individuals look similar throughout their range, with the exception...
Highly Underrated Fish - McCosker's Wrasse (03/12/15)
McCosker's Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus mccoskeri) is a peaceful, reef safe fish that is suitable for most marine aquariums, as long as it is housed with similarly peaceful aquarium inhabitants. One of the lesser known qualities of this genus of...
Trochus snails (02/24/15)
The Top snail (Trochus niloticus) is one of the most popular and biologically important gastropods in the world. While this article will focus on a specific species, there are a number of snails in the Turbo, Astraea, Tectus and Trochus genera that...
Blastomussa wellsi (02/17/15)
The Blastomussa wellsi is one of two members of the Blastomussa genus. The other species being Blastomussa merleti, which differs in several ways with the most notable difference being the polyp shape and the size of the corallites.
Popular Piscines - Lemon Peel Angels (02/12/15)
Popular Piscines - Lemon Peel Angels (02/11/15)
Lemon Peel Angels are among the best fish, let alone Angelfish, for marine aquarium owners. They are brilliantly colored, hardy, stay small and don't require a huge aquarium at max size.
Popular Piscines - White Cheek Tangs (02/03/15)
The White Cheek Tang ( Acanthurus nigricans) is a popular surgeonfish, and with good reason. They are among the hardiest Acanthurus, they have the smallest adult size of all acanthurids, and as far as that genus goes, their are pretty docile with...
Highly Underrated Fish - Green Wrasse (01/30/15)
The Green wrasse could possibly use a more imaginative name, even its scientific name sounds more appealing: chloropterus. What ever you call it, this wrasse should be a more common feature in the aquarium trade, it is hardy, eats a lot of nuisance...
Highly Underrated Fish - Pajama Cardinals (01/20/15)
Pajama Cardinals (Sphaeramia nematoptera) school, are reef safe, have a small adults size, don't need a lot of space and eat just about anything. What's not to like? This is definitely an Underrated Fish.
CopyCat - Black Lined Blenny and its Mimic (01/15/15)
The Black Lined Blenny (Meiacanthus nigrolineatus) has a fanclub. The are mimicked quite effectively by the Blenny Ecsenius gravieri. They are easily distinguishable from each other by the shape of their heads.
The Ventralis Anthias (01/07/15)
The Pseudanthias ventralis is a deep water anthias collected mostly in the waters of the south pacific. These fish are regarded as one of the most colorful and vibrant fish of their genus. They are also one of the smaller members of their genus,...
Elyssid Lettuce Slugs (aka Lettuce Nudibranchs) (12/30/14)
Some animals are just weird. Lettuce nudibranchs, which are not even nudibranchs, are as strange as they are gorgeous. But they might be harder to keep than you think.
Popular Piscines - Red Coris Wrasse (12/18/14)
Red Coris Wrasses can be found around reefs all over the tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans. They are absent from the Atlantic ocean. They are very hardy, take processed food readily and come from one of our best Short Supply Chains.
Highly Underrated Fish - Banded Sifter Goby (12/11/14)
Amblygobius phalaena is a hard working and hardy sand sifting goby for the reef tank. They will spend the whole day working over your sandbed cleaning it of algae and detritus.
Highly Underrated Fish - Annularis Angel (12/03/14)
The genus Pomacanthus is full of 13 great aquarium fish, and as a result more than one of them is consistently overlooked. In my opinion, first on this list is the Blue Ring or Annularis Angel, especially the aquacultured ones.
Highly Underrated Fish - Melichthys niger (11/25/14)
Everyone has heard about the Niger trigger (Odonus niger), but the lesser known Melichthys niger is a great fish for the aquarium as well. The Black Durgeon Triggerfish are extremely hardy, sport amazing coloration and are among the lesser...
Highly Underrated Fish - Yellow Goatfish (11/19/14)
Yellow goatfish are beautiful, hardy additions to most tanks. While they are likely to eat smaller fish, tubeworms and motile inverts, we have found them to be low risk with corals and anemones. In addition they do a great job stirring up the...
Revisited Dwarf Angelfish (11/12/14)
The dwarf angelfish of the Genus Centropyge are beautiful, hardy, and small enough to survive in larger nano-tanks. These fish are favorites for marine aquarists, and can be used to add great neon coloration to FOWLR and reef tanks.
Popular Piscenes - Queen Angels (11/04/14)
Queen Angels are one of the most sought after angelfish in the hobby. With good reason, there is a lot to recommend them; they are very hardy, personable and stunningly gorgeous.
Seahorses (10/29/14)
Seahorses are among the most unusual creatures in the ocean. People are often fascinated by their strange shape and interesting behaviors. As a member of the Syngnathidae (fused-jaw) family, seahorses are closely related to pipefishes, pipehorses...
Firefish (10/23/14)
Firefish are like the "Golden Oldies" of the aquarium hobby. These cute little fish have been with us for a long time, but they are still as popular today as they ever were. All three species are detailed inside today's Species Spotlight.
Highly Underrated Fish - Halichoeres chrysus (10/09/14)
There are a lot of fish in the world that have more than one common name, but Halichoeres chrysus goes even further and has an incredible number of them, including a couple names that reference the wrong genus!
Highly Underrated Fish - One Spot Rabbitfish (10/01/14)
Siganus unimaculatus is also known as the One Spot Rabbitfish, the One Spot Foxface and the Blotched Foxface. They are a very common fish in the south Pacific and are one of the hobby's best algae grazers.
Highly Underrated Fish - Gobiodon citrinus (09/17/14)
Lemon Clown Gobies are usually found in pretty shallow tropical water, somewhere in the 6 to 30 foot range all over the Western Pacific. They are known as a coral commensal species, meaning they live in and around corals. In this case they can...
Highly Underrated Fish - Yellow Zoster Butterflies (08/27/14)
Hemitaurichthys polylepis is called both the "Pyramid Butterfly" and the "Yellow Zoster Butterfly." It is a shoaling fish that does very well in marine aquariums.
Highly Underrated Corals - Cynarina lacrymalis (08/06/14)
Button corals are hardy, unique additions to any reef tank. Because the large fleshy mantle can be damaged on rock, care must be taken to place in an area where full extension won't be inhibited. This is a coral that doesn't need a lot of light or...
Highly Underrated Fish - Orange kleini Butterfly (07/29/14)
Chaetodon kleini is the very definition of an underrated fish. They eat just about anything you put in front of them, they are disease resistant, and a great choice for soft coral reef tanks.
Highly Underrated Fish - Meiacanthus oualanensis (07/23/14)
Meiacanthus oualanensis is an extremely hardy fish that is native to the west coast of Fiji. They have great personalities and are much bolder than blennies other families so you will see them more often. We get them from a MAC Short Supply Chain.
Photo of the Week - Galaxy Clown (07/17/14)
Galaxy Clowns are a captive bred variant of A. clarkii with some amazing abberant colors and patterns. Just like their wild counterparts, they are quick to adopt just about any anemone that you offer to them.
Highly Underrated Fish - Red Tail Triggerfish (07/16/14)
Red Tail Triggerfish are part of the Genus Xanthichthys, considered by many to be the best triggerfish choice for reef aquaria.
Popular Piscines - Emperor Angelfish (07/09/14)
The Emperor Angelfish is the prized showpiece in any marine aquarium. Their impressive appearance and distinctive personality have made them an iconic favorite among the marine ornamental.
Look-A-Likes - Melanurus and Vrolik's (07/02/14)
Frequently in the trade you will come across fish that look so close to each other that it makes you wonder what the differences really are. In this series we'll have a look at some of these species and in so doing, give you the tools you need to...
Highly Underrated Fish - Klausewitz's Blenny (06/23/14)
Klausewitz's Blenny is also commonly called the Lined Blenny, Linear Blenny, Striped Blenny, Linear Combtooth Blenny and that is just in English.
Gecarcinus quadratus (Halloween Land Crab) (06/09/14)
Gecarcinus quadratus or the Halloween Land Crab is a terrestrial crab that needs access to water for keeping it wet as well as reproduction.
Highly Underrated Fish - Queensland Dottyback (06/04/14)
One of the most beautiful fish available in the marine aquarium world is the Queensland Dottyback (Ogilbyina queenslandiae). A very active, reef safe fish with outstanding colors, this Dottyback is too often shunned for its aggressive tendencies.
Look-A-Likes Tomato and Cinnamon (or Fire) Clowns (05/28/14)
The Tomato and Cinnamon clownfish have color forms that look extremely similar, ranges that overlap, they get to a similar max size and naturally prefer the same kinds of anemones. So what makes these different species? Luck.
Euphyllia Corals (05/15/14)
Hammers, Frogspawns, and Torches--still some of our favorites after all these years! Hardy and beautiful, Euphyllia corals add a sparkling touch.
Highly Underrated Fish - Ptereleotris zebra (05/01/14)
Ptereleotris zebra goes by a few different common names, the most popular being "Chinese Zebra Bar Goby.' It is a perfect reef aquarium fish. It is also one of the best schooling fish in the hobby, but sadly, this fact usually goes unmentioned.
Highly Underrated Fish - Stocky Anthias (Hypselosoma) (04/23/14)
Pseudanthias hypselosoma or the Stocky Anthias is a staff favorite that just doesn't get noticed in the trade enough. Of all the wide variety of anthias that we see at QM, Stockies are among the quickest to eat (even pellets), and the least likely...
Popular Piscines - Harlequin Tuskfish (04/16/14)
Harlequin Tuskfish (Choerodon fasciatus) is a popular fish for FOWLR (Fish Only With Live Rock) tanks. While unsuitable for many reefs for their rambunctious ways, They can kept in a reef with some dedicated husbandry.
Highly Underrated Corals - Acanthastrea echinata (04/10/14)
Acanthastrea echinata is often overlooked in favor of A. lordhowensis, which has larger polyps, and is less common. This is an amazing coral in its own right, and is some ways is more desirable than its cousin.
Similar Sounding - Teardrop Butterflies (04/01/14)
There are currently two species of Butterflies that are called "Teardrop Butterflies." They come from different regions and have some visual similarities, but are pretty easily told apart, the real question is, which one do you want?
Highly Underrated Fish - Centropyge ferrugatus (03/26/14)
Centropyge ferrugatus is a Dwarf Angelfish from the Western Pacific. As their "dwarf" nomenclature suggests, they stay fairly small, reaching a max size of only 3.5 inches. They can be kept singly or in groups, but groups should be added to larger...
Highly UnderRated Corals - Scolymia vitensis (03/19/14)
Roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of the "Australomussa" coral seen in the marine aquarium trade is actually Scolymia vitensis. It is a very undemanding and brightly colored LPS coral.
Popular Piscines: Porcupine Puffers (03/05/14)
Porcupine Puffers (Diodon hystrix) are one of the most popular and "personable" fish in the marine aquarium hobby. These fish quickly learn to recognize people as sources of food and have an engaging demeanor with us.
Look-A-Likes - 3 Stripe and Tuxedo Damsels (02/26/14)
Both these damselfish are a popular fish in the marine aquarium hobby, and with good reason. They are very active, very hardy and give an unparalleled level of activity to just about any aquarium.
Revisited - Scott's Fairy Wrasse (02/19/14)
The wrasse family, which includes the parrotfishes and rainbowfishes, is one of the largest and most abundant groups of fishes on the reef. With almost 500 species in 65 genera, they play an important ecological role in the coral reef habitat.
Revisited: Copperband Butterflyfish (02/05/14)
One the most beautiful marine fish species, the Copperband Butterflyfish is a worthwhile challenge for capable aquarists. Learn what it takes to keep one of stunners in this new Species Spotlight article.
Revisited: Zoanthids (01/29/14)
In spite of their small size, zoanthids pack a big punch. These hardy and colorful little polyps are more than just a beginner coral (even though they are not corals at all!).
Midas Blenny (01/15/14)
The Midas Blenny is a member of the Blenniidae family, a large group of combtooth and mostly scaleless fish comprised of over 340 known species. Being similar to the goby family, blennies are distinguishable by their fully continuous dorsal spines.
Popular Piscines - Blue Hippo Tangs (01/08/14)
Blue tangs go by several names in the hobby. Blue and Yellow, Palette, Hippo are a few of the most common ones. Add in the Yellow Bellied Variant from the Red Sea and you have at least 5 names for one fish, Paracanthurus hepatus.
Look-A-Likes - Yellow Angels vs Yellow & Black Angels (12/30/13)
Frequently in this hobby you will come across fish that look so close to each other that it makes you wonder what the differences really are. Other times you'll see two fish that just can't be the same species. This is the question we ask here.
The Dark Banded Fusilier (10/31/13)
The Dark Banded Fusilier (Pterocaesio tile) was QM Currents first featured fish and it represents one of several species of fish sold exclusively by Quality Marine. These magnificent fish are commonly collected in Tahiti and occasionally in the...
Revisited: Flame Hawkfish (10/15/13)
Standing at attention like a proud soldier in a scarlet jacket, the flame hawkfish closely watches over his tank. Ever vigilant, sometimes belligerent, and always cute--the Flame Hawkfish.
Puffer Fish (09/10/13)
Species Spotlight gives some love to a dangerously cute group of fish, the puffers, in this newest installment. Included with the requisite care information are a few cool facts about these fish as toxic delicacies (oxymoron?!?), plus the features...
The (Not-So) Hard to Keep Gorgonian (09/03/13)
Gorgonian care is easier now than ever before. Better collection practices and strong filtration have made these beautiful creatures within reach of most good aquarists. Selective purchasing and attentive care makes for healthy Gorgonians.
Bizarre and Surprising, Sea Squirt Care is a New Type of Challenge. (07/16/13)
Tunicates are strange but often beautiful animals, that are not that unlike you and me. They will add a splash of color to your reef tank, and will definitely get people talking.
Revisited: Hoplolatilus Tilefish (06/12/13)
Tilefish are beautiful little community fish with great housekeeping skills.
Popular Piscenes - Borbonius Anthias (06/05/13)
Odontanthias borbonius are commonly called Blotched, Checked and Spotted Anthias; frequently they also get the Swallowtail modifier. They are a very hardy, somewhat aggressive fish. They are collected from extremely deep water; while found...
Revisited: Chalice Corals (05/15/13)
Chalice corals are all the rage. Take a moment to learn why this beautiful group of corals is on the rise.
Photo of the Week - Rhodactis sp (04/11/13)
This is very unique QM Carnation Rhodactis mushroom is being cultured here at QM.
Revisited: Cave Shrimp (01/02/13)
The Cave shrimp is one of several members of the Stenopodidae (Stenopus meaning narrow footed) commonly available to aquarists. This genus is better known as the "Boxing Shrimp" due to their relatively large chelae (pinchers) on their third set...
Highly Underrated Fish - MAC Orangetail Filefish (12/12/12)
Our MAC Orangetail Filefish are a very unique animal that does quite well once it gets acclimated. We segue them onto prepared foods with Nutramar Ova and a variety of frozen foods.
The Purple Tang - Revisted (07/05/12)
The Zebrasoma xanthurum is one of the most treasured members of the Surgeonfish family. Found almost exclusively in the waters in and around the Red Sea these fish can be colorful and active additions to most any marine aquarium.
Platax Batfish (03/28/12)
Get to know the batfish, an elegant beauty with personality. Peaceful and hardy, these are big fish for big tanks.
Highly Underrated Fish - Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus (03/10/12)
Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus are more commonly known as Singapore or Vermiculated Angelfish. They are a shallow water fish that ranges from Japan to Indonesia. The largest recorded size is 7 inches. They feed mostly on tunicates and filamentous...
Revisited - The Purple Frilly Gorgonian (11/01/11)
The Purple Frilly gorgonian is a commonly collected species for the aquarium trade. With its beautifully dark purple branches and contrasting white polyps, it is a wonderful specimen for the modern reef aquarium.
Revisited - Mandarin Gobies (10/25/11)
The Mandarinfish belongs to the group of fishes referred to as Dragonets. This group is characterized by having a large head (relative to their body) and reaching sizes of less than 4 inches. They are famous for having some of the most beautiful and...
Revisited: Cuttlefishes (10/04/11)
Colorful, intelligent, and interactive, cuttlefish are more than your average aquarium pet. Trying your hand at cuttlefish care will add a unique and rewarding experience to your husbandry repertoire.
False Shepard's Angelfish (08/17/11)
The False Shepard's Pygmy Angelfish is a unique fish as a species (or hybrid of two species) but also as individuals; there is a wide range of appearances between False Shepards.
The Ultimate Test - Large Carpet Anemones (06/14/10)
The large Stichodactyla anemones, otherwise known as Carpet Anemones, are huge, colorful, and a tough customer to keep happy. Do you have what it takes to care for one?
Reef Safe Triggerfishes (07/10/09)
Triggerfishes in a reef aquarium? With a little research and the right aquarium, aquarists can now enjoy the beauty and personality of numerous triggerfish species in a variety of reef tanks.
Bulb Anemone (05/22/09)
The Bulb Anemone is an ideal choice for the aquarist who would like to observe the fascinating symbiotic relationship between this animal and the anemonefish.
Emperor Angelfish (04/27/09)
The Emperor Angelfish is a beautiful and well known species which adapts well to captivity. Their interesting characteristics and personality make them fascinating aquarium inhabitants.
The Blue Tang (02/11/09)
The Blue Tang has been a marine aquarium favorite for many years. Its popularity increased greatly with the release of the animated film, Finding Nemo.
Quality Marine Aquacultures Two Morphs of Ocellaris Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) (06/29/20)
We have gone to great lengths to ensure that if there is an aquacultured fish or invertebrate available in the industry, it can be sourced through us. Now Quality Marine doesnt just source cultured livestockwe are bringing our very own...
Introducing Nutramar Live Microalgae (06/04/20)
Nutramars new Microalgae (Phytoplankton) is the nutritional foundation of all marine environments. Cultured in state of the art labs in Los Angeles, Ca, Nutramars phytoplankton will fill the needs of all of your filter feeding inverts.
Purple Tangs are In Stock! (05/29/20)
Red Sea Purple tangs make for a wonderful fish only or reef tank addition. Their vibrant colors are sure to become a conversation piece.
Robert M. Fenner, 1952-2020 (05/19/20)
Its with shock and sadness that I have to write about the passing of Bob Fenner...a loss as friend personally and a loss to the entire aquarium fish community.
Photo of the Week - Tridacnid Gigas (05/14/20)
Gigas clams grow to monsterous proportions in the wild, in the aquarium industry smaller aquacultured specimens will do well with lots of light and room to grow.
Photo of the Week - Mappa Puffer Fish (05/05/20)
Puffer husbandry includes dental observations as well, a proper diet can assist with this.
Purple Speckled Actinodiscus Mushrooms (04/21/20)
Purple Speckled mushrooms (Actinodiscus) are a great choice for beginning reef aquarists and advanced hobbyists a like.
Not your Average Scopas Tang! (03/20/20)
Blue faced koi tangs make great centerpieces for the rare fish collector. These Aberrant tricolor scopas tangs are sure to be a show stopper.
Tales from the Deep: Borbonios Anthias (03/19/20)
The Borbonios anthias is a lesser-seen deeper water anthias that is an ideal candidate for biotopic reef aquariums.
Aquacultured Banggai Continue to Make the Hobby Sustainable (03/18/20)
Aquacultured Banggai Cardinalfish should be given strong consideration by amateur and expert aquarium hobbyists.
Lyretail Anthias (01/06/20)
The always social and vibrant Lyretail Anthias are in stock again! Contact your LFS or account manager to learn more.
Cute and Useful: The Matted "Aiptasia-eating" Filefish (12/12/19)
Most filefish should not be included in reef-aquaria but the Matted "Aiptasia-eating" Filefish is often purposely in them employed to rid the tank of pest anemones.
The Creole Anthias (12/04/19)
The Creole-Anthias (Paranthias furcifer) reminds us that Anthias are indeed part of the bass family (Serranidae) with their voracious appetites and relatively large size for an anthias of nearly 12 inches (~30cm).
Uninterrupted Beauty: The Interruptus Angel (11/27/19)
The Interruptus angel aka the Japanese pygmy angel (Centropyge interrupta) is a lesser seen Pomacanthidae that is typically collected in the Ogasawara Islands south of Japan. They are highly prized in the aquarium trade.
The Dragon Wrasse (11/25/19)
Also commonly referred to as the Rockmover Wrasse, the Dragon Wrasse gets these monikers a couple of ways.
The Sailfin Tang (11/23/19)
In the same genus as the classic Yellow tang, (Zebrasoma), the Sailfin tang is another great resilient species for medium sized to larger aquaria.
The Garden Eel (11/22/19)
Garden Eels can be a unique challenge for the moderately advanced aquarist.
The Bella Sleeper Goby (11/21/19)
The Bella Sleeper Goby is a wonderful addition to a sand bed CUC as it sifts through the sand disturbing the detritus and algae build up while simultaneously feeding in this manor.
Proper Elasmobranch Choices for the Home Aquarium: The Brown-Banded Bamboo Shark (09/13/19)
Brown-Banded Bamboo sharks are a relatively small and inactive elasmobranch, making these sharks popular choices for both public and private aquaria.
Not a pipe dream: The Ribboned Pipefish (09/13/19)
The ribboned pipefish is a lesser seen Syngnathidae found mostly in North Australian waters.
A Lesser Seen Angel from the Philippines: The Blue-Spotted Angelfish (08/07/19)
The Blue-Spotted Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus caeruleopunctatus) is a lesser-seen Pomacanthidae in the aquarium trade due its limited range, being endemic to the Philippine Archipelago.
Photo of the Week: The Aussie Red Blasto (07/25/19)
The Australian Red Blasto (Blastomussa merletti) is a relatively fast growing stony (LPS) coral that does well in moderate flow and medium lighting in the home aquarium.
Photo of the Week - The Pinecone Fish (07/11/19)
The Pinecone fish (Monocentris japonica) is also commonly called the Pineapple fish, and its appearance makes it easy to see where it earns these names. Its spines and patterns cause it to look armored with a glow as they house bioluminescent...
Photo of the Week - Interruptus Angelfish (07/05/19)
The Interruptus Angelfish (Centropyge interupputa), also known as the Japanese Pygmy Angelfish, is one of the lesser seen dwarf angelfish in the trade and commands an understandable amount of fanfare when they come to market.
Photo of the Week - Colini Angelfish (06/27/19)
Pomacanthids of the genus Centropyge, also known as the dwarf angels, are some of the most popular angels in the aquarium hobby today, and it isnt difficult to see why. Though they are relatively cryptic in the wild, they make stunning displays in...
Photo of The Week - Aquacultured Pomacanthus maculosus (06/20/19)
Pomacanthus maculosus is commonly called the half moon or yellow banded angelfish. Quality Marine has both aquacultured and Red Sea wild collected specimens available. They are a resilient species not just in comparison to some of the other angels...
Photo of The Week - Rainbow Bottom Anemone (06/13/19)
The Rainbow Bottom Anemone displays an array of psychedelic colors that we have yet to experience here at Quality Marine until now. This deep water anemone doesnt have a lot of known care information on their needs in aquariums, but what we do know...
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Goldflake Angel (Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus) (06/07/19)
The Pomacanthidae known as the Goldflake Angelfish (Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus) is found from the central to west pacific, including Hawaii, as well as the Christmas and Pheonix islands. Wild specimens are typically rarer to the aquarium trade,...
Photo of the Week - Juvenile Bodianus busellatus (05/29/19)
The juvenile Bodianus busellatus can be seen scooting around reefs of the Central Pacific; Marshall Islands, Marquesas and Pitcairn Islands. There they feed on just about anything they can fit in their mouths. Hogfish from the genus Bodianus are...
Photo of the Week - Pitcairn Female Angelfish (Genicanthus spinus) (05/21/19)
Another beautiful rarity in its own right the Pitcairn angelfish (Genicanthus spinus) takes illusiveness to another level rivaling that of the Peppermint angelfish. Found in only a few locales in the Eastern Pacific such as Cook Islands to Ducie...
Quality Marine Receives Rare Species from the Cook Islands (05/16/19)
Quality Marine has imported some exciting and important species of marine fish from its long time partner in the Cook Islands. Our Cook Island partners supply Quality Marine with an extensive list of rare and beautiful species, and are a model for...
Photo of The Week - Aquacultured male Half-Spined Seahorse (Hippocampus semispinosus) (05/14/19)
In the wild, the Half-spined Seahorse, tends to live in well-sheltered areas close to the sea floor using muddy habitats near mangroves. They feed by sucking small crustaceans and zooplakton. The Half-spined Seahorse males and females differ in...
Photo of the Week - MAC Nursalim Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus nursalim) (05/08/19)
Paracheilinus nursalim is a truly stunning and rare fish that is predominately found in New Guinea. Their vibrant colors make them extremely sought after in the industry. This species was just discovered in 2006 and described in 2008. If you are...
Photo Of The Week - Lavender 'Aberrant' Tang (Acanthurus nigrofuscus) (04/11/19)
The Lavender 'Aberrant' Tang (Acanthurus nigrofuscus) is a perfect fish for seasoned hobbyists who own an established aquarium.
Photo Of The Week - Ringtail Wrasse (Oxycheilinus sp.) (04/05/19)
The Ringtail wrasse (Oxycheilinus sp.) is an uncommonly seen and awesome fish that varies in appearance depending on the region it comes from.
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Black Ice Ultra Ocellaris (Amphiprion ocellaris) (03/29/19)
The Aquacultured Black Ice Ultra Ocellaris (Amphiprion ocellaris) is a one of a kind beauty hobbyists will enjoy for its unique expression of orange and black shapes and patterns along its white body stripes.
Photo Of The Week - Pink Margin Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus) (03/22/19)
Whether you call this wrasse a Pink Margin Fairy or a Redmargined Fairy, there's no doubt that its pastel colors makes it stand out from other wrasses of the same genus.
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Maroon Goldflake Clownfish (Premnas biaculeatus) (03/15/19)
The beautiful Aquacultured Goldflake Maroon clownfish is the most recent addition to our increasing livestock of aquacultured products.
Photo Of The Week - Halstead's Razor Wrasse (Xyrichthys halsteadi) (03/01/19)
The Halstead's Razor Wrasse <i>(Xyrichthys halsteadi)<i> has beautiful pastel colors that makes it seem like it comes out of a fairy tale, but that isn't so. It's a razorfish that is not commonly seen in aquariums and is often misidentified when...
Photo Of The Week - Banded Cat (Chiloscyllium punctatum) (02/22/19)
The Banded Cat (Chiloscyllium punctatum) is a simple beautiful shark whose popularity is mostly due to three factors.
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Half-spined Seahorse (Hippocampus semispinosus) (02/15/19)
On Valentine's Day we received a shipment of awesome looking aquacultured Half-spined seahorses (Hippocampus semispinosus).
Photo Of The Week - Japanese Dragon Moray Eel (Enchelycore pardalis) (02/08/19)
The Japanese Dragon Moray Eel <i>(Enchelycore pardalis)</i> is a beautiful, unique, and rarely seen fish that will amaze anyone. This is a fish we recommend to intermediate level hobbyist for they tend to need more attention when acclimating and...
Photo Of The Week - Red Sea Orange Regal Angelfish (Pygoplites cf. diacanthus) (02/01/19)
The Red Sea Orange Regal Angelfish (Pygoplites cf. diacanthus) is a magnificent fish that is often coveted by all who set eyes on it and it's not hard to see why.
Photo Of The Week - Checkered Snapper (Lutjanus decussatus) (01/25/19)
The Checkered Snapper (Lutjanus decussatus) naturally occurs throughout the Indo-West Pacific ocean. When seen, it is either swimming on its own or in schools around coral reefs.
Photo Of The Week - Nursalim Flasher Wrasse (male) (Paracheilinus nursalim) (01/18/19)
Have you recently checked out our inventory for MAC Certified livestock? If you havent, now is the right time to do so. We have several specimens in stock like the handsome and uncommonly seen Nursalim Flasher Wrasse male (Paracheilinus nursalim).
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Premium Snowflake Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) (01/11/19)
The Aquacultured Premium Snowflake is a remarkable beautiful fish for any hobbyist to keep. This that is peaceful, easy, and hardy fish that will do well in both reef and fish only aquariums. To keep them in optimal health provide with a varied of...
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Lined Seahorse (Hippocampus erectus) (01/04/19)
We are starting the new year with the exquisite Aquaculture Lined Seahorse (Hippocampus erectus).
Happy New Year! (01/01/19)
Happy New Year From Quality Marine!
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Reidi Seahorse (Hippocampus reidi) (12/28/18)
The Aquacultured Reidi Seahorse (Hippocampus reidi) is an absolutely beautiful dark beauty that we are absolutely ecstatic to bring back to our stock list.
Happy New Year! - Store Hours (12/26/18)
Quality Marine will be closed on Monday, December 31, 2018 and Tuesday, January 1, 2019. We will resume normal shipping on Wednesday, January 2, 2019.
Happy Holidays From Quality Marine (12/24/18)
As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped to shape out business.
Photo Of The Week - African Reef Basslet (Liopropoma africanum) (12/21/18)
The African Reef Basslet (Liopropoma africanum) made a short appearance at our facility this week.
Holiday Hours (12/18/18)
Quality Marine will be closed on Monday, December 24 and Tuesday, December 25, 2018. We will resume normal shipping on Wednesday, December 26, 2018.
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Longfin Mocha Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) (12/14/18)
Have you recently asked about our livestock selection of aquacultured clownfish? If not, then, right now it's a great time to ask about them for we have several of them, like the aquacultred Longfin Mocha (Amphiprion ocellaris), in stock at the...
Photo Of The Week -Purple Eyebrowed Tusk (Choerodon zamboangae) (12/07/18)
The rarely seen Purple Eyebrowed Tusk (Choerodon zamboangae) is here, but we don't expect it to stay for long.
Photo Of The Week - Naxioides robillardi (11/23/18)
This week for your viewing we are excited to bring forth the stunning Hyastenus diacantus crab.
Broad-banded Pipefish (Dunckerocampus boylei) (11/21/18)
Like a living candycane, Dunckerocampus boylei is a remarkable coral reef fish which seems as if it were plucked straight from the pages of Dr. Seuss, and theres no surer way to add a touch of whimsy to a reef aquarium than by including one or two...
Photo Of The Week - Dracula Goby (Stonogobius dracula) (11/16/18)
Looking for a fish that is perfect for small aquarium set-up? How about considering the rarely seen Dracula Goby for your next purchase.
Photo Of The Week - Banana Tusk (Bodianus perditio) (11/08/18)
The Banana Tusk (Bodianus perditio) is a bold and beautiful fish that will surely impress any passerby not just for its looks but also because it's not commonly seen in the trade.
Photo Of The Week - Juvenile Lennard's Wrasse (Anampases lennardi) (11/02/18)
We are ecstatic to bring back to our livestock the amazing and rare juvenile Lennard's Wrasse (Anampses lennardi). This wrasse is an excellent option for well seasoned hobbyists.
Photo Of The Week - Pacific Crown Toby (Canthigaster axilogus) (10/26/18)
The stunning and uncommonly seen Pacific Crown Toby (Canthigaster axilogus) made a short appearance in our livestock this week.
Photo Of The Week - Bluespotted Tuskfish (Choerodon cauteroma) (10/19/18)
The Bluespotted Tusk (Choerodon cauteroma) one large beautiful fish that could be used as the focal point of your aquarium.
Quality Marine Receives Aquacultured Juvenile Cortez Angel (Pomacanthus zonipectus) (10/09/18)
Quality Marine is proud to announce the arrival of yet another new aquacultured species: the juvenile Cortez Angel (Pomacanthus zonipectus).
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Tridacna Maxima Clams (10/05/18)
We are in awe of all the aquacultured Tridacna Maxima clams varieties we have in stock at the moment that we couldn't just select one group to showcase.
Photo Of The Week - Joculator Angelfish (Centropyge joculator) (09/21/18)
The rarely seen and stunning Joculator Angelfish (Centropyge joculator) is back in our livestock, but we don't know for how long.
Photo Of the Week - Crosshatch Bluethroat Hybrid (Xanthichthys sp.) (09/20/18)
Hybrid fish are some of the most interesting looking fish that can surely add a unique feel to aquariums. The Crosshatch Bluethroat Hybrid (Xanthichthys sp.) is no exception to the rule.
Photo Of The Week - Mysteri White Bar (Pseudocheilinus ocellatus cf) (09/14/18)
We bet you haven't seen the Mysteri White Bar wrasse (Pseudocheilinus ocellatus cf) in quite a while and for a good reason.
Photo Of The Week - Griffs Angelfish (Apolemichthys griffisi) (09/07/18)
It seems like luck is on our side this week for we bring to you the elegant Griffs Angelfish (Apolemichthys griffisi). This is an excellent fish for hobbyist who have large aquariums and those interested in rare fish.
Happy Labor Day (08/31/18)
Labor Day weekend here and we would like to let you know that we are closed on Monday, September 3rd. We will resume normal operation on Tuesday, September 4th.
Photo of The Week - Aquacultured Juvenile Clarion Angelfish (Holacanthus clarionensis) (08/31/18)
We have a limited quantity of the amazing aquacultured juvenile Clarion Angelfish (Holacanthus clarionensis) in our livestock.
Photo Of The Week - Tiger Angelfish (Apolemichthys kingi) (08/24/18)
Whether you call it Tiger or King Angelfish there is no doubt that the presence of <i>Apolemichthys kingi</i> catches any hobbyist's attention for its rarity.
Photo Of The Week - Blue and Gold Transitional Arothron Pufferfish (Arothron meleagris) (08/17/18)
Feast your eyes on the Blue and Gold Transitional Arothron Pufferfish (Arothron meleagris). This pufferfish is mesmerizing in color patterns and size. Thus, making it one cool looking pufferfish.
Photo Of The Week - Platygyra Colored LPS coral frag (Platygyra sp.) (08/10/18)
Have you looked into our selection of frag corals lately? If you haven't, go do so now. We have a great selection of them like the Platygyra Colored LPS coral frag (Platygyra sp.).
Photo Of The Week - Australian Acropora (08/03/18)
We strive to bring to you some of the most sought out specimens available in the industry like the stunning Australian Acropora.
Photo Of The Week - Black Banded / Bandit Angelfish (Apolemichthys arcuatus) (07/27/18)
The Black Banded or Bandit Angelfish is without a doubt a beautiful and elegant fish that has metaphorically wrapped and stolen the hearts of hobbyist who have kept it in their aquarium.
Photo Of The Week - Aquaculture Ultra Tiger Premium (Tridacna maxima) (07/13/18)
Thinking about buying new filters for your tank lately, but just want an excuse to buy new inverts instead? Well how about the Ultra Tiger Premium clam <i>(Tridacna maxima)</i>
Photo of the Week - Striped Trigger (Xanthichthys lineopunctatus) (07/06/18)
As soon as we saw the Striped Trigger (Xanthichthys lineopunctatus) in our facility we couldn't contain our excitement that we shared photos of it on our social media pages first.
Happy 4th of July- Store is closed (07/03/18)
Happy Fourth of July! Our Store is closed. We will resume normal operations on Thursday, July 5, 2018
Photo Of The Week -Chocolate Nardoa Sea Star(Nardoa tuberculata) (06/29/18)
Some of the closest stars we can reach for are sea stars and this week we bringing the Chocolate Nardoa Starfish (Nardoa tuberculata) closer to you.
July 4th Friendly Reminder (06/27/18)
We are a week away, but we thought we should give a friendly reminder that Quality Marine will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th, 2018.
Photo Of The Week - Wellsi Green Center (Blastomussa wellsi) (06/22/18)
Looking to add a new LPS coral to your reef tank? One option we have for you is the Wellsi Green Center (Blastomussa wellsi). This LPS coral is a hobby favorite, and our too
Photo Of The Week - Golden Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis) (06/15/18)
Photos sometimes don't do justice to the fish we display. This time such is the case of the Golden Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis) .
Photo Of The Week - Johnsoni Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus johnsoni) (06/08/18)
If you are into rarities, the Johnsoni Fairy Wrasse is the fish you want to collect for your home aquarium. This is a wrasse that is rarely available for hobbyist to buy and we happen to have it in our livestock right now.
Photo Of The Week - WYSIWYG Brain Favites Ultra (Favites sp.) (06/01/18)
Have you checked out our WYSIWYG livestock selection lately? We've been working hard to bring you a robust selection of the best corals we have in-house like this Brain Favite Ultra (Favites sp.).
Memorial Day - Store is Closed (05/25/18)
Memorial Day - Store is Closed
Photo Of The Week - Purple Flower Pot (Goniopora sp.) (05/25/18)
May is when flowers start to bloom, so we decided to display the Purple Flowerpot coral this week.
Photo Of The Week - Aussie Red Mushroom (Actinodiscus sp. on Scleractinia) (05/11/18)
The Aussie Red Mushroom (<i>Actinodiscus sp. on Scleractina</i>) has a simple appearance, but it generates attention when seen for it's favorite coral for many hobbyists.
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured White Blenny (Meiacanthus smithii) (04/27/18)
The Aquacultured White Blenny is an elegant and simple beauty that is well suited for the mid-level hobbyist.
Photo Of The Week - Aberrant Brisltetooth Tang (Ctenochaetus sp) (04/20/18)
The Aberrant Brisltetooh Tang is a beautiful and unique fish for hobbyists who are in the market for rare gem. We
Photo Of The Week - Porcelain Crab (Petrolisthes sp.) (04/13/18)
On this Friday the 13th, an ominous day for some, we bring to you a Porcelain Crab (Petrolisthes sp.) to bring you good fortune.
Photo Of The Week - Snow Onyx Clownfish (Amphiprion sp.) (04/06/18)
No fish in our stock list reminds us to take a break from being serious and clown around like the our clownfish. The Snow Onyx is one of the many designer hybrid aquaculture clownfish we carry.
Photo Of The Week - Carpet Feather Anemone (Stichodactyla sp.) (03/30/18)
Don't overlook the Carpet Feather anemone for its simple beauty. They come in a variety of colors for hobbyist to choose from like this dark green.
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Fluorescent Horn coral (Hydnophora rigida) (03/22/18)
The cultured florescent Horn coral is an excellent coral for intermediate level hobbyists with a mid-range budget.
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Red Pink Cauliflower (Pocillopora sp.) (03/16/18)
Aquacultured Red Pink Cauliflowers are astatically pleasing and elegant. This piece will surely standout in a reef aquarium.
Photo of the Week - Dented Brain Rainbow (Symphyllia Wilsoni) (03/09/18)
At QM we are proud to provide our customers with a variety of Australian corals like the Dented Brain Rainbow (S. wilsoniI), which is a rare and exciting species.
Photo Of The Week - Naked clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) (03/02/18)
Some clownfish don't mind being naked like the Naked clownfish. This designer clownfish is absolutely a favorite among hobbyist for lacking its typical white stripes.
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Blue Acropora samoensis (02/23/18)
Sometimes photos don't do justice to the corals we try to showcase like in the case of the Aquacultured Blue Acropora samoensis.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Red Mushroom (Actinodiscus sp.) (02/15/18)
This Valentine's week we are showcasing the cute and small Aquacultured Red Mushroom. This piece is one of several exclusive frags we carry from Fiji.
Photo Of The Week - Red Serosa Dottyback (Pseudoplesiops typus) (02/09/18)
The ever beautiful Red Serosa dottyback is a great fish for any aquarist looking to get a rare gem.
Photo Of The Week - Rhinopias Yellow Frilly (Rhinopias frondosa) (02/01/18)
The Yellow Frilly Rhinopia is sought by hobbyists seeking unusual beauties for their aquarium.
Photo Of The Week - Bullseye Ultra Color Mushroom (Rhodactis inchoata on Scleractinia) (01/25/18)
Rhodactis inchata on Scleractinia are some of the most eye catching corals for their color variation like the piece here.
Quality Marine Receives Five Species from Australia for the First Time (01/24/18)
Quality Marine has imported five species of coral and fish for the first time from Australia. Our Australian partners supply Quality Marine with an extensive list of rare and beautiful species, and are a model for their commitment to sustainable...
Photo Of The Week - Barber Perch (Caesioperca rasor) (01/19/18)
The beautiful Barber Perch is one of the several options we have for you if you are in the market for a school of fish.
Photo Of The Week - Newtoni Wrasse (Thalassoma newtoni) (01/11/18)
The rarely Newtoni is back in our livestock and a handful are available now. The ever attractive Newtoni is a hardy wrasse.
Photo Of The Week - Grade A Dente Brain (Symphyllia wilsoni) (01/05/18)
The elusive Symphyllia wilsoni is one of our many rare and exciting species of corals.
Quality Marine Receives Aquacultured Juvenile Koran Angel (Pomacanthus semicirculatus) (01/01/18)
Quality Marine is excited to start the New Year by offering yet another new aquacultured species: juvenile Koran Angel (Pomacanthus semicirculatus).
Store Hours and Happy New Year! (12/29/17)
We hope you are getting your tuxedo or dress ready to kiss 2017 good bye and welcome 2018.
Photo Of The Week - Atlantic Pygmy Octopus (Octopus joubini) (12/29/17)
It's been a while since we displayed a cool member of the Octopodidae family, so without further ado here is the Pygmy Atlantic Octopus.
Merry Christmas! (12/22/17)
We wish you a Merry Christmas!
Photo Of The Week - Strawberry Crab (Neoliomera pubescens) (12/21/17)
Crabs are not typically named after a fruit unless they bear a resemblance to it.
QM Photo Of The Week - Blue White Spotted pufferfish (Arothron meleagris) (12/14/17)
The alluring and majestic Blue White Spotted pufferfish is a very personable fish that with the right care it can be an excellent fish for hobbyists with large aquariums.
Photo Of The Week - Golden Fuzzy Dwarf (Dendrochirus brachypterus) (11/21/17)
Its Thanksgiving week and for your viewing pleasure we bring to you the Golden Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish.
Photo of the Week - Black Storm Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) (11/16/17)
The Black Storm Clownfish is a fish whose variety will not be seen in nature.
Photo of the Week Purple/Red Smooth Rhinopias Scorpion (Rhinopias eschmeyeri) (11/09/17)
The Purple Red Smooth Rhinopias is one scorpion fish you are going to want to acquire.
Photo Of The Week - Purple Maze Corallites (Platygyra sp.) (11/02/17)
Maze Corallites mesmerize any hobbyist for their intricate maze designs and coloration.
Photo Of The Week - Candy Button (Caulastrea sp.) (10/26/17)
With just a few days away from the spookiest night of the year it is not too late to bring a little bit of Halloween spirit to your aquarium.
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Madagascar Devil's Hand (Sarcophyton sp) (10/20/17)
Halloween is right around the corner and the Devils Hand will bring some holiday spirit to your aquarium.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Domino Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris var.) (10/12/17)
The Halloween season is here and we are starting the countdown to the spookiest night of the year with one of our favorite clowns, the cultured Domino Clownfish.
Photo Of The Week - Male Splendid Pin-Tail Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus isosceles) (10/05/17)
We recently received a new shipment of male Splendid Pin-Tail Fairy Wrasses that is looking spectacular.
Quality Marine Receives Aquacultured Tiger Tail Seahorses (10/02/17)
Today we are excited to announce the arrival of Aquacultured Tiger Tail Seahorses for the first time since 2015.
Photo of The Week - Maroon Blubber Jellyfish (Catostylus sp.) (09/22/17)
Calling all jellyfish fans! We just received a batch of Maroon Blubber Jellyfish, so call our sales representative now before we run out of them.
Photo of the Week - Gem Tang (Zebrasoma gemmatum) (09/20/17)
This Gem tang is one of the most rare and beautiful surgeon fish in the aquarium trade. This is the second time this year they have graced us with their presence and they are going fast.
Photo of the Week- Juvenile Lennard's Wrasse (Anampases lennardi) (09/14/17)
This is an exciting week for us because we have received a limited quantity of juvenile Lennard's Wrasses.
Quality Marine Receives Aquacultured Bluestripe Pipefish (Doryrhamphus excisus) (09/11/17)
Quality Marine is proud to announce the arrival of yet another new aquacultured species: the Bluestripe Pipefish (Doryrhamphus excisus).
Photo Of The Week - male Mauritius Flasher(Paracheilinus piscilineatus) (09/08/17)
Without a doubt the Mauritius Flasher Male is a stunning looking wrasse that will make perfect fish for just about any aquarist.
Photo of The Week - Super Male Magma Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus sp.) (08/31/17)
The super male Magma Fairy Wrasse is without a doubt a fiery colored, beautiful fish that will make a stunning addition to a reef aquarium.
Labor Day (08/30/17)
Labor Day weekend is near and there is still time to make an order, so call our sales representatives before then.
Photo Of The Week - Aquaculture Flame Angelfish (Centropyge loriculus) (08/24/17)
Our ever popular Aquaculture Flame Angelfish is back in our livestock and in limited quantities . Its popularity is largely due to it being a triple threat
Photo Of The Week - Brown-Banded Butterfly (Roa modesta) (08/16/17)
The Brown-Banded Butterfly is without a doubt an elegant fish that is worth every bit of attention it gets from hobbyists.
Quality Marine Receives Our First Aquacultured Cucumber (Holothuria fuscopunctata) (08/09/17)
This is how we like to start off our week! We are proud to announce that another new aquacultured species is being added to the Quality Marine stock list! Today we are releasing our first ever aquacultured Sea Cucumber available here; the...
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Colored Ingens Seahorse (Hippocampus ingens) (08/03/17)
The Aquaculture Colored Ingens Seahorses are back in stock! They are medium size and come in different hues of yellow.
Photo of The Week - Spender- Spined Globefish (Diodon nicthemerus) (07/27/17)
Are you looking for an unusual yet small fish to keep? The Spender- Spined Globefish is that fish. The porcupine fish is back in our live stock, but not for long.
Super Zoo is next week! (07/21/17)
We are getting ready to hit the road next week to be at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for Super Zoo. We will be at booth 3930 and 3931. You can still get a free pass and join us. We hope to see you there.
Photo Of The Week - Red Fin Waspfish (Paracentropogon rubripinnis) (07/12/17)
The Red Fin Waspfishs bold colors can add an edge to the appearance to your aquarium. This Waspfish has a peaceful temperament and is reef compatible.
Join Quality Marine At Super Zoo 2017 (07/10/17)
Join Quality Marine At Super Zoo July 24- 27, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. We will be at booth 3930 and 3931. Claim your free pass and stop by to say hello.
Photo Of The Week - Cheekspot Scorpion (Scorpaenodes evides) (07/07/17)
The Cheeckspot Scorpion Fish at first glance is a fish whose bold reddish brown tones and dragon like appearance can intimidate most hobbyists, but with the right care can make an awesome addition.
Happy Fourth of July (06/30/17)
Quality Marine will be closed on Monday, July 3, 2017 and Tuesday, July 4, 2017 in honor of Independence Day. We will be open for normal business on Wednesday, July 5. From everyone here at QM, have an enjoyable and safe weekend.
Photo Of The Week - Ochre Striped Cardinal (Ostorhinchus compressus) (06/29/17)
Looking for a fish that is bold in appearance, moderately easy to keep, and hardy? The Ochre striped Cardinal would make a great addition.
Photo Of The Week -Lemon Tang (Acanthurus pyroferus) (06/21/17)
As we enter the first day of what looks to be another hot summer, we have filled our stock with items that will make your tank scream summer is here.
Quality Marine Receives Aquacultured Wideband Clownfish (Amphiprion latezonatus) (06/16/17)
Clownfish have long been one of the most popular fish in the marine aquarium trade.
Photo of the Week -The Golden Heart Triggerfish (Balistes punctatus) (06/08/17)
We just received a shipment of one of the most sticking aquatic beauty's: The Golden Heart Triggerfish. It is a fish we recommend to intermediate hobbyist for this is an aggressive fish.
Photo Of The Week - Hong Kong Butterflyfish (Chaetodon wiebeli) (05/30/17)
Quality Marine just received a shipment of the Hong Kong Butterfly and they are stunning. It is popular among experienced hobbyist for its beauty and large size.
Memorial Day - Store is Closed (05/26/17)
Our store is closed in observance of Memorial Day.
Photo OF The Week - Cherry Anthias (Sacura margaritacea) (05/24/17)
This Cherry Anthias is one of the several different fishes we currently have from Japan. This is an unique fish bound to impress.
Photo Of the Week - Griessingeri Goby (Discordipinna griessingeri) (05/17/17)
If you are looking for a peaceful and rare fish then look no further. The Greiessingeri Goby fits both descriptions perfectly.
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Maxima Ultra, Cocos (Tridacna maxima) (05/08/17)
Have you looked into our invertebrate stock lately and seen the Aquacultured Maxima Ultra we have available? If not, go do so now. We have Aquacultured Maxima Ultra in stock like the ones below. While you are at it, why not look into our WYSIWYG...
Quality Marine Receives Saddle Back Clowns (Amphiprion polymnus) Captive Bred by Students at Stratton Elementary (05/08/17)
3rd grade teacher Brandon Rutherford at Stratton Elementary has brought the ocean to students and their community for the past four years.
Photo Of The Week - Vanuatu Hooded Flame Male (Cirrhilabrus efatensis) (05/03/17)
Hobbyist may recognize this wrasse as Cirrhilabrus bathyphilus var. Yet, with great excitement we introduce to you the Vanuatu Hooded Flame male Wrasse with its new scientific name Cirrhilabrus efatensis.
Quality Marine Receives Aquacultured Banded Pipefish (Dunckerocampus dactyliophorus) (05/01/17)
Another aquacultured species is now available through Quality Marine: the Banded Pipefish (Dunckerocampus dactyliophorus). They are a popular aquarium species, especially for seahorse aquariums.
Photo Of The Week - Black - Barred Zebra Tang (Acanthurus polyzona) (04/25/17)
The Mauritius native Black-Barred Zebra Tang is extremely rare and is currently stock, but in limited quantities. They have thick black barring and tribal tattoos on their face.
Species Spotlight - Spring Cleaning Inverts (04/20/17)
The cold weather of winter is finally behind us and it is time to enjoy spring and summer. However, nice weather also brings the need for some Spring Cleaning!
Photo Of The Week - Acanthastrea lordhowensis (04/19/17)
Have you check out our coral livestock recently? We have some amazing looking Acans in stock at the moment, but they will not stay available for long.
Quality Marine receives the Monsoon Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus hygroxerus) for the first time (04/18/17)
The Monsoon Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus hygroxerus) is without a doubt, one of the most exciting wrasses to be discovered in recent years.
Quality Marine Receives Three New Aquacultured Chrysiptera Damsels (04/13/17)
On the heels of receiving the rare Anampses lennardi wrasse, we have received three new aquacultured species of damsels for the first time. Damsels have long been considered a perfect fish for the beginner hobbyists for their hardiness, good looks,...
Photo Of The Week - Yellowspotted Dwarf Scorpion (Sebastapistes cyanostigma) (04/11/17)
The Yellowspotted Dwarf is one of the most sought out scorpion fish in the trade and we finally have it in our catalog. They are commonly found in shallow waters hiding around the crevice rocks underneath Pocillopora, Millepora,
Quality Marine Receives Very Rare Anampses lennardi (04/10/17)
There is yet another exciting week happening here at Quality Marine with the arrival of the Lennards Wrasse (Anampses lennardi). A. lennardi is an extremely rare, beautiful wrasse that has not been imported into the United State for many years and...
Photo Of The Week - Juvenile Blue Angelfish (Holacanthus isabelita) (04/04/17)
As you know, many juvenile angels are exciting fish for hobbyists because they can witness them change as they grow in their home aquarium.
Photo Of The Week - Clown / Peacock Mantis Shrimp (Odontodactylus scyllarus) (03/28/17)
The Clown or Peacock Mantis Shrimp is a hardy invert and without a doubt attractive due to its bold colors and personality. Although notoriously known for their powerful strike to break the glass of aquarium tank with the proper care it can be an...
Photo Of The Week - Symphyllia sp. (03/21/17)
We haven't showcased many of our corals photos in this section for a while, so why not share an oldie but goodie of Symphyllia. They are some of most popular corals we carry.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! (03/17/17)
We wish you a happy St. Patrick's Day! We are open today, so stop by and shop. We have some amazing Green Cloves to add to the day's festivities.
Photo Of The Week - Dotted Cardinalfish (Fowleria isostigma) (03/14/17)
The Dotted Cardinal is a perfect starter fish for the beginner hobbyist. It is known to be a hardy and a peaceful fish that will adapt easily to the home aquarium.
Photo Of The Week - Peppermint Shrimp from Sri Lanka (Lysmata sp) (03/06/17)
Are you in the market for some inverts that can help clean your aquarium? Our Peppermint Shrimp from Sri Lanka Shrimp can help you maintain your aquarium.
Photo Of The Week - Aquaculture Gold Nugget Maroon Clown (Premnas biaculeatus) (03/01/17)
If you are in the market for a fish that will dramatically change its a appearance as it becomes an adult, then Aquaculture Gold Nugget Maroon Clown is the fish you are looking for.
Quality Marine Receives Aquacultured Harlequin Shrimp (Hymenocera elegans) (02/23/17)
Photo Of The Week - Three-Banded Butterflyfish (Chaetodon robustus) (02/21/17)
Trade rarities seem to be the trend here lately. This time the Three-Banded Butterflyfish is another rare fish is only found in certain areas of the West African Coastline.
Happy Valentine's Day (02/14/17)
Happy Valentine's Day! Nothing says courtship better than these two Aquacultured Hippocampus reidi. We still have a few in stock, so check out this and other items in our stock list.
Photo Of The Week - Rainbow Coris Wrasse (Coris atlantica) (02/13/17)
The Rainbow Coris Wrasse is one of the most sticking looking wrasses in the trade and with proper care it could be an excellent addition to any reef hobbyist.
Photo Of The Week - Mauritius Mystery Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus dispilus) (02/07/17)
Out of all the Pseudocheilinus wrasses we have at Quality Marine, one of the most elusive is the Mauritius Mystery Wrasse. It is native around the countries of Madagascar, Mauritius, and Reunion.
Photo Of The Week - Cortez Barrel Shrimp (Gnathophyllum panamense) (01/31/17)
It's been a while since we shared an awesome looking shrimp like the Cortez Barrel Shrimp. This little guy is also known as the Spotted Bumblebee Shrimp, but it doesnt really matter what you call it as long as you know how to care for it.
Quality Marine receives the Monsoon Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus hygroxerus) for the first time (01/24/17)
The Monsoon Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus hygroxerus) is without a doubt, one of the most exciting wrasses to be discovered in recent years. Described in 2016, this distinctive fish is known only from a small patch of reefs in the Timor Sea, many miles...
Photo Of The Week - Scribble Angel (Chaetodontoplus duboulayi) (01/23/17)
We are starting this week off with a bright and bold angelfish: the Scribble Angel (Chaetodontoplus duboulayi ). This large angel is popular among hobbyists for its vibrant appearance, relative hardiness and husbandry ease.
Photo Of The Week - Aquaculture Ultra Cauliflower Coral (Pocillopora sp.) (01/17/17)
We continually have a variation of aquacultured corals readily available for your reef aquarium desires. At the moment, our WYSIWYG page has some very cool aquacultured Ultra Cauliflower Coral.
Photo Of The Week - Juvenile Red Coris Wrasse (Coris gaimard) (01/09/17)
Give the juvenile Red Coris Wrasse a try and watch how its appearance will completely change as it develops into an adult. This wrasse is fairly easy to care and does not require too much extra attention.
Photo Of The Week - Acanthastrea lordhowensis (01/03/17)
We are starting the first week of 2017 and what better way than with a photo of one our more popular corals, the Acanthastrea lordhowensis.
Photo Of The Week: Tigerpyge Angel (Centropyge Eibli X Flavissimus) (12/29/16)
2016 is coming to a close and what better way end the year than by showcasing a unique hybrid fish like the Tigerpyge Angel, which is a cross between a Red Striped Eibli Angel and a Lemonpeel Angel.
Quality Marine Store Hours and Happy New Year! (12/29/16)
Just a reminder of our store hours for tomorrow and Monday. Friday, December 30 - We are open from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday, January 2 - We are Closed. We had a good year here at Quality Marine and thank you for your support. We wish you a happy and...
Quality Marine Receives the First Captive Bred Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasses (Labroides phthirophagus) (12/21/16)
2016 has been a year of amazing developments in marine species aquaculture, and now, in the closing moments of the year, Quality Marine has yet another tank bred species in house: Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse (Labroides phthirophagus), fresh from the...
QM's Coral Restoration Foundation Intern Update (12/20/16)
We are nearing the end of the year and we just received an update from Katherine Wood and her work at CRF. Without further delay, here is her report.
Photo Of The Week - Aberrant Bicolor Angel (Centropyge bicolor aberrant) (12/20/16)
It seems as Christmas came a little early here at QM as a couple of weeks ago we received a unique Bicolor Angel in black and white from our short supply chain, exclusive vendor in Fiji.
Qualtiy Marine Holiday Store Hours (12/19/16)
Just a reminder that our Holiday Store Hours are as follows:
Photo Of The Week - White Tip Triggerfish (Sufflamen chrysopterum) (12/14/16)
With its dark and mysterious look, this White Tip can make an excellent addition to a large aquarium. This White Tip Triggerfish is one of the several varieties of Triggerfish that we offer to our customers.
Photo Of The Week - Red Carpet Anemone (Stichodactyla sp.) (12/07/16)
We have entered the holiday Season and this anemones red color says exactly that. They are one of the many variations we offer at Quality Marine and are a rare color variant.
Photo Of The Week - Dardanus sp. (11/29/16)
We are starting a new and clean week with Dardanus sp. This is a throwback photo, but it still has charm. At Quality Marine we offer an array of Hermit Crabs and one of them is the Dardanus sp.
Quality Marine Receives the First Aquacultured Glow-Tail Pipefish (Dunckerocampus chapmani) (11/25/16)
As part of Quality Marine's continuing effort to promote sustainability and responsibility in the aquarium trade, another commercially aquacultured first is now available through us: the Glow-Tail Pipefish (Dunckerocampus chapmani).
Happy Thanksgiving! (11/23/16)
Quality Marine will be closed Tomorrow in observance of Thanksgiving.
Photo Of The Week - Frillfin Mombasa Lions (Pterois mombasae) (11/21/16)
Did you know lionfish are also referred to as turkeyfish in many parts of the world? When viewed at the right angle the Frillfin Mombasa Lions (Pterois mombasae) fins will resemble the turkeys plumage.
Photo of the Week - Bell's Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus bellae) (11/14/16)
Why not start the week looking at something rare like the Bell's Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus bellae)? This elusive flasher wrasse is a perfect fish for a reef aquarium and is recommended for the intermediate hobbyist. They
Photo of the Week Zoanthus sp (11/07/16)
Mondays can be a drag, so why not start out the week with this stunning Zoanthid. Every rock has good coverage of polyps and always a few polyps that are completely different than the rest, which is always a welcome surprise.
QM's Coral Restoration Foundation Intern Update (11/02/16)
Every so often we receive updates of the work our intern does at Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF).
Photo of the Week - Amphiprion clarkii (11/01/16)
It's the day after Halloween here in the States and we hope you had tons of fun celebrating the spookiest night of the year. Furthermore, we hope you don't feel like staying home like our Premium Galaxy Clownfish (Amphiprion clarkii) hanging out in...
Happy Halloween Photo - Fu-Manchu Lion (10/31/16)
Happy Halloween from all of us at Quality Marine! This time we're showing off our Fu-Manchu Lionfish. They have the perfect colors for our traditional horror night, Halloween.
Halloween Photo - Halloween Orange Band (Ciliopagurus strigatus) (10/27/16)
Not sure how to add Halloween decorations to your aquarium? How about adding this Halloween Orange Band Hermit Crab. Its orange and yellow stripped legs remind me of the socks of a Witch may wear for a costume.
Photo of the Week - Ricordea yuma (10/25/16)
Photo of the Week- Ricordea yuma Have you checked out our coral stock lately? We bring in some of the best corals every week. If you haven't checked it out, do so now! While you are at it, check out our WYSIWYG too. We are sure you will find...
Quality Marine Receives the First Captive Bred Lemon Miliaris Butterflies (Chaetodon miliaris) (10/19/16)
Rising Tide Conservation and Hawaii Oceanic Institute has done it yet again. The unstoppable duo has announced successfully breeding yet another species - Chaetodon miliaris, Lemon Butterfly, which is another Hawaiian endemic.
Quality Marine Receives A New, Not Yet Described Fairy Wrasse - Cirrhilabrus sp. (10/18/16)
On Thursday October 13th, Quality Marine received a shipment of fairy wrasses that have yet to be described from Australia. The most remarkable part is that these wrasses actually glow red (and look magnificent) under actinic lighting.
Photo Of The Week - Achilles Tang (Acanthurus achilles) (10/17/16)
Say hello to the ever impressive Achilles Tang! This fish is perfect for expert hobbyists due to its difficulty in care. They have a large adult size, so be sure to add them to an aquarium of 180 gallons or larger.
Photo Of The Week - Fairy Carpenters Wrasse (Paracheilinus carpenteri) (10/11/16)
Are you looking to add new tank mate to your reef aquarium? Look no further than the colorful Carpenter's Fairy Wrasse.
Halloween Photo - Orange/Red Angler (Antennarius-maculatus-red) (10/11/16)
Whether you like pumpkins or not, it is pumpkin spice season and consequently jack-o-lanterns as well. For this Halloween and autumn season adorn your aquarium with an Orange/Red Angler that can represent a jack-o-lantern or just simply brighten up...
Halloween Photo - Spider Decorator Crab (10/10/16)
We're kicking off Halloween season and what better way to get into the holiday than to showcase some of our spooky fish and inverts throughout the month.
Photo Of The Week - Montipora Corals (10/05/16)
At Quality Marine, we are experts at providing the best and most exquisite looking SPS Corals for your aquarium needs, like this Montipora Coral. This specific Monti was part of our WYSIWYG collection. In general, Montipora are suitable for...
Quality Marine Receives Aquacultured Fire Shrimp (Lysmata debelius) (10/04/16)
This has been an unprecedented year of breakthroughs in aquaculture. Quality Marine is proud to welcome yet another species to our ever growing list; as a result of our partnership with Roger Williams University, we are now able to offer...
The New CRF Intern (09/30/16)
We are excited to introduce to you Katie Wood, our new CRF Intern.
Photo Of The Week- Scarlet Cardinal (Vincentia badia) (09/28/16)
At Quality Marine, we have a great selection of Cardinalfish and we keep on adding to the list. This week we are showcasing the elusive Scarlet Cardinal (Vincentia badia).
Photo Of The Week - Aquaculture Tridacna (09/20/16)
Have you looked into our invertebrate stock lately and seen the Tridacnas variety we have available? If not, go do so now. .
Photo Of The Week - Yellow Cardinalfish (09/13/16)
Cardinalfish are some of the most striking and beautiful looking fish for a reef aquarium. The Yellow Cardinalfish (Ostorhinchus luteus) is no exception.
Quality Marine participates in MACNA San Diego 2016 (09/09/16)
We are participating at the MACNA conference in San Diego, CA. The conference starts today. Please, stop by our both # 718 to see what we have and say hello to our staff.
Quality Marine Receives Aquacultured Multicolor (C. multicolor) & Flame (C. loriculus Angels) (09/08/16)
Quality Marine is proud to announce the arrival of Aquacultured Flame Angels & Multicolor Angels at our Los Angeles Facility. These animals are a Quality Marine exclusive being bred and raised at a partner culture facility.
Photo of the week - Aquacultured Horn Coral (Hydnophora rigida) (09/06/16)
The cultured Neon Green Horn Coral (Hydnophora rigida) is one of the many remarkable SPS corals we offer. They have a moderate level of care and can be aggressive. Thus, provide plenty of room between neighbors when determining its placement.
Happy Labor Day (09/05/16)
Quality Marine is closed today in observance of Labor Day in the United States. We will return to our regular business hours tomorrow.
QM Intern at CRF Update (09/02/16)
This will be my final update from CRF, as the internship session ends today and the next crop of interns begins in a week.
Photo of the Week - Pomachromis guamenisis (08/30/16)
Sometimes photos don't do justice to fish. The Pomachromis guamenisis is a beautiful damsel. It's blue green body, small blue spots, and yellow fins make it stand out in any aquarium. This damsel is endemic to Mariana Islands and thus is rarely...
Quality Marine Receives Aquacultured Royal Gramma / Fairy Basslet (Gramma loreto) (08/24/16)
For Immediate Release: August 23, 2016 Los Angeles - Quality Marine is proud to announce the arrival of Aquacultured Royal Grammas from the Batavia Coast Maritime Institute (BCMI) in Australia.
Photo of the Week- Panther Grouper (Cromileptes altivelis) (08/23/16)
This week we're featuring a juvenile Panther Grouper. Its unique white body with black polka dots make this a beautiful and distinctive grouper. They are easy to care for and very hardy. When purchasing, consider that you will need a big tank as...
Photo of the week- Acanthastrea (08/16/16)
In honor of the Rio Olympics, last week, we shared an Angelfish native to Brazilian shores. While these Acans aren't native, they are as brilliantly on fire as the torch that kicks these Olympic games off. While you're here, why not take a look...
New website for Aquatropic (08/15/16)
New website for Aquatropic.
Photo of the Week- Fireball Angel (Centropyge aurantonotus) (08/09/16)
As the Olympic Games Rio 2016 are taking place, we are sharing a photo of fish with a Brazilian origin, the Fireball Angel (Centropyge aurantonotus).
Photo of the Week - Gorgonian (08/02/16)
As we approach the hottest summer months, we want to share a photo that 's cool enough to chill your tanks. I think this Gorgonian does exactly that. Now don't you want one for display in your tank? Call your sales representative now.
New update from our CRF intern (07/29/16)
CRF has begun a couple of new things since the last update.
Photo of the Week - Female Swallowtail Zebra (07/27/16)
This week we want to share with you the photo of the female Genicanthus melanospilos or Swallowtail Zebra. It's beautiful blue and yellow colors will make it a cool addition to any hobbyist's collection. In this species, females can live in a...
Quality Marine is Coming to Superzoo 2016 with Some Very Special Guests! (07/26/16)
The Superzoo Conference is around the corner, and we can hardly hold back our excitement for the VIPs well be bringing along this year the first ever fully aquacultured Yellow Tangs and Yasha Gobies!
The First Ever Aquacultured Yasha Gobies Headed to Quality Marine (07/25/16)
Photo of the week - Aquaculture Favia Green with Pink Eyes (07/19/16)
At Quality Marine, we have a variety of amazing LPS Aquaculture Corals. Among those is the Favia Green with Pink Eyes. For this week we are showcasing this pale beauty that will make any aquarium standout.
Photo of the week - Shepard's Angel (Centropyge shepardi) (07/12/16)
Our selection for Photo of the Week is the central Pacific native Centropyge shepardi or Shepard's Angel.
Here is an update from our intern at CRF (07/11/16)
In the last two weeks in June weve planted over 800 corals in Marathon, consisting mostly of genetic strains that originated in those areas.
Photo of the Week - Golden Heart Trigger (07/05/16)
Sometimes photos don't do justice to bring out the colors of our fish. This Golden Heart Trigger (Balistes punctatus) is our selection of the week, thus we are sharing this photo with you. This genus of fish have a tendency toward aggression, and...
Happy Fourth of July - Stars and Stripes (07/04/16)
With our Stars and Stripes Puffer (Arothron hispidus), we would like to wish everyone to have a happy and safe Fourth of July. Also we would like to remind everyone that our warehouse is closed for the day. We will be back for normal business on...
Tropica's Tissue Cultured Aquatic Plants (06/29/16)
As we continue to make it our priority to bring the highest quality products to the freshwater aquarium industry, were thrilled to announce well be bringing Tropica tissue cultured plants to Aquatropic.
Photo of the Week - Lobophyllia Brain Coral (06/27/16)
Lobophyllia Brain Corals come in a variety of colors. This week we are featuring a Lobophyllia as an example of its color variety.
Photo of the Week - Mottled winged Nudibranch (06/15/16)
<br> This week we are showing off the swimming elegance of the Mottled winged Nudibranch (Aplysia fasciata) or Mottle Sea Slug. Not only is this slea slug known to swim like a bird; but it is a nocturnal creature and an algea eater which hobbyist...
Photo of the Week - Acanthastrea lordhowensis (06/09/16)
We have a lot of mind blowing selection of Australian corals like this Acan here right now.
Cyclone Winston (02/26/16)
This week New Zealand was hammered by the largest cyclone ever to make landfall there. The Northern reaches of the country were especially hard hit, and our hearts and prayers go out to them.
Photo of the Week - Euphyllia glabrescens (02/23/16)
Sometimes the photo just doesn't do the coral justice, sometimes the photo has a little something better about it that makes that coral really pop.
The Picks (02/19/16)
The stormy season is upon us! But fear not, decades of experience have made us the stable business that we are and we have enough trusted partners around the world to ensure that we have the stock you need, when you need it.
Photo of the Week - Hoplolatilus cuniculus (02/17/16)
These Dusky Tilefish (Hoplolatilus cuniculus) came from one of our best SSC (short supply chain) Vendors, located in Fiji. These are spectacular under today's LED lighting fixtures; they show a brilliant blue iridescence that was previously hidden.
Happy Valentines Day (02/15/16)
Happy Valentines Day / Happy Presidents Day everyone. Hopefully today finds you at the shop, selling fish to all the hobbyists who got today off!
Photo of the Week - Lunar Destroyer (02/08/16)
Here at Quality Marine, there is always a good supply of zoanthids in some incredible variety. These "Lunar Destroyers" are in spectacular shape.
The Picks (02/05/16)
I was looking over our selection of WYSIWYG corals today and it got me to thinking about the industry terms Ultra, Premium, Select and so on. These terms are frequently very subjective. Just like everything subjective, something I think is...
Photo of the Week - Amphiprion latifasciatus (02/02/16)
The Madagascar clownfish (Amphiprion latifasciatus) comes from a very small range in the east Indian Ocean. When combined with the political instability in the area, it means that this excellent aquarium fish is very rarely seen in the United...
The Picks (01/29/16)
We have some incredible stock here from Madagascar,Amphiprion latifasciatus and Zebrasoma gemmatum to name a couple.
Photo of the Week - Actinodendron sp (01/25/16)
This genus of anemone is nearly never seen in the aquarium industry as it is fairly uncommon, does not host clownfish, and has a notoriously strong sting. This sting has earned it the common name "Hell's Fire".
The Picks (01/22/16)
Today, the east coast took a beating. Flights delayed, flights cancelled and shipping nearly impossible. The west coast is in fine shape currently, and we have an excellent variety of stock for you to choose from. Though our friends on the right...
Photo of the Week - Hippocampus elongatus (01/19/16)
This is a very rarely seen seahorse, brought in on special order for a public aquarium that wants to breed them. They are gorgeous and from the look of it, already way ahead of the game on the breeding schedule.
The Picks (01/15/16)
If you aren't buying liverock from us right now, you are making a huge mistake.
Photo of The Week - Bounce or Ricordea (01/12/16)
When is a Ricordea not one? Trick question.
The Picks (01/08/16)
While we are totally underwater here in Los Angeles, we still have excellent supply and our holding systems are in great shape because we run them on Tropic Marin salts rather than natural seawater which is the industry standard. This means our...
Photo of the Week - Red Rooster Waspfish (01/05/16)
The Pygmy Red Rooster Waspfish gets no larger than 11cm and doesn't need a ton of room to swim around making it ideal for smaller, desktop style aquariums.
The Picks - Happy New Year (01/01/16)
Happy New Year! This is always such a fun time of year around here and this year has been no exception.
Photo of the Week - Abdopus aculeatus (12/29/15)
Abdopus aculeatus is a fairly common octopus in tropical and subtropical seas. They are primarily crustacean eaters, so sometimes you'll need to start them eating on live hermit crabs.
Photo of the Week - Camposcia retusa (12/22/15)
Decorator Crabs (Camposcia retusa) are very unique critters to add to aquariums. They'll pick up just about anything they can lift and attach it to themselves as camouflage. This means that occasionally snails and hermit crabs go for a ride on...
The Picks (12/18/15)
As we move into the week before Christmas, we are looking to bring in a few Yuletide surprises. In addition, we have the usual full slate of arrivals scheduled and will be working hard to provide you with the largest variety available to keep your...
Photo of the Week - Les Villages Green Chromis (12/15/15)
Today we got a beautiful shipment of fish from Olazul's Sustainable Aquariums program. We have tagged these fish with the name Les Villages, which is the location of the grow-out pens.
The Picks (12/11/15)
As we move into the week before Christmas, we are looking to bring in a few Yuletide surprises. In addition, we have the usual full slate of arrivals scheduled and will be working hard to provide you with the largest variety available to keep your...
Photo of the Week - Lunar Destroyers (12/07/15)
The common names people use for zoanthid polyps are crazy, and nearly impossible to keep up with. These zoas have been commonly called Lunar Destroyers for a long time, like that name or not, it seems to have stuck.
The Picks (12/04/15)
While the season seems to be in full swing already, keep in mind that it generally gets busier for the next few months, and when you combine your increased demand with the normal increases in shipping volume at this time of year, it can make for...
Photo of the Week - Australian Elegance (11/30/15)
Australian Elegance Corals are among the most desirable in the trade, though how you get them to thrive has been a hotly debated topic.
Happy Thanksgiving (11/25/15)
We will be closed next Thursday in observance of Thanksgiving. Have an outstanding holiday weekend everyone.
Photo of the Week - Turkey Fish (11/24/15)
There are a couple fish in the Pterois genus that have the common name "Turkeyfish" and all fish in the genus are loosely called Turkeyfish (or Lionfish). That being said, I chose Turkey for obvious seasonal reasons.
Photo of the Week - Splendid Pin Tail (11/17/15)
Cirrhilabrus lanceolatus is a highly sought after fairy wrasse from a limited range, there are some very closely related wrasses outside of that range, but they are still very limited in supply. This is one of those wrasses. The Splendid Pin-tail...
The Picks (11/13/15)
Big thanks to all of you who stopped by our Booth at the Aquatic Experience in Chicago last weekend. We sure had a good time, and hope that you did too.
Photo of the Week - Aussie Bowerbanki (11/09/15)
One of the least known and best looking corals in the hobby is the Bowerbanki. It suffers more from an uncommon name than anything else, they are wildly variable in coloration and will do well in a variety of aquarium environments.
Photo of the Week - Tono's Fairy (11/02/15)
There are so many beautiful fairy wrasses available to marine aquarium hobbyists these days that it's easy to overlook some of them.
The Picks (10/30/15)
Happy Halloween everyone. This is a great holiday weekend for thematic promos, especially if you have something for your trick-or-treaters.
Photo of the Week - Cultured Tridacna Clams (10/27/15)
Quality Marine has been selling aquacultured clans for over 6 years; in fact, we haven't had a wild clam for sale here for nearly 5 years. Like the rest of them, this one is a stunner.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Clarion Angel (10/20/15)
So many amazing fish here right now, but this is one of the kings for sure. I just had to get more photos of it.
Aquacultured Angels Land At QM (10/16/15)
While we always have an excellent selection of aquacultured fish and inverts here, right now is an especially exciting time as we have no less than 3 different aquacultured angel species in house!
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Lobophyllia (10/12/15)
We have an ever-expanding selection of aquacultured corals, and this Lobo is just one of many that can be found on our real time WYSIWYG. Be sure to check it frequently as we add new items randomly throughout the week.
The Picks (10/09/15)
A big thanks to everyone who stopped by before Reef-A-Palooza today. We've donated a ton of super cool fish for the display tank there, head on over and check them out. Be sure to scan the QR codes on the tank tags!
Photo of the Week - Gem Tang - In Stock! (10/05/15)
Once in a great while, a few of these extraordinary beauties makes it into the US. Right now is one of those times. If you have been waiting for one, do not wait. We have a very limited supply and they are selling quickly.
The Picks (10/02/15)
We have an incredible depth of stock here, both in numbers of items, but also in the diversity available to you. Remember, this is the start of busy season, if people aren't in your store now, it's time to do some marketing. Also examine your...
Photo of the Week - WYSIWYG Mushrooms (09/29/15)
The uptick in WYSIWYG content around here means I have been taking so many coral pictures that I just can't stop posting them. These gems were on the WYSIWYG early this week, and they sold fast. At publishing there were a couple more similar ones...
Photo of the Week - Aussie Acropora (09/21/15)
If you haven't been taking part in our Aussie Acropora Pre-Order, you need to get in touch with your Account Manager ASAP. These goodies are all sold, but there will be a next time.
The Picks (09/18/15)
As September wanes away, sales heat up. The seasonal uptick is thoroughly underway here. Be sure you are stocking your tanks a bit more every order or risk the wrath of the crashed bio-filter.
Photo of the Week - Euphyllia parancora (09/14/15)
We get all sorts of cool goodies to put on our WYSIWYG, and this aquacultured E. parancora was on there recently. Popular with everyone for their brilliant colors, long anchor shaped polyps and branching growth form, these are not all that common,...
Photo of the Week - WYSIWYG Scolymia (09/08/15)
Once in a while, the point of the photo of the week is more a cool specimen, rather than a cool photo. This is both.
Happy Labor Day (09/07/15)
We are closed for business today in observance of Labor Day in the United States.
The Picks (09/04/15)
Happy Labor Day everyone and for those of you attending, have fun at MACNA 2015 in Washington DC.
Holiday Hours (09/02/15)
Just a friendly reminder that Quality Marine will be closed on Monday September 7th in honor of Labor Day.
Photo of the Week - Cryptocentrus fasciatus (09/01/15)
Cryptocentrus fasciatus is a burrowing goby that will share burrows with pistol shrimp. They are hardy and easy to keep.
The Picks (08/28/15)
You know what's even better than a real time stocklist? A totally real time WYSIWYG. With our system, if you see it, it's available. Don't wait though, while you're gazing at the photo, someone else is pressing the "add this to order" button.
Photo of the Week - Trachyphyllia (08/25/15)
Trachyphyllia come in all sorts of colors, though usually they just get lumped into the categories "Red" or "Green." Then something like this comes along.
The Picks (08/21/15)
Labor Day is just around the corner, most of the kids are back in school, and it's time to prep your stocklist and your systems for the busy season.
Photo of the Week - Zoanthids (08/17/15)
While we consistently have an amazing selection of Zoanthids on the normal stocklist, including some very high end ones, your best shot at getting zos like these is to constantly troll through our WYSIWYG section.
The Picks (08/14/15)
If you haven't seen our WYSIWYG recently, be sure to check it out. New items are showing up there more and more frequently. If you want to get the pick of the litter, stop by frequently.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Yuma (08/10/15)
The selection of aquacultured corals here is always stunning, so stunning, in fact, that more and more of it ends up on our WYSIWYG section. This single polyp did exactly that.
Salvat's Dottyback (08/07/15)
People often say summer is the slow season, but for us, it is one of the most exciting times of the year. Unique species abound around here. This week we got what is probably the first Salvat's Dottyback to enter the marine aquarium hobby.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Bubble Coral (08/04/15)
Physogyra is a genus of corals with interesting bubble shaped polyps. Nearly all of the Bubble corals that come through QM are aquacultured at this point and they perform very well for us.
The Picks (07/31/15)
In walking among the holding tanks I have to say that I am just floored with the amount and quality of coral here right now.
Photo of the Week - Pederson's Cleaner Shrimp (07/28/15)
Pederson's Cleaner Shrimp (Periclimenes perdersoni) is a very small but gorgeous cleaner shrimp common to the Caribbean. They will live within the tentacles of Condylactis anemones, which makes for a very cool display.
The Picks (07/24/15)
This is an ever evolving industry and very few things are written in stone when it comes to what gets collected or aquacultured and why. Of course there are a few industry standards that have been desirable for years and continue to be today.
Photo of the Week - Lettuce Nudibranch (07/21/15)
There are very few things better for algal control than Lettuce Nudibranchs. As an added benefit, they also come in a dazzling array of colors.
The Picks (07/17/15)
Here at Quality Marine we go to exceptional lengths to ensure that you get the most exceptional animals. From Short Supply Vendors to mandatory holding periods and the highest quality foods and filtration we really leave no stone unturned.
Photo of the Week - Flounder (07/14/15)
Flounders aren't right for every tank, but they are really cool additions to large FOWLR aquariums. Feed a variety of thawed foods and make sure they have enough exposed sand bed so they can hide.
The Picks (07/10/15)
This industry is not for the faint of heart. Challenges abound, from cultural observances, to all too frequent natural disasters there is an uncountable number of ways that supply chains can get disrupted.
Photo of the Week - Diodogorgia nodulifera (07/08/15)
Diodogorgia nodulifera is a gorgonian that is commonly called "Red Finger" or "Red Node." Like most similar species it is fairly indifferent to light levels, but instead requires consistent temp, pH and regular feedings of planktonic foods.<br><br>
Holiday Hours - Happy Fourth of July (07/01/15)
Quality Marine will be closed on Friday July 3 in observance of Independence Day (USA).
The Picks (06/26/15)
During the summer months, opportunities for distractions away from our aquariums abound. As aquarium industry professionals, it is not time to pack it in, it is time to us to step up and differentiate your shop from the competition.
Photo of the Week - Red Head Jawfish (06/24/15)
Jawfish are among the best nano-fish available. They are hardy with very interesting behaviors and get along with other fish pretty well as long as they aren't other jawfish.
The Picks (06/19/15)
This year Ramadan started on June 17 and will run until July 17. It is a holy month of fasting for Muslims everywhere. Why is this important to the Marine Aquarium Trade?
Photo of the Week - Siganus magnificus (06/17/15)
The Magnificent Rabbitfish (Siganus magnificus) is a gorgeous and hardy addition to most any marine aquarium. They are quite peaceful, yet won't get picked on in aquariums with more rambunctious tank mates.
The Picks (06/12/15)
Every time I turn around, there is another new aquacultured species in stock. This time we have a world's first in the Banded Gobies from Biota Marine.
Photo of the Week - Gold Stripe Maroon Clown (06/11/15)
The one "clownfish" that isn't in the Amphiprion genus is the Premnas biaculeatus. While white stripe and gold stripe maroons have distinction in the hobby, scientifically they are the same species.
Photo of the Week - Aquaman (06/04/15)
No, not THE aquaman, but rather some palys that are often called "aquaman" by people in the marine aquarium hobby. These do really well in aquariums; they will grow quickly once acclimated to suitable conditions.
The Picks (05/29/15)
s the summer unfolds in the US it should prove to be an exciting time at QM. It seems that every summer we see a wider and wider diversity of stock and I expect this year to be no different.
Photo of the Week - Halichoeres chierchiae (05/27/15)
The Wounded Wrasse is found on the west coast of the Americas, from Panama to N. Mexico. They are usually found around reefs in less than 20m of water.
The Picks (05/22/15)
As I watch the cleanup of the oil leak off the coast of Santa Barbara I am reminded of how fragile our industry is. The long range effects of this catastrophe could linger for a long time. Just yesterday I read an article about the ongoing issues...
Photo of the Week - Acanthurus triostegus (05/21/15)
Acanthurus triostegus is a very recognizable tang. We have them available from Short Supply Chains and they do very well for us. They can be added in groups; in fact, I think they do better in groups if added all at the same time. Feed multiple...
Photo of the Week - Genicanthus bellus (05/20/15)
There are times in assessing what a fish is where guesswork is required. This Bellus Angel looks somewhat different than the usual transitional specimen (making the change from female to male).
The Picks (05/15/15)
As a whole the marine ornamental industry, when managed in an ecologically responsible manner and best collection practices are adhered to, is a valuable asset to the community it serves.
Photo of the Week - Australian Acropora (05/13/15)
Australian acroporas are in as high a demand as ever. Call your Account Manager to get dibs on the best lots! This one had a visitor come with it, but he had to be removed.
The Picks (05/08/15)
Happy Mother's Day everyone. This weekend usually signifies the start of the summer season and many in our industry start to reduce the number of species available.
Photo of the Week - Blenniella chrysospilos (05/07/15)
Blenniella chrysospilos are commonly called the Orange (or Red) Spot Blenny. They are good algae and detritus eaters that don't need a ton of space. Feed a varied diet and don't keep with other Blennies.
Gamma Food is Back In Stock (05/05/15)
After a short lapse in import, Gamma Foods are now available again.
The Picks (05/01/15)
When you deal in living organisms, the commitment to quality, means a commitment to caring and this comes with costs.
Photo of the Week - Harlequin Tuskfish (05/01/15)
Harlequin Tuskfish (Choerodon fasciatus) are certainly among the most brilliant fish available in the marine aquarium hobby. They make amazing aquarium inhabitants being very hardy, gorgeously colored and adapting well to prepared foods. We...
Photo of the Week - Canthigaster janthinoptera (04/22/15)
The Honeycomb Puffer (Canthigaster janthinoptera) is small fish (max size about four inches) from all over the Tropical Pacific. They are hardy, well suited to marine aquariums. Feed them a varied diet, at least a couple times a day. We don't...
The Picks (04/17/15)
I love to start my Friday morning on the floor, checking out all the previous days arrivals; appreciating the job our suppliers do for us (and keeping a lookout for a few choice things to recommend for you, obviously.)
Photo of the Week - Gold Chain Eel (04/14/15)
Chain Eels (Echidna catenata) have a couple different color forms based on where they're from. This is one of the gold variants, the other common variation is white and black.
The Picks (04/10/15)
The advancements in aquaculture keep on coming, and luckily for QM customers, many of the newly available species are available exclusively from Quality Marine.
Photo of the Week - Trachyphyllia (04/09/15)
Trachyphyllia come in a stunning array of colors, patterns and forms. This photo is actually two of them side by side. They do well in areas of low flow and low light. Feeding is required, but luckily, quite easy. They are also a clownfish...
QM Receives North America's First Cultured Clown Trigger (04/03/15)
This is the first batch of Commercially Raised Clown Triggerfish available for sale in North America. These were raised by Biota Marine Life Nursery in Palau.
Photo of the Week - Dragonette (04/02/15)
Splendid Dragonettes get more colorful when they make the segue to male, and even more beautiful still when showing off for courting purposes. This one was especially gorgeous.
The Picks (03/27/15)
The importance of proper handling cannot be overstated. Due to the enormous distance traveled by some of shipments, each one is treated individually.
Photo of the Week - Bali Basslet (03/24/15)
This is a regional variant of the Pseudanthias lunulatus that is commonly called the Bali Basslet. These are a hardy species, but they require frequent feedings to maintain their stunning coloration and vigor. (Joined by a jeweled damsel in the...
The Picks (03/20/15)
One of the worst typhoons in Vanuatu's history, Cyclone Pam, has devastated the small island chain in the South Pacific.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Watermelon Chalice (03/18/15)
We get an excellent selection of aquacultured chalices in on a weekly basis and most (if not all) of them are nice enough to be on WYSIWYG. Don't overlook this section of our ordering system. It is loaded with gems like this.
The Picks (03/13/15)
upporting Short Supply Chain (SSC) collectors and vendors makes for a healthier, higher quality animal. In most cases animals are collected where there isnt much competition from other fishermen, enabling those fishers to better manage their...
Photo of the Week - Green Chromis (03/11/15)
Green Chromis can be differentiated from Blue Green Chromis. Although they are very similar, the Green Chromis lacks a black spot at the base of the pectoral fin. An ideal aquarium fish, Green Chromis are hardy, small and peaceful.
The Picks (03/06/15)
The world of ordering marine species can be a challenging place. Many species have multiple common names. On the flip side, some fish that look, act, and eat nearly identically have different species and common names if they came from different...
The Picks (02/20/15)
As many of you know, there is an ongoing labor dispute happening at docks around the country. With few exceptions, livestock is never transported that way, but salt is, and there are other complications that arise from this as well.
Photo of the Week - Cardinal Soldierfish (02/18/15)
The Cardinal Soldierfish is unique in that it's eyes seem set much more forward on the head than the average soldier. This gives it a cross-eyed appearance when viewed from the front. Very sensitive to bright light, and very shy, these should be...
The Picks (02/13/15)
Never fear, spring is just around the corner and better shipping days for our domestic clients are ahead (assuming it stops snowing in Northeast someday).
Photo of the Week - Aberrant Foxface (02/11/15)
If one spot is good, then 3 conjoined spots is better? One Spot Foxface Rabbitfish are very common and great aquarium fish. Every once in a while one comes a long that isn't quite so common.
The Picks (02/06/15)
Fish food used to be flakes of something mostly unknown. Now diets range from being an all purpose, protein dense pellets to items specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs or pique the interests of some of the most demanding species.
Photo of the Week - Falcula Butterfly (02/04/15)
Falcula Butterflies come from the Indian Ocean and attain a max size of about seven inches. They are best suited for fish only tanks, with other fish that are on the slightly aggressive end of the spectrum.
Photo of the Week - Hermit Crab (01/29/15)
While many people don't like hermit crabs for their well known penchant for escargot, it must be admitted that nothing cleans up an aquarium like a swarm of them, or at least one big one. They just eat and stir up about everything. On top of all...
The Picks (01/23/15)
Quality Marine is an avid supporter of aqua-cultured specimens and is continually searching for new producers and new specimens to offer.
Photo of the Week - Randall's Assessor (01/22/15)
Randall's Assessor Basslets are some of the most subtly gorgeous fish in the aquarium trade. Their iridescent combination of red and blue just doesn't photograph well because it takes movement to show it off. We consistently stock a high quality...
The Picks (01/16/15)
Quality Marine takes great pride in how we operate the facility at every step. The health of any animal is in large part dependent on what happens before the fish comes in the door, but that is another topic. Once an animal is here, our goal is to...
Photo of the Week - Atlantic Blue Tang (01/14/15)
Atlantic Blue Tangs (Acanthurus coeruleus) go through an amazing color change during the course of their lives, luckily for aquarium hobbyists, both the juvenile stage and the adult stage are stunningly beautiful.
The Picks (01/09/15)
There is never a bad time of year to set your shop apart from the competition. Right now, during the busy season is no exception. To get that accomplished, you need to make sure you spend enough time and effort on keeping your displays top notch.
Photo of the Week - Tail Spot Blenny (01/08/15)
Tail Spot Blennies (Ecsenius stigmatura) are hardy, engaging aquarium inhabitants. They don't require a ton of room, get along well with most tank mates and generally accept most common aquarium foods pretty readily. Just don't house them with...
The Picks (01/02/15)
Welcome to 2015.
The Picks - Happy New Year (12/26/14)
Happy New Year everyone, we hope it finds you safe and fulfilled & your business profitable. We have some hour adjustments for the coming week.
The Picks - Holiday Hours (12/19/14)
Quality Marine will have adjusted hours during the holiday season.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Clams (12/17/14)
This week we received an incredible selection of aquacultured Tridacna clams from a few different species. Call your Account Manager for more information.
The Picks (12/12/14)
Christmas is upon us already and we have one more week before the most challenging week in which to ship tropical fish across the US. There are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind when bringing in fish this time of year. Primarily, stock up right...
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Hydnophora (12/04/14)
Aquacultured Hydnophora rigida is among the most durable branching hard corals in the hobby. They are also extremely colorfast, meaning that they will stay green, even under some challenging conditions. Not all branching stony corals can boast...
Photo of the Week - Christmas Wrasse (11/26/14)
November is nearly in the rear view, and the Christmas decorations are out in force. Not to be late to the parade, here is a gorgeous Christmas wrasse (that is in stock right now).
The Picks (11/21/14)
As far as the wholesale aspect of things, Black Friday is already here. Hopefully you've started stocking up already, but if you haven't, make sure to get your order in early this week.
Photo of the Week - Acropora (11/20/14)
In this photo, a row of ReefHab acropora frags were on a rack to the side of some aquacultured Maxima clams that were under more direct lighting. <br><br>
The Picks (11/14/14)
If you haven't noticed from all the decor changes around your towns, the shopping season has descended upon us, Black Friday is just around the corner, and people have started planning gifts.
Photo of the Week - Mimic Blenny (11/13/14)
The Mimic Blenny, (Ecsenius gravieri), is a copycat of another blenny, Meiacanthus nigrolineatus that has a venomous bite and is thus more likely to be avoided by potential predators than otherwise.
The Picks (11/07/14)
The changing seasons always make for challenging conditions, and this year is no different. Many of the areas where our collectors work have been experiencing everything from cyclones to weeks of torrential rain.
Photo Of The Week - Sexy Shrimp (11/05/14)
Sexy shrimp are generally found among the tentacles of an anemone in the wild, but in the home aquarium they'll go just about anywhere; frequently perching on other types of coral. This fearless behavior means they shouldn't be kept with larger...
The Picks (10/31/14)
Have a very fun and safe Halloween weekend everyone. Thematic stock ordering might be the thing in other industries and it doesn't hurt to do a bit of it in our industry, as long as a longer view is taken.
Photo of the Week - A/C Hippocampus erectus (10/30/14)
Quality Marine has several excellent sources for aquacultured seahorses, and while specimens like this are hard to come by, we do get them. Cultured seahorses are generally hardier than their wild caught brethren, are totally sustainable, and much...
The Picks (10/24/14)
Australia has banned fishing for reef fish during the full moons during spawning periods in an effort to protect fish during periods of extreme vulnerability as they aggregate to spawn. We are currently in the first of two closures.
Photo of the Week - Snow Onyx and Anemone (10/22/14)
Hobbyists often report having issues getting cultured clownfish to host in anemones, though with careful planning and logical choices about the anemone choice, this isn't an impossible task.
The Picks (10/17/14)
California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that will ban and phase out single use plastic bags over the course of the next two years. Individual packing bags, like those used for bagging up fish, are not banned by the language and their...
Photo of the Week - Clavularia Polyps (10/15/14)
These aquacultured Clavularia Polyps come in very consistently. They always have great coverage and very healthy polyp extension. We currently have an excellent stock of them.
The Picks (10/10/14)
Quality Marine houses the most state of the art wholesale marine holding facility in North America, and maybe the world.
Nutramar OVA Supply Disruption (10/07/14)
We are currently completely out of Nutramar Ova. We are currently evaluating if/when there will be eggs collected this year. We expect to know more within a few weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Photo of the Week - Yellow Spot Anthias (10/02/14)
Odontanthias borbonius is a deepwater anthias species, that range from depths of 300 down to the 1000 feet or more. They have several common names including "Checked Swallowtail,"Yellow Spotted," and "Blotched" Anthias.
The Picks (09/26/14)
arlier this week, President Obama announced the creation of the world's largest marine sanctuary. It encompasses five US controlled Island and Atolls in the Central Pacific. Effectively, this is an expansion of three of the already existing...
Photo Of The Week - Australian Acropora (09/24/14)
We got in a beautiful shipment of Australian Acropora yesterday. Better hope you had your's pre-ordered because every one of these pieces is sold. <br><br>
The Picks (09/19/14)
In the last week, several new protections for marine animals came to the forefront. After a year of deliberation, Manta Rays, Hammerhead &, Oceanic Whitetip Sharks have been added to CITES appendix II. In addition...
Photo of the Week - Bellus Angel Pair (09/18/14)
Bellus Angels (Genicanthus bellus) are an amazing aquarium animal. Small adult size, robust health, and easy to get onto prepared foods. Males are more infrequently available than females, and pairs are an extremely rare treat.
Photo of the Week - Dragonface Eel (09/11/14)
Dragonface Eels (Muraena pardalis)
The Picks (09/05/14)
Schools back in, and everyone is recovered from the Labor Day festivities (I hope) and it is time to get down to fishy business (well, and coral business too). If you haven't yet started to ramp up your bio-load for the regular season, now is the...
Photo of the Week - Halloween Land Crabs (09/04/14)
Gecarcinus quadratus are more commonly called Halloween Land Crabs for their famously festive coloration. These are a crab common in tidal areas and a must have for keeping any brackish mangrove display.
The Picks (08/29/14)
Happy Labor Day everyone. We'll be closed on Monday, but are looking forward hearing from you later in the week. Stock levels are excellent; we have whatever you may need. Give us a call or on Tuesday or log an order in our online ordering system...
Labor Day (08/25/14)
We will be closed on Monday, September 1 in honor of Labor Day. Please give us a call or stop by on Tuesday when we resume normal hours.
The Picks (08/22/14)
The quality of the initial supply chain can make the difference between an animal that is healthy, vibrant & salable and a fish you lose to your hospital tank or worse, lose totally. QM focuses the majority of our sourcing efforts on on Short...
Photo of the Week - Yellow Cusk Eel (08/21/14)
Diancistrus fuscus was once classified as Brotulina fusca. It is usually called the Yellow (or dusky) Brotulid. They don't see very well and thus can be easily outcompeted for food by even the most painstaking eaters. These are best kept in...
The Picks (08/15/14)
We are 2 weeks into the statewide ban of importation of lionfish into the state of Florida. Here are a couple quick points to remember about this new legislation.
Photo of the Week - Superman Mushrooms (08/14/14)
Among our vast selection of Rhodactis Mushrooms, one of the most popular is the "Superman" variety, so named for the red and blue coloration they sport.
Photo of the Week - Sea Goblin (08/07/14)
Sea Goblins come in so many varieties of color that it is hard to describe. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? The fish from the genus Inimicus are all scorpionfish, so named for the venomous spines clearly evident on this fish.
The Picks (08/01/14)
As summer heat continues, how fish are handled during shipping and acclimation can make all the difference in how well they perform for you.
Photo of the Week - Brauns Cleaner Shrimp (07/30/14)
Braun's Cleaner Shrimp (Urocaridella antonbruunii) are a peaceful community shrimp that are widely thought to be reef safe. In the wild they are known for cleaning the mouths of large cave dwellers like groupers and eels.
The Picks (07/25/14)
The heat of summer sometimes means going the extra mile to tempt customers in. Competing with barbecues & vacations can be difficult, but it is not an impossible task. Spend time engaging customers on social media and don't be afraid to stock a...
Photo of the Week - WYSIWYG Corals (07/24/14)
The only way to see the latest and greatest updates to our WYSIWYG offerings is on our online ordering portal. Make sure you check it often, or you may miss pieces like this.
The Picks (07/18/14)
This week our thoughts are with the Philippine people struggling in the aftermath of 2 hurricanes. Hurricane season is in full force. There will be interruptions in supply both from wild collectors, whose concentration will be on their families...
The Picks (07/11/14)
We are in the midst of Ramadan, and collection conditions in much of the tropical world are really quite atrocious meaning that supply of some fish, from some places could be impacted. QM's diverse portfolio of trusted supply lines means that we...
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Tiger Batfish (07/10/14)
Another photo of one of the Aquacultured Tiger Batfish we had in stock recently. A first as an aquacultured specimen in the United States, and perhaps the Americas. Tiger Batfish (Platax batavianus) like the rest of the "Batfish" go by several...
Happy Fourth of July (07/04/14)
Quality Marine will be closed on Friday, July 4, 2014 in honor of Independence Day. We will be open for normal business on Monday, July 7.
The Picks (07/03/14)
Everyone is out of the office today enjoying their Independence day, except for our husbandry staff. There are no days off for them, fish need taking care of every day of the year.
Announcing Aquacultured Tiger Batfish (07/03/14)
Quality Marine is proud to announce the arrival of our very first Aquacultured Batavia Batfish, and indeed, the first of them ever on North American soil. There is a limited number of these available.
Bob's Picks (06/27/14)
Its the beginning of July and (as usual) Im fighting the urge to set up another aquarium at home. We always seem to have a beautifully stocked floor and it is just as amazing all summer long. Because collection conditions are usually quite good...
Photo of the Week - Spanish Dancer (06/26/14)
Spanish Dancer Nudibranchs are on the list of "most crazy beautiful" things in the ocean. These represent one of the most challenging marine species to keep in captivity based on their water quality and feeding requirements.
Bob's Picks (06/20/14)
Not all exporters are created equal and the result of each exporter is dependent on the vision and commitment to sustainability of the operator. We consistently visit all our vendors to ensure that their vision of what the chain of custody should...
Photo of the Week - Cirrhilabrus punctatus (06/19/14)
Cirrhilabrus punctatus is an often overlooked Cirrhilabrus wrasse as it takes the right light to really make the fine sapphire blue spots come to life. Pictured is a "terminal male" showing full spawning coloration.
Bob's Picks (06/13/14)
The Quality Marine website may be the portal to our industry leading online ordering system but if you dig a little deeper there is an amazing wealth of information to be found as well. We are constantly reviewing and updating our fish, invertebrate...
Photo of the Week - Green Wolf (06/12/14)
The Green Wolf Eel (Congrogadus subducens) is also often called the "Carpet Eel Blenny." Both names are incorrect as this fish is actually a Pseudochromid.
Bob's Picks (06/06/14)
Summer will soon be upon us and checking the upcoming weather forecast it appears hot temperatures are on their way. It is highly suggested to notify your Customer Service Representative when you are experiencing extreme temperatures so we can...
Photo of the Week - Astropyga radiata (06/05/14)
Astropyga radiata is among the most beautiful urchins available in the marine aquarium industry. Voracious eaters of a variety of algae they also consume meaty foods. Very stable water quality is required for long term success with this animal.
Bob's Picks (05/30/14)
Our global network of supply chains allows us to offer an extensive array of species on a daily basis making it even more convenient for our clients to receive all of their livestock needs in one shipment. In our efforts to streamline this process...
Photo of the Week: Cirrhilabrus laboutei (05/29/14)
Laboute's Fairy wrasses (Cirrhilabrus laboutei) are a very docile species making them idea for adding harems like this. Males will develop out of the most dominant subadult / female fish, but for the impatient, we also offer males. We recommend...
Bob's Picks (05/23/14)
This coming week is Interzoo being held in Nuremberg, Germany from May 29 to June1. For those not familiar with the event, this is the worlds largest trade show for the international pet supplies industry.
Photo of the Week - Scorpaena brasiliensis (05/22/14)
Scorpaena brasiliensis is a member of the scorpionfish family. Often called the horned barbfish, they make a unique addition to the proper display. They are very hardy, and unlikely to bother corals, but may consumer smaller fish and motile...
Bob's Picks (05/16/14)
Memorial Day is just around the corner to kick off the official start to summer but dont fret as we have a full slate of shipments arriving daily. Being familiar with summer time trends and what it takes to thrive in a traditionally slow season,...
Photo of the Week - Blastomussa wellsi colony (05/14/14)
Blastomussa wellsi is one of the hobby's most brilliant LPS corals. These are quite hardy, given favorable conditions and absolutely stunningly colored. Provide moderate, but indirect flow, low to moderate light, and weekly, meaty meals.
Bob's Picks (05/09/14)
Summer is just around the corner and its very important to monitor the arrival temperatures of your shipments and make sure your Customer Service Representative is aware of any trends that may be developing.
Photo of the Week - Enoplometopus daumi (05/08/14)
Enoplometopus daumi or the Purple Claw Daumi is a gorgeous lobster with a small adult size. While they are unlikely to bother corals, they may pose a threat to bivalves and snails.
Bob's Picks (05/02/14)
Every week I feature a few choice items that you may have overlooked or that I think are especially worthy of your attention.
Photo of the Week - Sea Goblin (05/01/14)
Sea Goblins are part of the Scorpionfish family, meaning the come fully equipped with some gnarly looking venomous spines.
Bobs Picks (04/25/14)
Every week I trawl through the stocklist, and fish through the specimens in the holding system here, looking for a few items you may have overlooked, or a couple gems that shouldn't be passed up.
Photo of the Week: Scolymia australis (04/24/14)
There are more than one kind of Scolymia, but when most people around the industry say "scoly" this coral is what is being referenced.
Bob's Picks (04/18/14)
This week I am featuring a variety of items, some of which stick out for especially good quality, other for rarity, and some finally that you might just overlook.
Photo of the Week - Carpet Anemone and Domino Damsels (04/17/14)
Domino Damsels are one of the lesser known species that can be hosted by an anemone. Whatever their defense mechanism, they can withstand the sting of the anemones tentacles and seek shelter within its folds. This is not an uncommon phenomena, but...
Bob's Picks (04/11/14)
This week I am featuring MAC Orange Lined Cardinals, itsy bitsy domino damsels, Aquacultured Ingens Seahorses, Grape Cristata, Purple Encrusting Montipora and Aquacultured Palau Nepthea.
Photo of the Week - Pseudanthias calloura (04/09/14)
Pseudanthias calloura also called the Aurora Anthias, is a deepwater fish that is extremely rare in the hobby. The extremely limited number of these that are available are all eating live foods. They are for sale in pairs only.
Bob's Picks (04/04/14)
Every week I scour the holding systems and the stocklist, looking for hidden gems and unusually good specimens for you to try out.
Photo of the Week - Halichoeres melanurus male (04/03/14)
Halichoeres melanurus wrasses are sometimes called Pinstripe wrasses, though on the terminal males like the one pictured, those pinstripes are often hidden by solid bars of purple / red coloration. These are very hardy in captivity if offered a...
Bob's Picks (03/28/14)
Every week I highlight items you may have overlooked and sometimes hadn't even heard of!
Photo Of The Week - Acanthastrea lordhowensis (03/27/14)
We have a stunning collection of Acanthastrea lordhowensis. While we get new Australian stock consistently, we also have a few colonies that we've been keeping here to let them fluff up. Watch for these super premium pieces to come up now and...
Bob's Picks (03/21/14)
Every week I peruse the shop and stock list looking for gems you may have overlooked, or items that are just too nice not to highlight.
Photo of the Week - Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish (03/20/14)
Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish (Canthidermis maculata) is a rarely seen triggerfish in the aquarium hobby. While it has a circumtropical distribution, they are generally found singly, making collection of them rare. They are more often caught as a...
Bob's Picks (03/14/14)
Every week I look around the facility and through the stocklist for items that you may have overlooked or that stand out to me. Here is that list.
Photo of the Week - Plectranthias pelicieri pair (03/13/14)
One of the Hobby's most sought after anthias, Plectranthias pelicieri are rarely seen singly, let alone in pairs. Plectranthias is an interesting genus of Anthias in that the fish in it tend to act more like a hawkfish than an anthias.
Bob's Picks (03/07/14)
This week I am featuring Fridmani Pseudochromis, Doublay's Angles, Tank Bred Yellow Tiger Seahorses, Aquacultured Elephant Ear Mushrooms and a variety of Australian corals.
Photo of the Week - Antennarius striatus (03/06/14)
The Blackbeard Anglerfish isn't a different species, but a variant of a known species, Antennarius striatus, that is very interesting.
Bob's Picks (02/28/14)
Every week I scour the stocklist and walkthrough the entire inventory multiple times looking for some stock items you might not recognize, may have overlooked, or are just plain exceptional.
Photo of the Week: Trachyphyllia geoffroyi (02/27/14)
Trachyphyllia geoffroyi are an easy coral to maintain. Keep them in low flow, low light areas, and frequently feed them large meaty meals. These corals will suffer in high flow, but can be slowly acclimated to brighter lit conditions. ...
Bob's Picks (02/21/14)
A selection of items that I either found to be exceptional, or likely overlooked from the current stocklist.
Photo of the Week - Scooter Blenny (02/20/14)
The Scooter Blenny (Synchiropus ocellatus) is actually a Dragonette. Regardless of what you call them, they have lots of interesting behaviors in the home aquarium. We target feed them thawed rotifers and Nutramar's OVA which they do very well on.
Bob's Picks (02/14/14)
Every week I trawl the stocklist and holding system to find a few hidden gems for you.
Photo of the Week - Sunset Plate Coral (02/13/14)
Plate Corals are brilliantly colored and easy to keep. They can be kept under fairly low lighting conditions, and should be regularly fed. They will accept surprisingly large meaty meals like chopped seafood or krill.
Bob's Picks (02/07/14)
Every week on Friday morning, I scour the building looking for items you may have overlooked and other gems to bring to your notice.
Photo of the Week - Dwarf Lionfish (02/06/14)
Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish (Dendrochirus brachypterus) can be kept in fish only and reef tanks alike, though they will consume smaller fish and ornamental shrimps. Because they have a small adult size and aren't excessively active, they don't need a...
Bob's Picks (01/31/14)
Every week I feature some items that you may have overlooked on our stocklist, or items that are especially worthy of note. This week we have a few very unique items to offer you.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured WYSIWYG Clams (01/30/14)
We have a great selection of Tridacna maxima, and Tridacna squamosa clams in house that are all aquacultured. We have gone ahead and featured tiny sampling of them on our online ordering WYSIWYG system.
Bob's Picks (01/24/14)
Every week I scour our inventory to look for a couple hidden gems to let you know about. I have some especially neat items this week.
Highly Underrated Fish - Carpenters Wrasse (01/23/14)
Maybe it is the pedestrian name, maybe it is that they are just so easy to keep, but the Carpenters Wrasse (Paracheilinus carpenteri) is a fish that is often overlooked, and shouldn't be.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Angels (01/23/14)
Pictured here are two of the rarest animals in the world, Aquacultured Angelfish. The Clarion Angel is a super rare fish, even in the wild. The Maze Angel is one of the first two Aquacultured Maze Angels ever imported into North America.
Bob's Picks (01/17/14)
Every week I go through our stock and pick out a few items that are worth attention and may have slipped past your notice.
Photo of the Week - WYSIWYG Chalice (01/16/14)
The selection of chalices here at Quality Marine right now is pretty amazing. This exact chalice is available on our WYSIWYG, but we also have an extensive selection of gorgeous, unique pieces on our regualar stocklist.
Bob's Picks (01/10/14)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Ancoras (01/09/14)
We usually have an excellent selection of Aquacultured Euphyllia in stock, and right now we have a great selection of different Aquacultured Anchors, Torches and Frogspawns.
Bob's Picks (01/03/14)
Every week I go through our stock and pick out a few items that are worth attention and may have slipped past your notice.
Photo of the week - Queensland Dottyback (01/02/14)
The Queensland Dottyback (Ogilbyina queenslandiae) is a hardy and stunning fish fit for reefs and fish only tanks that have aggressive tankmates.
Bob's Picks (12/27/13)
Happy New Year!
Photo of the Week - Acanthastrea echinata (12/26/13)
Acanthastrea echinata are one of many corals commonly called "Brain" These are large polyp stony corals (LPS) that will encrust over surrounding rock.
Bob's Picks (12/20/13)
Happy Holidays everyone.
Photo of the Week - Cultured Clownfish (12/19/13)
There are very few aquarium animals that elicit response as well as clownfish do. The amount of aquaculturing being done means more and more interesting gene expression and hybrids come out all the time. These Snow Onyx Clowns are yet another...
Holiday Hours (12/19/13)
Quality Marine will be open from 8 - noon on December 24th, Closed on December 25 and closed to walk in traffic on December 26, but online orders for livestock can still be picked up. We will be closed on Tuesday, December 31 and Wednesday January...
Bob's Picks (12/13/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Cook Islands Maxima Clams (12/12/13)
One of our exclusive sources of Aquacultured Maxima Clams is in the Cook Islands. These clams are from the most recent batch of clams to come from this facility.
Bob's Picks (12/06/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Aquacultured Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus (12/05/13)
Quality Marine is proud to announce availability of Aquacultured Aquacultured Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus for the first time ever.
Photo of the Week: Amphiprion percula "Picasso" (12/04/13)
We have an outstanding selection of cultured clownfish, and this Picasso Percula is no exception. This exact fish can be found on our WYSIWYG through our online ordering portal.
Bob's Picks (11/29/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Happy Thanksgiving (11/28/13)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Quality Marine will be closed today (11/28) but will reopen on Friday. We'll be closed to walk in traffic on Monday, Dec 2 but staff will be here to ship out your online orders and add phone calls.
Photo of the Week - Berghia Nudibranchs (11/28/13)
Berghia Nudibranchs are one of a very few natural controls for aiptasia anemones. While they are fairly easy to propagate, they only eat aiptasia (obligate feeders), so raising enough food for your stock is just as important as raising the stock...
Relief Efforts in the Philippines (11/27/13)
Quality Marine would like to invite you to join us in assisting the relief effort in the Philippines. The ZSL (Zological Society of London), in concert with Project Seahorse, is offering a way to directly support the fishermen and other coastal...
Bob's Picks (11/22/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Rock Flower Anemone (11/21/13)
Rock Flower Anemones (Epicystis sp) are very popular for their astounding coloration and general durability. These anemones will find a crack in the rock or sand to dig into, and may over time move through several different homes. They will do...
Bob's Picks (11/15/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Slender Rainbow Wrasse (11/14/13)
The Rainbow Wrasse (Suezichthys arquatus) is a fish that ranges from southern Japan to Northern New Zealand. These are an infrequent fish in the trade. We found them to be a fairly passive fish that took a variety of foods fairly easily. They...
New Item - Live Mysid Shrimp (11/12/13)
Quality Marine is proud to announce that we are selling Live Mysid Shrimp. These are a very nutritious food and are readily accepted by almost any fish.
Bob's picks (11/08/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Red Synchiropus splendidus cf (11/07/13)
One of the most stunning variants of the Synchiropus splendidus is the red one. We have excellent results getting these to eat by feeding them Nutramar's OVA and Tigrio.
Bob's Picks (11/01/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Australian Favia (10/31/13)
This Australian Favia is part of a growing number of Australian corals we are featuring on our WYSIWYG section. We will continue to have a great selection of Aussie stuff that we don't feature, but be sure to check out that WYSIWYG section a couple...
Bob's Picks (10/25/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Aussie Chalice and Cultured Banggai (10/23/13)
We have a small population of Aquacultured Banggai Cardinals in our WYSIWYG tank. This leads to some photos where they are "in the way".
Bob's Picks (10/18/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Amphiprion Percullaris (10/17/13)
Quality Marine has received a small batch of a new Aquacultured Clownfish that is currently known as Percullaris, or Snow Onyx.
Bob's Picks (10/11/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Aberrant Centropyge bicolor (10/10/13)
Aberrant Centropyge bicolor pop up very infrequently. Some people say that the different color forms are based on diet, others say there is a genetic component to them. There have been some reports of significant pattern and coloration changing in...
Bob's Picks (10/04/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention. This is a very special week as I have a species of Anthias to offer that is new to science and unavailable anywhere...
Photo of the Week - New Caledonia Sunrise (10/03/13)
A new species of Anthias has been discovered by Quality Marine exclusive collectors in New Caledonia. Credit for first collecting this species goes to Antoine Teitelbaum.
New Species of Anthias (10/01/13)
Quality Marine is proud to announce the importation of a new species of Anthias.
Bob's Picks (09/27/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Nassarius (09/26/13)
Nassarius Snails can be found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. The species that are most sought after for the marine aquarium hobby are from the Indo-Pacific. They are a burrowing snail that will hide beneath the substrate,...
Bob's Picks (09/20/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Royal Gramma (09/19/13)
Royal Grammas are an iconic fish in the hobby; their extreme durability combined with brilliant coloration and outstanding activity level make the perfect combination for an aquarium inhabitant. They are found throughout the Caribbean and tropical...
Popular Piscines - Garibaldi Damsels (09/16/13)
Garibaldi Damsels (Hypsypops rubicundus) are the state marine fish of California which is appropriate considering that the coast of CA represents the bulk of the native range this fish inhabits. A very limited number of these fish are available in...
Bob's Picks (09/13/13)
Every week Bob features some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Zoanthids (09/12/13)
Quality Marine is offering a wide selection of Aquacultured Zoanthids at this point. While most carry industry recognized common names, some still go under the moniker "Ultra". These are items that we haven't gotten regularly enough to make a...
Bob's Picks (09/06/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Balistapus undulatus (09/05/13)
Balistapus undulatus is commonly called the Undulated Triggerfish, but it is also frequently called the Orange Lined Triggerfish. They are a gorgeous, very hardy trigger with a small adult size.
Bob's Picks (08/30/13)
Every week Bob features some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Green Watermelon Chalice (08/29/13)
Quality Marine has added yet another aquacultured Echinophyllia Chalice to our stocklist called "Green Watermelon".
Bob's Picks (08/23/13)
Every week Bob features some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week: Aquacultured QM Pink Montis (08/22/13)
One of the more popular items recently on the Quality Marine's Aquacultured list is a bright pink aquacultured branching Montipora that you shouldn't be missing out on.
Bob's Picks (08/16/13)
Every week Bob features some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Bob's Picks (08/09/13)
Every week Bob features some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Hybrid Angel "Tiger-pyge" (08/08/13)
This hybrid Centropyge angel is likely a cross between an Eibli and a Lemonpeel (Centropyge flavissimus x eibli)
Aquacultured Juvenile Clarion Angel (08/06/13)
Quality Marine is proud to announce the first Aquacultured Clarion Angel (Holacanthus clarionensis) available for sale in North America. This fish was produced from a captive breeding at Bali Aquarich. It was originally sent to Tropical Marine...
Bob's Picks (08/02/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Thalassoma hebraicum (08/01/13)
This is a photo of a Male Goldbar Wrasse (Thalassoma hebraicum) They are a common fish in the Western Indian Ocean that are occasionally seen in the marine aquarium trade and are also harvested by subsistence fishermen. They are usually found in...
Bob's Picks (07/26/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Abdopus aculteatus (07/25/13)
Abdopus aculteatus is a relatively small species as cephalopods go. Also known as "Algae Octopus" they rarely get bigger than about a foot across (maximum tentacle span). They readily take food in captivity and are known for being active during...
Bob's Picks (07/19/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Acanthastrea echinata (07/18/13)
Acanthastrea echinata is an encrusting, fleshy polyp coral that is common throughout the tropical Pacific Ocean. As a genus, they express a huge variety of colors and the patterns on colony are no exception. It is currently available on our WYSIWYG...
Bob's Picks (07/12/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Centropyge joculator (07/11/13)
Centropyge joculator commonly known as the joculator angel is an uncommon fish in the marine aquarium trade. Unlike many other rare fish, this isn't due to extreme difficulty of collection, or dangerous depths. It is due to having a very limited...
Bob's Picks (07/05/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week: Red Trachyphyllia (07/04/13)
Trachyphyllia come in an endless variety of patterns and coloration. They do best when placed in low flow, low light scenarios on the sandbed and given large meaty meals like thawed, quartered silversides one to two times a week.
Happy Fourth of July - Holiday schedule update (07/02/13)
We at QM would like to wish you a happy and safe holiday while we celebrate the anniversary of our Nation's Independence. We will be open on Wednesday, July 3rd, but only from 8am to noon. We will be closed on Thursday, July 4th. We will be open...
Bob's Picks (06/28/13)
This week I am featuring Aquacultured Zoanthids, Raccoon Butterflyfish, Aquacultured Banggai Cardinals, Rhinopias, Button Corals, Red Trachys and Aquacultured Yellow and Black Saddle Clownfish.
Photo of the Week: Hybrid Zoster Butterfly (06/27/13)
This unique fish has the defining markings and coloration of two separate species: Hemitaurichthys zoster and Hemitaurichthys polylepis. They both come from the same genus, have similar spawning times and habits. Their ranges overlap, but it is...
Bob's Picks (06/21/13)
This week I am featuring Ignitius Anthias, Cup Turbinaria, Regal Angels, Metallic Green Trachys, Mappa Puffers and Tubastrea.
Photo of The Week: Pink Palythoa (06/20/13)
Pink Palythoa are unlike most Palys in that they are accustomed to very bright conditions. While they will live and spread in lower light, they require high light and moderate flow to maintain their brilliant pink coloration. Because they are...
Bob's Picks (06/14/13)
This week I am featuring SSC Red Velvet Wrasses, Open Lobo Brain Corals, A/C Yellow Stripe Maroon Clowns, Elegant Corals, Genicanthus Angels, and Aquacultured Acropora
Photo of the Week: Blue Face Angel (06/13/13)
The Blue Face Angel (Pomacanthus xanthometopon) is a shallow water angelfish from the Western Pacific and Eastern Indian Oceans. They adapt well to captivity and have very engaging person(fish)alities. Feed them a varied diet and don't house them...
Bob's Picks (06/07/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Plerogyra sinuosa (06/06/13)
Plerogyra sinuosa is more commonly known as Bubble Coral, or Pearl Coral. It is a Large Polyped Stony coral. This image is of an Aquacultured Bubble; we regularly have these in stock. These will do best in gentle random currents, low to moderate...
Bob's Picks (05/31/13)
Every week I feature some interesting items on our stock list that you may have overlooked and/or are especially worthy of mention.
Photo of the Week - Mastigia Jellyfish (05/30/13)
Commonly known as Spotted, or Lagoon Jellies, these invertebrates have a wide range but can usually be found near the surface of the water where their symbiotic zooxanthellae do them the most good. There are many species of jellyfish in this genus...
Bob's Picks (05/24/13)
This week I am featuring aquacultured Threadfin Lookdowns, a massive Clown Trigger, SSC Aurulentus Anthias, Octopodes, and Reefhab Acanthastrea.
Photo of the Week - Crosshatch Trigger Male (05/23/13)
Xanthichthys is a small group of triggers that are considered "reef safe", meaning that they are not likely to eat sessile invertebrates (motile invertebrates are a completely different story). They are found all over the tropical and subtropical...
Bob's Picks (05/17/13)
This week I am featuring MAC Niger Triggers, show size purple tangs, XL Purple Rhinos, Blood Red Crinoid Stars, Rose Bulb Anemones, and Aquacultured Red / Pink branching montis.
Photo of the Week - Cynarina lacrymalis (05/16/13)
Cynarina lacrymalis is frequently called "Button Coral", or the name only a butcher could love "Meat coral", and even occasionally "Indonesian Scolymia".
Bob's Picks (05/10/13)
This week I am featuring Mexican Rock Rainbow Wrasses, Hooded Bathyphilus Wrasses, Male Laboute Wrasses, Crinoid Stars, Aquacultured Red Symphyllia, and Aquacultured Aiptasia Eating Monaco Shrimp.
Photo of the Week - Valenciennea decora (05/09/13)
Very few Valenciennea decora are seen in the hobby, mostly because of their very restricted range. This one decided to start cleaning up around the photo tank.
Bob's Picks (05/03/13)
This week I am featuring Red Crater Brain Corals, Aquacultured Daisy Coral, Flower Tree Corals, Small Marine Bettas, Queensland Groupers, and MAC SM Humu Triggers
Photo(s) of the Week - Hybrid Centropyge Angels (05/02/13)
This week we received a group of Centropyge Angels with some substantial aberrant markings. Because there are 3 types of dwarf angels that will hybridize where these were found, it is very likely that these are hybrids. These photos are a small...
Bob's Picks (04/26/13)
This week I am featuring Gold Domino Damsels, Velvet Gumdrop Fish, MAC Lori Anthias, Cowries, Aquacultured Merulina and Blue Spiny Lobsters.
Photo of the Week - Dascyllus auripinnis (04/25/13)
The Golden Domino Damsel (Dascyllus auripinnis) is a distinct species from the Domino Damsel (Dascyllus trimaculatus), though the two animals overlap in range, and share many if not most of their other physical and behavioral traits. It is an...
Bob's Picks (04/19/13)
This week I am featuring Aquacultured Banggai Cardinals, Aquacultured Ocellaris Clowns, Blue Line Triggers, Aquacultured Eye of Jabba Zoanthids, and Peacock Mantis Shrimp.
Photo of the Week - Red Dragonette - Synchiropus sp (04/18/13)
This Red Dragonette (Synchopirus sp) has buried itself in substrate, awaiting its opportunity for the next meal. We feed them Nutramar OVA and enriched live brine. The live brine feedings make them very animated.
Bob's Picks (04/12/13)
This week I am featuring MAC 6 Line Wrasses, Walking Longnose Batfish, Lubbock's Wrasses, Black Tubastrea, and Blue Linkia Stars.
Bob's Picks (04/05/13)
SSC MAC Melanurus Wrasses, Male and Female Flame Wrasses, Japanese White Bar Soldierfish, Turbinaria Peltata and Aquacultured Plating Montiporas.
Photo of the Week - Anampses cuvier (04/04/13)
Anampses cuvier is commonly called Cuvier's Wrasse, Flag Wrasse and Pearl Wrasse. It is a common fish in the Hawaiian islands, where it inhabits fairly shallow rocky areas and tidepools. As an aquarium fish, they need a deep sandbed and a variety...
Bob's Picks (03/29/13)
this week I am featuring Aquacultured Purple Joker Palys, Purple Flower Pots, Blue Dot Jawfish, Pink Tail Triggers, and MAC Purple Pygmy Anthias.
Photo of the Week - Canthigaster leoparda pairing (03/28/13)
The Leopard Toby Puffer will show dramatically more intense coloration when the male starts his nuptial display for the female. In this captive pairing, this male is really showing off. The female seems marginally indifferent.
Bob's Picks (03/22/13)
This week I am featuring Pink Aquacultured Millepora, Aquacultured Candy Apple Palys, Assassi Triggers, Orange Tail Blue Damsels, and Tongan Gold Nape Cardinals.
Photo of the Week - Amphiprion bicinctus (03/21/13)
The Two Bar Clownfish (Amphiprion bicinctus) is endemic to the Red Sea, and thus is a fish not frequently seen in the North American Hobby. Desired for a combination of rarity, gorgeous coloration and lyretails, these clownfish are sure to be a...
Bob's Picks (03/15/13)
This week I am featuring MAC Sailfin Tangs, Hooded Bathyphilus Wrasses, AC Platinum Perculas, AC White Polyp Toadstools, AC Blue Eye Daisy Corals, and Giant Cup Mushrooms.
Photo of the Week - Daisy Coral (Alveopora spongiosa) (03/14/13)
Alveopora spongiosa is a coral that we culture overseas. It has a very similar growth form to the more commonly seen Gonipora sp, but is hardier and has less "whiskers" surrounding each polyp's oral disc.
Bob's Picks (03/08/13)
This week I am featuring MAC SSC Convict Tangs, AC Subadult Annularis Angels, Laboutes Wrasses, Per Polyp Umbrella Wrasses, AC Cladiella, and AC Hydnophora.
Photo of the Week - Male Cirrhilabrus pylei (03/07/13)
Cirrhilabrus genus wrasses will go through distinct color phases as they develop. Generally the female and sub-adult phases are very similar, if not the same. Dominant fish will sometimes turn male, a transition that brings with it some...
Bob's Picks (03/01/13)
This week I am featuring Aquacultured Fuzzy Carrot Coral, Per Polyp Green/Blue Ricordea, Short Tentacle Purple Plate Coral, Queen Angels, Large Aquacultured Black Saddleback Clowns and Male Lineatus Wrasses.
Photo of the Week - Black Clown Pair (02/28/13)
Because of aquaculture efforrts, Amphiprion percula pairs express a multitude of coloration variants, each one more distinct than the last. The "original" designer Percs were these, "True Blacks" and to this day, they still have the same amazing...
Bob's Picks (02/22/13)
This week I am featuring SSC MAC Bicolor Angels, Juvenile Chevron Tangs, Pictillis Anthias Harems, Reefhab Red Chalice Frags, Pacific Nassarius Snails, and Aquacultured Blue Sympodum Polyps.
Photo of the Week - Electric Flame Scallop (02/21/13)
This week's photo is actually 5 separate photos looped into a GIF file showing the electric pulses of an Electric Flame Scallop (Lima sp).
Bob's Picks (02/15/13)
This week I am featuring Electric Flame Scallops, Cultured Branching Pink Montipora, Wild Acro Colonies, Tiny Blue and Yellow Hippo Tangs, Lunula Triggers and Cultured Pearl Eye Clarkii Clownfish.
Photo of the Week - Pink goniporas (02/14/13)
Just about every week we add a few red / pink goniporas. This week's WYSIWYG had this specimen available, and it was quickly sold. Goniporas like somewhat murky, high nutrient situations and are capable of reproduction by budding.
Bob's Picks (02/08/13)
Photo of the Week - Lactoria cornuta (02/07/13)
The Longhorn Cowfish (Lactoria cornuta) is generally found around protected, seagrass beds and mudflats where they feed on benthic invertebrates with an interesting behavior where they blow sand away to dig up their dinner. Adults are usually...
Bob's Picks (02/01/13)
This week I am featuring Aquacultured Monaco Shrimp, ReefHab meteor Shower Cyphastrea, Aquacultured Derasa Clams, Passer Angels, Aquacultured Pompano, and Juvenile SSC MAC Orange Shoulder Tangs.
Photo of the Week - Ghost Eel (Pseudechidna brummeri) (01/31/13)
Pseudechidna brummeri is commonly called "Ghost Eel" and "White Ribbon Eel". They are found widely distributed in the tropical Red Sea and Pacific Oceans, generally in shallow water (less than 30ft). They usually inhabit reef flats and shallow...
Bob's Picks (01/25/13)
This week I am featuring Aquacultured Hip Hop Clams, (because I was there when the hiphop was invented), Green Kenya Tree Corals, Purple Reef Anemones, Cultured Subadult Annularis Angels, Tiny MAC SSC Sailfin Tangs and Hybrid Crosshatch Triggers.
Photo of the Week - Zebra Mantis (01/24/13)
The Zebra Mantis Shrimp (Lysiosquillina maculata) is an excellent candidate for keeping in the marine aquarium. They are very hardy, and eat readily, but will consume fish they are housed with. They live in monogamous pairs in the wild where they...
Bob's Picks (01/18/13)
This week I am featuring Serpent Red Bahama Stars, Aquacultured Fire and Ice Zoanthids, Red Finger Gorgonians, Spanish Hogfish, Aquacultured Yellow Stripe Maroon Clowns and MAC SSC Purple Pygmy Anthias.
Photo of the Week - Echinophyllia Chalice (01/17/13)
A close up image of an Echinophyllia chalice available on our WYSWYG. Echinophyllia need to be placed in low light scenarios in the home aquarium, but can be slowly adapted to moderate light. Slightly more light will get them to express some...
Bob's Picks (01/11/13)
This week I am featuring Aquacultured Monaco Shrimp, Purple Ribbon Gorgonians, Spotted Round Rays, Purple Tangs, Aquacultured Banggai Cardinals and MAC Red Coris Wrasses
Photo of the Week - Baby Brittle Star (01/10/13)
This little pink hitchhiker came in on a piece of maricultured Litophyton. We get a lot of these pieces of Cultured Tree Coral, but purple and yellow baby brittle stars are a bit less common.
Bob's Picks (01/04/13)
Photo of the Week - Anoplocapros lenticularis (01/03/13)
Anoplocapros lenticularis or the White Barred Boxfish is an uncommon fish in the marine aquarium hobby. They are found in a wide range of depths all along Australia's Southern and Western Coastlines. They prefer cool water aquariums and have a max...
This week's new WYSIWYG (12/28/12)
Come visit our Facebook page to view this week's new WYSIWYG offerings or login to our Online Ordering system.
Bob's Picks (12/28/12)
This week I am featuring Blue Linkia Starfish, Fighter Conchs, Turbo Snails, Foxface Rabbitfish, MAC Goldhead Sleeper Gobies, and Blue Velvet Damsels.
Photo of the Week - Cultured White Polyp Toadstool Leather (12/27/12)
This is a super macro shot of the polyps on one of our White Polyp Toadstool Leather (Sarcophyton sp). This is part of our growing list of aquacultured corals.
Bob's Picks (12/21/12)
This week I am featuring Cultured Acropora, Astrea snails, Domino Damsels, Picasso Triggers and MAC Coral Beauties.
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Photo of the Week - Acanthurus triostegus (12/20/12)
Convict tangs (Acanthurus triostegus) can be found all over the Pacific. They sometimes form large schools and graze on algae. They are harvested as a food fish as well as an aquarium species. They are one of the more durable acanthurids, and...
QM's Holiday Hours (12/14/12)
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Bob's Picks (12/14/12)
This week I am featuring Australian Frogspawn Coral, Aussie Daisy Coral, Eightline Wrasses, Blue Dot Jawfish and XL Purple Tangs
Photo of the Week - Euphyllia divisia - frogspawn (12/13/12)
We have a number of stupendous colonies of the True Frogspawn (Australian Euphyllia divisia) in stock. This is a great example of the colors and polyp extension we are seeing.
Bob's Picks (12/07/12)
Photo of the Week: WYSIWYG Acropora (12/06/12)
We have newly added some Australian Acropora to our WYSIWYG. Log into our online ordering system to get access to these gems.
Bob's Picks (11/30/12)
This week I am featuring a new pair of pants, Open Brain Corals, Wild Pipe Organ Corals, Cultured Metallic Green Trumpet, Aquacultured Black Saddleback Clownfish, SSC MAC Male Melanurus Wrasses and Japanese Bigeye Whitebar Soldierfish.
Photo of the Week: Acropora humilis (11/29/12)
This week's Photo of the Week is an Acropora humilis picture. To be more honest, it is 6 Acropora humilis pictures, tied together in a GIF file. The highlights shown by the Aquabeam LED lighting are unbelievable. While this image doesn't do it...
Bob's Picks (11/23/12)
This Week I am featuring Wild Acroporas, Euphyllia yayamensis, RH Chalice Frags, Cultured Tomato Clowns, Australian Lineatus Wrasses and MAC SSC Scopas tangs.
Photo of the Week - Centropyge loriculus (11/21/12)
This is an amazing color form of Centropyge loriculus from the central pacific. Weve had it for a few days, and it is eating frozen foods heartily. Its just a hair over 2.
Bob's Picks (11/16/12)
This week I am featuring small Chevron Tangs, MAC SSC Kleini Butterflies, Female Crosshatch Triggers, Blue Linkia Starfish and Long Tentacle Green Plate Corals.
Photo of the Week - Ogilbyina queenslandiae (11/15/12)
The Queensland Pseudochromis is a beautiful, engaging aquarium inhabitant. They have a well deserved reputation for being a bit over assertive, so be sure to house them with similar tankmates. This photo is of the female, which differs from the...
Photo of the Week - Holacanthus ciliaris (11/12/12)
Our Brazilian Holacanthus ciliaris are definitely a different color form than most of the Queen Angels seen in the Hobby, and may even be a separate sub-species. Regardless of the scientific aspect of things, the fact remains that they are among...
Bob's Picks (11/09/12)
This week I am featuring Reefhab Purple Tip Grape Cristata, Aquacultured Monoco Peppermint Shrimp, Tasseled Filefish and SSC Laboute's Wrasses.
Photo of the Week - Reefhab Acanthastrea lordhowensis (11/04/12)
The variety of Reefhab Acanthastrea lordhowensis frags available here is still stunning. Our husbandry crew has done a great job of maintaining a healthy, available stock.
Bob's Picks (11/02/12)
This week's picks include: Pictilis Anthias and Laboute's Wrasses from our SSC in the Coral Sea, Cultured Blue Mushrooms, and both Wild and Cultured Acropora.
Photo of the Week - Gold A/C Tridacna maxima (10/29/12)
We have a stunning collection of Aquacultured Gold Maxima Clams in stock right now. The coloration and variety are second to none. These come from a Quality Marine exclusive culture facility and are in the absolute best condition.
Bob's Picks (10/26/12)
This week I am featuring Yellow Toadstool Leather Corals, Cultured Red Mushroom Corals, Cook Islands Ventralis Anthias, Aquacultured Tomato Clownfish and MAC SSC Yellow Back Goatfish.
Photo of the Week - Pseudobalistes fuscus (10/22/12)
Pseudobalistes fuscus or the Blue Line Trigger is a fish we don't see that often. They are extremely hardy and eat just about anything you put in front of them, which is why they aren't suggested inhabitants for reef tanks. For the Fish Only tank...
Bob's Picks (10/19/12)
This week I am featuring Medium Cultured Ocellaris Clowns, Adult Blueface Angels, MAC SSC Gold Domino Damsels, Cultured Green Finger Sinularia, Reefhab Chalices and Lobophyllia Colonies.
Photo of the Week - Pristigenys niphonia (10/15/12)
The Japanese Big Eye Soldierfish is found all over the Pacific and Indian Oceans, as long as it is at least 250 feet deep. It is a fish rarely seen in the marine aquarium trade because the logistics involved in harvesting this fish alive and...
Bob's Picks (10/12/12)
This week I am featuring Reefhab Green Echinophyllia Chalice Frags, Small Favia Colonies, Harlequin Shrimp Pairs, SSC MAC Coral Beauty Angels, Candy Basslets, and Cultured True Black Ocellaris.
Photo of the Week - Plectranthias pelicieri (10/08/12)
Pelicieri's Perchlet (Plectranthias pelicieri) is one of the rarest anthias in the marine aquarium hobby. They are a deepwater fish, usually found between 150 and 300 feet deep in the Indian Ocean. Often occuring in pairs, they generally live on...
Bob's Picks (10/05/12)
This week I am featuring Cultured Acropora, Giant Flame Rose Bulb Anemones, MAC Certified SSC Queen Tuka Anthias, Aquacultured Juvenile Annularis Angels, and Purple Tangs.
Photo of the Week - Selene vomer (10/01/12)
We have a great selection of Aquacultured Selene vomer in stock right now. Threadfin Lookdowns are some of the coolest looking fish in the hobby.
Bob's Picks (09/28/12)
This week I am featuring Purple Tangs, Sohal Tangs, Asfur Angels, Eightline Fairy Wrasses, Aquacultured Derasa Clams, and Aquacultured "Eye of Jabba" Zoanthids.
Photo of the Week - Cultured Echinophyllia Chalice (09/24/12)
This week's Photo of the Week is another example of the outstanding Cultured Echinophyllia Chalice that we are seeing in our WYSIWYG section. These prefer moderate light and flow levels, are tolerant of slightly elevated nutrient loads, and love...
Bob's Picks (09/21/12)
This week's picks include: Cultured Neon Dottyback Aldabrensis, Reefhab and wild Dragon Eye Zoanthids, Reefhab Blastomussa welsi frags, and Camel shrimp.
Photo of the Week - Centropyge flavissimus X vroliki (09/17/12)
It isn't uncommon for us to receive juvenile hybridized angels. One of our more frequent arrivals is the Centropyge flavissimus X vroliki hybrid, what is interesting about this one is it has an aberrant marking. The blue spot on his side is...
Bob's Picks (09/13/12)
This week's picks: Dispar Anthias, Helfrichi Firefish, MAC Certified Lemon Peel Angel fish from our SSC in Fiji, Aquacultured Blue Rim Derasa Clams, and Harlequin Shrimp.
Photo of the Week - Cirrhilabrus sp Kwazulu Fairy (09/10/12)
The KwaZulu fairy bears a passing resemblance to the much smaller Cirrhilabrus rubriventralis, but is more colorful and much rarer. For now, they are listed as separate species.
Bob's Picks (09/07/12)
This week I am featuring Fighting Conchs, Australian Scolymia, Peacock Mantis Shrimp, MAC SSC Two Tone Wrasses, Golden Puffers and Candy Basslets.
Photo of the Week - Stonogobiops red banded hi fin (09/04/12)
The Red Banded High Fin Goby is a "Shrimp Goby" that looks a lot like the Dracula Goby, but has the high dorsal fin of other fish in its genus, like the Yashia Goby. These fish come exclusively from Short Supply Chain Vendors.
Bob's Picks (08/31/12)
This week I am featuring Scolymia australis, Aquacultured turbinaria, Reefhab Purple Tip Grape Cristata, Tasseled Filefish, Spinefoot Decorated Rabbitfish, and Aussie False Personifer Angels.
Photo of the Week - Aracana ornata (08/27/12)
The Ornate Thornback (Aracana ornata) is a cool water trunkfish from Australia. It is generally found in shallow waters and has a max size of about 6 inches.
Bob's Picks (08/24/12)
This week I am featuring Aquacultured Metallic Torch Corals, Reefhab Echinophyllia Chalice Frags, Cultured Black Pearl Eye Clarkii Clowns, Purple and Yellow Chromis, and MAC SSC Six Line Wrasses
Photo of the Week - Pseudanthias ventralis (08/20/12)
The Ventralis anthias are likely the most desirable of all anthias. We get these from our Short Supply Chain vendor in the Cook Islands. They are rested and acclimated to light and aquarium conditions before being offered for sale. They are...
Bob's Picks (08/17/12)
This week I am featuring Reefhab Metallic Green Caulastrea Frags, Aquacultured Acropora, Black Tubastrea, Purple Tangs, Filamented Wrasses, and Aquacultured Semi-Picasso Percula Clownfish
Photo of the Week - Centropyge Narcosis (08/13/12)
These are some pictures of the recently acquired Centropyge Narcosis, a deep water angelfish with a limited distribution in the Central Pacific. This one was collected at 360 feet deep, which sheds light on why it is named "narcosis".
Bob's Picks (08/10/12)
This week I am featuring Purple Tangs, Female Wantanabei Angels, Cultured Ocellaris, Cultured Sexy Shrimp, Metallic Star Polyps and Favia colonies.
Photo of the Week - Blue Spot Watchman Goby (08/06/12)
Blue Spot Watchman Gobies are too often overlooked in our hobby. This is a beautiful, hardy fish that forms a symbiotic relationship with pistol shrimps. This makes for a dynamic changing display as they dig, maintain and guard their burrows.
Bob's Picks (08/03/12)
This week's picks: Monaco Peppermint Shrimp and Candycane Shrimp for Aiptasia control. We also have a great selection of maricultured corals including the phenomenal Metallic Green Hammer Euphyllia. We also have deep inventory of Aquacultured...
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Honeywall Euphyllia (07/30/12)
This is a closeup of our Aquacultured Honeywall (Euphyllia sp). This is one of our most popular frags. Everything in this picture is on the 3rd generation.
Bob's Picks (07/27/12)
This week's picks
Photo of the Week - Halichoeres leucurus (07/23/12)
Grey Head Wrasses are very useful, beautiful aquarium inhabitants. They very resistant to most common aquarium diseases and are hearty eaters.
Bob's Picks (07/20/12)
This week I am featuring MAC SSC Queen Tuka Anthias, Black Longnose Tangs, MAC Two Tone Wrasses, Ultracolor Zoanthids, Australian Scolymia and Aquacultured Acropora.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Echinophyllia Chalice (07/17/12)
These cultured Chalice corals are a QM exclusive.
Bob's Picks (07/13/12)
This week I am featuring MAC Yellow and Black Angels, Black Longnose Hybrid, Dogface Puffers, Favia Colonies, Aquacultured Green Horn Coral and Purple Claw Daumi Lobsters.
Photo of the Week - Arothron mappa (07/09/12)
The Mappa Puffer (Arothron mappa) can be found around reefs throughout most of the Pacific and Indian Oceans in relatively shallow water, usually less than 50ft. They reach a max size of around 15" but with a substantial girth.
Bob's Picks (07/06/12)
This week I am featuring Starry Blennies, Adorned Wrasses, MAC Coral Beauties, Monaco Peppermint Shrimp, and Central Pacific Acropora.
Photo of the Week - Rhinopias frondosa (07/02/12)
Rhinopias frondosa is a rare fish in the aquarium trade. In the wild they reach a maximum size of about 10". They are extremely variable in coloration and appearance, which seems to be correlated to where they are found. They are nocturnal...
Bob's Picks (06/29/12)
This week I am featuring: Purple Tangs, Radiant Wrasses, SSC MAC Lori Anthias, A/C Metallic Green Hammer Coral, Trachyphyllia geoffroyi, and Scolymia australis.
Photo of the Week - Cynarina lacrymalis (06/25/12)
Cynaria lacrymalis is the only species in its genus and are commonly called Donut or Meat corals.
Bob's Picks (06/22/12)
This week I am featuring Bluestripe Pipefish, Aussie Painted Sweetlips, Purple Tangs, Marble Reef Stars, Lobophyllia, and Blue Coral Banded Shrimp
Photo of the Week - Zebrasoma rostratum (06/18/12)
Zebrasoma rostratum is a fish with a distribution all over the western Pacific, but most densely populated around the Christmas Islands. They are a hardy fish that likes to graze on filamentous algae. They reach a max size of about 8.5" in the...
Bob's Picks (06/15/12)
This week I am featuring False Personifer Angels, Juvenile Chevron Tangs, Yellow Leaf Fish, Cerianthus Tube Anemones, Encrusting Montipora, and Anemone Crabs.
Photo of the Week - Big Eye Chalice (Mycedium sp) (06/11/12)
Mycedium is a small genus of animals, with a large distribution, and an even larger range of colorations. They do best in low to moderate light with gentle flow and weekly feedings of small meaty foods. Actinic lights will usually bring out...
Bob's Picks (06/08/12)
This week I am featuring Black Foxface Rabbitfish, male Blue Throat Triggers, SSC MAC Gold Dominoes, X-mas Tree Corals, Yellow Toadstools, and Flame Scallops.
Photo of the Week - Discordipinna griessingeri (06/04/12)
Discordipinna griessingeri is a tiny fish (max size of just over an inch) that lives in shallow water all over the tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans.
Bob's Picks (06/01/12)
This week I am featuring Griessingeri Gobies, tiny Cubicus Trunkfish, Phoenix Damsels, Black and Orange Tubastrea, and Oxypora Chalices.
Photo of the Week - Acropora valida (05/29/12)
Acropora valida is a common coral with a very wide natural distribution. Contrasting color branch tips are a distinguishing feature of this sometimes bushy (caespitose) sometimes tabling coral.
Bob's Picks (05/25/12)
This week I am featuring MAC Canary Blennies, Chrysurus Angels, Male Golden Rhomboid Fairy wrasses, Neon Orange Plate Corals and
Photo of the Week - Halichoeres ornatissimus (05/21/12)
Halichoeres ornatissimus goes by many common names. Identifying it is made no less confusing by the number of similar species and subspecies that aren't described yet. This is one of those subspecies. Frequently called the Checkerboard, or Red...
Bob's Picks (05/18/12)
This week's picks: Aquacultured Percula Clowns, Female Squarback Anthias, Emerald Crabs, and Green Button Polyps. Also, Bob reports from Interzoo 2012 in Germany.
Photo of the Week - Blastomussa wellsi (05/14/12)
A picture of one of our QM Reefhab Blastomussa mother colonies.
Bob's Picks (05/11/12)
This week I am featuring SSC MAC Melanarus Males, Tail Spot Blennies, American Angelfish, Orange Tree Gorgonians and Neon Green Platygyra Brains.
Photo of the Week - Paracheilinus octotaenia male (05/07/12)
The Eight Line Flasher Wrasse comes from the Western Indian Ocean, where it is found in anywhere from 15 to 150 feet of water. Males can be kept with small harems of females. Feed meaty foods multiple times per day.
Bob's Picks (05/04/12)
This week I am featuring MAC SSC Marble Wrasses, Flameback Angels, Eight Line Fairy Males, Micro Zoanthids and Aquacultured Montiporas.
Reefhab and the Coral Restoration Foundation (05/04/12)
Last year Quality Marine sponsored a restoration of Molasses reef being done by the Coral Restoration Foundation via QM's Reefhab program.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Tridacna maxima (04/30/12)
A fresh batch of our QM exclusive Aquacultured maxima clams are ready for sale after their in house conditioning period.
Bob's Picks (04/27/12)
This week I am featuring Juvenile Blue Angels, Blue Gudgeon Lyretail Gobies, MAC SSC Orange line Cardinals, Purple Long Tentacle Anemones, and Reefhab Maxima Clams.
Photo of the Week - Hybrid Centropyge (04/23/12)
Are you tired of hybrid Centropyge yet? We aren't either. This beautiful Centropyge flavissimus x vroliki is the crew favorite around here right now.
Bob's Picks (04/20/12)
This week we are featuring MAC Latticed Butterflies, Juvenile Chevron Tangs, Juvenile Queen Angels, Reefhab Metallic Green Trumpet Frags, and Aquacultured Mushroom Corals.
Photo of the Week - Lophoides sp. (04/16/12)
These American Anglers have very distinct "tassles" on their prominent dorsal spine (their esca) that looks just like a brine shrimp.
Bob's Picks (04/13/12)
This week I am featuring: Male and Female Pictillis Anthias, SSC MAC Juvenile Orange Shoulder Tangs, Starry Blenny, Green Trachyphylla, AC Maxima Clams, and AC Bubble Coral.
Photo of the Week - Hybrid Heraldi Angel (04/09/12)
A photo of an extremely rare hybrid dwarf angel from Fiji
Bob's Picks (04/06/12)
This week I am featuring SSC MAC Saddleback butterflies, Juvenile Doliatus Wrasses, Narrowline Toadfish Puffers, Scolymia vitensis, and Aquacultured Hydnophora.
QM's Collector Series (04/05/12)
Introducing the "QM Collector Series." This series will consist of special specimens in extremely limited quantities that are collected by the absolute best of the QM exclusive, world class collectors.
Photo of the Week - Antennarius maculatus (04/03/12)
The Wartskin Angler can be found all over the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans. They inhabit rocky reef areas, frequently in shallow water. They reach a max size of about 6 inches, but are most commonly found in the 2" - 4" range.
Bob's Picks (03/30/12)
This week I am featuring MAC Certified, Short Supply Chain Nahackys Fairy Wrasse, Tank Raised Pacific Seahorse, Aquacultured Blue Mushroom Polyps and juvenile Joculator Angels.
Photo of the Week - Centropyge bispinosus (03/29/12)
These Coral Beauty angels have a unique abberant coloration where they lack the definitive striping common to their species. These fish can be found throughout the Indo-Pacific. They are commonly found in small groups in the wild. They are a hardy...
Bob's Picks (03/23/12)
This Week I am featuring SSC MAC Spinefoot Two Bar Rabbitfish, Pouter Blusing False Eye Gobies, Velvet Gumdrop Gobies, Aquacultured Fire and Ice Zoanthids and XL Aussie Plesiastrea.
Photo of the Week - Pseudanthias randalli (03/19/12)
Randall's Anthias (Pseudanthias randalli) are found all over the West and Central Pacific. They are usually found in caves or rubble areas associated with steep drop offs.
A Few RCT Hybrid Angels are Still Available (03/16/12)
We still have a few Reef Culture Technology Centropyge hybrids available for sale. Most of the cost of which will go directly to Reef Culture Technology to help support the cost of his research into captive angelfish breeding.
Try our new Beta Online Ordering System (03/16/12)
We have launched a new Beta online ordering system for customers who want to give it a try. It's got some great new features that we think you will like.
Bob's Picks (03/16/12)
This week I am featuring: Striated Anglerfish, Mappa Puffers, A/C Banggai Cardinalfish, Green Starburst Polyp, A/C Pearl Bubble Coral, and Blueberry Gorgonians.
Photo of the Week - Octopus (03/13/12)
This is one of a few very cool dwarf octopi that recently showed up at Quality Marine. This one prefers hermit crabs to just about anything else to eat. He also flashes blue and red spots all over, in addition to few other color changing tricks...
Bob's Picks (03/09/12)
This week I am featuring Rock Beauty Angels, Atlantic Blue Tangs, Black Bar Soldiers, Green Bulb Anemones and Reefhab Watermelon Favia frags.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Ricordea yuma (03/05/12)
There are two genus of Ricordea, Yuma from the Pacific, and Florida from the Caribbean. These aquacultured Yuma show the slightly longer tentacles that are one of the hallmarks of the species.
Bob's Picks (03/02/12)
This week I am featuring SSC MAC Bicolor Goatfish, Aquacultured Pseudochromis, Panda Gobies, Aquacultured Actinodiscus and Aquacultured Yumas.
Photo of the Week - Rabaulichthys altipinnis (02/27/12)
Altipinnis anthias males, like other fish in the Rabaulichthys genus, have impressive sailfins and interesting colorations. The females are slightly more drab, ranging from a burnt orange to a bright pink. We suggest keeping them in small groups....
Bob's Picks (02/24/12)
This week we are featuring small and juvenile triggerfish as we have an excellent variety of them right now. We have Juvenile Blue LineTriggers, Juvenile Clown Triggers, small Humus and Rectangle Humus, and some very small MAC White Tips
Photo of the Week - Synchiropus splendidus (02/20/12)
Synchiropus splendidus are endemic to the western Pacific in shallow water. They are usually found in small groups commonly around rubble fields and near reefs. They are now aquacultured for the aquarium trade.
Bob's Picks (02/17/12)
This week we are featuring aquacultured Flame Back Angels, Kuteri Wrasses, Pelvic Spot Cryptic Wrasses, Aquacultured Blue Eyed Green Flowerpot Corals and Aquacultured Yellow Tip Torch Corals.
Photo of the Week - Centropyge interruptus (02/13/12)
Centropyge interruptus is a dwarf angelfish from the southern and central coasts of Japan. They are found anywhere from 40 to 180 feet deep and usually associated with reefs. They have a max size of 5 inches, and do pair.
Bob's Picks (02/10/12)
This week I can't miss the opportunity to feature some really unique stuff we have gotten in from Japan. First we have some Japanese Lunate Fairy (Cirrhilabrus lunatus), there is also some Japanese Randalli Assesors, and finally we have a good...
Photo of the Week - Pomacanthus xanthometopon (02/06/12)
The Blue Face Angel (Pomacanthus xanthometopon) are a hardy species for the Marine Aquarium. Their wild diet includes sponges and algae, and similar foods should be supplied in the aquarium environment.
Bob's Picks (02/03/12)
This week I am featuring Canary Blennies, Undulated Triggers, Aquacultured Juvenile Pinnatus Batfish, Aquacultured Super Red Mushroom Corals, Pink and Yellow Cukes, as well as the gorgeous Sea Apple.
Photo of the Week - Zebrasoma gemmatum (01/30/12)
One of the rarest tangs in the trade, the Zebrasoma gemmatum is found near reefs along the east coast of Africa, Madagascar and surrounding islands. They have been known to reach a size of nearly 9 inches in the wild, though this is unlikely in...
Bob's Picks (01/27/12)
This week we have some beautiful Juvenile Goldflake Angels Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus. These would be better suited to the more experienced hobbyist but these guys are eating like little pigs. Not seen in the trade very often is the Leather...
Photo of the Week - Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus juvenile (01/23/12)
The Goldflake Angel is one of the most beautiful we see. They are found in fairly shallow water and always associated with reefs. Their diet is mostly sponges, tunicates so be sure to include some sponge based food in their diet. We have good...
Bob's Picks (01/20/12)
This week's picks: Mitratus Butterflyfish from our SSC in the Maldives, Australian Scott's Velvet Wrasse, MAC Certified Juvenile Twin Spot Coris Wrasse from Fiji, Aquacultured Acropora from Bali, and Green Cauliflower Pocillopora from Fiji.
Mobile Site Upgrades (01/19/12)
We have added some cool new features to the mobile site, scan a tank tag today and check it out!
Photo of the Week - Dendronephthya (01/16/12)
Dendronephthya go by a number of common names, The Carnation Tree Coral, Cauliflower Soft Coral, or Strawberry Soft Coral. They are both notoriously peaceful and notably difficult to keep. We suggest species specific tanks, as they require heavy...
Bob's Picks (01/13/12)
This week I am featuring small Cream Angels, Colored Trimma Gobies, Radiant Wrasses, Sixline Wrasses, and Orange Tube Anemones. We also have a super selection of Aquacultured soft corals from Indonesia available. Some of the highlights include...
Photo of the Week - Male Macropharyngodon kuiteri (01/09/12)
Macropharyngodon kuiteri is an inshore fish of the western pacific, predominately found in sand and rubble zones. Males are rarely seen in the trade.
Bob's Picks (01/06/12)
This week I am featuring ML size Powder Blue Tang, Male & Female Fairy Flame Wrasse, Rainford Butterflyfish, maricultured Green Polyp Leather Toadstool Cora and Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp.
Photo of the Week - Goniopora stokesi (01/02/12)
Goniopora is another type of coral that can come in a wide range of color morphs, the one pictured below being one of our favorites! We have shown off some of these in past trade show displays and always have to field an endless amount of inquiries...
Bob's Picks (12/30/11)
This week's picks: African Flameback Angels, Barnacle Blenny's, Blonde Naso Tang from our SSC in the Maldives, Aquacultured Green Polyp Toadstool Leather Coral, and Scarlet Hermit Crabs.
Bob's Picks (12/23/11)
This week's picks: Pictilis Anthias from our SSC in Melanesia, Walking Longnose Batfish, Caribbean Blue Reef Chromis, Brachiosaurus Blennies, and cultured Blue Rimmed Derasa Clams from the Cook Islands.
Photo of the Week - Sanopus greenfieldorum (12/19/11)
Sanopus greenfieldorum or the Whitelined Cozumel Toadfish is a rare fish in the hobby, and little is known about it. It can be found in the Western Atlantic hiding on the bottom waiting to ambush prey. It is a very aggressive fish (like most...
Breaking News- Quality Marine QR Code Tags (12/17/11)
We are proud to announce our newest innovation. We are now offering QR codes on all our tank tags that will allow stores and hobbyists alike to track the fish they buy, from collection to retail store. There is also a wealth of other information...
Bob's Picks (12/16/11)
This week I am featuring have XL Spanish Hogfish, SSC MAC Exquisite Wrasses, Vanuatu live rock, Flame Scallops, and Blue Linkia Starfish.
Photo of the Week - Acropora nasuta (12/12/11)
Acropora nasuta usually forms corymbose (bushy flat-ish topped) colonies. Axial corralites are tubular and radial corralites are usually in neat rows and have a distinct nariform shape. The tips of the radial corallites have a unique pocket shape....
Bob's Picks (12/09/11)
This week we have Wantanabei Angels, Male Lineatus wrasses,Orange Toadfish, Orange Tube Anemones and Dwarf Cassiopeia Jelly Fish.
Presenting Anampses femininus males! (12/09/11)
For the first time in the aquarium industry trade, QM is proud to announce the availability of Anampses femininus males.
Photo of the Week - Bodianus perditio (12/05/11)
This Hogfish can be found throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans, usually around reefs and drop offs. With a max recorded size of 30 inches in the wild, these are frequently pursued as gamefish, and in many parts of the world are a highly sought...
Bob's Picks (12/02/11)
this week I am featuring Red People Eater Palythoas, the South Pacific Clam Sampler, Diamond Watchman Goby , Green Band Goby and RedFin Foxface.
Photo of the Week - Anampses femininus (11/28/11)
The Candycane or Orange Lined Tamarin Wrasse is usually found in between 30 and 100 feet in and around Pacific reefs. They range from Australia to Easter Island. Not much is known about their wild diet. Here we feed them live foods until we can...
Bob's Picks (11/25/11)
This week I am featuring Candycane Wrasses, Laboutes Fairy Wrasses, Passer Angel, Squamosa Clams and Green Eyed Elephant Nose Chalices.
Happy Thanksgiving - Holiday Hours (11/21/11)
Quality Marine will be closed Thursday, November 24, 2011 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday (US).
Photo of the Week - Trachyphyllia geoffroyi (11/21/11)
"Trachys" as they are known in the trade are great additions to the reef tank. They are colorfast and hardy if given amenable conditions. They should be placed on the sand bed as the polyp is easily damaged by rockwork.
Bob's Picks (11/18/11)
This week we have some really cool Blue Spot Cowfish, SSC Juvenile Red Coris Wrasses, Blue Girdled Angels, Aquacultured Darth Maul Zoanthids and Red Sea Feather Lilly Stars.
Photo of the Week - Scolymia australis (11/14/11)
"Scolys" as they are known in the trade, are popular for good reason. They adapt well to the aquarium environment and usually retain their mind blowing colors. They do best when given supplemental meaty foods, of which they will eat quite a lot.
Bob's Picks (11/11/11)
This week we have Jaguar Gobies, a good supply of Red & Blue Fairy Wrasse, some very nicely colored Pin-Striped Reef Basslets, some massive Toadstool Leather Corals and a limited number of the Blue Mini-Polyp.
Photo of the Week - Selene oerstedti (11/07/11)
Moonfish Lookdowns (Selene oerstedti) can be found in the Eastern Pacific ocean, from the Baja down to Columbia. They are usually found in shallow coastal waters where the form small schools. In the wild they usually eat small fish and crustaceans;
Bob's Picks (11/04/11)
this week I am featuring Pale Tail Reef Chromis, Galapagos Cleaner Shrimp, Dove Algae Grazer Snail, Australian Scolymia and Large Scale Leatherjacket Filefish.
Photo of the Week - Wunderpus photogenicus (10/31/11)
The Wunderpus is endemic to the Indo-Malayan Archipelago (Indonesia and Malaysia). This is a semi-nocturnal animal, emerging at dusk and dawn to forage; primarily on small crustaceans and fish. The Wunderpus has a very unique color pattern...
Bob's Picks (10/28/11)
This week I am featuring Scribbled Angel, Midget Reef Chromis, African Bluestripe Pipefish, Purple Giant Star Coral and Yellow Toadstool Leather Corals.
Photo of the Week - Scolymia australis (10/24/11)
This is a selection of Scolymia australis recently arrived at Quality marine. This species is best on tank bottom as the large fleshy polyp can easily be damaged. They like moderate light and gentle random flow. Growth is greatly enhanced by...
Bob's Picks (10/21/11)
This week I am featuring Starry Blennies, Indian Black Triggers, Red Tail Wrasses, The Master Chief Acan, and a crazy selection Scolymia corals.
Photo of the Week - Chaetodontoplus duboulayi (10/17/11)
Chaetodontoplus duboulayi or the Scribbled Angel is endemic to the Indo-Pacific. They can be found in areas associated with reefs, usually in less than 80 feet of water. They get to be about a foot long in the wild, eight to ten inches in...
Bob's Picks (10/14/11)
This week I am featuring Silver-Streak Goldie Anthias, Seales Cardinalfish, McCoskers Flasher Wrasse, Male Lineatus Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus lineatus and Neon Orange Plate Corals
Photo of the Week - Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus (10/10/11)
The conspicuous angel (Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus) is a Quality Marine exclusive. These fish are shy at first, but become very engaged with people pretty quickly (like most angels in this genus). They accept a variety of frozen foods, usually...
Bob's Picks (10/07/11)
We have some seldom seen species in the trade available this week including: the Australian Flathead Perch, Wrought-Iron Butterfly, Joculator Angel, White Moon Sub-Adult Angel and Branch/Cave Cultured Live Rock.
Photo of the Week - Heteractis magnifica (10/03/11)
The magnificent anemone (H. magnifica) represents one of the most challenging species to keep in marine aquaria. It requires very high light, and random turbulent, but gentle flow. Your chances of long term success are increased by several...
Bob's Picks (09/30/11)
This week I am featuring Scribble Angels, large Black Clarki Clowns, Diamond Watchman, QM Hammer Branch Coral Frags, Hippopus hippopus Clams.
Photo of the Week - Aussie Lobophyllia (09/27/11)
Lobophyllia are a good aquarium coral, they keep color very well, and are quite hardy given proper conditions (moderate light, moderate flow). Supplemental feedings with meaty foods really enhance growth rates. They can do some stinging and also...
Bob's Picks (09/23/11)
This week's picks: African Flame Back Angel, Red Inferno Chalice Coral from our SSC in Tonga, Matted Leatherjacket filefish, Twinstripe Fusilier, and Aquacultured Fire and Ice Zoanthids.
Photo of the Week - Genicanthus semifasciatus (09/19/11)
This week's photo is of the Tiger Angel, Genicanthus semifasciatus. Like other members of its genus, these are among the most reef safe angelfish. Just to stay on the safe side however, it's always a good idea to keep them very well fed as this...
Bob's Picks (09/16/11)
This week's picks: Ochre-Striped Cardinal Fish, MAC Certified Orange Kleini Butterfly from our SSC in Fiji, Aquacultured Black Ocellaris Clownfish, Open Brain Corals from Fiji, Tonga, and Australia, as well as Blue Mini Polyp.
Photo of the Week - Scorpaena brasiliensis (09/12/11)
Scorpaena brasiliensis (or the horned barbfish) is a venomous fish endemic to the western Atlantic. It is usually found in less than 100M of water and around reefs and drop offs. They grow to around 8" long and are part of the scorpionfish family.
Bob's Picks (09/09/11)
This week's picks: Midget reef Damsels, Solid Orange Fungia from Australia, Aquacultured White/Yellow Polyp Leather Corals, Red Belted Cardinals from the Caribbean, and Blue Stripe Pipefish from Africa.
Photo of the Week - Mastigias papua (09/06/11)
Mastigias papua or the Spotted Moon Jelly is a very unique animal in that it will actively hunt prey in the water column, but also harbors photosynthetic zooxanthellae, and requires full spectrum lighting. The adults can be kept in modified box...
Bob's Picks (09/02/11)
This week we have Blue Line Angels, Large Scott's Velvet Wrasses, both male and female aquacultured Yellow Kuda Seahorses, a great selection of Eels, Reefhab Metallic Green Trumpet Frags, and Blastomussa merleti.
Photo of the Week - Xanthichthys mento (08/29/11)
The Crosshatch Trigger is part of a small group of triggers that are considered "reef safe", meaning that they are not likely to eat sessile invertebrates (motile invertebrates are a completely different story). They are found all over the tropical...
Bob's Picks (08/26/11)
This week, I am featuring: Juvenile and Sub-Adult Chrysurus Angels, Rippled Rockskipper Blennies, Adult Achilles Tangs, Australian Pink/Purple Tip Elegance Corals and Cook Island Aquacultured 4 -5 Blue Rim Clams.
Photo of the week - Entacmaea quadricolor (08/22/11)
The Entacmaea quadricolor is probably the anemone best suited for home aquaria; they are quite hardy, will host a variety of clownfish, and reproduce readily by fission, creating an aquacultured alternative for these long lived marine animals.
Bob's Picks (08/19/11)
This week I am featuring full adult Cortez Angels, Crown of Thorns Cardinalfish, French Grunts, Dented Brain Corals, and Peppermint Shrimp.
Photo of the Week - Amazing Zebrasoma (08/12/11)
This stunning tang came to visit the QM facility on 8/12/2011. Truly amazing.
Bob's Picks (08/12/11)
This week we have Cubicus Trunkfish, Black Melanopus Clowns, MAC SSC Orange Spot Filefish, Aquacultured Yellow Rim Purple People Eater Palys, and Strawberry Rock Flower Anemones.
Photo of the Week - Dendrochirus biocellatus (08/08/11)
Dendrochirus biocellatus aka the Fu Man Chu Lionfish is named for his supremely stylish mustache. These little guys are usually nocturnal; combine this with good camouflage and their small adults size (5"ish in the wild) and you end up with a fish...
Bob's Picks (08/05/11)
This week's picks: Lantern Basslets, Barberrish, Giant Hawkfish, Green Encrusting Montipora, and Antler Staghorn Hermits.
Aquarist Position Available (08/02/11)
Quality Marine is looking for a talented and motivated individual to fill a newly available position in our Animal Care and Husbandry team. If you have experience caring for aquariums and have a passion to pursue a career in the aquarium field,...
Photo of the Week - Platax orbicularis (08/01/11)
Platax orbicularis or the Orbiculate Batfish is an omnivore found usually in shallow protected lagoon areas, or in silty deep water in association with wrecks or other good cover.
Bob's Picks (07/29/11)
This week I am featuring Bluefin Angels, Starry Blennies, Gold Domino Damsels, Colored Ingens Seahorses, Green Honeywall Coral and Lettuce Nudibranchs.
Bob's Picks (07/22/11)
This week I am featuring Cook Islands Maxima Clams, Purple & Yellow Chromis, Browncheek Blenny, Bluestripe Pipefish and Green Trumpet Coral.
Photo of the Week - Balistes vetula (07/18/11)
Balistes vetula or the Queen Trigger is an Atlantic trigger fish found in coastal waters, usually at depths of 90 feet or less in conjunction with rocky or coral areas. They can be found both singly and in schools. They will eat just about...
Bob's Picks (07/15/11)
This week we are featuring Male Zebra Swallowtail Angels ,Male Duboulays Scribbled Angels, MAC Certified Yellow and Black Angels, Reefhab Neon Green Grape Cristata, Purple Branching Montipora and Aquacultured Acropora.
Photo of the Week - Chalice (07/11/11)
Chalices make great aquarium additions. They live in a pretty wide variety of conditions, from low light in a corner, to bright light front and center. They do seem to like enough flow to keep them clean and free of any settled detritus.
Bob's Picks (07/08/11)
This week we have small sized Cream Angels, Juvenile French Angels, Threadfin Goldie Anthias, Barnacle Blennies, and Green Bubble Corals.
Photo of the Week - Thalassoma duperrey (07/06/11)
The saddle wrasse is a very hardy thalassoma genus wrasse that is under appreciated, which means that you can be the only one to have them in your display.
Bob's Picks (07/01/11)
This week I am featuring MAC Pink Skunk Clownfish, Auriga butterflies, HUGE Pearly White Anglerfish, Passer Angels, Pederson's cleaner shrimp and Condylactis anemones.
Photo of the week - Hippocampus erectus (06/29/11)
Hippocampus erectus or the Lined Seahorse is endemic to coastal waters in the Atlantic everywhere from Nova Scotia to Suriname.
Bob's Picks (06/24/11)
From our MAC Short Supply Chain in Fiji we have Purple Queen Anthias and Bicolor angels. I am also featuring Onyx and Semi-black True Percula Pairs, assorted Octopi, Reefhab Zoanthid Frags, and Maze Brain corals.
Photo of the week - Brotulina fusca (06/22/11)
These rarely seen fish live in caves in rock and rubble. They are best suited for small, cryptic tanks where they can be target fed as they have very poor eyesight.
Bob's Picks (06/17/11)
This week we have some very nice Lemonpeel x Half Black Hybrid Angels Centropyge flavissimus X vroliki. These are showing an excellent dark black coloration in the anterior portion of the body. From our sources in the Atlantic we have a great batch...
Come visit us on Facebook (06/15/11)
Come friend us on Facebook for all original media content, interesting articles and quick tips!
Photo of the Week - Acropora Secale (06/15/11)
An excellent example of the Acropora secale we have been getting in recently.
Bob's Picks (06/10/11)
This week I am featuring MAC SSC Hypselosoma Stock Pink Anthias, and also MAC SSC Bicolor Foxface. I also suggest Black Spot Surgeonfish, Short Tentacle Plate Corals and Aquacultured Metallic Green Torch Corals.
Photo of the week - Pectina lactuca (06/06/11)
Bob's Picks (06/03/11)
This week's Picks: Dracula Gobies, MAC Sixline Wrasses, Horned Blennies, Green Hammer Coral, and a great selection of both wild collected and aquacultured / maricultured soft corals.
Photo of the Week - Epinephelus lanceolatus (05/31/11)
This is an amazing and rarely seen grouper around here. I always wondered why they were correlated with Queensland when they are found all over the Pacific.
Bob's Picks (05/26/11)
This week I am featuring both male and female Swallowtail Angels, Valentini Puffers, MAC Banded Sleeper Gobies, Elegance Corals, and Aquacultured Derasa Clams.
Observing Memorial Day and Warmer Weather Precautions (05/25/11)
We would like to remind our customers that Quality Marine will be closed in observance of Memorial Day on Monday, May 30th. Business will resume as normal on the following day.
How to Kill the Styrofoam Monster Living in the Back Room. (05/23/11)
What can you do with all the styrofoam your business generates? Has the pile begun to take on a life of its own?
Photo of the Week (05/20/11)
Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis aka the Blue Line Angel is a rarely seen angelfish in the trade; I've never actually saw one before working here. With a cooperative fish and some inventive lighting, I got what I think is one of the best photos I've...
Bob's Picks (05/20/11)
This week's picks: MAC Purple Queen Anthias, MAC SSC Candy Pencil Wrasse Pairs, Male Girdled Fairy Wrasses, Red/Pink Mini-Carpet Anemones and Reefhab Frag Sample Packs.
Photo of the week - Acropora loripes (05/16/11)
Acropora loripes usually occur in pale blue and brown, this one in a sweet turquoise coloration is highly prized. Loripes occur naturally on upper reef slopes in a wide variety of environments.
Bob's Picks (05/12/11)
This week I am featuring both Adult and Juvenile Goldflake Angels, Red Fin Foxface, Indian Black Triggerfish, Australian Pink/Purple Tip Elegance Coral, and Purple Diamonds Acans.
Photo of the Week - Macropharyngodon bipartitus (05/06/11)
A photo of a very cooperative Male Vermiculate Leopard Wrasse. While challenging to keep, long term success can be had by providing a varied diet and exceptional stability living conditions.
Bob's Picks (05/06/11)
This week I am featuring the Banded Butterfly, the Orange Butterfly, Richardsons Reef Damsel, some stunning assorted Acropora and Aquacultured KeddRedd Zoanthid Polyps.
Bob's Picks (04/29/11)
This week I am featuring Purple Pygmy Anthias, Klausewitzs Blennies, Banana Fusiliers, Nerite sp. Snails and Yellow Leather Corals.
Photo of the Week - Acropora gemmifera (04/29/11)
A photograph of an astounding Acropora we recently received. It is an Acropora gemmifera, and a good example of some of the stock we've been receiving recently.
Photo of the Week - Pseudanthias pictilis (04/25/11)
Some photographs of Pseudanthias pictilis, both males and females.
Bob's Picks (04/22/11)
This week we have Male Lineatus Wrasses, Tiger Color Striated Anglers, Tailbar Radiata Lionfish, Pink/Rose Maldivensis Coral and Green Center Jasmine Polyp Knopia sp.
Photo of the Week - Opistognathus rosenblatti (04/18/11)
Photo of Blue Spot Jawfish (Opistognathus rosenblatti) by Eli Fleishauer for Quality Marine.
Bob's Picks (04/15/11)
This week I am featuring our Reefhab Acanthastrea lordhowensis frags and the Jupiter and Cloverfield color strains are simply superb. We also have Blue Star Damsel, Yellowtail Sawtail Tang, Green Band Gobies, and radioactive Green Leather Thick...
Photo of the week - Acropora Plana Ultra (04/08/11)
A photo of Acropora Plana by Eli Fleishauer for Quality Marine
Bob's Picks (04/08/11)
This week we have Barnacle Blennies, Purple & Yellow Chromis, Dragonface Pipefish, a limited number of Sand Puffers, and a super limited number of Super Orange Bullseye Mushrooms.
New Lighting at Quality Marine (04/08/11)
This week saw the installation of new T5 lighting fixtures above our invertebrate tanks. We are already seeing better coral and photo-sensitive invert health. We are very excited about the future of our invert systems.
Bob's Picks (04/01/11)
Pick of the Week - Halichoeres chrysotaenia (04/01/11)
This is a photo of Halichoeres chrysotaenia or "Vrolik's Wrasse" under 150w of 20k light by Eli Fleishauer.
Bob's Picks (03/25/11)
Today's picks include: aquacultured Metallic Green Torch Corals, Staghorn Hermit Crabs, Rose Bubble Anemones, Extra Large Tobacco Basslets, and Mexican Rainbow Wrasses.
Pic of the Week - Cyclocoeloma tuberculata (03/25/11)
This weeks shot is one from Adam (Slap Shot) Mangino. This is an absolutely crazy pic of a decorator crab (Cyclocoeloma tuberculata.)
Pic of the Week - Balistapus undulatus (03/21/11)
Some pictures of the Balistapus undulatus taken by Eli Fleishauer for Quality Marine.
Bob's Picks (03/18/11)
This week we have Juvenile Imperator Angels, MAC certified (super limited) Juvenile Blue Spot Lemonpeel Angels, Scissortail Chromis and Patriot Bullseye Mushrooms Rhodactis inchoata. We also have an excellent selection of sea stars!
Bob's Picks (03/11/11)
This week's features include: Black Cap Basslets, Pacific Barred Serrano Basslets, a MAC certified Blue-Green Reef Chromis Promo, Green Starflower Coral and our exclusive Cook Island Aquacultured Reefhab Tridacna maxima Clams.
Photos of the Week (03/04/11)
The Striated Frogfish also called the Tiger Anglerfish (Antennarius striatus)
Bob's Picks (03/04/11)
This weeks offerings include: extra large Spiny Box puffers, Eibli Mimic Tangs, MAC Certified Latticed Butterflies, Green Pavona Coral, Cortez stars and Green Carpet Anemones.
Bob's Picks (02/25/11)
This week's picks: Large Adult Angelfish from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Longnose Hawkfish from our SSC in the Maldives, Naoko's Fairy Wrasse from Sumatra, Yellow Tip Red/Pink Birdsnest Coral from our SSC in Tonga, and some nice Orange Sea...
Bob's Picks (02/18/11)
This weeks pics include Red Lipped Blennies, Pink Cardinalfish, Yellow Stripe Maroon Clowns, Male Girdled Fairy Wrasse, and Tongan Bubble-Gum Chalice Corals.
Bob's Picks (02/11/11)
This weeks picks: Yellow Assessor Basslets from Australia, Yellow Goatfish from Fiji, Pouter Blushing False Eye Goby from Eastern Asia, from the Cook Islands we have Aquacultured Blue Rim Derasa Clams, and we released another batch of our Reefhab...
Get What You Expect - Acanthastrea lordhowensis (02/09/11)
Introducing the way Quality sorts and classifies its Acans. Allowing us to sort them, and allowing you to know what you are getting.
Bob's Picks (02/04/11)
This week's picks: Jumbo Band-Tailed Cardinalfish from our SSC in Tonga, male and female Bimaculatus Anthias and Red Velvet Wrasse from our SSC in the Maldives, Indonesian Green Cabbage Coral, and aquacultured Acropora.
Bob's Picks (01/28/11)
This weeks picks: The MAC Certified Green Wrasses, Halstead's razor wrasses, Lori Anthias, The Super Purple Flowerpots, Orange Linkia Starfish, and Pink and Yellow Cucumbers.
Bob's Picks (01/21/11)
This week's picks: Aqucultured Semi-Picasso Percula Clownfish, Cultured Blue-Rim Derasa Clams from Cook Islands, Klausewitz's Blenny from our SSC in the Maldives, Indonesian Threadfin Lookdown, and Purple Condylactis Anemone from our collector in...
Free Reef Hobbyist Magazines for QM Customers (01/19/11)
After distributing Reef Hobbyist Magazine to our customers for two quarters, we are now providing the magazines free of cost only to the customers who request the magazine. This will allow customers to have better control over the quantity they...
Bob's Picks (01/14/11)
This week's picks: Fiji Xmas Wrasse, Bristletooth Fine-lined Abberant Tang from Sumatra, Orangeback Fairy Wrasse from Indonesia, Red and Ultra Color Micro Zoa's, and Pink Birdsnest from our SSC in Tonga.
Bob's Picks (01/07/11)
This week's picks: Red Spot Cardinalfish from Indonesia, MAC Certified Orange Stripe Bristletooth Tang from Fiji, adult Blue Ring Angelfish from Sri Lanka, Green Cabbage Coral, and a great selection of different Montipora species with varied colors.
Photo of the Week: Hybrid Juv Lemonpeel (01/07/11)
This week's Photo of the Week features a hybrid juvenile Lemonpeel angelfish. While we aren't 100% sure of the other strain, our best guess is that it is a Half Black angel as these hybrids are no all that uncommon. What is uncommon is seeing...
Bob's Picks (12/31/10)
This week's picks: Bartlett's Anthias, Lantern Basslet from the Caribbean, Lined Dart Goby, Green Finger Sinularia and Toadstool Leather from Indonesia, and Scarlet Hermit Crabs from the Caribbean.
Bob's Picks (12/23/10)
This week's picks: MAC Certified Fiji Blue Devil Damsels, Midas Blenny and Purple Firefish from our SSC in the Maldives, Scarlet Hermit Crabs from the Caribbean, and amazing coral from Fiji.
Happy Holidays from QM (12/21/10)
Thanking you for your support in 2010 and wishing you the warmest Holiday greetings and a Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous New Year.
Cook Islands Maxima Clam's Back in Inventory (12/17/10)
They're back! After quarantining our most recent batch for well over a month, we are ready to do a limited release on our Ultra grade stock of Cook Island Maximas.
Bob's Picks (12/17/10)
This week's picks: Lineatus Fairy Wrasse from Australia, Flameback Pygmy Angelfish from Africa, MAC Certified Sailfin Tang from Fiji, Pink Birdsnest and Purple Encrusting Montipora from our SSC in Tonga, and Starfire Polyps from Indonesia.
Bob's Picks (12/10/10)
This week's picks: Yellow Tang from Hawaii, Aquacultured Neon Dottybacks, McCosker's Flasher Wrasse from Sri Lanka, Purple Condylactis Anemoness from the Caribbean, and our Reefhab frag release of the Green with Purple tip Honey Wall Euphyllia.
Bob's Picks (12/03/10)
This week's picks: Blue Face Angelfish from Sumatra, Five-Lined Cardinalfish from our SSC in Tonga, Dragonface Pipefish from the Central Pacific, and Aquacultured Assorted Tree Softies and Fire Shrimp from Indonesia.
Bob's Picks (11/26/10)
Costa Rican Hogfish, Samoan Cardinalfish and pink Stylophora from our SSC in Tonga, and our famous Aquacultured Cook Islands Maxima clams.
Happy Thanksgiving! (11/24/10)
It is with sincere appreciation that we thank all of our customers for the business weve done together over the past year. We know how tough the past few years have been on the hobby and the industry, but we know that by working with our...
Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule (11/19/10)
Quality Marine will be closed on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 25). We will remain open for our normal hours during the rest of the week. We are able to arrange for shipments which will arrive to you on Thanksgiving Day.
Bob's Picks (11/19/10)
Australian Watanabe Angelfish pairs, Richardson's Reef Chromis from our SSC in Tonga, Slender Sweeper Cardinals, Blue-Scaled Fairy Wrasse from Sumatra, and Maricultured Yellow-Tip Torch from Micronesia.
Bob's Picks (11/12/10)
This week's picks: MAC Certified Bicolor Angels from Fiji, Lieutenant Tang and Sailfin Desjardinii Tang from our SSC in the Maldives, Bubble Coral and Yellow Fancy Brittle Starfish from our SSC in Tonga, and Red Wellsophyllia from Indo.
Bob's Picks (11/05/10)
This week's picks: Bluestripe pipefish from Africa, Australian Red Leopard/Choati wrasses, Dusky Jawfish from the Caribbean, Purple/Pink Tip Elegance Coral from Australia, and the Colored Pyramid Sea Star.
Bob's Picks (10/29/10)
This week's picks: Starcki Damsels from our SSC in Tonga, Barnacle Blenny's, Powder Blue Tang from our SSC in the Maldives, tons of coral including, a good variety of Open Brain Corals, and Vanuatu rock.
Photo's from Reef-A-Palooza (10/26/10)
After a very busy weekend at Reef-A-Palooza, things are business as usual back at the QM facility. We had a wonderful time this weekend and it was great meeting everyone who stopped by our booth to check us out.
Bob's Picks (10/22/10)
This week's picks: Juv. Queen Angels from the Caribbean, Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish from Sumatra, Dracula Gobies from our SSC in the Maldives, as well as Colt Coral and Purple Short Tentacle Plate Coral from our MAC Certified SSC in Fiji.
Photo of the Week - Blastomussa wellsi (10/17/10)
This week's photo of the week is the Blastomussa wellsi. These great corals are favorites of ours since they do well in so many different types of reef aquariums with various lighting schemes.
Bob's Picks (10/15/10)
This week's picks: Bartletts Fairy Anthias, Caribbean Chalk Basslet, Sri Lankan Brown Streak Prawn Gobies, Powder Blue Tang from our Short Supply Chain in the Maldives, and Pavona maldivensis from our SSC in Tonga.
Photo of the Week - Whitecap Goby (10/11/10)
After hearing of the elusive Whitecap goby for so long, we were thrilled to finally get in a few from one of our suppliers recently. The Lotilia graciliosa is aptly named the Whitecap or graceful shrimp goby for its striking white cap on the head...
Bob's Picks (10/08/10)
This week's picks: Tank raised Pinnatus Batfish, Maricultured corals from our SSC in the South Pacific, Blue and Red Wrasse from Sri Lanka, the new Whitecap Goby for nano tanks, and Crosshatch Triggers.
Bob's Picks (10/01/10)
This week's picks: Green Band Goby from our SSC in the Caribbean, Commerson's Cornetfish, Lyretail/Lunare wrasse from our SSC in Tonga, Maricultured Coral and Clam Pack promo's, and new Reefhab frags.
Photo of the Week (09/24/10)
This week's photo of the week is the Rock Beauty Angelfish (Holacanthus tricolor). These are gorgeous fish that come from the warm waters of the Caribbean.
Bob's Picks (09/24/10)
This week's picks: Juvenile Imperator Angels from Sri Lanka, Blonde Naso Tang from our SSC in the Maldives, African Midas Blenny, Panda Gobies, and maricultured Corals and Clams from the South Pacific.
Quality Marine is Hiring! (09/17/10)
Quality Marine is looking for talented and motivated individuals to fill a variety of positions in our Animal Care/Husbandry and acclimations teams.
Bob's Picks (09/17/10)
This week's picks: Imperator Angels from our SSC in the Maldives, Richardson's Reef Chromis and Aquacultured Squamosa clams from our SSC in Tonga, Yellowhead Jawfish from our SSC in the Florida Keys, and lots of great corals from our MAC Certified...
Photo's of the Week (09/14/10)
A treasure from the Gulf of California, straight from the Sea of Cortez, QM was honored to receive a shipment of a few Cortez stars to add to our stock.
Bob's Picks (09/10/10)
This week's picks: Male Zebra Swallowtail Angels from Indonesia, Green Canary Blennies from our SSC in Tonga, Creaole Anthias from the West Americas, Oxypora from our SSC in Tonga, and MAC Certified Fusiler Damsel from our Fijian SSC.
Photo's of the Week (09/10/10)
There are few things as awe-inspiring as a vibrant and colorful piece of coral. That is why we snapped this photo of a few of our Acanthastrea lordhowensis colonies.
Bob's Picks (09/03/10)
This week's picks: Scott's Velvet Wrasse and Labuoute's Wrasse from Australia, Lyretail Damsel and Bubblegum Chalice from our SSC in Tonga, and behemoth Purple Firefish from our SSC in the Maldives.
Photo's of the Week (09/01/10)
The Golden Male Wrasse, sadly enough, only makes its way into the aquarium trade on rare occasions. Fortunately we were lucky to enough to receive a few of these flashy guys.
QM's Labor Day Holiday Hours (08/30/10)
Quality Marine will be closed for observance of the Labor Day holiday on Monday September 6. Please keep this in mind as you plan your orders for next week.
Bob's Picks (08/27/10)
This week's pics: False Shepard's Angel (Hybrid), Samoan Cardinalfish and Three Lined Fusilers from our SSC in Tonga, algae eating white-foot hermit crab from Hawaii, and maricultured Torch Coral from Bali.
Photo's of the Week (08/20/10)
Our photo this week can speak for itself! The Armitage Angel is an unique and rare angel that when we one enters the waters here at Quality Marine, we just have to share the excitement.
Bob's Picks (08/20/10)
This week's picks: MAC Certified Fusilier Damsel from Fiji, Lantern Basslets from our SSC in the Caribbean, Blue & Red Fairy Wrasse from Sri Lanka, and Red Wellsophyllia Rose Brain from Indonesia.
Photo's of the Week (08/13/10)
Theres a lot to love about Cardinalfish. Which is why when we received a few unusual cardinals, we just had to snap some photos and show them off!
Bob's Picks (08/13/10)
This week's picks: Radiant Wrasse from Kenya, MAC Certified Double Bar Rabbitfish and Mimic Saddle Filefish from Fiji, Pink, Yellow and Green Sea Cucumbers from Indonesia, and Red Button Cynarina also from Indonesia.
Bob's Picks (08/06/10)
This week's picks: Yellowhead Jawfish from the Carribean, Powder Blue Tang and Bimaculatus Anthias from our SSC in the Maldives, Cardinalfish from our SSC in Tonga, and new Reefhab frag offerings.
Photo's of the Week (08/06/10)
Every so often we a get species of fish here at QM that is so unique, its hard not to take an immediate liking to it. Thats what happened when we received this purple frilly Rhinopias Scorpionfish.
Bob's Picks (08/02/10)
This week's picks: Bigeye Catalufa from Costa Rica, large Blue Line Snappers from our SSC in Tonga, Sailfin Desjardini Tang from our SSC in the Maldives, and lastly Red Brittle Starfish and super colorful Montipora species from Tonga.
Video: Nutramar Ova Used to Feed Mandarin's (07/27/10)
We've always known that our Ova is an excellent food for feeding finicky eaters, but here's the proof. ORA down in Florida almost use our Ova exclusively to feed offspring of their Mandarins and bring them to adult hood.
Photo's of the Week (07/23/10)
This week's pictures of the week are of the Golden Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish and the Liopropoma africanum.
Bob's Picks (07/23/10)
Dogface Puffers from the Philippines, Blue Hippo Tang from Eastern Asia, Blue, White Spotted Puffers from Costa Rica, Flame Scallops, and a good mixture of hard and soft coral from Tonga.
Reef Hobbyist Magazine: Now Free With Every Order. (07/19/10)
We are proud to announce that Quality Marine customers are now able to receive free copies of Reef Hobbyist Magazine with every order they place...while supplies last!
Bob's Picks (07/16/10)
This week's picks: Watanabe Angels from the Philippines, Dragonface Pipefish from our SSC in Tahit, Blue Reef Chromis from our SSC in the Caribbean, MAC Certified Two Bar Rabbitfish from our SSC in Fiji, and lastly cultured Tridacna Derasa Clams...
Bob's Picks (07/09/10)
This week's picks: Orange Regal Angel and Vlamingi tang from our SSC in the Maldives, Red Spot Cardinalfish from Indo, Banana Wrasse from our SSC in Tonga, Australian Spider sponge, and our sizzling Soft Coral and Polyp package.
Position Available for a Coral Aquarist (07/06/10)
The aquarist will be responsible for every aspect of animal care. These duties include but are not limited to: distributing feeds to marine fishes and invertebrates, water quality sampling and testing, tank cleaning, inventory control, and...
Photo's of the Week (07/06/10)
This week's pictures of the week are of the Red-Lined Deepwater Hogfish and the Purple & Yellow Chromis.
Bob's Picks (07/02/10)
This week's picks: Rock Beauty from Puerto Rico, MAC Certified Segmented Blennies from the Philippines, Fijian MAC Certified Yellow Goatfish, Red Open Brain Lobophyllia from some of our South Pacific suppliers, and our Independence Day package...
Updated Holiday Schedule for Independence Day (07/01/10)
We would like to remind our customers that Quality Marine will be closed in observance of Independence Day on Monday, July 5. Click here for more details.
Bob's Picks (06/25/10)
This Week's Picks: Golden Red Pygmy Angels and Blue Torpedo Gobies from Indonesia, Yellow Sawtail Tang from Costa Rica, Red Velvet Fairy Wrasse from our SSC in the Maldives, and lastly Orange Eye Acanthastrea echinata and Green Scolymia vitiensis...
Photos of the Week (06/18/10)
Sometimes we receive fish that we just can help but want to share with all of our customers and visitors. Since we can't always get enough for everyone, we like to post pictures on our site so all can enjoy. Here are two from this week.
Bob's Picks (06/18/10)
This week's picks: Goldflake Angels, Starcki Damsels from our SSC in Tonga, MAC Certified Falco Hawkfish and Two Bar Spinefoot Rabbitfish from Fiji, amazing coral from Jakarta and Tonga, and Tongan Nassarius snails.
Bob's Picks (06/11/10)
This week's pics: Lori Anthias from our SSC in Fiji, Klauswitz Blennies from the Maldives, Sri Lankan Red and Blue Fairy Wrasses, Red Leopard Choati Wrasses from Australia, Scleronepthya Flower Coral from Indo, and Lettuce Nudibranch from the...
Bob's Picks (06/04/10)
This week's picks: Green Canary Blenny's from our SSC in Tonga, from 'Down Under' we have the False Personifer Angels and beautiful Multicolor Dotybacks, Purple Tang from the Red Sea, Aquacultured Derasa clam from the Cook Islands, and Open Brain...
Cook Island Maxima Clams in Pictures! (06/03/10)
Just to satisfy some of you out there looking for a little eye candy, weve taken a few shots of our most recent shipment of Maxima Clams for you to drool over.
Come Work for Quality Marine (06/02/10)
Quality Marine is looking for a talented and motivated individual to fill a newly available full time position in our Animal Care and Husbandry team. If you have experience caring for aquariums and have a passion to pursue a career in the aquarium...
Bob's Picks (05/28/10)
This week's picks: Cook Island Tridacna maxima clams, Barrier Reef Chromis from Australia, massive Purple Firefish from our SSC in the Maldives, large Lookdown from the Florida Keys, and Bali aquacultured corals.
Cook Island Clams Arrive at QM (05/24/10)
Weve received a new shipment of clams from Cook Islands. Click here to see some of the striking patterns that some of our Derasas have.
Bob's Picks (05/21/10)
This week's Picks: Japanese Long-fin Anthias from Marshall Islands, Browncheek Blennies from Mexico, Hifin Coradion Butterflyfish from Australia, and so much more!
Bob's Picks (05/14/10)
This week's picks: Juvenile Blue Angels from the Florida Keys, MAC Certified Diamond Watchman Gobies from Fiji, Desjardini Sailfin Tang from our SSC in the Maldives, and lastly Bubble-Gum Chalice Coral and Green & Purple Bullseye Mushrooms from...
Bob's Picks (05/07/10)
This week's picks: Red and Multicolored Lobophyllia from our SSC in Tonga, Orange Sherbet Flower Coral, Aquacultured Corkscrew Gorgonians, MAC Certified Canary Blennies from Fiji, and Blue Assessors from Australlia.
Meet the Purple Stick Distichopora (05/03/10)
Wed like to present to you the Purple Stick Coral (also known as Lace Coral or Distichopora sp.). This often overlooked coral is a unique find in tanks and those who have discovered it find it to be the perfect coral to uniquely spice up the...
Bob's Picks (04/30/10)
This week's picks: Yellow Belly Blue Tang from Sumatra, MAC Certified Black Leopard Wrasse from Fiji, and from Indonesia we have Adult Orange Shoulder Tang and Green Bubble Coral.
Tropic Marin BIO-ACTIF Sea Salt Mix Available now at Quality Marine. (04/23/10)
Tropic Marine BIO-ACTIF Sea Salt Mix is a breakthrough product that is now available at Quality Marine. This product improves the health of fish, corals, and beneficial bacteria by adding organic compounds that augment bio-filtration.
Bob's Picks (04/23/10)
This week's picks: Small Orange Shoulder Tangs and Two Spot Bristletooths from our MAC SSC in Fiji, Yellow and Purple Wrasses from our SSC in Maldives, Black and White Chromis from the Fiji SSC, Red Button Corals from Indonesia, and aquacultured...
Bob's Picks (04/16/10)
This Week's Picks: Threadfin/Carberryi Anthias from our SSC in Maldives, Blue Assessor Basslets from Australia, Starcki Damsels from Tonga and Australia, Lettuce Nudibranch's, and corals galore.
QM Internship Program Offers Project Coordinator Opportunity (04/14/10)
Quality Marine is looking for student candidates majoring in business, marketing, or communications related fields to participate in our internship program as a project coordinator. If you would like to build your resume while getting real world...
Bob's Picks (04/09/10)
This week's picks: Adult Imperator Angels from our SSC in the Maldives, MAC Certified Pinstriped Wrasses from our Fiji SSC, Sea Moths from Cebu, Indonesian Orange Spot Zoanthids, and limited release Reefhab Frags
New Version of Tank-Tag Makes it Even Easier to Carry QM Livestock (04/08/10)
Our newest tag tanks are designed to help you work more efficiently, and give your customers the satisfaction of knowing they are getting authentic, high-quality QM livestock.
Quality Marine is on Facebook (Become a Fan Today!) (04/05/10)
Quality Marine has been on Facebook for a little while now and we want to be sure that our clients and friends know about it! Become a fan of Quality Marine on Facebook and receive up-to-date information on products and QM news.
A recent petition by the Center for Biological Diversity is requesting that the NMFS department of NOAA to list 82 coral species under the Endangered Species Act. Please read how you this may affect the future of our trade and what you can do to...
Bob's Picks (04/01/10)
This week's picks: Black Melanopus Clownfish and Black Cap Damsels from our SSC in Vanuatu, MAC Certified Golden Head Sleeper Gobies from Fiji, XL Red Fin Foxface from Sumatra, and Australian Red Blastomussa wellsi frags.
Bob's Picks (03/26/10)
This week's picks: MAC Certified Red and Orange Lyretail Anthias from Fiji, Midas Blenny's from our SSC supplier in the Maldives, Green Band Gobies from Puerto Rico, Helmet Trunkfish, maricultured metallic green Torch Coral from Bali, and Indonesian...
Nameless Rare Wrasses Pass Through QM Waters (03/26/10)
The nicknamed Nahackys wrasse is yet another uncommon fish that has made it through QM's waters recently. These beautiful specimens are named after Tony Nahacky who relatively recently discovered this gem of a fish in the reefs around Fiji. While...
Bob's Picks (03/19/10)
This week's pics: Australia Green Button Coral, Australian Pink/Purple Tip Elegant Corals, MAC Certified 6-line Wrasse from Fiji, and XL Vlamingi Tangs from our SSC in the Maldives.
Hybrid Achilles x White Cheek Tang Spotted in Our Facility (03/19/10)
While being one of the more commonly seen Acanthurus hybrids, this specimen still deserves some serious recognition for its unique color patterns. This fish is a hybrid of the Achilles tang and the White Cheek tangs. Both species inhabit the...
Bob's Picks (03/11/10)
This week's picks: Klausewitzs Blenny from the Maldives, Seales Cardinalfish from Cebu, Aquacultured Indigo Dottyback's, MAC Certified Tomato Clowns from Fiji, Yellow Belly Blue Hippo Tang from Sumatra, Grey Head Wrasse from Vanuatu, Maricultured...
Brand New Short Supply Chain Fish: The Slender Sweeper (03/08/10)
Another entry in our growing list of Short Supply Chain livestock, the Slender Sweeper is a fantastic schooling fish.
Bob's Picks (03/05/10)
This week's picks:
Bob's Picks (02/26/10)
This week's picks: Australian Harlequin Tusks, MAC Certified Yellow Goatfish from Fiji, Vanuatu Live Rock, Indonesian Green Mushrooms, new QM Frags, and Indonesian Shrimpfish.
The Marine Aquarium Handbook Returns (02/25/10)
The Marine Aquarium Handbook is back with a new Revised and Expanded Edition! Get your copy of the best selling aquarium book of all-time, right here, right now.
TMC to Release New V2 Ozone Generator (02/25/10)
The brand new V2 Ozone Generator will be here in March, replete with tons of great features!
Bob's Picks (02/19/10)
This week's pics: Scott's Velvet Wrasse and Canary Damsels from the Cook Islands, Sri Lankan Diamond Watchman Gobies, Australian Pink Tip Elegance Corals and Duncan's, and last but not least Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp.
Bob's Picks (02/12/10)
This week's picks: Aquacultured Pot Belly Seahorses from Australia, Huge Long Tentacle Anemones, Juvenile Achilles Tangs from Hawaii, male Vrolik's wrasses from Indo, Aquacultured Zoanthids, Tongan Green Canary Blenny, and Aquacultured Squamosa...
Product Number Update: 'Purple Claw Daumi' and 'Purple and Orange Debelius' Lobsters (02/10/10)
QM separates product numbers for 'Purple Claw Daumi' and 'Purple and Orange Debelius' Lobsters.
Bob's Picks (02/05/10)
This week's picks: MAC Certified Juvenile Coris and Gaimard wrasses from Fiji, Marshall Island Multicolor Angels, large Lieutenant Tangs from Maldives, Lettuce Nudibranch from Florida, and Bali Aquacultured corals.
Bob's Picks (01/29/10)
This week's picks: Chalice coral from Tonga, the ever popular Tongan Nassarius snails, Male Exquisite Wrasse from Maldives, MAC Certified Orange Klein's Butterfly from Fiji, and Vanuatu Flame Angels.
Christmas Island Trigger Hybrid (01/28/10)
A recent shipment of Christmas Island fish included an exceedingly rare treat--a hybrid trigger fish we have never before had at our QM facility.
New Options from TMC Aquaray LED Lighting Now Available! (01/25/10)
TMC AquaRay LED lights are one of the newest and hottest trends in aquarium lighting. We will have the fast selling Reef Blue AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra units available along with some great new controller and mounting options.
Bob's Picks (01/22/10)
Bob's Picks of the Week - MAC Certified Pinstriped Wrasse, juvenile Chevron Tangs, Splendid Pseudochromis, monster Lemon Clown Gobies from the Maldives, maricultured Clove Polyps, Conehead Astrea Snails collected in the USA , and the Blue Corallite...
Tongan Fish are Back! (01/21/10)
We have re-established our Tongan fish supply chain, and are beginning to get specimens we haven't had access to in nearly a year.
Bob's Picks (01/15/10)
Bob's Picks of the Week - Open Brain Lobophyllia from Fiji, Indonesian Orange-Spot zoanthids, Tomini Tangs, Yellow Ember Clarki Clowns from Vanuatu, and the MAC Certified Bicolor Goatfish from Fiji.
Bob's Picks (01/08/10)
Bob's Picks of the Week - Dracula Goby from the Maldives, Carberryi Anthias, MAC Certified Tail-Spot Blenny and MAC Certified Fusiler Damsel. For inverts, Waving Thick Stem Polyp and Purple Distichopora both from Fiji.
New and Improved Labels are Now Shipping! (01/08/10)
QM introduces updated version of tank tag labels to guarantee authenticity and convey more information.
Bob's Picks (12/31/09)
Bob's Picks for the First Week of the New Year- Red Sea Fish, Red-Head Fairy Wrasse, Goldenhead Sleeper Gobies, Puerto Rican Green Band Gobies, Achilles Tang, and Aquacultured Green Finger Sinularia.
Bob's Picks (12/28/09)
Bob's Picks of the Week - Scotts Velvet Wrasse from Cook Islands, Wide Band/Latezonatus Clownfish, Catalina Gobies, Red Wellsophyllia Open Brain Corals and Aquacultured Green Finger Sinularia.
Holiday Hours and Shipping Information (12/22/09)
Quality Marine will be closed on Christmas and New Year's Day (Friday, December 25 and Friday, January 1). Note that we will be open for a half-day on the day before these holidays. We are able to arrange for shipments which will arrive to you on...
Bob's Picks (12/21/09)
Bob's Picks of the Week - Latezonatus Clownfish, Aquacultured Maculosus Angelfish, Monster Aussie Copperband Butterflies, Cultured GSP, and Lavender Hairy Mushrooms from Fiji.
Bob's Picks (12/14/09)
Bob's Picks of the Week - Aquacultured Potbelly Seahorses, Indonesian Blue Gorgonian, and Grey-head Wrasses.
Aquaray wins Product of the Year (12/07/09)
Practical Fishkeeping Magazine, the UKs leading aquarium publication, has announced that TMC Aquarays Solid State Lighting series has won their coveted Marine Product of the Year award for 2009.
Bob's Picks (12/04/09)
Bob's Picks of the Week - Goldhead Sleeper Gobies, Longhorn Cowfish, Yellow Watchman Gobies, Staghorn Hermit Crabs, and Cultured Kenya Tree Leather Coral.
AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra Units Now In Stock! (11/30/09)
After teasing our customers at the Reef-A-Palooza and IMAC shows earlier this year, the AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra units are finally in stock. Click here to read more.
Bob's Pics (11/27/09)
Bob's Picks of the Week - Pascalus Anthias, Powder Blue Tangs, Lemon Citron Gobies, Zoanthids and Palythoas.
QM Delivers a New Box Design (11/27/09)
Check out our new updated box designs.
Thanksgiving Wishes! (11/25/09)
Thanksgiving is the time of year when families get together, eat big meals, celebrate the changing of the seasons and most importantly spend quality time with each other. Historically its a time to celebrate the harvest and a time to reflect on...
Bob's Picks (11/20/09)
Bob's Picks of the Week - Blueface Angels, Panda Gobies, Favia, Favites, Fiji live rock, and Tiger Pistol Shrimp.
Place Orders Early During Thanksgiving Week (11/19/09)
Well, the holidays are upon us again. At this time of year it is helpful to plan your orders carefully to make sure they arrive safely, and at the right time. Our sales representatives will be happy to make arrangements with you today.
Help Us Winterize Your Shipment (11/18/09)
It's time to start thinking about winter again. Giving us your weather report will help us get you your livestock safe and sound.
Bali Aquacultured Hard Corals on the Way! (11/15/09)
These hard corals are from our top-notch Bali supplier and they won't last long. Order today!
Bob's Picks (11/13/09)
We have a limited number of one of my favorites, the Orangeback Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis in stock. The orange in these specimens is especially vibrant and sure to catch your attention.
Cook Island Aquacultured Clams to Return (11/09/09)
Beautiful aquacultured clams from the Cook Islands are about to make their return. QM is proud to annouce that we will hold the nation's only CITES permit for these magnificent Tridacna clams.
Reef-A-Palooza Booth a Success (10/27/09)
Last weekend's Reef-A-Palooza proved to be quite an event and drew a nice cross section of stores and hobbyists alike. For those of you that visited our booth, thanks! For others that didn't make it, here is a little of what you missed.
Website Update Completed! (10/27/09)
This past weekend we released a fresh and updated version of our website and are pleased to present it to you. Click here to learn about some of the great new features.
Reef-A-Palooza is Coming This Weekend! (10/19/09)
Quality Marine is proud to announce our participation in Reef-A-Palooza, being held at the Orange County Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa, CA on October 24th & 25th, 2009. Presented by the Southern California Marine Aquarist Society (SCMAS),...
Use Books to Increase Sales! (10/05/09)
Use the power of information to sell your customers before they ever even walk through the door!
Quality Marine Goes Green! (10/01/09)
QM establishes internal recycling program and reduces waste sent to landfills by over one ton a month!
QM Debuts Coral Magazine 2010 Calendar (09/29/09)
Coral Magazine presents Reef Life 2010, a stunning new calendar which is now In Stock at QM.
MAC Licensed Retailer Program Package (09/15/09)
A number of our customers have been purchasing MAC Certified Organisms for years but have been unable to sell them as certified product, due to their reluctance or inability to achieve formal certification. In June, 2009, the Marine Aquarium...
QM Debut's New Booth at IMAC West (08/04/09)
The QM Team put on a great showing at IMAC West this past weekend and ended up winning the best booth award. Our pristine show tank was an attraction in itself, displaying a few of the many stunning fish and corals offered by QM and was illuminated...
QM to Exhibit at IMAC West 2009 (07/09/09)
Quality Marine will be exhibiting at IMAC West 2009, July 31 - August 2, in Long Beach, California aboard the historic Queen Mary Hotel and Conference Center located along the shoreline harbor.
Nutramar Ova is Back in Stock (07/06/09)
Quality Marine is pleased to announce that after shortages, Nutramar Ova is back in stock. The prawn eggs are finally in season again and we've managed to get a good supply of fresh Ova.
Reclassified Scolymia Coral Brings Trade Changes (05/21/09)
Some of the Scolymia Coral that Quality Marine imports are now classified as Acanthophyllia deshayesiana, and their export is temporarily suspended.
Memorial Day Hours and Warming Weather (05/19/09)
We would like to remind our customers that Quality Marine will be closed in observance of Memorial Day on Monday, May 25th. Business will resume as normal on Tuesday.
New Shipment of Beautiful Cultured Corals (04/22/09)
Quality Marine is pleased to announce another great and diverse shipment of maricultured hard corals.
Aquatropic Now Offers Online Ordering (04/22/09)
Aquatropic, our sister freshwater livestock and equipment wholesaler, has made online ordering available to registered customers.
Helpful Hermit Crabs Can Be Beautiful (03/30/09)
The hermit crab is a very useful scavenger and algae eater for any aquarium. This diverse clean-up crew often displays some beautiful vibrant colors.
Rare Griffis Angelfish in Stock (03/30/09)
Quality Marine is pleased to offer the very rare Griffis Angelfish. Our supply is limited to only one select specimen.
Great Variety of Cultured Organisms in Stock (03/30/09)
Quality Marine is continually striving to offer the greatest variety of high quality aquacultured and maricultured marine organisms. At this time we are pleased to offer over 35 cultured species.
Pineapplefish Are In Stock (03/26/09)
Quality Marine is pleased to offer a rare species of pinecone fish. The Pineapplefish is highly unusual, colorful and fascinating.
New Leopard Toby in Stock (03/11/09)
The Leopard Toby (Canthigaster leoparda) is a new species being offered at Quality Marine. We are happy to have these fascinating and rather uncommon pufferfishes, but our supply of them is quite limited.
Indonesian CITES Permits for 2009 Released (03/06/09)
The new CITES permits for Indonesia have been released. The usual trend is for a reduction in allowable export and this year is no exception to that.
New Enhanced Store Locator in the QM Hobbyist Newsletter (02/24/09)
Quality Marine has made some changes to the listed display of retail stores that are located near registered hobbyists.
Bad Weather in Many Supply Zones (02/24/09)
Bad weather is being reported in nearly all of our supply areas. This has been preventing consistent collection operations.
Cleaner Shrimps in Irregular Supply (02/24/09)
For the past few months, our supply of Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimps has been irregular. This is in contrast to typical supply which is available continuously.
Outstanding Australian Shipment Next Week (02/20/09)
An outstanding shipment from Australia is scheduled to arrive next week. Expect many unique and high demand species such as Latezonatus Clownfishes.
Beautiful Redtail Triggerfishes in Stock (02/20/09)
We are happy to announce a limited supply of outstanding Redtail Triggerfishes. Both medium and large are available, and the demand is high so we recommend that you act fast.
Holiday Hours and Shipping Information (12/19/08)
Quality Marine will be closed on Christmas and New Years Day (Thursday, December 25 and Thursday, January 1). Note that we will be open for a half-day on the day before and after these holidays. We are able to arrange for shipments which will...
Cold Weather is Here and Quality Marine Can Help You with Your Shipments (12/17/08)
Fall is here and with it comes weather changes for North America. Please let us know if you are experiencing any significant weather conditions so that we can modify our packing and shipping methods to suit your situation.
Quality Marine Now Offers Hobbyist Registration (12/16/08)
QM is pleased to announce the launch of a new program aimed to educate the marine aquarium hobbyist about their captive organisms, their aquariums, the trade in marine ornamentals, responsible aquarium keeping, coral reef conservation and more.
Be Green - Get the QM Stocklist by Email, Not Fax (12/11/08)
Quality Marine can help save paper and ink by providing our Stocklist to you via email instead of by fax.
Welcome to the New (12/08/08)
Quality Marine is pleased to announce our new website with many changes and features to enhance functionality, appearance and user friendliness for our customers and hobbyists.
Super Stars Galore! (12/03/08)
Quality Marine has an outstanding variety of starfish in stock. We are also pleased to announce the availability of the Yellow Spotted Nardoa Star (Nardoa tuberculata), a new species from Papua New Guinea.
Thanksgiving Hours and Shipping Information (11/20/08)
Quality Marine will be closed on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 27). We will remain open for our normal hours during the rest of the week. We are able to arrange for shipments which will arrive to you on Thanksgiving Day.
Our Great Selection of Live Rock is in High Demand (11/20/08)
Quality Marine is presently stocking six varieties of live rock from Fiji and Vanuatu. Supply is limited and demand is high. Because of this, we suggest that you place orders before the stock is depleted.
Be Prepared for the Thanksgiving Rush (11/14/08)
We know that the Thanksgiving holiday brings great increases in air and land shipments for all sorts of commerce. Quality Marine can make arrangements so that your stock arrives when you expect and need it.
Six Varieties of Live Rock from Fiji (11/12/08)
Quality Marine is now stocking all kinds of great live rock from Fiji. The quality is excellent and the rock is available in a range of shapes. You will generally find a nice assortment of attached organisms including the desirable coralline algae.
Open Brain Coral from Fiji (11/10/08)
The Open Brain Coral (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi) is a well known, common and hardy large polyp stony coral. Virtually all of these corals are imported from Southeast Asia. Quality Marine is featuring the Open Brain Coral from Fiji as an out of the...
Act Fast for Maricultured Hard Coral Shipments (10/20/08)
We are excited to announce two shipments of exceptional maricultured Indonesian hard corals this week. These will be available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
Halloween Super Specials (10/17/08)
Bring Out Yer Dead! Quality Marine is offering a buyout special on our competitors DOA credits. See your sales representative to hear about all the spooky details.
Changes Made To Our Supply Region Designations (10/15/08)
With the addition of supply from Papua New Guinea, Quality Marine has implemented a few changes to our livestock supply region designations.
Have You Really Checked Out The QM Website? (10/14/08)
Our goal at Quality Marine is to provide you with interesting and helpful information in a continually updated presentation. The Quality Marine website offers a variety of topics for industry professionals, hobbyists, and anyone with a keen interest...
Eco MINI Aquariums with Protein Skimmer Are Now in Stock (10/06/08)
Quality Marine is pleased to announce that the Eco MINI Aquarium with protein skimmer is in stock. This complete aquarium has many wonderful features and options and is now available with a built-in protein skimmer.
Introducing the AquaBeam 500 LED Lighting System (10/03/08)
Quality Marine is pleased to announce the premiere introduction of a high-technology high-efficiency lighting system to the North American market. The AquaRay AquaBeam 500 is a solid state LED system with a broad range of applications.
Ramadan Will Affect Some Supply Lines (09/25/08)
Beginning next week (September 28), exports from some countries with Muslim populations observing Ramadan, are expected to be inconsistent. This year, the holiday of Eid ul-Fitr falls on October 2, and full supply is generally restored 7-10 days...
Nutramar Ova Is Back In Stock (09/22/08)
Quality Marine is pleased to announce that after several months of shortages, Nutramar Ova is back in stock. The supply issues have been solved and we anticipate no shortages for the foreseeable future.
Epoxonite Frag Plugs (09/22/08)
This frag plug offers coral aquaculturists and hobbyists a great new way to affix and handle small stony coral fragments.
Hurricanes Have Reduced the Supply of Scarlet Reef Hermit Crabs (09/19/08)
The availability of the popular Scarlet Reef Hermit Crab (Paguristes cadenati) has been temporarily reduced because of the recent hurricanes moving through the Caribbean and Tropical Western Atlantic.
Nutramar tigrio - Live Copepods Now Available (08/26/08)
Nutramar has added another fine addition to their growing line of all natural foods. Tigrio is packaged live Tigriopus copepods which are full of protein and essential fatty acids.
TMC Food in Full Supply (08/12/08)
After facing some complications at their distribution facility, TMC is finally up and running at 100% once again. Each of their new lines is available and priced better than ever. Look for the new 250g slices (flat pack), which cost less / unit...
Leng Sy to Demonstrate Eco MINI This Week at QM (07/29/08)
Leng Sy, founder of EcoSystem Aquarium will be at Quality Marine this week to demonstrate his latest product the Eco MINI aquarium. You can find him here in the morning on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week.
QM Introduces Another Fish to North America (07/15/08)
Quality Marine is proud to be the first company to introduce the Privitera Deepwater Anthias to North America. Named after Professor Lisa Privitera of the University of Hawaii, the Pseudanthias privitera was first discovered by J. Randal and R. Pyle...
Eco MINI Aquariums Are Here! (07/10/08)
The line of Eco MINI Aquariums, developed by EcoSystem Aquarium have finally arrived to Quality Marine. These new high end mini-aquariums offer the aquarist a sleek and elegant aquarium with a dizzying array of customizable options.
Holiday Schedule (07/02/08)
Our sales office will be closed on Friday, July 4, in observance of Independence Day. Our sales staff will be available to take orders on Thursday the 3rd however these orders won't be packed for ship out until Monday at the earliest.
New Helfrichi Firefish Color Variant (06/25/08)
We currently have a limited supply of Helfrichi firefish with a rare color variation. This is the first time we have ever seen this color morph and we don't expect to see too many more.
Mexican Turbos in Varied Supply (06/23/08)
Our Mexican Turbo snails will be in erratic supply until mid September due to scorching temperatures at the collection sites. In the meantime, we recommend utilizing some of our other snail options.
Are You Ready for Summer? (06/09/08)
It's a good time to catch up on routine system maintenance in preparation for summer. Higher temperatures mean higher bacteria counts and pathogens can reproduce more rapidly.
End of May CITES Update (05/30/08)
As June draws near, we have some updates to report on the recent CITES restrictions.
Memorial Day and the Beginning of Summer News (05/19/08)
We would like to remind our customers that Quality Marine will be closed in observance of Memorial Day on Monday, May 26th. Business will resume as normal on Tuesday.
Added Value Specials (05/19/08)
Quality Marine is pleased to now offer our customers Added Value Specials'. These deeply discounted items will be mixed amongst the other specials on our daily stock list and will be comprised of species from our best suppliers whom we support...
Time to Pull the Trigger (05/08/08)
It's time to pull the trigger as the season for these hardy tank inhabitants is now in full swing. We have a wide variety of varying sizes in stock now to cater to those with an interest in Triggerfish.
Recent CITES Updates (05/05/08)
Due to recent CITES enforcements by the Secretariat, the following countries have been restricted from trading species listed in Appendix II. Tonga, Marshall Islands and Cook Islands. Until further notice these countries will not be able to export...
Mustard Tangs In Stock (05/02/08)
We just received a shipment of Acanthurus guttatus also known as the Mustard Tang. Click here to learn more about these fish.
Dark Banded Fusiliers in Stock (04/25/08)
Dark Banded Fusiliers (Pterocaesio tile) are running again and QM will be offering them for a limited time. Click here to learn more about these great fish.
Aquacultured White Maculosus Angels in Stock (03/25/08)
We have recently discovered a source for a rare colormorph of aquacultured Maculosus angels (Pomacanthus maculosus). These unique fish are all tank raised and come with a rare colormorph seen only in a very small percentage of the wild population.
Spring is in the Air (03/25/08)
With the onset of Spring, we are seeing the normal fluctuations in weather and temperatures that typically occur this time of year. In order for us to best prepare your orders we need to be aware of any unusual weather patterns in your area.
Nutramar Foods (03/10/08)
Nutramar is a new and exciting food product for the fish and aquarium industry. Made from 100% all natural food sources, Nutramar products elicit voracious feeding behaviors in fish and invertebrates. Unlike flake and other processed foods,...
FedEx Door To Door and Overnight Shipping! (02/28/08)
Quality Marine is proud to inform its customers about our new door-to-door overnight freight program with Fed-Ex. Fed-Ex Freight will deliver your order from our door to your door, overnight.
QM Introduces DrTim's Aquatics' One and Only Nitrifying Bacteria (02/25/08)
From the creator of BioSpira comes a new line of Nitrifying bacteria for speeding up the cycling process of aquaria. This product is ideal for new tank set ups and greatly reduces the amount of time necessary to wait to let bacteria populate in...
New Tank Tag Options (02/08/08)
Due to increased demand, we now offer 3 different kinds of tank tags: Clear, Frosted (semi-transparent), and White. Especially useful for customers with black backgrounds on their tanks, the two new options really help the text to stand out.
Australian Corals Now In Stock (01/25/08)
We have recently boosted our supply of the increasingly popular Australian corals. We currently have a number of Acanthastrea lordhowensis, Duncanopsamia axifuga, Scolymia sp., and many more extraordinary pieces.
Updates on the Current Fish Shortages (01/08/08)
As expected, the disruption in fish collection that we normally experience this time of year is in full swing. The rough sees affecting the Indian Ocean are contributing to the majority of the problems in our supply.
The Revised Book of Coral Propagation is Now Available (01/02/08)
Now in its sixth printing, the second edition of this pioneer publication is full-format (8.5" X 11") and fully illustrated (~1000 images) and available now in a blaze of color with dramatic images! Be sure to ask your sales representative for more...
Holiday Shipping Schedule (12/17/07)
Click here to see information about our holiday shipping schedule.
Live Gracilaria Season Ended (12/06/07)
Gracilaria season has ended and we have just received our last shipment of fresh live gracilaria until February/March. Gracilaria is generally cultured in outdoor systems where there must be warm water and ample sunlight.
Winter Weather Has Arrived (12/06/07)
Winter weather is upon us with colder temperatures, snowy, and icy conditions across the country. We advise our customers to pick up airport shipments in a timely manner to prevent subjecting the animals to severe temperature fluctuations.
Nutramar Ogo Now Available! (11/30/07)
The much anticipated Nutramar Ogo is finally available. Nutramar Ogo is a highly nutritious freeze dried gracilaria algae which when soaked in aquarium water re-hydrates to approximately 10 times its dry weight.
Huge Inventory of Maricultured Corals and Aquacultured Clams (11/14/07)
For the first time in several months we have Crocea clams from Vietnam. These clams have great coloration and are much larger than normal with an average size between 3-5.
Inconsistent Supply from Sri Lanka (11/08/07)
Due to the escalating civil war in Sri Lanka, we expect to be receiving fewer shipments from the war torn island. Fighting between the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam (LTTE) and the Sri Lankan government has increased and has made it increasingly...
New Two Little Fishies Products at Quality Marine (10/31/07)
Quality Marine now is proud to annouce the addition of several more of Two Little Fishies great products to our line of dry goods. Click here to read more about these new products.
Turbo Snails are Back (10/31/07)
Mexican Turbo snails (Turbo sp) are back in stock and in good quantity after a long absence. In case you were wondering, we do not import Mexican Turbo Snails from the early summer through early fall.
Our Fall Newsletter is Here!! (10/18/07)
The Fall edition of the QM Current, Quality Marine's quarterly newsletter, has just been published. Click here to see what's inside and a link to the current newsletter.
Introducing - Nutramar Ogo (10/11/07)
Quality Marine is proud to introduce the newest Nutramar Ogo, the newest addition to the Nutramar line of natural foods for marine fish and invertebrates. Ogo is a freeze dried gracilaria algae which when soaked in aquarium water re-hydrates to...
Philips Light Bulbs and Display Rack (10/11/07)
Quality Marine is now offering a great deal on 48 Philips bulbs plus a high quality powder coated point-of-purchase display rack and attractive product spec header card! Ask your customer service representative for its incredibly low price.
Adornatus Fairy Wrasses in Good Supply (10/04/07)
We have recently been receiving a consistent supply of male Adornatus Fairy Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus adornatus). These colorful and fairly uncommon fairy wrasses exhibit unique color patterns which become more apparent as they settle into their...
Maxima and Derasa Clams Now in Stock (10/04/07)
We just received another great shipment from one of our aquacultured clam suppliers in Micronesia. Be sure to ask your salesperson about our current pricing.
New Gamma Improvit Pellet Foods (09/24/07)
Introducing the new look of high quality pellet foods. A great addition to the TMC Gamma food line, the new Improvit foods are Gamma irradiated and made from only the finest ingredients. Click here to find out more
Ramadan Update (09/19/07)
Onset of Ramadan is having a trickle down effect on supply in the Muslim countries. Click here to find out more
Nutramar Ova Prawn Eggs (09/17/07)
We have seen many requests recently for the discontinued Gamma Lobster Eggs from TMC. This food is now called Ova and offered by Quality Marine under the Nutramar line of premium foods. Click here to learn more
Shipping in Hot Weather (09/12/07)
With the recent high temperatures experienced throughout the country, we would like to remind our customers to pick up shipments in a timely manner.
How Hurricane Season May Effect Stock Levels (09/04/07)
As summer comes to a close please remember this is the high point of hurricane and typhoon season and the havoc these weather phenomenons instill on the marine fish trade
Did you try our Vanuatu fish this past week? (08/30/07)
We received a great assortment of very colorful pylei, laboutei, bathyphilus, and condei fairy wrasses from our Vanuatu supplier. Click here to find out more
Quality Marine Labor Day Business Hours (08/28/07)
Quality Marine will be closed for the Labor Day holiday on Monday September 3. Click here for more information
Red Sea Fish Are Here! (08/28/07)
Purple Tangs, Semilarvatus Butterfly and Asfur Angels are now in stock! Out shipment arrived last Thursday and stock is good. Due to the inconsistent nature of the Red Sea shipments lately take advantage while they are in.
Keep an Eye Out For Our New Bag Labels!! (08/23/07)
Testing of our new bag labels is currently underway. These labels are used in-house for packaging quality control
Desjardinii Tangs in Good Supply (08/16/07)
We currently have an excellent supply of small and medium sized Desjardinii tangs, Zebrasoma desjardinii. These fish are arriving in excellent shape with outstanding coloration. We are receiving consistent stock from a number of sources, so it...
Effects of Tropical Storm Flossie Hitting Hawaii (08/16/07)
Near Hawaii, Flossie was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm after sideswiping Hawaii's Big Island with intermittent rain and moderate winds. At its strongest, the hurricane had maximum sustained winds of 140 mph, causing a large swell...
Great deal on Schuran style calcium reactor media! (08/15/07)
This media is made up of broken coral fragments and is regarded as being a far superior type of media than the crushed coral and aragonite media. The hard and larger irregular structures of this media allows better flow through the reactor and...
Super Blue Maxima Clams! (08/01/07)
Be sure to try some of our new Super Blue Tridacna maxima clams. These aquacultured clams are coming in with excellent coloration. Our Super Blue is a hand selected clam that exhibits exemplary coloration.
Gracilaria in Good Supply (08/01/07)
We currently have a fresh consistent supply of Gracilaria. Production has gone up significantly since the weather has gotten warmer. We expect the supply to stay consistent till October.
Duncanopsammia is Now in Stock (07/20/07)
We currently have a limited supply of Duncanopsammia axifungia, also known as Whiskers or Duncans. Click here to find out more.
Aquacultured True Black Ocellaris in Stock (07/19/07)
Aquacultured True Black Ocellaris are in stock and have been arriving in excellent condition. Check out our super lot specials.
Daily Stocklist Emails Have New Format (07/12/07)
We have begun sending emails with a new way of seeing our daily stocklist. Click here to learn what changes you can expect and how it may benefit your business.
Mexican Turbo Snails are Out of Stock (07/09/07)
Mexican Turbo Snail are currently out of stock and we will not be importing them until early fall once the weather cools down. Click here for more information about the Turbo's and what other snails you can use as substitutes.
Cleaner Shrimp In Short Supply (07/09/07)
Cleaner Shrimp are in short supply due to a variety of reasons. Click here to find out more.
Hot Weather Across the Country (07/09/07)
Hot weather is one of the leading reasons aquarium and fish shipments experience problems. Click here to find out what you can do to ensure safe arrival of your livestock from QM.
QM's Holiday Hours (06/27/07)
Our sales office will be closed next week on Wednesday for Independence day. Click here for more information.
Another New Deepwater Fairy Wrasse from Fiji (06/19/07)
Quality Marine just received another handful of rare deepwater fairy wrasses from Fiji. We have only seen this rare, undescribed species of Cirrhilabrus wrasse once before and know with certainty it will not be available again for quite some time.
C...The Journal (06/18/07)
Quality Marine is proud to carry Cthe Journal: of Aquatic Science, Travel, and Adventure, an Anthony Calfo Reading Trees publication. This is an aquarium magazine unlike any other with a broad variety of topics, breathtaking photography, and a...
Lieutenant Tang Sale (06/08/07)
We currently have a large supply of healthy Lieutenant Tangs. These uniquely colored tangs are great algae eaters and do very well in medium to large reef aquariums. They are also omnivores and accept a large variety of foods, from pellets, to...
New Drygoods: Rowa, Merck, and more (06/01/07)
We have expanded our drygoods lines to include Rowa and several other products from D & D Aquarium Solutions. Click here to learn more.
New Gamma Food Blister Packs (05/23/07)
Quality Marine is exited to introduce the new Gamma food blister packs. These attractive packs use the same quality foods as their traditional packs which are used here in our facility to feed our fish and invertebrates.
Australia Fish Shipment is in! (05/17/07)
We just received a new shipment of fish from one of our several Australian suppliers. The waters around Australia are known for some of the most colorful fish
Our Spring Newsletter is Here!! (05/08/07)
Inside this issue: Upcoming Events; Editorial; Featured Fish: Midas Blenny; Conservation Corner
What's New at Quality Marine (05/04/07)
Click here to learn about the recent few updates we have made to our online purchase order system. Also, take a look at the design of our new expanded Links page!
Another New Wrasse at QM! (05/01/07)
New to Quality Marine, from our exclusive MAC vendor in Fiji, is the Yellow Back Wrasse: Stethojulis balteata. These interesting fish should be housed in established reef systems. Their care is very much the same as leopard wrasses as they...
QM introduces the Marjorie's Wrasse (04/20/07)
A newly identified Fijian deep-water fairy wrasse, Quality Marine is the first to bring these beautiful fish to the aquarium trade. First identified and named in 2003, these wrasses have never been collected or kept in an aquarium until now, and...
Cleaner Shrimp Have Arrived! (04/18/07)
After not seeing very much activity from Sri Lanka for some time now, we received a shipment last night. We received a good amount of Bicolor blennies, Fire shrimp and of course Cleaner Shrimp.
Unusual Weather Patterns Affecting Shipments (04/11/07)
We have been seeing very un-seasonal weather patterns over the last few weeks. Temperatures around most of the country were in the high 70's during the first part of last week and quickly fell to the 30's later in the week.
CITES Update (04/10/07)
The new CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) quotas from Indonesia started being issued about 10 days ago. We currently have Jakarta coral shipments scheduled for Tuesday the 10th, Thursday the 12th and Sunday the 15th
New Pseudochromis Species (04/04/07)
We have recently created a new item number for the Pseudochromis bitaeniatus, commonly called Double Striped Pseudochromis. This fish has been imported as Assorted Pseudochromis for quite some time and has become a fairly regular sight.
Adornatus Fairy Wrasse (04/03/07)
We just received our first shipment of Adornatus Fairy wrasses. These interesting wrasses have not been commonly seen in the Aquarium hobby until recent years. They are mainly collected out of western Sumatra and are also occasionally found in the...
Our Red Sea Shipment Has Arrived (03/29/07)
We just received another great shipment from our supplier in the Red Sea. We now have a good supply of very healthy Purple Tangs (Zebrasoma xanthurum), Golden Butterflies (Chaetodon semilarvatus) and Sohal Tangs (Acanthurus sohal).
Aquacultured Coral from Bali (03/22/07)
We have been receiving very large shipments of aquacultured coral from our suppliers in Bali, Indonesia. The quality of the coral has been outstanding and the corals are keeping their color well.
New Hermit Crabs from Vietnam (03/16/07)
In an effort to bring in a greater variety of livestock, Quality Marine has found a new supply of algae eating hermits. The new hermits, called Yellow Tip Assorted, are a mix of Calcinus lateens and Clibanarius virescens species.
Large Selection of Anemones (03/13/07)
We presently have a very large selection of anemones. We have a good variety of the Caribbean reef anemones, a close relative of the Condylactis and occasionally used as a host by Domino damselfish.
Cook Islands Shipment Is Here! (03/08/07)
We just received a shipment from our Cook Islands supplier. We have a large selection of Ventralis Anthias (Pseudanthias ventralis), Scotts Velvet Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus scottorum), and Derasa clams (Tridacna derasa).
Black Sailfin Blenny Changes (02/27/07)
The two different species of blennies under the name "BLACK SAILFIN" have been separated. The more regular Atrosalarias fuscus commonly known as black sailfin or black highfin, will keep the old name BLACK SAILFIN and the old number. A new name...
High Surf in Hawaii!! (02/27/07)
Weather conditions in Hawaii are still turbulent with 30 foot surf reported. Supply is limited
Employment Opportunities at Quality Marine (02/20/07)
Quality Marine is looking for talented and motivated people to join our growing team of industry leaders. We offer exciting positions in an innovative and dynamic environment
Check out our Clams (02/20/07)
Quality Marine currently has a huge selection of wild and aquacultured clams. Click here to learn more
Ulva, A Natural Substitute for Gracillaria (02/12/07)
ur aquacultured Gracillaria algae, one of the best known available foods for herbivores, is unfortunately currently out of stock. As an alternative, we have started to import large quantities of the aquacultured algae known as Lettuce Ulva. We...
News about the Chinese New Year (02/12/07)
The Chinese New Year commences on February 18th and lasts for 15 days. Considered a major holiday for the Chinese, the celebration has had a strong influence on the New Year celebrations of its neighbors
Large Selection of Soft Coral Currently Available (02/12/07)
We currently have an excellent selection of wild South Pacific and Indonesian soft corals available, including many large and extra large Sarcophytons and Sinularia
Our Winter Newsletter is Here!! (02/06/07)
The winter edition of the QM Current, Quality Marine's quarterly newsletter, has just been published.
Indonesia CITIES Permits to be Released Soon (02/02/07)
Be prepared as we await the release of the 2007 Indonesian CITES permits. It is at this time every year that the Indonesian government reviews the previous years export quotas and determines the allowable export numbers for the current calendar...
New Featured Blennies (01/31/07)
Two new commonly available blennies added to QM's inventory list.
Quality Marine now Offers Door to Door Shipping via DHL (01/22/07)
Effective Monday, January 22, Quality Marine will be offering overnight door to door service via DHL.
Aquacultured SPS from Jakarta and Bali in Stock (01/22/07)
Aquacultured corals from Bali and Jakarta are now in stock. Choose from a dizzying selection of brightly colored Acroporas, Montiporas and other SPS...
Rough Seas Causes Fish Shortage (01/09/07)
Uncharacteristically rough seas across the Pacific Ocean have caused a shortage of fish, reducing our supply. Click here to find out how this can affect you.
New Website Updates for the New Year (01/05/07)
In our efforts to make our website increasingly versatile, useful, and easy to navigate, weve just made another large round of updates. Click here for a list of the changes you can expect to see.
Anglers, an Ideal Specimen for Nano Tanks (01/05/07)
These fascinating fish are ideal for small tanks as they don't need a large amount of swimming space. Click here to read more.
How to Handle Delayed Shipments (12/21/06)
A brief description of how fish and invertebrates should be acclimated after being boxed up for an extended period of time.
Holiday Shipping Schedule (12/21/06)
Click here for information about the Quality Marine holiday shipping schedule.
Shipping During the Holiday Season (12/15/06)
The holiday season is upon us and our consignments are moving as booked the majority of the time. Click here to learn more about how you can be prepared for shipping during this busy season.
Aquacultured Maxima Clams Have Arrived! (12/15/06)
Aquacultured Tridacna maxima have arrived from Micronesia and we have an excellent assortment of colors and patterns available.
Need a Cleanup Crew? We've got options (12/14/06)
Clean up crews, consisting of a variety of algae eaters, sand sifters and dertrivores, are an important key to maintaining a successful reef. Click here to read more about the types of clean up critters that QM sells.
Fiji's Coup and Tonga's Riots (12/11/06)
News about how the Riots in Tonga and the Coup in Fiji are affecting business at QM.
Important Notice About Placing Orders (11/27/06)
Elevated inspection measures required by the TSA for outbound shipments are increasing the amount of time spent at Los Angeles International airport. Please place your order early to avoid any delays.
Want an Algae Eating Machine? (11/27/06)
Abalones are well known for their abilities to consume massive amounts of algae. These voraceous eaters are ideal for mid to larger sized tanks.
Red Sea Fish are Back in Full Supply (11/22/06)
With Ramadan ending, our livestock from the Indonesia and the Red Sea are starting to return to normal stock levels. Among the fish that are back is the purple tang, a relatively hardy tang from the same genus as the yellow tang.
The Yellow Tail Dascyllus (11/22/06)
The Yellow Tail Dascyllus Damsel (Dascyllus flavicaudus) is one of the best choices for beginning aquarists to get a feel for keeping Saltwater species. Click here to learn more about these hardy fish.
Powder Blue Tangs from Maldives (11/15/06)
Here at Quality Marine, we pride ourselves on the quality and health of the fish that we carry. A prime example can be seen in our Powder Blue Surgeonfish.
New Arrivals from Australia (11/10/06)
We've just received a new shipment from Australia and the fish are looking great and doing remarkably well. Among the species mix we received are gorgeous Laboute's Fairy Wrasses, Scott's Velvet Wrasses, Harlequin tuskfishes, and a good variety of...
V2 Skim Protein Skimmers: A Great Value with a (11/10/06)
After only a few months on the market, the V2Skim line of Protein Skimmers has just been voted Best Marine Product 2006 by the readers of Practical Fishkeeping magazine! Click here to learn more about this great new product.
Aquacultured Specimens at Quality Marine (11/03/06)
Quality Marine is an avid supporter of aqua-cultured specimens and is continually searching for new producers around the world. Click here to learn more about how QM supports this growing practice.
Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp are Back in Stock (11/03/06)
Aquarium cleaners are back!!!! After what seems like an eternity we received an abundant supply of the Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis).
Ramadan Update: Holiday is Coming to a Close (11/03/06)
Ramadan has come to a close and the divers are returning to the seas to begin collecting. Expect Indonesian and Red Sea fish species to be in good supply in another week or so....
Gamma Frozen Whole Cockle is in and Going Fast (11/03/06)
We received a limited amount of the Gamma whole Cockle retail packs and they are selling fast. Be sure to place your order before it's too late!
Turbo Snails are Back in Supply (10/26/06)
Turbo snails (Turbo sp) are back in stock in good quantity after a long absence. In case you were wondering, here is why we do not import Mexican Turbo Snails from the early summer through early fall.
Surfs Up! Wild Weather in the Tropics (10/26/06)
As expected, with the change of the seasons comes the Fall/Winter ocean swell and the havoc it wreaks with our collectors. Click here to find out more.
New to QM: the Colorful Ocellate Damselfish (10/20/06)
The Ocellate Damselfish (Pomacentrus vaiuli) have been arriving with exceptional coloration and robustness. Click here to find out more about this great new addition to the QM livestock list.
Alternate Sources of Algae for the Refugium (10/20/06)
What's a refugium to do without Caulerpa? As the USDA has restricted the importation of Caulerpa taxifolia due it's classification as a noxious weed, we have had to source other Macroalgae alternatives for use in the hobby.
Be Sure To Try Our MAC Certified Fish (10/18/06)
We have been receiving weekly shipments of MAC Certified fish for quite some time now and the quality has been outstanding. At this time we have over 50 different species of MAC Certified fish in stock.
Shipping Updates (10/11/06)
What you can do to help us make sure your shipments arrive healthy and in a timely manner.
Attention Pygmy Angel Collectors! (10/11/06)
We have a nice group of Multicolor Angels (Centropyge multicolor) in stock and at a great price.
Ramadan Update (10/11/06)
See how the Ramadan holiday has affected our supply lines.
Vinyl QM Tank Tags (09/29/06)
Historically, Quality Marine has used and sold to it's customers a proprietary tank tag, a laminated card with a small suction cup. We have further developed the concept and are now offering new and improved tags alongside the existing ones.
Monster Purple Firefish (09/28/06)
The Purple Firefish Goby Nemateleotris decora from Maldives are HUGE this week.
Whats new at QM? (09/27/06)
Click here to find out what has been going on recently at Quality Marine.
Fall is Here! (09/26/06)
Fall is here and with it comes a change in the weather.
New Aquacultured Derasa and Maxima Clams (09/25/06)
Announcing the arrival of South Pacific aquacultured Tridacna derasa and Tridacna maxima.
Nutramar Premium Fish Foods (09/24/06)
Quality Marine announces the Nutramar line of canned and frozen fish foods.
Nano Gobies Galore! (09/23/06)
Nanogobies are here at QM and we have a great assortment right now. Trimma, Eviota, Tryssogobius, Gobiodon and Priolepis just to name a few. We are currently receiving weekly shipments of these hot items so keep an out eye for any new arrivals.
Jellyfish contain no calories, so why do they still attract predators? (07/06/20)
They contain no carbohydrates. No fats. No proteins. Not much else but water. Still, the moon jelly (Aurelia aurita) are eaten by predators in the sea; fish, crustaceans, sea anemones and even corals and turtles.
Big Herbivores Graze Pathways to Reef Species Diversity (07/06/20)
A new study reveals that the diets of reef fish dictate how fast different species evolve. The breakthrough adds another piece to the fascinating evolutionary puzzle of coral reefs and the fishes that live on them.
Fighting Fish Synchronize Their Combat Moves and Gene Expression Leading to Tightly Meshed Battles (06/29/20)
When two betta fish are fighting for dominance, not only do their attacks mirror each other, but the gene expression in their brain cells also starts to align. The new findings, published June 17th in PLOS Genetics by Norihiro Okada of Kitasato...
Soft coral garden discovered in Greenland's deep sea (06/29/20)
A deep-sea soft coral garden habitat has been discovered in Greenlandic waters by scientists from UCL, ZSL and Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, using an innovative and low-cost deep-sea video camera built and deployed by the team.
The Best Calming Videos Are of People Tending to Aquarium Tanks (05/26/20)
In these uncertain times we're all looking for calming content. And like most people living in the world right now, I'm prone to plenty of anxiety in my daily life, even without the threat of a pandemic hanging over my head.
Top 10 Tips for an EASY &amp; Successful Nano Reef Tank (05/26/20)
Theres never been a better time to get into miniature reef aquariums, and setting up a small nano tank is a great way to get started. Reef tanks used to be mystical, magical glass boxes of reef biology but since we better understand how they work...
Efforts to reopen West Hawaii Fisheries (05/19/20)
Hawaii has historically always been one of the most sustainable and well managed fisheries that provides an abundance of beautiful species that have long been enjoyed by aquarium trade.
Robert M. Fenner, 1952-2020 (05/14/20)
A great friend and charter contributor to CORAL Magazine, Robert M. (Bob) Fenner died in his sleep at his home in San Diego, California, on May 7, 2020.
Research institute breeds new colors in captive shrimps (05/14/20)
Wild harlequin shrimps that live in waters in the East Pacific typically have deep pinkish-purple spots with yellow edges, while those that live in the Indian Ocean and the West Pacific tend to be more brownish with a blue edge.
Second Generation Acropora Successfully Raised at Horniman Museum (04/30/20)
It was around six years ago that Jamie Craggs and the Horniman Museum &amp; Gardens first successfully spawned and raised Acropora corals in an aquarium environment. Now this same team has succeeded in spawning the first generation of corals they...
The Florida Aquarium just made a breakthrough that will help save the third largest coral reef in the world (04/30/20)
The Florida Aquarium has made a breakthrough that will help save "America's Great Barrier Reef," the third largest coral reef in the world. For the first time in world history, the aquarium in Tampa, Florida has successfully reproduced ridged...
Aquariums are Saving the Last Florida Pillar Corals (04/23/20)
A team of Scientist and Aquarist from the Florida Aquarium, last month broke the news for spawning in captivity for the first time, the last remaining live colonies of Pillar coral (Dendrogyra cylindrus) known from Florida state waters.
Meet the Bahama Coral Farmers Regrowing the Oceans Reefs (04/23/20)
The year 2019 started off pretty great for Sam Teicher and Gator Halpern. Theyd been listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 and won a UN Young Champions of the Earth Prize.
Tennessee Aquarium launches educational series to help parents teach kids at home (04/14/20)
The Tennessee Aquarium wants to help parents kick off their new role as homeschool teachers. The aquarium created Weekday Wonders, a series of free, science-at-home lessons that will help kids get outside and engaged in easy-to-understand, hands-on...
3D-Printed Coral Mimics Nature (04/14/20)
Most of us have heard that coral reefs around the world are dying, largely because of warmer ocean temperatures and the increased acidity of seawater, but few people realize why that is important to humans.
Meet a scientist: a species-discovering savant (03/26/20)
Mark Erdmann is the vice president of Asia-Pacific marine programs at Conservation International, where he spends almost as much time underwater discovering new species as he does helping communities above ground conserve them. Conservation News...
Coronavirus blues? Monterey Bay Aquarium live webcams offer wildlife diversion (03/26/20)
Cooped up? Feeling anxious? Looking for a diversion for the kids? Or yourself? Until at least March 27, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. But you can still visit its famed animals from sea otters to sharks to...
Open Letter... Regarding Pets and COVID-19 Precautions (03/24/20)
Open Letter to Federal, State &amp; Local Government Officials Regarding Pets and COVID-19 Precautions
Scientists seed local seas with imperiled fish. Can giant sea bass make a comeback? (03/24/20)
A team of scuba-diving biologists on Wednesday released nearly 200 baby giant sea bass into the murky depths of Santa Monica Bay where the tiny, critically endangered fish could grow to be a quarter ton or more in size.
New dimension to coral research (04/10/19)
For the first time, international researchers have mapped the network of bacteria on coral reefs. They write about it in Nature Communications (9 April).
The Oceans First Fertility Clinic (04/09/19)
The Oceans First Fertility Clinic
Exotic marine species pose a complex threat to their new environment (04/09/19)
A global study conducted by researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) shows that when foreign marine species are introduced to a new habitat, they can pose a threat to their new environment.
Back on Track Towards Cyanide Detection for Marine Fish (04/08/19)
RWU Researchers Take Important First Step Towards Developing a Test to Detect Cyanide Fishing in the Marine Aquarium Trade
Hermit crabs found to use vibration to ward off would-be shell evictors (04/04/19)
A pair of researchers with Dartmouth College has found that Pacific hermit crabs use vibration to ward off other crabs trying to steal their shells.
Coral Spawning in a Reef Jar (04/01/19)
The next time youre scraping the glass, trying to clean off that stubborn coralline algae, maybe break out the magnifying glass first. That constellation of pesky spots might be worthy of investigation.
How Retailers are Profiting with Ponds (03/27/19)
Though the pond hobby faces some headwinds, superior service and competitive advantages allow retailers to carve out an economic niche for themselves.
Coral reefs near equator less affected by ocean warming (03/21/19)
Research based on analysis of field observations from 20-year global coral survey
Coral Reefugees: Certain Corals Could Outrun Climate Change (03/19/19)
New evidence suggests that corals once sought refuge from warming waters by migrating
How In-Store Freezers Help Fish Stores Fight Amazon (03/12/19)
For many aquatic retailers, the past few years have been difficult. Retailers report an increase in showrooming shoppers, who use brick-and-mortar stores to examine products in person before buying them online.
How new species arise in the sea (03/05/19)
For a new species to evolve, two things are essential: a characteristicsuch as a colourunique to one species and a mating preference for this characteristic.
Ocean acidification may ground swimming skates (02/28/19)
In warmer and more acidic seas, little skates develop stronger jaws but weaker fins
24 breathtaking underwater photos (02/28/19)
24 breathtaking underwater photos
Northern Red Sea coral reefs may survive a hot, grim future (02/21/19)
As the outlook for coral reefs across a warming planet grows grimmer, scientists in Israel have discovered a rare glimmer of hope: The corals of the northern Red Sea may survive, and even thrive, into the next century.
New living reef exhibit features cutting-edge coral research by UH scientists (02/21/19)
A new living reef exhibit at the University of Hawai?i Waikiki Aquarium highlights cutting-edge coral research done by six researchers at the UH Manoa. It features work on both soft and stony coral like bubble coral and potato-chip coral.
Meet the newest Cryptocentrus Shrimpgoby Species (02/18/19)
Awash in spangles of red and blue on an olive green base coloration, and potentially exhibiting a sail-like first dorsal fin, the newest member of the Watchman/Shrimpgoby genus Cryptocentrus might just be what the marine fish breeder ordered.
Competitive Advantage (02/14/19)
Carrying frozen fish food and keeping a variety in stock allows retailers to maintain the edge in this category.
Mediterranean Stunner: The Red-Black Triplefin Blenny (02/11/19)
Last weeks CORAL Newsletter teased a beautiful little red Corvette of a mystery fish, this stunning bottom-dweller from the intertidal zone, which is a fish few have likely seen or might recognize. We left out one important detail: the Red-Black...
Transport Yourself to the Coral Reefs of Indonesia with bugDreamer (02/07/19)
Transport Yourself to the Coral Reefs of Indonesia with bugDreamer
Mating Seahorses Dazzle Freediver Near Melbourne (02/07/19)
Freediver and photographer Jules Casey shared video on February 4 of what they described as one of the most beautiful moments they had every captured: two seahorses mating
Mexican scientists create robot to protect coral reefs (02/06/19)
Mexican scientists create robot to protect coral reefs
Researchers show that corals adapt photosynthetic rates to prevailing environmental conditions (02/05/19)
Similar to forests on land, the most important source of energy for tropical shallow water coral reefs is light. Photosynthetic algae, called zooxanthellae, live within the tissues of reef-building corals and provide them with oxygen and the...
Scientists discover two mechanisms at work in crustacean's dazzling light displays (01/31/19)
Evolution is a rich and dynamic process. Species respond to pressures in a variety of ways, most of which reduce to finding food, avoiding becoming someone else's food and attracting a mate.
Scientists discover two mechanisms at work in crustacean's dazzling light displays (01/31/19)
Evolution is a rich and dynamic process. Species respond to pressures in a variety of ways, most of which reduce to finding food, avoiding becoming someone else's food and attracting a mate.
Manoa: Are Hawaiian corals adjusting to warmer temperatures? (01/30/19)
A team of researchers from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology and the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum conducted a study of coral resiliency that showed some corals are better able to tolerate heat than...
A close look at the specific feeding habits of territorial damselfish reveals strategies for coexistence (01/24/19)
n the animal kingdom, food access is among the biggest drivers of habitat preference. It influences, among other things, how animals interact, where they roam and the amount of energy they expend to maintain their access to food. But how do...
WWF Introduces Free, Web-Based Tool To Help Scientists Study And Save Coral Reefs (01/21/19)
According to reports on climate change, most of the worlds coral reefs could die by the end of this century as a result of bleaching, which occurs when above-average sea temperatures upset the balance of coral with algae that inhabit its tissue.
VIDEO: Octopus Mating at the Secret Home Lab (01/21/19)
You may recognize Richard Ross (aquarist &amp; biologist at the California Academy of Sciences Steinhart Aquarium) as a popular aquarium conference speaker and espouser of critical thinking in the reef aquarium hobby.
Full carbonate chemistry at the site of calcification in a tropical coral (01/17/19)
Researchers have succeeded in directly measuring three key parameters necessary for skeleton formation in a live tropical coral. This way, they completely characterized the carbonate chemistry at the site of calcification.
Coral Microbiomes Offer Clues for Resilience and Conservation (01/16/19)
Some coral species might be better equipped to adapt to a warmer, more acidic ocean. Finding out which ones, and why, could be the key to saving reefs around the world.
Rare calico lobster rescued at Maryland store (01/16/19)
A rare calico lobster has been spared from the boiling pot thanks to its 1-in-30 million mutation and may be headed to the Georgia Aquarium.
Bringing the Outside In (01/10/19)
Natural is in with hobbyists looking to bring some of the outside world in to their homes in the form of a terrarium or paludarium, and manufacturers, mindful of this growing consumer demand, are offering an array of products to help shoppers meet...
New research to explore how skill influences result of animal fights (01/08/19)
The role of skill in determining the outcome of animal contests is to be explored in new research by the University of Plymouth.
Tropical fish breeding to improve as result of new collaboration (01/02/19)
Pioneering new techniques will enable leading aquarium visitor attractions to breed their own tropical fish, following a new collaboration.
Feeding Aquatic Appetites (12/27/18)
The aquatics hobby is growing, and with it flake, pellet and frozen food sales.
Apples Anatomically Incorrect Squid Emoji Blunder Causes Internet Stir (12/24/18)
Silicon Valley is no stranger to emoji blunders. Case in point: earlier this month, Apple was called out for its anatomically incorrect squid emoji.
Picky dolphins are choosy about their friends (12/18/18)
Dolphins are picky about who they are friends with and shun rival groups, new research has found.
New research on deep reefs finds 195 species of coral (12/13/18)
Queensland Museum scientists have used remotely operated vehicles and specialised diving techniques to find 195 coral species in deeper reef areas in the Great Barrier Reef region.
A glimmer of hope for the world's coral reefs (12/11/18)
The future of the world's coral reefs is uncertain, as the impact of global heating continues to escalate
As corals decline, a new kind of reef emerges (11/28/18)
When coral reefs die, what will replace them?
This fish could help corals recover rather than collapse (11/20/18)
In the struggle to save corals from climate change, reef-dwelling animals dont get much attention.
This Octogenarian Is the Oldest Fish in Captivity, likes Belly Rubs (11/15/18)
Methuselah is no ordinary fish, and this month, she's swimming into her 80th year as a resident of the California Academy of Sciences' Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco.
Healthy Tank, Healthy Sales (11/15/18)
Aquarium maintenance products and services that keep customers in the hobby and coming back in-store for more are helping to reshape the aquatics retail business model.
Krill another day: Antarctic crustaceans more resilient than thought (11/15/18)
Adult krill appear unharmed by upticks in ocean acidification.
The secret behind coral reef diversity? Lots of time. (11/06/18)
Strap on a diving mask and fins and slip under the crystal-clear water near a coral reef in Indonesia, Papua-New Guinea or the Philippines, and you'll immediately see why divers and snorkelers from across the world flock to the area.
Unprecedented atlas of coral reefs released (10/31/18)
Today, Paul G. Allen Philanthropies and a consortium of partners, including Carnegie, unveiled the Allen Coral Atlas, a pioneering effort that uses high-resolution satellite imagery and advanced analytics to map and monitor the world's coral reefs...
Scientists from the California Academy of Sciences describe 17 new species of vibrantly patterned sea slugs from the Indo-Pacific (10/31/18)
Scientists from the California Academy of Sciences constructs new family tree for group of nudibranchs; discovers color mimics.
Scientists from the California Academy of Sciences describe 17 new species of sea slugs (10/30/18)
This National Sea Slug Day, celebrate the addition of 17 new species of nudibranch to the tree of life.
The sound of seaweed and health of coral reefs (10/24/18)
Sound generated during photosynthesis in seaweed may help monitor the health of coral reefs, new research shows.
Can schools of fish be identified without human intervention? (10/22/18)
Researchers are developing an autonomous system to monitor coastal and deep waters for fish stock. Their technology could enhance marine environment protection.
Livestock Lifeline (10/19/18)
Live fish and coral sales are pivotal for independent pet retailer success.
Livestock Lifeline (10/18/18)
Live fish and coral sales are pivotal for independent pet retailer success.
Contemporary Sells (10/11/18)
LEDs with programmable lighting options score big with hobbyists looking to customize their aquarium environments.
50 Reefs Around The World That Could Survive Climate Change (10/11/18)
Coral reef ecosystems around the world are facing serious threats from the impacts of rapid climate change.
Scientists question whether prescription practices can help the environment (10/09/18)
Scientists question whether prescription practices can help the environment
130-year-old brain coral reveals encouraging news for open ocean (10/04/18)
Researchers studied nitrogen levels in the skeleton of a 130-year-old brain coral living 620 miles from the North American mainland and found that the nitrogen from human sources was less than had been estimated.
Tank Sales Trends (09/20/18)
Aquariums and kit sales are helping keep retailers in the black as new offerings create interest and feed hobbyists needs.
Jellyfish robots to be used to monitor fragile coral reefs (09/18/18)
The "jellybots" are powered by pumps and feature silicon rubber tentacles that propel them through the water.
New soft coral species discovered in Panama (09/18/18)
A study in the journal Bulletin of Marine Science describes a new, blood-red species of octocoral found in Panama.
A fresh approach to understanding aquaculture (09/11/18)
A new, innovative and interactive approach to generating interest in aquaculture is now publicly available, following the publication of a number of stories about the industry on the AquaTED platform.
Strange Fishes from the Deep Spotted Unicornfish and More (09/11/18)
In each issue of Sport Fishing magazine, a panel of five international expert ichthyologists identifies unusual and often amazing fishes in photos submitted by readers. Find out what they are and learn fascinating facts about them.
Coral bleaching not the only threat to reef fish (09/07/18)
Climate change poses a number of threats to the long-term viability of the Great Barrier Reef and the species that live on it.
MACNA to Celebrate Aquarist of the Year, MASNA Award Recipient (09/07/18)
The Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA) will be awarding its annual MASNA Aquarist of the Year and MASNA Award at the MACNA Saturday Night Banquet on Saturday, September 8, 2018 at the Westgate Resort and Convention Center.
How the clownfish earned its stripes: Color pattern evolution in coral reef fishes (09/05/18)
Coral reef fishes, including clownfish, display a wide variety of colors but it remains unclear how these colors evolved or how they develop throughout a fish's life.
International Waters: Marine News Roundup (08/30/18)
A review of the latest news concerning the ornamental fishery industries in Indonesia, Fiji and Hawaii
Geoengineering Combined With Coral Farming To Save Worlds Endangered Coral Reefs (08/28/18)
Marine heat waves are the most dangerous effect of global warming on coral reefs worldwide. In 2016 and 2017 alone, these heat waves killed almost half of the Great Barrier Reef corals.
Hurricane Marias wrath leaves clues to coral reefs future (08/24/18)
Preliminary data suggest that deep-water reefs are more vulnerable to storm threats than researchers had suspected.
Sea Urchins Save Coral Reefs Where Man Accidentally Almost Strangled Them (08/20/18)
Back in the 1970s, a curious scientist introduced a non-native algae species into the delicate ecosystem of Hawaiis Kaneohe Bay.
Courting Repeat Sales (08/16/18)
Pelleted fish food offerings are growing, and retailers can give their customers what they want with an eye to bringing them back for more.
Indonesian Coral May Be Resistant to Global Warming, Scientists Say (08/15/18)
It could teach us how to save reefs around the world.
Algae and Coral Have Been BFFs Since the Dinosaur Age (08/14/18)
A new study shows that the relationship between coral polyps and zooxanthellae that produces colorful coral reefs began 160 million years ago.
World Pet Association Adjusts SuperZoo 2019 Show Dates (08/09/18)
SuperZoo, which is produced by World Pet Association (WPA), has changed the dates for its 2019 show.
Citizen scientists dive into reef protection project (08/07/18)
Log on to your laptop. Start swotting up on sea life. Millions of everyday Australians are being encouraged to take a 'dry dive' on the Great Barrier Reef, as part of a first-of-its-kind, citizen science project.
Fish reproduction: Two times a lady (08/03/18)
A DNA probing technique clarifies the mechanism behind clonal reproduction of female dojo loach fish, also providing insight into the ancestral origin of the clonal population.
Video: Newly discovered rare deepwater coral identified off Irish coast (07/24/18)
A type of black coral identified may be an entirely new species, says Marine Institute
Shark Week 2018 (07/23/18)
With their huge, sharp teeth and menacing demeanor, its no wonder this ocean predator has long struck fear into the hearts of many.
Startup Creating More Resilient Coral To Replace Reefs Wrecked By Climate Change (07/23/18)
Coral reefs are on the brink of extinction under a changing climate. So researchers have been working in labs to create more resilient coral that can hopefully survive the warmer ocean waters of the future.
Sea pickles are adapting to the Pacific Northwest (07/23/18)
Tubular colonial jellies known as pyrosomes that arrived in 2014 along North America's Pacific Northwest Coast appear to be adapting to cooler water and may become permanent residents.
Small Tanks, Big Opportunities (07/17/18)
Budding aquarists and long-time hobbyists alike seek the miniaturized appeal of nano aquariums.
Industry Professionals Flock to Las Vegas for SuperZoo 2018 (07/11/18)
This years SuperZoo trade show, which was held June 26-28 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas attracted 9,500 pet retail, grooming and service industry professionals.
Hawaii Bans Sunscreens That Hurt Coral Reefs (07/10/18)
Here's how to find a sunscreen that doesn't harm the marine organisms.
Frigid polar oceans, not balmy coral reefs, are species-formation hot spots (07/05/18)
Tropical oceans teem with the dazzle and flash of colorful reef fishes and contain far more species than the cold ocean waters found at high latitudes. This well-known "latitudinal diversity gradient" is one of the most famous patterns in biology,...
Heres some rare good news about coral reefs (07/03/18)
Belize shows that a little local action can go a long way.
5 tips to starting an at home aquarium (06/27/18)
Owning fish comes with chores, and David Jones of Wet Pets spent part of a a recent day cleaning the water in a tank full of pacu fish.
Oases Of 38 Coral Reefs Repel Impacts Of Climate Change (06/26/18)
An international team of experts presents their discovery of 38 coral reefs located in the Pacific and the Caribbean that are resilient to climate change.
Baby Giant Manta Rays Grow up Together in This Newly Discovered Nursery (06/22/18)
Marine biologist Joshua Stewart was scuba diving in the Gulf of Mexico when he spotted a baby manta rayan unexpected find, given that juveniles are extremely rare and seldom observed by humans.
Boring barnacles prefer the shallow life on coral reefs (06/21/18)
If you want to know about the future of coral reefs that harbor marine life and protect coastlines, sometimes that means you have to go there and count barnacles.
Coral recovery offers hope to degraded Florida Reef Tract (06/18/18)
As weve reported, the Great Barrier Reef now lives under threat of coral bleaching events prompted by warming ocean waters.
Coral reefs losing ability to keep pace with sea-level rise (06/14/18)
Many coral reefs will be unable to keep growing fast enough to keep up with rising sea levels, leaving tropical coastlines and low-lying islands exposed to increased erosion and flooding risk, new research suggests.
Coral reefs losing ability to keep pace with sea-level rise (06/14/18)
Many coral reefs will be unable to keep growing fast enough to keep up with rising sea levels, leaving tropical coastlines and low-lying islands exposed to increased erosion and flooding risk, new research suggests.
Coral Might Be Adjusting Its DNA to Survive Warming Oceans (06/12/18)
Methylation changes how DNA is read. Coral might be doing it on its own.
Parrotfish are key to save coral reefs of Providencia, Colombia (06/11/18)
On World Oceans Day, conservation leaders on the island of Providencia, Colombia, started a project to protect the parrotfish.
Invasive species of coral boasts amazing capacity for regeneration (06/06/18)
Detected for the first time in Brazil on the coast of the Southeast region in the late 1980s, when oil and gas prospecting began in the Campos Basin offshore of Rio de Janeiro, sun corals of the genus Tubastraea are now spreading very swiftly...
World Oceans Day: 10 things to know about coral reefs and their microbiomes (06/05/18)
Microbes keep reef-building corals and other reef animals healthy
Cautious prawns win battle for food (06/04/18)
Prawns have personalities -- and cautious crustaceans do better in the battle for food, new research shows.
Deliver Top-Notch Customer Service (05/31/18)
Many stores have incentive programs related to sales, but do you offer anything to reward excellent customer service from your employees.
Coral Is Sensitive to Small Changes in Ocean Temperature (05/29/18)
A new study using satellite data shows that the landmark 2015-2016 bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef was more extreme than we thought
Excess nutrients, coupled with climate change, damage the most highly resilient corals (05/24/18)
Over the last 30 years, 50% of the world's coral reefs have suffered significant damage due to climate change and acidification with the last three being the worst in reefs recent history.
Inside Coral Bleaching (05/24/18)
When corals are stressed, they expel their colorfuland life-sustainingalgae. Dive into a coral polyp to see both how and why.
How high-latitude corals cope with the cold (05/23/18)
Corals growing in high-latitude reefs in Western Australia can regulate their internal chemistry to promote growth under cooler temperatures, according to new research at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at The University of...
Sizzle Sales with Frozen Foods (05/21/18)
Retailers have had great success offering customers frozen aquarium diets, which offer a competitive advantage and attractive margins for local fish stores.
Sizzle Sales with Frozen Foods (05/21/18)
Retailers have had great success offering customers frozen aquarium diets, which offer a competitive advantage and attractive margins for local fish stores.
Sizzling Stock: Aquatic Food (05/21/18)
Fish Foods Offer Frozen &amp; Novel Formulas
Some coral reefs keep up with sea-level rise, research finds (05/10/18)
Rising sea-level is threatening island nations that are no more than 3 feet above the high-tide line, but a new study has found that healthy coral reefs may be able to keep up and thus protect these vulnerable areas.
Shedd Scientists, Volunteers Track Migrations of Great Lakes Fish (05/09/18)
Shedd Aquarium scientists and volunteers are busy tracking thousands of Great Lakes fish during their annual migrations to reproduce in creeks and rivers throughout Illinois and surrounding states.
National Geographic backs Kiwi researching dying coral reefs (05/08/18)
A Kiwi coral reef researcher has seen first hand the devastating effects of coral bleaching.
Restoring coral and fighting crown of thorns starfish at the Great Barrier Reef (05/08/18)
Restoring coral and fighting crown of thorns starfish at the Great Barrier Reef
Scientists discover balance of thermal energy and low climate stress drive coral species diversity (05/02/18)
Marine scientists from WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society), University of Warwick, and University of Queensland have identified two key factors that create the ideal conditions needed for high species diversity in coral reefs: thermal energy in the...
Student divers to collect sea critters for Campbell Rivers Discovery Passage Aquarium (05/02/18)
Slurp guns, sea lettuce and grunt sculpins if its not some underwater sci-fi epic then it must mean that Campbell Rivers Discovery Passage Aquarium is preparing to open its doors for the spring season.
Mexican fishermen relocate reef in first for LatAm (04/30/18)
A group of 153 Mexican fishermen successfully relocated a coral reef in the Gulf of Mexico, in the first project of its kind in Latin America, the government said on Sunday.
Worlds deepest fish named to 10 remarkable new species list for 2017 (04/26/18)
The deepest-dwelling fish in the sea just got one more bragging right.
The incredible power of tiny crustaceans could help fight climate change (04/24/18)
Some of the oceans tiniest creatures may be creating powerful jets of water that profoundly alter the Earths environment.
How Gene Editing Could Save Coral Reefs (04/24/18)
The powerful gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 is taking the scientific world by storm. It gives researchers unprecedented power and precision in making tweaks to practically any gene in a plant or animal and coral reefs could become its next...
How PIJAC Fosters Environmental Stewardship (04/20/18)
Earth Day, which will be celebrated this year on April 22, was founded in 1970 to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment.
Scientists have discovered the effects of plankton on the Earths climate (04/20/18)
Scientists have discovered the impact of crustaceans on the mixing of water by conducting an experiment with 135 thousands of plankton.
More than dozen new species of crustaceans discovered (04/18/18)
Hidden over 1,000m underwater along the Sunda Strait off the coast of Jakarta is a peculiar spider crab with plates resembling ears that actually protect its eyes.
How to Identify Elkhorn Coral (04/17/18)
Strengthen your marine-ID skills by learning how to identify the most common coral species.
UCSB Researchers Advance Coral Restoration (04/13/18)
Corals are in rapid decline on many reefs due to global stressors associated with climate change, such as increasing sea surface temperatures that cause coral bleaching and disease, as well as local stressors like nutrient pollution, sedimentation...
Tiger shark behavior revealed (04/11/18)
New research shows shallow waters around Maui County not only support a shark population there, but also attracts sharks from other islands.
Team works in twilight zone to bring reef to surface at Cal Academy (04/11/18)
A few hundred feet beneath the oceans surface, spots known as twilight zones are home to extraordinary and glowing deep-water creatures that few humans have ever seen in their natural habitat.
Coral reefs protect coasts from severe storms (04/03/18)
Coral reefs can naturally protect coasts from tropical cyclones by reducing the impact of large waves before they reach the shore, according to scientists.
New Control Methods Can Help Protect Coral Reefs from Invasive Species (04/03/18)
Control efforts such as the removal of shipwrecks and application of chlorine may help mitigate the damaging effects of corallimorph, which is a type of invasive anemone, on valuable coral reefs in the Central Pacific Ocean, according to a new U.S....
"Sun shield" film could protect coral reefs from bleaching (04/03/18)
As global sea temperatures rise with climate change, some of the most fragile biomes, like coral reefs are being threatened.
The Live Plant Sales Advantage (03/30/18)
With competition heating up in the aquatics segment, many retailers are realizing profits in aquascaping and plant sales.
'Demonic' Fish Glows in Eerie Photo (03/28/18)
t's an unsettling image that seems more suited to a conversation about demonology than one about marine biology.
Promoting resilience in coral reefs can combat habitat loss (03/27/18)
Resistance and recovery determine how well ecosystems respond to adversity
How shark poo keeps coral reefs healthy (03/27/18)
Its long been known that sharks help nourish coral reefs, but exactly howor to what extenthas never really been mapped out. Until now.
PIJAC Honors Members at Global Pet Expo Meeting (03/22/18)
The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) honored six of its members as standouts in the North American responsible pet trade at its annual meeting, held to coincide with the American Pet Product Associations Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Fla.
A Hidden Ocean 'Twilight Zone' Has Been Discovered That's Filled with New Species (03/22/18)
The world's oceans cover more than two-thirds of the Earths surfacebut despite decades of scientific research, we still know precious little about them. In fact, estimates suggest humans have explored only five percent of the marine environment,...
Were sleepwalking into a mass extinction say scientists (03/21/18)
Species that live in symbiosis with others, which often occur in the most delicately balanced and threatened marine ecosystems such as coral reefs, are the slowest to recover their diversity if damaged, according to a team of UK scientists.
How does ocean acidification impact marine life? (03/14/18)
Water becomes more acidic as it absorbs carbon dioxide, which is bad news for many of our aquatic cousins.
More than one culprit is killing sea stars (03/14/18)
Scientists are beginning to unravel the complicated connections among viruses, the environment, and wasting diseases among sea stars in the waters of the Pacific Northwest.
There are dozens of sea snake species in the Indian and Pacific oceans, but none in the Atlantic or Caribbean. Why? (03/12/18)
Beachgoers often find unusual things that have washed up with the tides.
Staying clean keeps seafish smart (03/09/18)
"Vet" service provided by smaller fish is key to keeping coral reefs healthy, a Canadian study finds.
Crab steals GoPro and you won't believe the footage he creates (03/06/18)
Batwing Coral Crabs are large, edible crabs that are widespread throughout tropical waters.
SuperZoo Opens Registration, Unveils Two New Product Showcase Sections for 2018 Show (03/01/18)
SuperZoo has opened registration for its 2018 event.
National Invasive Species Awareness Week Highlights Little Understood Pet Owner Issue (03/01/18)
From Feb. 26 through March 2, the National Invasive Species Council invites the industry to celebrate National Invasive Species Awareness Week.
Kin of 'world's ugliest animal' among fish hauled off Australia abyss (02/26/18)
More than 100 rarely seen fish species were hauled up from a deep and cold abyss off Australia during a scientific voyage.
Study Reveals New Fish Species (02/19/18)
New research reveals a separate species of the worlds heaviest bony fish, the Mola alexandrini ocean sunfish.
Starfish can see in the dark (among other amazing abilities) (02/19/18)
If you go down to the shore today, youre sure of a big surprise. Many will have witnessed the presence of a starfish or two when visiting the seashore or a public aquarium.
Green Bay Aquarium Society to Help Exotic Pet Owners, PIJAC (02/16/18)
Do you have a fish, reptile or bird that you are no longer able to care for
Can You Hack Coral to Save It? (02/16/18)
As sea levels rise and megastorms become more frequent and intense, answering that question might be the key to preserving coastal life as we know it.
New crayfish that doesn't need males to mate becomes all-powerful (02/16/18)
A mutant species of all-female crayfish taking over the world is not the latest science fiction film but a real-life environmental thriller.
Shoals of sticklebacks differ in their collective personalities (02/09/18)
Research from the University of Cambridge has revealed that, among schooling fish, groups can have different collective personalities, with some shoals sticking closer together, being better coordinated, and showing clearer leadership than others.
Whales and Sharks Are the New Victims of Our Plastic Waste, Study Finds (02/09/18)
Bottles and six-pack rings aren't the only plastics that harm marine life. A new study shows microplastics are just as dangerous for some whales and sharks.
Self-cloning crayfish are spreading across the world (02/07/18)
Self-cloning crayfish called marbled crayfish have invaded the planet.
Climate Change Makes Its Mark on Reefs Major bleaching events are happening (02/05/18)
For years, researchers believed the northern third of the Great Barrier Reef paralleling the coast of Queensland, Australia, was a spatial refugean area that would be more or less immune to rising ocean temperatures and could safeguard delicate...
One Of The World's Rarest Fish Spawned After Recent Earthquake (02/01/18)
An earthquake that caused a tsunami watch for the entire West Coast of the United States really did create wavesin Death Valley National Park.
Couple find mysterious sea creatures on Boca Raton beach (01/31/18)
A man and his girlfriend were out for a stroll Saturday collecting shells on the beach in Boca Raton when they came across some mysterious creatures in the sand.
Studio Willen go behind the scenes of Switzerlands private high-end aquarium scene (01/31/18)
Tania and David Willen met in the heady days of 1985 at the Schule fr Gestaltung, Bern, where Tania studied graphic design and David photography.
Learning through fieldwork on Pacific coral reefs (01/24/18)
Mornings in Koror, the capital of the Republic of Palau, offer a striking scene, as the sun reflects off limestone karst formations that jut out of the sea floor and lush tree-covered mountains that fill the horizon.
Giant Pacific Octopus totally engulfs scuba diver (01/18/18)
This incredible footage was recorded by Dennis Chow at Dillon Rock near the amazing Browning Pass, just north of Port Hardy on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Electric Eels Inspire A New Type of Battery (01/17/18)
Researchers took a cue from the electric eel to create a soft, foldable battery that could one day power devices like pacemakers
Mantis Shrimp Can Punch Each Other to Death But Prefer to Resolve Conflicts Peacefully (01/17/18)
When an argument comes to blows, its especially devastating for a mantis shrimp.
New application for acoustics helps estimate marine life populations (01/15/18)
Researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego were part of an international team that for the first time used hydroacoustics as a method for comparing the abundance of fishes within and outside marine...
Scientists take advantage of hurricane damage (01/09/18)
Coral reef researchers are studying how this ecosystem recovers after recent storms.
Belize permanently suspends new offshore oil exploration to protect coral reefs (01/09/18)
Belize has made a choice, prioritizing its coral reefs over oil production in that precious marine environment.
Why are there no sea snakes in the Atlantic? (01/05/18)
Sea snakes are an evolutionary success story.
Reefscape: A global reef survey to build better satellites for coral conservation (01/02/18)
While science has documented only a small portion of reef species that occur around our planet, we do know that human activities have taken an extensive toll on reef ecosystems worldwide.
As Corals Wither Around The World, Scientists Try IVF (12/29/17)
A couple hours after sunset, everyone is donning a wetsuit. In minutes, 15 to 20 dark figures are standing in a graveyard on the west coast of Guam
Hurricanes sandblasted these Caribbean coral reefs (12/28/17)
Coral reefs off St. John, part of the US Virgin Islands, suffered severe injury during hurricanes Maria and Irma, say scientists who traveled there in late November to assess the damagethe first step in understanding the reefs recovery.
New lab-bred super corals could help avert global reef wipeout (12/26/17)
Pioneering research on cross-species coral hybrids, inoculations with protective bacteria and even genetic engineering could provide a lifeline for the rainforests of the oceans
An Update on Aquatic Judicial Issues and Research (12/21/17)
Early last month, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) held a town hall at Aquatic Experience to discuss major issues facing the aquatics trade.
PPN's 2017 Editors Choice Award Winners: Aquatics and Exotics Categories (12/14/17)
The pet industry is chockfull of passionate animal lovers who, in most instances, were driven by the love of their own pets to enter the market with a new product or service.
This 5,000-pound behemoth is the world's heaviest bony fish (12/14/17)
The heaviest bony fish ever caught weighs in at a staggering 5,070 lbs. (2,300 kilograms). Now, scientists know its name.
A NASA Algorithm Can Save Endangered Whale Sharks (12/13/17)
Constellations of spots on these school bus-sized animals were hard to track, until now.
Ancient Jellyfish Embryos Curled Up Like Accordions (12/13/17)
A set of spherical fossils, each fossil tinier than a grain of sand, is not what it seemed.
These aquatic creatures eat in seriously strange ways (12/06/17)
Marine creatures get to be much more inventive, evolutionarily-speaking. Here are few of the weirdest ways our aquatic brethren eat.
How to maintain a saltwater aquarium (12/04/17)
The intense colors and beauty of saltwater marine life compels many people to consider setting up saltwater aquariums in their homes or places of business.
Dcor Delivers (11/30/17)
Retailers can use decorations and ornaments to catch customers attention and drive livestock sales.
Breeding coral could help ease the Great Barrier Reef's disappearance (11/28/17)
The corals which adorn Australia's Great Barrier Reef have long been struggling due to global warming and pollution, but researchers may have found a way to potentially ease the decline.
Strange translucent 'sea pickles' are washing up on beaches and experts are unsure why (11/28/17)
Scientists say the organisms are normally seen off-shore in warmer waters.
Scientists successfully transplant coral into the devastated Great Barrier Reef (11/27/17)
In a bid to save the endangered Great Barrier Reef from the effects of man-made pollution and climate change, Australian scientists have turned to desperate measures.
13 Facts You Didn't Know About Butterflyfishes (11/22/17)
These ornate, entertaining fishes are residents of coral reefs worldwide. Check out these 13 interesting facts about butterflyfishes.
The long-lived clam and its untimely death (11/20/17)
Longevity may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of clams but some of the squishy creatures can live for centuries - if we let them.
Marine Aquariums Drive Business (11/16/17)
Though sometimes a loss leader, marine tanks open up options for sales and help build retailers customer base.
Aquatic Experience 2017 Proves the Industry is Serious About Staying Alive (11/16/17)
Aquatic Experience 2017 Proves the Industry is Serious About Staying Alive
Yes, the frilled shark is really freaky. But there are other 'living fossils' that are just as weird. (11/15/17)
A short tour of the strange sharks chilling at the bottom of the ocean.
Surprise! Some jellyfish appear to need their zzzs (11/13/17)
Experiments suggest these creatures are the first brainless animals to snooze
Video: Cinematographer captures The Great Barrier Reefs annual coral spawning event (11/13/17)
Underwater cinematographer Stuart Ireland has filed the rare and mesmerising coral spawning in The Great Barrier Reef. Take a look at this enchanting spectacle
What jellyfish can teach us about climate change (11/08/17)
This past summer, kayakers, swimmers, surfers, fishers and boaters observed millions of jellyfish drifting around Monterey Bay, California.
Coconut crabs also eat birds (11/06/17)
For decades, scientists believed the nine-pound coconut crab ate, well, coconuts.
The Animal Without a Brain That Is Taking Over the Ocean (11/02/17)
Jellyfish are thriving as warming seas, acidification and deoxygenation threaten other marine life. After long ignoring the beautiful but mysterious creatures, scientists are trying to figure out what makes them such survivors in the age of climate...
Can corals adapt to climate change? (11/01/17)
Cool-water corals can adapt to a slightly warmer ocean, but only if global greenhouse gas emissions are reduced
Mapping the Great Barrier Reef with cameras, drones and NASA tech (10/30/17)
New and old technologies reveal what's killing Australia's great marine wonder.
Prozac Puts Crabs in a Mood to Take Deadly Risks (10/25/17)
Crabs drugged with Prozac are behaving badly, or at least in risky ways, new research finds.
Surprising Footage Captures Arctic Jellyfish Lurking Under the Ice (10/25/17)
The creatures were previously thought not tough enough to survive the harsh winters.
Study Finds Optimal Level of Astaxanthin in Feed Results in Best Color in Clownfish (10/19/17)
An independent study conducted at the Virginia Techs Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center (AREC)
Black Coral: A New Film About The Dramatic Story Of Black Coral Divers In Maui (10/18/17)
Black Coral, a new film by the Winn Brothers, tells the dramatic and often harrowing story of Black Coral divers in Maui Hawaii.
Hardy corals make their moves to build new reefs from scratch (10/18/17)
Resilient species of coral can move to inhospitable areas and lay the foundations for new reefs, a study shows.
A clownfish can take on a shark, but this predicament may prove harder to handle (10/11/17)
A coral reef is very busy and very noisy. There's lots of clicking sounds, there are fish grunting
Turns Out The Great Barrier Reef Can Actually Heal Itself, But We Have to Help It (10/11/17)
The Great Barrier Reef is suffering from recent unprecedented coral bleaching events. But the answer to part of its recovery could lie in the reef itself, with a little help.
Reed Mariculture Reformulates Clownfish Feed for Optimal Level of Astaxanthin (10/05/17)
An independent study conducted at the Virginia Techs Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center (AREC) concluded that the most desirable coloration in a popular clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris (False Percula Clownfish), can be...
Female fish like males who sing (10/04/17)
Noisier seas seem to hamper fish reproduction. A new doctoral thesis from the University of Gothenburg shows that noise pollution impedes reproduction in sand and common gobies, both of which are important food sources for juvenile cod.
Divers looking at coral reefs after Irma didnt expect what they saw down below (10/02/17)
Divers making survey inspections of Key Largos coral reefs and shipwrecks soon after Hurricane Irma came back smiling.
Crazy New Hermit Crab Makes Its Home Inside Another Living Animal (09/21/17)
The life of a hermit crab is one of repetition. Find an abandoned snail shell. Live in it. Nom on some flecks of detritus.
Historic 240-year-old nautical map shows damage to Florida's coral reefs far worse than feared (09/18/17)
Between 1773 and 1775, George Gauld, a surveyor with the British Admiralty, immortalised the coast of the Florida Keys in ink.
Is this the secret to saving the Great Barrier Reef? Giant SEA SNAILS could be the key to rescuing the ecosystem (09/18/17)
There have long been talks about the deteriorating state of the Great Barrier Reef as a result of climate change, over-fishing and pollution.
A Panic Room for Corals: After Hurricane Irma, and with Jose and Katia bearing down, the need for a coral vault seems even more urgent. (09/12/17)
In a laboratory on a narrow patch of land in the Florida Keys, marine biologists were collecting tiny fragments of living corals and storing them in tanks of seawater.
Gloomy octopuses aren't loners after all but communicate with each other by changing colour (09/12/17)
A large group of octopuses have been discovered living together off the east coast of Australia. The ways they communicate include changing colour and posturing, scientists have found.
Squid ink could make your dentist visits much less painful (09/07/17)
Your dentist visits could become a pleasant pain-free experience, and it's all thanks to squids.
Fish eat plastic -- and they like it, too (09/06/17)
New research has found that the 'scent' of plastic in seawater appeals to foraging fish.
Registration Opens for Aquatic Experience Chicago 2017 Contests (08/31/17)
The World Pet Association (WPA) will host the return of the American Cichlid Association Fish Competition, Aquascaping Live.
Mother coral reefs are breathing life into their neighbours (08/31/17)
Meet the Gaias of the coral world. Mother reefs are spreading life to their neighbours via swift ocean currents.
A Marine Biologist is replenishing dying coral reefs all thanks to an accident (08/28/17)
Dr. David Vaughan is a Marine Biologist that accidentally broke a piece of coral into pieces, he thought it would die but it grew like the dicken'
Deep secret: Bioluminescence is common trait under the sea (08/24/17)
Scientists find that 76% of creatures in the ocean use light to lure, intimidate, stun, mislead, find mates and thrive
Coral Triage: Scientists Zero in on Reefs With Best Chance of Survival (08/24/17)
Scripps Institution of Oceanographys 100 Island Challenge uses 3-D photography to monitor how coral reefs change over time in an effort to help local communities save crucial marine ecosystems.
Deep secret: Bioluminescence is common trait under the sea (08/24/17)
Scientists find that 76% of creatures in the ocean use light to lure, intimidate, stun, mislead, find mates and thrive
Sunscreen could be killing off the worlds coralreefs (08/22/17)
Sunscreen worn by swimmers could be killing the worlds coral reefs, scientists warn.
Crown of Thorns When Starfish Go Wild (08/15/17)
We often hear of situations on a reef where the marine life gets out of balanced. Recently many the conversations deal with invasive species that wreck a local habitat
A new way of protecting coral reefs (08/15/17)
When you hear the word nature, what do you think about. A pristine beach. Maybe your favorite wild animal.
How Do Goldfish Survive Winter? They Make Alcohol (08/15/17)
A mutant enzyme allows goldfish and carp to live in low oxygen ponds by turning toxic lactic acid into ethanol
Giant aquarium fish caught in Cape Coral canal (08/10/17)
CAPE CORAL, Fla. -A Cape Coral man was fishing behind his house and caught a nearly two-foot fish normally found in an aquarium.
Restoring the Great Barrier Reef with science (08/09/17)
Researchers are proposing gene alteration to save ocean ecosystems ravaged by rising temperatures.
Marine Biologists Discover New Subspecies of Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake (08/03/17)
A team of scientists from Northwestern University, the Field Museum of Natural History and Phoenix Zoo has discovered and described a distinctive new subspecies of the yellow-bellied sea snake (Hydrophis platurus) from the inner-basin waters of...
Marine Biologists Discover New Subspecies of Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake (08/03/17)
A team of scientists from Northwestern University, the Field Museum of Natural History and Phoenix Zoo has discovered and described a distinctive new subspecies of the yellow-bellied sea snake (Hydrophis platurus) from the inner-basin waters of...
An Engineer Thinks This is the Solution to Combat Coral Bleaching (08/02/17)
It is not difficult to see how this engineering solution could give life to bleached corals again.
Shark caught in 'fish tornado': Photographer captures stunning pics (08/01/17)
An underwater photographer has captured stunning images of a 'fish tornado' surrounding sand tiger sharks off the coast of North Carolina.
The tiny glow in the dark shark with a massive nose: New lanternshark species has evolved to sniff out prey in the dark depths of the Pacific Ocean (07/27/17)
Researchers have identified a new species of miniature lanternshark that glows in the dark.
Bigmouth Fish With 3 Rows Of Teeth Ruled Ocean After Mass Extinction (07/26/17)
A long fish with a huge mouth was the king of the ocean after a mass extinction event wiped out most of the worlds marine creatures millions of years ago.
Could Composites Help Save Coral in the Great Barrier Reef? (07/24/17)
During the National Science Foundations (NSF) Workshop on Additive Manufacturing for Civil Infrastructure Design, Dr. Mo Ehsani, a structural engineer and the founder of QuakeWrap, Inc., debuted a bold idea that could potentially be a sustainable...
NOAA grants Hawaii $715,000 for coral reef conservation (07/24/17)
Those who study Hawaiis coral reefs are hoping a recent $715,000 federal grant awarded to the state of Hawaii will amp up both the education and conservation of the underwater ecosystems.
Amazingly colourful pictures captured by scientists researching corals fluorescence (07/24/17)
Anyone whos scuba-dived along a coral reef knows how beautiful these colourful ecosystems are.
We Just Got a Rare Look at Our New Overlord, the Flapjack Octopus (07/21/17)
Octopuses are up to something. Cephalopodsthe class of mollusks to which octopus, squid, and cuttlefish belongare some of the most intelligent creatures on the planet, and they know it.
Researchers Make Improbable Discovery of Deep-sea Coral Reefs in Hostile Pacific Ocean Depths (07/19/17)
Scientists had long believed that the waters of the Central and Northeast Pacific Ocean were inhospitable to certain species of deep-sea corals, but a marine biologists discovery of an odd chain of reefs suggests there are mysteries about the...
Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. A team of divers, photographers and scientists set out on a thrilling ocean adventure to discover why and to reveal the underwater mystery to the world.
Coral Restoration Foundation's Annual Report 2016 (07/17/17)
Our friends at Coral Restoration Foundation have shared with us their 2016 Annual Report. Please, click on the original article link to check it out.
Why are brittlestar arms so long? (07/12/17)
Marine biologist Matt Doggett answers your wild question.Brittlestars belong to the class Ophiuroidea, a word derived from the ancient Greek for snake tails, which aptly describes the serpent-like movement of their long, flexible arms.
Long Beach aquarium, 20 others across the nation to phase out plastic (07/11/17)
Working to reduce the massive amount of plastic pollution in the worlds oceans, 21 of the nations top aquariums today will announce that they are phasing out most plastic products from plastic bags to straws to plastic beverage bottles.
While Corals Die Along The Great Barrier Reef, Humans Struggle To Adjust (07/11/17)
Thirty miles off the shore of Port Douglas, Australia, tourists jump into the water of the outer reef. On their dive, they see giant clams, sea turtles and a rainbow of tropical fish, all swimming above brightly colored coral.
URGENT: Tell CA politicians to say NO to bill banning pet sales (07/10/17)
URGENT: Tell CA politicians to say NO to bill banning pet sales
How glow in the dark corals survive in the cold dark depths of the sea (07/07/17)
How glow in the dark corals survive in the cold dark depths of the sea
Coral Reefs Fleshy Future (07/05/17)
As oceans become more acidic, fleshy coral relatives may outcompete their reef-building counterparts.
Horseshoe crabs: Strange 10-eyed sea creatures that chew with their legs facing extinction (07/05/17)
Natures consummate survivors may now be in peril
Biologist Sonia Rowley Receives Prestigious Award For Twilight Zone Reef Research (06/29/17)
Marine biologist Sonia Rowley, a research fellow at the University of Hawaii at Mnoa, has been awarded the prestigious Sir David Attenborough Award for her research and fieldwork on deepwater corals in the South Pacific
Glowing Sea Creatures Appear Off California's Coast. No One Knows Why (06/27/17)
Millions of jelly-like, glowing organisms have invaded Pacific coastal waters from Southern California to the Gulf of Alaska this year. No one knows why.
Great Barrier Reef Worth Billions: Can You Put A Price On A Wonder Of The World? (06/26/17)
The Great Barrier Reef is more important thanyou ever may have suspected. Not only does the reef provide habitats for more than 1,500 forms of marine life, it also protects the coast of Australia and is one of the seven natural wonders of the world
Artificial algae could help save our oceans (06/26/17)
Using mimicry to fight climate change. The Smithsonian Institution calls coralline algae the unsung architects of coral reefs. These pink-colored seaweed, with skeletal structures that resemble honeycomb, live in harmony with coral.
Global coral bleaching event may finally be ending (06/21/17)
For the last three years, coral reefs in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans have been devastated by bleaching due to high ocean temperatures.
Marine predators bulked up over eons to dominate their prey (06/21/17)
In the constant evolutionary battle between predator and prey, one seemingly winning strategy is to get bigger over time so you can throw your weight around.
Corals Keep a Record of Ocean Pollution (06/19/17)
Coral reefs are expert record keepers. Corals build their calcium homes in layers that accumulate over decades or even millennia, and differences between these layers can reveal a lot about a reefs history.
Explorers Probing Deep Sea Abyss Off Australia's Coast Find Living Wonders (06/19/17)
Far below the surface of the ocean, off the coast of eastern Australia, is an area simply known as "the abyss."
Video: Collecting of wild fish in the Amazon region (06/15/17)
This is a short documentary video on the future of sustainable collecting of wild aquarium fish in the Amazon by professional film maker Don McConnell.
Help Stop the inclusion of Koi in the invasive alien species catalog and destroy an industry (06/15/17)
We ask the Deputy Director General of Natural Environment, Mr. Miguel Aymerich Huyghues-Despointes, an exception to the law and to exclude KOI from the Catalogue of invasive alien species.
Incredible world-first footage shows shape-shifting cuttlefish attempting to imitate crabs before sneaking up on their prey (06/13/17)
An amazing video has, for the first time, captured cuttlefish walking like hermit crabs to sneak up on their prey.
Urgent! The Hawaii Tropical Fish Industry Seeks Help To Stop SB 1240 (06/12/17)
If you are concerned about the future of the tropical fish industry in Hawaii, this is our last chance to prevent SB1240 from becoming law.
These fish avoid being killed by venomous coral by 'kissing' them with slime-secreting lips (06/08/17)
James Cook University marine biologists have uncovered the secrets behind the fish that live off poisonous coral
Three Things to Know About the Coral Triangle, the Oceans Biodiversity Hot Spot (06/08/17)
At more than a billion acres of ocean, the Coral Triangle is one of the worlds biggest and most important marine regions
Sustainable Reefs and Aquarium Fish (06/01/17)
A bill awaiting Governor Ige's signature would end the commercial collecting of Hawaii reef wildlife for the aquarium trade.
Faceless Fish Among New And Weird Deep Sea Finds (05/31/17)
The month-long journey off the country's eastern seaboard has been surveying life lurking in a dark and cold abyss that plunges four kilometres (2.5 miles) below the surface, using nets, sonar and deep-sea cameras.
Ocean Species Are in Trouble: U.S. Coral Reefs Could Disappear Within Decades, Scientists Warn (05/31/17)
Global warming is taking itstoll on coral reefs in U.S. waters, and many of the marine sanctuaries near Hawaii, Florida and the Caribbean are expected to disappear within a few decades, according to scientists at the National Oceanic and...
How to improve the health of the ocean (05/25/17)
The ocean sustains humanity. Humanity treats it with contempt
Fossil sea urchins from the Middle Eocene of Barton (05/25/17)
The spectacular fossil gastropods and the teeth of sharks found at the type locality of the Middle Eocene Bartonian in Christchurch Bay (Hampshire and Dorset) overshadow the other fauna and flora found there.
The Frozen Advantage (05/25/17)
With little competition and the potential for repeat sales, frozen food offerings can help retailers grow their customer base.
Fat shows how coral babies cope with warmer water (05/24/17)
Cauliflower coral larvae dont have high tolerance for the environmental stress of warmer water, but their location may play a role in their level of tolerance for increases in temperature.
U.K. Company To Build Worlds First Modular Artificial Reef (05/24/17)
A small company in the U.K. wants to help protect that countrys indigenous white-clawed freshwater crayfish population from extinction.
Techpark for ornamental fish breeding to open in Chennai (05/19/17)
The Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park, India's first ultra-modern facility for breeding ornamental fish, will open in Chennai within the next three months.
Nonprofit Diving Group Supporting Underwater Conservation In Fiji (05/18/17)
A nonprofit dive group called Global Underwater Explorers this month is conducting a survey of coral reefs off the coast of Fiji.
Nonprofit Diving Group Supporting Underwater Conservation In Fiji (05/18/17)
A nonprofit dive group called Global Underwater Explorers this month is conducting a survey of coral reefs off the coast of Fiji.
A Tale of Two Sites (05/17/17)
Marine scientists determine how the larvae of a common coral species respond to environmental stresses in Taiwan and Moorea.
Thousands of Pet Lovers Flocked to the Americas Family Pet Expo (05/15/17)
Official attendance numbers have been reported and show organizers enthusiastically report that more than 47,000 guests visited the Americas Family Pet Expo (AFPE), held April 22-30, 2017 at the OC Fair and Event Center.
Gigantic creature washes up in Indonesia - and no one knows what it is (05/12/17)
A huge, dead creature has washed up on a beach in Indonesia and so far, no one knows what it is.
State releases plan to combat coral bleaching (05/11/17)
The state now has about 20 focused management strategies to work with when it comes to bolstering the health of Hawaiis coral reefs.
A Global Effort to Save Coral Reefs (05/10/17)
The latest news about Australias Great Barrier Reef is not encouraging, and a slew of negative headlines tells the story: Scientists despair at latest coral bleaching data, says The Guardian; Large Sections of Australias Great Reef Are Now...
Water Care Made Easy (05/04/17)
Its a simple fact that fish thrive in clean water. Keeping the right pH balance and bad bacteria at bay helps keep oxygen levels high and infections low.
WSU researchers find wealth of fish at deep Hawaiian reef (05/03/17)
Washington State University marine biologists for the first time have documented a wealth of fish in the vastly underexplored deep coral reefs off Hawaii Island.
Could manmade clouds save the Great Barrier Reef? (04/27/17)
Researchers in Australia are turning to cloud-brightening technology in a bid to save the Great Barrier Reef. But they warn it will only buy time, and we must reduce carbon emissions.
Dangerous Animal Of The Week: Blue-Ringed Octopus (04/27/17)
The ocean is a wondrous, majestic place. It is also a dangerous hell hole filled with all manner of murderous creatures that will gladly end your pathetic existence without thinking twice.
Larger schooling fish found to have stronger attraction forces (04/26/17)
In schooling fish, collective movement emerges as a result of multiple social interactions between individuals.
Octopuses and squids can rewrite their RNA. Is that why theyre so smart? (04/20/17)
Squids, cuttlefish and octopuses are the smartest kinds of cephalopods and often edit RNA, in about one out of every two transcribed genes.
New sonic blast shrimp named after Pink Floyd (04/14/17)
A newly-discovered shrimp species with a bright pink claw and the ability to produce one of the loudest sounds in the ocean has been named after legendary British band Pink Floyd, zoologists said on Wednesday.
The Best Aquariums on the Coast (04/14/17)
From the Boston waterfront to Californias Cannery Row, weve got the ten best spots to peer at the amazing abundance of sea life.
Hawaii's Aquarium Fishery: Regulated, Valuable, Sustainable (04/13/17)
This 15-minute documentary HAWAIIS AQUARIUM FISHERY REGULATED, VALUABLE, SUSTAINABLE, was released November 20, 2016 by the Big Island Association of Tropical Fishermen.
Forget sponges: The earliest animals were marine jellies (04/10/17)
When cartoonist and marine-biology teacher Steve Hillenburg created SpongeBob SquarePants in 1999, he may have backed the wrong side of one of the longest-running controversies in the field of evolutionary biology.
The Mucus-Shooting Worm-Snail That Turned Up in the Florida Keys (04/06/17)
Its bright orange and yellow and about as long as your finger. It lives underwater in a limestone tube with an opening at the tip about as wide as a pencil eraser.
German spelunker discovers Europe's first cave fish (04/05/17)
A German man who goes diving underground for a hobby has discovered what scientists say is Europe's first known cave fish
Venom of tiny, fearless aquarium fish could lead to new pain treatments (04/04/17)
WASHINGTON Tiny fanged fish called blennies, which swim in the coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean, are armed with an unusual venom that could inspire new pain medications, British and Australian scientists say.
Will the Spanish Koi Sector Disappear? (03/30/17)
The common carp (Cyprinus carpio) has been present in Spanish waters since the Hapsburg Dynasty (16th to 17th century). It has such a long history that it has become widely regarded as a Spanish native species.
Fishing vs. environment: Have 5 years of restrictions off the coast helped sea creatures? (03/30/17)
Five years isnt enough time to figure out if Marine Protected Areas have helped sea life flourish since select waters along Californias coast had restrictions put in place in 2012
Whats smaller than a python but just as bad for South Florida? Invasive fish (03/27/17)
Out in the Big Cypress swamp, across the street from the countrys smallest post office in a wilderness the size of Rhode Island, a canal is teeming with something unexpected: aquarium fish usually found in a pet shop.
Fish skin replaces gauze for burn patients in Brazil (03/27/17)
People catch fish to eat or watch, with the latter case limited to some aquarium fish. Brazilian doctors have recently added one more use treating burn patients.
Land-based microbes may be invading and harming coral reefs (03/24/17)
A new study suggests that coral reefsalready under existential threat from global warmingmay be undergoing further damage from invading bacteria and fungi coming from land-based sources, such as outfall from sewage treatment plants and coastal...
Monster goldfish found in Tahoe ditch (03/23/17)
Local kids in the Head Start program in Kings Beach found an unusually large goldfish lying dormant in a muddy, icy drainage ditch off Cutthroat Drive on March 14. They called Animal Control and Placer County Animal Control Officer Rick Stout came...
The Restoration Revolution (03/23/17)
For the past three decades the coral reefs of the Florida Keys have been under stress. A poisonous cocktail of high ocean temperatures, polluted runoff from coastal development, coral disease and the sudden disappearance of algae-grazing urchins...
Conservation Groups Denounce Fishing Of Endangered Devil Rays in Turkey (03/22/17)
The recent landings of 30 Giant Devil Rays off the Turkish coast has seriously ticked off several conservation groups.
UW Bothell professor wins $549,000 grant for zebrafish research (03/21/17)
Hung Cao, University of Washington Bothell electrical engineering assistant professor, has been awarded $549,000 from the National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Program.
Man who made a tiny wheelchair for a goldfish becomes a hero to all (03/16/17)
If you never thought youd live to see a goldfish in a wheelchair, well, you made it.
The Fish That Mates by Direction (03/16/17)
The fishs eyes are ideally suited to helping it thrive and propagate. The fishs loins, on the other hand, are a somewhat trickier fit (literally) for that purpose.
Meet The Guy Who Catches 35-Pound Fish In MacArthur Park Lake (03/16/17)
The sun is still down when Sergio Talavera arrives in MacArthur Park and begins to set up his fishing lines.
Oceans Warming 13 Percent Faster Than Estimated: What Are The Effects Of Rising Water Temperatures? (03/14/17)
Findings of a new study have revealed that the Earth's oceans are warming far faster than scientists previously believed.
Ancient stress response in corals might help some species adapt to climate change (03/09/17)
Marine scientists have made an early but exciting discovery about how some corals respond to stress. <br></br>
Q and A with biology professor John Bruno on decline of fish in coral reefs (03/09/17)
A study done by researchers at UNC has shown that up to 90 percent of predatory fish in coral reefs around the Bahamas, United States, Cuba, Mexico and Belize are gone due to predatory fishing.
This Aquarium Will Actually Read Your Fan Mail to the Fish Because They're the Real Celebrities (03/08/17)
The Monterey Bay Aquarium is encouraging people to do something they have probably never done beforewrite a fan letter to a fish.
Feng Shui, Gourmet Food Needed for Little Aquarium Fish to Breed (03/02/17)
We wouldnt have guessed it, but its awfully hard to get a certain little blue Caribbean fish to breed.
Ecologists Steel For Even More Coral Bleaching On Great Barrier Reef (03/01/17)
The devastating die-off appears to be heading toward yet another record.
Citizen Science, Sailors and the State of Our Oceans (03/01/17)
As a child, when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say, decisively, a marine biologist.
Underwater Cave Discovery Features Stunning Red Coral Garden (02/21/17)
Cave b harbors the most dazzling population of red coral in the Mediterranean, but its discovery calls for renewed conservation efforts.
Seagrass on decline, jeopardizing human, coral health: study (02/21/17)
Underwater meadows of seagrass offer important protection against pollution to both humans and coral reefs, but are in jeopardy worldwide due to climate change, sewage and agricultural runoff, researchers said Thursday.
Fish under threat from ocean oxygen depletion, finds study (02/20/17)
Oxygen levels in oceans have fallen 2% in 50 years due to climate change, affecting marine habitat and large fish such as tuna and sharks.
Trash Talk: Refusing major stressors (02/17/17)
Its almost a guarantee that when you head towards the sea, you will also see a less sightly presence.
A Taiwanese university is boosting its position as an aquarium fish powerhouse (02/16/17)
TAIPEI For people in the know, Taiwan is the go-to place for aquarium fish. That status is being enhanced by a new slate of specialty courses offered by the graduate school at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology in southern Taiwan.
Oceans are losing oxygen, posing growing threats to marine life, research says (02/16/17)
The amount of oxygen in oceans around the world has declined, a long-predicted result of climate change, scientists have revealed.
Sexual harassment in the fish worldmale guppies suffer most (02/15/17)
Male guppies pay a high cost for their sexual harassment of female guppies including much higher mortality rates a new study from Macquarie University has found.
Granddad, Oldest Aquarium Fish In The World, Dies (02/14/17)
The worlds oldest aquarium resident has passed away.
Winning the Fight to Bring the Coral Reefs of the Florida Keys Back to Life (02/09/17)
Dr. David Vaughan is leading the fight to bring the coral reefs of the Florida Keys back to life.
Fish uses sneaking behavior as stealth mating strategy Humans aren't the only species that resort to a little subterfuge (02/09/17)
A researcher found and recorded the Cuatro Cinegas cichlid, a rare fish by the scientific name of Herichthys minckleyi, using a stealth mating strategy called sneaking to slip his DNA into the next generation.
Cheerleaders of the Deep: How Pom-Pom Crabs Got Their Name (02/07/17)
The mystery of a bizarre crab that is always found clutching two sea anemones in its claws may have been solved: The crabs clone their poufy accessories, new research suggests.
African lake provides new clues about ancient marine life (02/01/17)
New research shows there may have been more nitrogen in the ocean between one and two billion years ago than previously thought, allowing marine organisms to proliferate at a time when multi-cellularity and eukaryotic life first emerged.
Underwater photographer shining spotlight on colourful Tasmanian marine life (02/01/17)
Danny Lee has spent the past 20 years diving at some of the world's top spots, but it's a small town on Tasmania's east coast that has really captured his imagination.
This fish hunts by spitting water at its prey (01/31/17)
The Archerfish of Southeast Asia and Australia spit at perched insects to knock them into the water for an easy meal. From KQED's "Deep Look":
When it comes to predators, size matters (01/26/17)
Marine reserves play an important role in sustaining ecosystem diversity and abundance. Their presence enables certain species to return to a natural size structure, which enables predators to control destructive prey.
Scientists See Glimmer Of Hope For Hawaiian Monk Seals (01/25/17)
The endangered species, which is endemic to Hawaii, is growing in population after decades of decline.
Scientists Take Action to Reverse Coral Reef Declines on Maui (01/17/17)
In the last 20 years, 25% of Mauis surveyed coral reefs have died and 50% are declining in health, according to the nonprofit Maui Nui Marine Resource Council.
Ruby Seadragon Filmed Alive in Ocean for First Time (01/16/17)
A team of marine biologists from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Western Australia Museum has captured on video the first-ever field sighting of the recently-discovered species of seadragon the ruby seadragon (Phyllopteryx dewysea).
Biologist finds blind fish underfoot in unexpected place (01/13/17)
In late summer of 2015, biologist Dr. Kirk Zigler was up to his knees in the bone-cold water of a Northwest Georgia cave when he encountered a creature as bizarre as it was completely unexpected.
Bills to help oyster producers signed into law (01/11/17)
Two bills aimed at cutting bureaucratic red tape for bayshore aquatic farmers were signed by Gov. Chris Christie this week, creating whats been called one-stop shopping for project permits by the bills sponsor, state Sen. Jeff Van Drew.
Brazilian Study Compiles Data on 958 Types of South American Jellyfish (01/09/17)
Jellyfish are a highly diverse group of aquatic animals. Their diameters range from 1 mm to over 1 m. Most have long tentacles, in some cases reaching more than 10 m in length.
Pacfiic Bluefin Tuna Fetches $632,000 at Auction in Japanese Fish Market (01/05/17)
Species is regarded as Vulnerable and Overfished, but is important in Japan. A Japanese sushi chain owner bid a winning 74.2 million yen ($632,000) for a 212 kilogram (466 pound) bluefin tuna in the final auction at the current site of Tokyo's...
Keys divers pluck Pacific fish off South Florida reef (01/04/17)
An invasive Pacific Ocean fish pulled off a Broward County artificial reef by a Key Largo dive team has a new life as a featured exhibit at a new Miami science museum.
Dive Under The Sea With Coral Kingdoms and Empires Of Ice (01/04/17)
Its been said that a picture is worth one thousand words, but during the Houston Symphonys presentation of Coral Kingdoms and Empires of Ice, the pictures are going to leave people speechless.
Humpback whale spotted in New York's East River (01/03/17)
A whale has been spotted swimming in New York Citys East River, close to the waterfront of Manhattans Upper East Side.
Anglerfish, Taking Romantic Attachment to a Whole New Level (12/30/16)
In the dark ocean depths, there are advantages to keeping your sex partner really closeas in permanently fused to your body.
Live Fish Food Goes High-End (12/29/16)
Though retailers are carrying fewer freshwater live food offerings, the category has grown on the saltwater side.
How a Fish That Hatches in Coral Reefs Finds Its Way Home (12/28/16)
The larvae of fish that live in coral reefs are tiny, and they are not very good swimmers. They are pushed by currents away from the reefs on which they were hatched for days or weeks until they learn to swim.
Video of elusive ghost shark is both majestic and creepy (12/22/16)
A team of scientists made some unexpected friends while exploring the deep Pacific Ocean.
133 new species described by the California Academy of Sciences in 2016 (12/21/16)
In 2016, researchers at the California Academy of Sciences added 133 new plant and animal species to our family tree, enriching our understanding of Earth's complex web of life and strengthening our ability to make informed conservation decisions.
A new view of coral reefs (12/20/16)
Earth's coral reefs teem with diverse forms of life, from microscopic phytoplankton to whale sharks
Tiger Tail Seahorse Genome Sequencing Helps Understand Evolution Of This Unique Fish (12/15/16)
The seahorse is an evolutionary marvel. It is a fish but doesnt have a tail fin or a pelvic fin, and swims vertically; it doesnt have any teeth and sucks in food through its pipe-like mouth; bones cover the exterior of its body like armor; and it...
Mutated fish becomes 8,000 times more resistant to toxic waste (12/12/16)
Biologists have discovered a fish living off the east coast of the US that evolved to be 8,000 times more resistant to toxic sludge, a new study has found.
Fish fossils reveal how tails evolved (12/08/16)
Despite their obvious physical differences, elephants, lizards and trout all have something in common. They possess elongated, flexible structures at the rear of their bodies that we call tails.
Triggerfish needed to grow reefs, new research finds (12/05/16)
A study of complex coral reef ecosystems in the western Indian Ocean found that one species of fishthe orange-lined triggerfishmay play a significant role in maintaining a reef's ability to thrive and grow, according to investigations by WCS...
3D printing now rolling out artificial reefs (12/01/16)
Changing the face of production around the world, 3D printing has carved out a new, undersea niche in the form of artificial coral reefs with the same shapes and colors that attract coral larvae.
Box Jellyfish: Why Are They So Deadly? (12/01/16)
There are many creatures on earth that are considered deadly to humans, from snakes, to lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Arguably the most deadly is other humans.
Hawaii's Aquarium Fishery: Regulated, Valuable, Sustainable (11/23/16)
This video illustrates how Hawaii's aquarium fish collection is regulated, valuable and sustainable.
Ocean acidification accelerates erosion of coral reefs (11/23/16)
Scientists studying naturally high carbon dioxide coral reefs in Papua New Guinea found that erosion of essential habitat is accelerated in these highly acidified waters, even as coral growth continues to slow
Beautiful images show a rare artificially bred baby beluga whale swimming alongside her mother at a Chinese aquarium (11/22/16)
This adorable calf is the first artificially bred baby beluga whale to have survived more than two months in China.
Beautiful images show a rare artificially bred baby beluga whale swimming alongside her mother at a Chinese aquarium (11/22/16)
This adorable calf is the first artificially bred baby beluga whale to have survived more than two months in China.
Algae Eaters in the Marine Aquarium (11/21/16)
The perpetual growth of the unwanted algae in marine aquariums is one of the biggest headaches for hobbyists. It comes in many forms, ranging from an unattractive green film of microalgae on the glass to fleshy, vine-like macroalgae that grows over...
Tiny Thai fish with patriotic colours priced at Rs 1 lakh (11/18/16)
The vibrantly-coloured animals, also known as Betta fish, can go for as little as $5 in Thailand, where the species is native.
Scientists find a bit more life in coral reefs in Pacific (11/18/16)
WASHINGTON In a ghost town of dead coral off a remote Pacific island, scientists have found a bit more life. <br></br>
New Species Unveiled at Mokupapapa Aquarium (11/17/16)
On Thursday, Nov. 10, the public was invited to Mokupapapa Discovery Center (MDC) to view never-before-seen fish collected from the deep-water coral reefs of Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, now on display in the centers aquarium.
Creature Feature (11/16/16)
There is a fish tank in my daughter's classroom at her elementary school that she likes a lot. Now she wants us to get her some fish for pets. Any suggestions? The only fish I'm familiar with are bettas and goldfish.
Where can coral grow best? Scientist researching optimal habitats (11/16/16)
Coral populations in the Florida Reef Tract have declined in the last three decades due to extreme-temperature events and other stressors that cause bleaching and disease. Scientists are now working to save the reef by transplanting healthy,...
Working to Restore Eight Coral Reefs (11/14/16)
Coral Restoration Foundation has been awarded $2.1 million in funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to restore eight reefs along the Florida Reef Tract to levels outlined in NOAAs Acropora Recovery Plan.
'The Secret Life of Lobsters' explores life underwater in Gulf of Maine (11/10/16)
'Lobster Barbie' tale might help keep study lobsters in NH out of lobster pot. <br></br>
Artificial Reefs: The Solution to Coral Bleaching? (11/10/16)
The bright, vibrant colors of corals have attracted divers and snorkelers for centuries. The color is not the coral itself, but instead is the result of a symbiotic algae that lives within its cells.
Find a few moments of zen with this hypnotic video of moving coral (11/08/16)
The effects of climate change and pollution on the oceans coral reefs have been devastating, and have inspired one Spanish filmmaker to raise awareness of the issue. Antonio Rodrguez Canto spent a year documenting coral movements for Coral Colors,...
How are satellites used to observe the ocean? (11/08/16)
Satellites can "see the sea" in ways that are otherwise impossible.
Photos: Fry-Angle Aquarium Society Fish Show (11/07/16)
The Bermuda Fry-Angle Aquarium Society held its Annual Trophy Fish Show today [Nov 5] at the Peace Lutheran Church Hall located on South Road in Paget. <br></br>
Spectrum Brands Launches Tetra Brands My Aquarium App (11/04/16)
Tetra brand of Spectrum Brands, Inc. Pet, Home and Garden Division announced its new My Aquarium app for aquarium owners.
Armed and Mysterious (11/04/16)
Hee (octopuses) have brief but magical lives. They mature within a year, mate, and die shortly after. What happens in between is the stuff of sci-fi flicks and Beatles songs.
3 Reasons that Structural Complexity on Reefs is Important (10/31/16)
At Coral Restoration Foundation, we strive to rebuild and restore our reefs throughout the Florida Keys. Historically, the Florida Reef Tract has been dominated by the reef-building species, staghorn (Acropora cervicornis) and elkhorn (Acropora...
Can You Hear The Coral? How happiest reefs are the loudest reefs (10/27/16)
Coral reefs are often referred to as the rainforests of the sea due to the incredible biodiversity of the plants and animals that live there. It is not surprising then that they share many similarities such as their complex interwoven ecosystems,...
The Endless and Important Science of Invertebrate Zoology (10/26/16)
Help beginners understand the most important physiological aspects of corals by explaining the three processes that must occur for them to thrive. Invertebrate zoology is important to teach our kids and staff because as reef aquarists we must...
Bordallo: NOAA awards $500K to Guam for coral reefs (10/19/16)
Guam Delegate Madeleine Z. Bordallo today announced that Guam is a recipient of about $500,000 for coral reef conservation. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) has announced over $9.3 million in recommended funding for projects...
Can YOU spot the seahorse? Crafty creature is perfectly concealed in a vibrant coral bed in this fiendishly tricky brainteaser (10/19/16)
Animal brainteaser is the latest puzzle challenging viewers' observation. <br></br> A crafty seahorse took the term 'master of disguise' to a new level <br></br> It took on the colours and textures of a vibrant pink coral bed. <br></br>
Australia's inland jellyfish (10/17/16)
NEXT TIME YOU take a dip in a lake or river, look out for freshwater jellyfish (Craspedacusta sowerbii). They wont sting you, but they may surprise you as animals that live among us without us knowing
Great Barrier Reef Obituary Goes Viral, To The Horror Of Scientists (10/17/16)
The message should be that it isnt too late ... not we should all give up. Dead and dying are two very different things. If a person is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, their loved ones dont rush to write an obituary and plan a...
Blotched Foxface Fish Found in Florida Waters (10/13/16)
Fish Marks 36th Non-Native Marine Fish Species Found in State. A tropical fish that calls the West Pacific Ocean home has been documented outside of its native range for the first time, making it Floridas newest non-native marine fish species.
Doing Laundry Can be Deadly For Clams, Mollusks and Other Marine Animals (10/13/16)
Pick your wardrobe carefullythe lives of sea animals may depend on it. Everyone loves the feeling of clean clothesexcept maybe sea animals. Each load of laundry you do may be pouring hundreds of thousands of tiny pollutants into the water, which...
Scientists just found the largest continuous coral system - and its like nothing we've ever seen (10/05/16)
Its taken two decades, but scientists have finally completed their survey of the deep sea ecosystems surrounding the Hawaiian islands, and theyve found something truly remarkable.
A Non-Profit Crowdfunding to Rebuild Damaged Reefs in Andaman Islands (10/03/16)
In a much needed effort to rebuild damaged coral reefs, a marine conservation non-profit based in the Andaman Islands has launched a crowdfunding campaign. This is how you can be a part of the project. <br></br>
3 Ways Seagrass Beds Are Like Coral Reefs and How We Can Learn From That (09/29/16)
From mangroves to seagrass beds to coral reefs, tropical marine ecosystems are incredibly diverse and very important to support our life on land. There is much we can learn from the connections between habitats, but also vital concepts that can be...
Restoring Hawaiis Reefs: Sucking away the algae (09/28/16)
Coral Restoration Foundation is hard at work each day to restore the reefs in the Florida Keys. The decline of the once dominant reef-building species, Staghorn (Acropora cervicornis) and Elkhorn (Acropora palmata) corals, are due to a number of...
California is cracking down to prevent illegal fishing off the coast (09/28/16)
California is embarking on a new effort to shield ocean waters from overfishing. Law-enforcement officials have embraced a statewide ticketing system aimed at poachers and unwitting anglers who illegally catch bass, yellowtail, lobsters and other...
Great white sharks and tuna share common genes to become fast swimmers and predators (09/26/16)
White sharks and tuna seem to be two very different types of fish. White sharks, or mackerel sharks, are large, fast-swimming sharks found in oceans worldwide.
Elevated CO2 Linked to Altered Brain Chemistry, Behavioral Impairments in Fish (09/22/16)
US - In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers from the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University showed that increased carbon...
What it takes to save an imperiled fish (09/20/16)
The impressive effort to restore the Arctic grayling in a Yellowstone National Park stream. Before releasing the fish, I held it for a full minute in the icy flow of Yellowstone National Parks Gibbon River
From concrete to coral: breeze blocks make a splash regenerating reefs (09/20/16)
There hasnt been much good news about coral recently, but in Grenada, one project is using towers of concrete to encourage marine life and create new reefs. <br></br>
Obama To Designate First Marine Monument In Atlantic Ocean (09/15/16)
President Barack Obama will set aside a 4,900-square-mile stretch of ocean on Thursday to create the first protected marine monument in the Atlantic Ocean. <br></br>
MACNA 2016 in Photos (09/15/16)
This past Sunday, the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) wrapped up in San Diego after another successful year.
Choking goldfish saved thanks to $500 operation (09/13/16)
An Australian woman has set an impossible example for grand gestures in the name of love.
Critical Reefs Destroyed in Poachers' Quest for World's Biggest Clams (09/12/16)
PUERTO PRINCESA, PHILIPPINES - Biologist Ed Gomez was in his office at the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute about 25 years ago when the phone rang.
Scientists Discover New Species, Genus of Freshwater Crabs Being Sold in Chinese Pet Market (09/08/16)
An international team of researchers has discovered that the colorful freshwater crabs popular in ornamental fish markets in China actually belongs to a new species and genus of freshwater crab. <br></br>
Californias goby is actually two different fish (09/06/16)
Its official. The southern tidewater goby is a thing. And its chubbier and nubbier than its northern cousin. <br></br>
Ecosystem project gives students hands-on learning experience (09/02/16)
CHAMPAIGN -- A third grade teacher is bringing a whole new ecosystem into his classroom. He's been building and taking care of coral reefs with the help of his students. <br></br>
Immune Response in Acropora Corals to Damage (09/01/16)
Did you know that corals can have an immune response to damage and disease? This is especially important when trying to understand how corals can recover in a degrading reef environment.
Triggers for Coral Spawning (08/31/16)
Once a year during August, many hard corals such as staghorn and elkhorn, under-go a natural phenomenon releasing their gametes into the water column known as coral spawning.
Successful Rearing of the Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse (08/30/16)
Egg collectors were deployed on the afternoon of 4/17/16 and collected on the morning of 4/21/16. There was a total of 32,900 eggs with 70% viability.
Why did thousands of fish die in New Jersey? (08/25/16)
Hundreds of thousands of tiny juvenile menhaden filled a New Jersey marina following a massive, and stinky, fish die-off in Monmouth County. <br></br>
Deep sea divers provide first close up look at colourful reef off Tasmanian east coast (08/25/16)
Rare black coral, colourful sponges and abundant marine life have been revealed in the first close-up footage of a recently mapped reef off Tasmania's east coast. <br></br>
How a 'zombie' coral reef came back to life (08/24/16)
A Pacific coral reef thought to have died more than a decade ago now appears to be alive again. A victory for conservation policies? <br></br>
The Nuggets Wilson Chandler caught a fish the size of your couch (08/23/16)
Some NBA players are in Rio winning gold this offseason. Others are getting some much-needed rest ahead of it all beginning again. Wilson Chandler is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean catching terrifyingly giant fish.
Why letting goldfish go wild is a bad idea: They become giant pests (08/18/16)
You may think dumping goldfish into a river is a harmless act, but in reality the fish can become destructively big.
Female fish can favor sperm from preferred males despite external fertilization (08/17/16)
Ovarian fluid released with eggs during spawning of ocellated wrasse favors sperm from the nest-tending males preferred by females, limiting fertilization by 'sneaker' males.
Googly-Eyed Purple Squid Sighting Delights Scientists (08/16/16)
A purple squid with eyes so googly it could easily be mistaken for a character in the movie "Finding Nemo" was recently spotted by scientists off the coast of Southern California.
Caught in the act: first videos of coral bleaching behaviour (08/12/16)
Coral researchers have for the first time captured the specific behaviour of a coral as it's bleaching. <br></br>
Researchers confirm marine animals live longer at high latitudes (08/11/16)
Researchers in the Department of Earth Sciences have shown that high-latitude bivalves live longer and grow slower than those in the tropics. Their findings are the subject of an article in the "Proceedings of the Royal Society B" (The Royal...
A giant anemone in deep ocean stumps scientists (08/09/16)
Researchers with the NOAA's Okeanos Explorer expedition recently spotted an anemone which one member called "whopping big."
Rare 'Whale Fall' Spotted by Deep-Sea Scientists (08/09/16)
A rare sight was recently captured by scientists aboard a deep-sea exploration vessel: the skeleton of a fallen whale. Researchers say these bony remains provide a feast of nutrients for sea creatures, including bone-eating "zombie worms."
Meet the nameless nudibranch (08/08/16)
It is covered in flamboyantly coloured sausages, its a hermaphrodite, breathes through its skin, goes through metamorphoses AND this new species needs a name.
Looking back into the future: Are corals able to resist a declining pH? (08/05/16)
Tropical Porites corals adjust their internal pH to enable themselves to form calcium carbonate and grow under elevated carbon dioxide concentrationseven for a longer period of time
Newly Hatched Blue Tang Diet Preferences (08/03/16)
At the University of Florida Indian River Research and Education Center in Fort Pierce, FL we have been examining food preference for blue tang larvae.
Genetic Diversity: What it means for coral restoration (08/01/16)
Caribbean and Atlantic corals, such as Staghorn (Acropora cervicornis) and Elkhorn (Acropora palmata) corals, have experienced a rapid decline over the past four decades due to a series of compounding stressors.
A New Perspective for Bleaching: Coral Bleaching as a Disease (07/29/16)
When most of us think of summer, we are thinking of things such as barbeques, beach days, and fun in the sun.
The Phenomenon of Synchronized Coral Spawning (07/27/16)
Although we are approaching the end of the summer, this upcoming month is a very exciting time here at Coral Restoration Foundation. During mid-August, around the full moon, the Florida Keys Coral Reef Tract will undergo its annual synchronized...
Professor digitizing every fish species in the world (07/20/16)
Nearly 25,000 species of fish live on our planet, and a University of Washington professor wants to scan and digitize them all. <br></br>
An aquarium at home: 5 benefits for children (07/20/16)
For children, an aquarium is fantastic and magical. With only a little help from adults, the aquarium can turn into a unique educational game and an adventure that creates knowledge and lifetime memories for the entire family.
The collaborative success was over six years in the making. Dr. Chad Callan and his team at the Oceanic Institute at Hawaii Pacific University reared the first captive-bred Yellow Tangs in October of 2015.
Scientists Create Successful Biohybrid Being Using 3D Printing and Genetic Engineering (07/14/16)
Scientists genetically engineered and 3D printed a biohybrid being, opening the door further for lifelike robots and artificial intelligence. <br></br>
Coral Polyps Kiss, Fight Turf Wars And More, New Underwater Microscope Reveals (07/14/16)
Corals and coral reefs have been in the news a lot recently, mostly as a marker for human-induced climate change that is fast degrading large swathes of the natural heritage along Australias coastline.
Scientists Create Successful Biohybrid Being Using 3D Printing and Genetic Engineering (07/14/16)
Scientists genetically engineered and 3-D-printed a biohybrid being, opening the door further for lifelike robots and artificial intelligence.
'Ghost Fish' Seen Live for First Time (07/12/16)
A living, swimming "ghost fish" has been seen live for the first time ever. <br></br>
Does a shifty lens help octopuses see colours? (07/11/16)
It's a cephalopod conundrum if they can't see it, why the lavish use of colour? Belinda Smith reports.
The fish that swap gender 20 times a day: Frequent sex changes of chalk bass are the secret behind their lifelong relationships (07/11/16)
Some say relationships are all about give and take, and this is certainly true for a tiny species of fish that lives on the coral reefs of Panama.
Help Fishkeepers Find True Love of the Hobby; Not Just Dory (07/07/16)
PIJAC offers retailers materials designed to help educate staff, customers and colleagues throughout the pet industry about responsible, successful fishkeeping in the wake of heightened interest in the hobby as Finding Dory hits theaters.
Unwanted Fish Hybrids (07/07/16)
Addressing the tank(s) of fish that many local fish stores have marked assorted African cichlids.
Study Finds Venom Has Evolved 18 Times in Marine and Freshwater Fishes (07/06/16)
Venom is so useful to fish that it evolved at least 18 times, according to a new study led by Dr. William Leo Smith of the University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute.
Scientists to comb seas to unravel mystery of enigmatic eels (07/06/16)
Discovering what "foreign" eels are all about and how many are out there is the basic objective of a team of scientists kicking off a major research mission in the South Pacific.
Good Bacteria Vital To Coral Reef Survival (07/05/16)
Scientists say good bacteria could be the key to keeping coral healthy, able to withstand the impacts of global warming and to secure the long-term survival of reefs worldwide. <br></br>
Why Florida is waging war on lionfish (07/05/16)
Florida is overrun with lionfish and the Sunshine State is trying to eat its way out of the invasion. <br></br>
Verons Corals of the World is Launched as Online Database (06/30/16)
Famed Australian coral researcher and taxonomist J.E.N. (Charlie) Veron, perhaps best known for his expansive Corals of the World anthology, has been a driving force in our current understanding of stony coral evolution and biogeography for...
Restoring Native Habitats: From Mangrove Coasts to Coral Reefs (06/29/16)
Coral reefs are some of the most diverse ecosystems on the Earth; home to millions of species, all with various physiological differences and ecological purposes.
3D printing could save our coral reefs (06/28/16)
Most of the environmental changes in the present times are taking the earth closer to the loss of biodiversity. Environmentalists are worried that the vast coral reefs under the ocean are subject to risk of extinction in the coming years. Hence, any...
Cavefish from Mexico Identified as First of its Kind in Western Hemisphere (06/27/16)
Researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey and Louisiana State University have identified a new genus and species of cavefish from Mexico, the Oaxaca Cave Sleeper, which is the first cave-adapted sleeper goby to be found in the Western Hemisphere....
Pet Industry Distributors Association Analyzes Pet Industry Spending (06/24/16)
Pet Industry Distributors Association Analyzes Pet Industry Spending <br></br> Total pet spending in the U.S. is now at $63.38 billion.<br></br>
Movie Finding Dory is an opportunity to discuss responsible, sustainable aquarium practices (06/20/16)
Our industry is once again in the spotlight thanks to the impending release of Pixar's "Finding Dory." This is a good thing, as it gives us a chance to engage the general public on a greater scale than we usually can.
Why Some Coral Reefs Are Thriving (06/16/16)
Why Some Coral Reefs Are Thriving <br></br> Not all of the worlds reefs are in bad shapeand a few of the healthiest are managed by humans. <br></br>
P3 Show Announces Second Keynote Program (06/16/16)
P3 Show Announces Second Keynote Program <br></br> Making its debut Aug. 24-25 at Chicagos Navy Pier, P3 | Progressive Pet Products trade show announced its second keynote program, Marketing to Millennials: Consumer Trends &amp; Retailing...
Evolution favors the bioluminescent (06/15/16)
Evolution favors the bioluminescent <br></br> You glow, you winthe power to emit light has evolved a whopping 27 times. <br></br>
Native Olympia oysters more resilient to ocean acidification, study finds (06/13/16)
Native Olympia oysters, which once thrived along the Pacific Northwest coast until over-harvesting and habitat loss all but wiped them out, have a built-in resistance to ocean acidification during a key shell-building phase after spawning, according...
This Tropical Fish Can Be Taught to Recognize Human Faces (06/09/16)
Though many may mock a fish's short memory, the creatures can still learn some astounding things. Researchers at the University of Oxford and the University of Queensland recently discovered that the small tropical archerfish can be taught to...
haruka misawa explores relationship of objects in aquariums with whimsical waterscapes (05/23/16)
Haruka Misawa explores relationship of objects in aquariums with whimsical waterscapes all images courtesy of Misawa Design Institute.
Enormous Coral Reef Discovered at Mouth of Amazon River (05/23/16)
At the BrazilFrench Guiana border, where the Amazon River joins the Atlantic Ocean, the muddy waters have been hiding a spectacular secret.
History-Making Yellow Tangs Coming to Global Pet Expo (03/11/16)
The result of decades of aquaculture experimentation and more research dollars than have been expended on any other marine aquarium fish species, members of the first successful captive spawning and rearing of Yellow Tangs to achieve market size...
Motorboat noise halves reef fish survival rate (02/26/16)
An international research team found that noise from passing motorboats increases stress levels in young coral reef fish and reduces their ability to flee from predators. As a consequence they are captured more easily and their survival chances are...
Can Underwater Resorts Actually Help Coral Reef Ecosystems? (02/23/16)
Dubai, known for such modest ventures as the Burj Khalifa and the artificial Palm Jumeirah islands, is on the verge of building yet another one: the fabricated ruins of an ancient pearl-trading city, submerged just off its shores in the waters of...
Herpes-like virus impacts on Great Barrier Reef coral during bleaching, scientists say (02/19/16)
A "herpes-like" virus is infecting coral on the Great Barrier Reef, especially during the coral bleaching phenomenon, scientists have found.
Scientists Find Out What Killed Millions of Starfish (02/19/16)
From as Alaska to Baja, Mexico, starfish populations have been decimated by the sea star wasting syndromea disease that turns the darlings of the tide pool world into heaping piles of goo within days of exposure.
Hawaiian coral evolution sparks worldwide debate (02/15/16)
Techniques used by scientists led by Ruth Gates and backed by Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen are coming under the microscope.
Aquarium plans animal care center in Jonestown (02/15/16)
The National Aquarium said Thursday that it is moving forward with a plan to relocate its animal care and rescue center from Fells Point to a recently acquired property in Jonestown.
Chinese Taste For Fish Bladder Threatens Tiny Porpoise In Mexico (02/10/16)
The international trade in exotic animal parts includes rhino horn, seahorses, and bear gall bladders. But perhaps none is as strange as the swim bladder from a giant Mexican fish called the totoaba.
Corals Grown in Labs Help Restore Critically Endangered Reefs (02/05/16)
For the first time, researchers have successfully raised laboratory-bred colonies of a Caribbean coral species to sexual maturity. The hope, they say, is to restore and repopulate threatened reefs.
Great Barrier Reef bull sharks' secret lives revealed in radio tracking study (02/05/16)
Researchers from James Cook University and the Australian Institute of Marine Science were studying the ecology of the Great Barrier Reef when they stumbled across large numbers of bull sharks.
Corals Grown in Labs Help Restore Critically Endangered Reefs (02/05/16)
For the first time, researchers have successfully raised laboratory-bred colonies of a Caribbean coral species to sexual maturity. The hope, they say, is to restore and repopulate threatened reefs.
Christmas tree worms have eyes that breathe, gills that see (01/29/16)
Christmas tree worms have eyes in a really silly place, says Michael Bok. Which is part of their charm.
A Coral Reef Revival (01/29/16)
David Vaughan works on the Florida Reef Tract, the third largest coral reef in the world and a vastly important ecosystem for sustaining underwater life. He and a team of scientists are working to combat the crisis in the worlds coral reefs
Twilight Zone Fish Swim Silently With Forked Tails, Study Reveals (01/22/16)
Scientists have found a new technique to predict which reef fish can survive natural disaster like cyclones and coral bleaching, according to a study. The researchers found that tail shape can help determine whether a fish will survive across...
Red Tide Toxins May Also Impact Your Home Aquarium and Your Health (01/20/16)
The Red Tide isn't just something you find in the ocean. Scientists have found that these "red tide" algal blooms can also occur on a much smaller scale among home aquariums.
NASA to study the health of coral reefs across the world (01/15/16)
EngadgetNASA to study the health of coral reefs across the worldEngadgetCoral reefs are breathtaking homes for a diverse range of marine life, including turtles, sharks and eels. They&amp;#39;re under threat from pollution, fishing and climate...
What snapping shrimp sound patterns may tell us about reef ecosystems (01/15/16)
Oh, snap! What snapping shrimp sound patterns may tell us about reef conditions and could the difference in snap numbers between the summers be affected by water quality as well as temperature?
A shark nursery has been found in Long Islands Great South Bay, by scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York. Although you are now imagining a picture from a horror movie, this shark species is not harmful.
7 Great Ways to Explore the Great Barrier Reef (01/08/16)
The Great Barrier Reef is Australias best-known natural wonder a vast string of coral shallows off Queenslands Pacific coast, running 1,600 miles from Cairns to Brisbane. The mind-boggling expanse is matched by magnificent marine life and...
Eagle Eyed Subsea Camera (01/08/16)
A new subsea camera has been developed that can see two to three times further under water than existing cameras and calculate distances to objects. This will make work carried out under water much easier.
Ascension Island to become marine reserve - BBC News (01/04/16)
Ascension Island to become marine reserveBBC NewsIt is the latest marine reserve to be declared around remote islands, which will increase marine conservation zones to about 2% of the ocean. That remains a far cry from the 30% recommended by...
Amid Chinese Territory Disputes, Japan To Grow An Island Out of Coral (01/04/16)
Japan plans to revive the coral reef that forms the island of Okinotorishima, as it takes on China in a longstanding territorial dispute in the region.
$1.5M in NOAA Coral Reef Support Announced (12/30/15)
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has awarded $1,485,007 in grant money in support of coral reef conservation and coastal management through Hawaii and the Pacific
Virginia Aquarium takes in 8 stranded sea turtles (12/30/15)
Over the Christmas holiday, the Virginia Aquarium received eight juvenile Kemps ridley sea turtles that were cold-stunned from the New England Aquariums Stranding Response Center.
Santa scuba dives with fish at Sea Life Michigan aquarium (12/24/15)
Most children this season have sat on Santa's lap to share their wishes for Christmas, but recent visitors to Sea Life Michigan enjoyed a completely different experience.
Photos And Video: Insanely Cute Baby Sea Otter Born At Monterey Bay Aquarium Tide Pool (12/22/15)
When a female sea otter swam from the Pacific and into Monterey Bay Aquarium's Great Tide Pool this weekend, staffers said she "didn't demonstrate any interest in returning to the ocean" and now we know why: On Sunday at around 8:30 a.m., she gave...
Deep Coral Reef Sediments May Reveal Past (12/17/15)
A research team led by the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science analyzed the sediments of mesophotic coral reefs deep reef communities living 30-150 meters below sea level to understand how habitat diversity at...
Science, elbow grease keep National Aquarium poop-free (12/17/15)
Swimming through the 2.2 million gallons of water at the National Aquarium are more than 500 species of fish, including sharks, rays and eels. And whether the animals glide, float, slither or dart, they all poop.
Video Shows Coral Reef Being Destroyed In Seconds By Cruise Ship's Anchor (12/14/15)
An underwater video posted to YouTube Tuesday captures portions of a coral reef being obliterated by a cruise ships anchor and chain in mere seconds, a stunning contrast to the estimated centuries it took to grow.
NOAA awards more than $8 million for coral reef conservation (12/11/15)
NOAAs Coral Reef Conservation Program is awarding more than $8.4 million in grants and cooperative agreements, this year, to support conservation projects and scientific studies that benefit coral reef management across seven U.S. states and...
Meet the People Fighting to Rebuild Coral Reefs (12/11/15)
The following is an excerpt of a longread from Grist on coral reefs and their (human) champions (it is reproduced here with permission). Coral reefs are among the richest ecosystems on Earthin addition to the wide array of marine life ...
Study predicts fish poisoning will rise in Gulf (12/04/15)
People can be affected by ciguatera, the most common form of algal-induced seafood poisoning, by eating contaminated tropical marine reef fish such as grouper, snapper (above) and barracuda.
Coral Bleaching: Reefs Adapted To Warm Waters Are Just As Threatened By Climate Change (12/04/15)
Being used to warm waters may not be enough for corals surrounding Australia's Kimberly region, according to researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Coral Reef Studies. A recent study revealed corals in north Western Australia are just as...
U.S. and Cuba to cooperate on conservation and management of marine protected areas (11/20/15)
Today, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Park Service (NPS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Cubas Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment (CITMA).
Hawaii to Come up With Management Plan to Help Coral Reefs (11/20/15)
The state of Hawaii is gathering information from the scientific community and local stakeholders to create a comprehensive coral reef management plan, but officials said Monday they will not yet impose a requested moratorium on collecting aquarium...
Coral reef work integral in professors award (11/13/15)
Hay, a professor in Techs School of Biology, has made great efforts at understanding coral reefs and threats to them throughout his career. The award was presented from the Explorers Club due to what they saw as innovative methods and techniques...
Small eel photographed by accident on coral reef is first green fluorescent fish ever recorded (11/13/15)
A new study says that this small eel photographed by accident on a Caribbean coral reef is the first green fluorescent fish ever recorded.
To Cool Off, This Fish Leaves the Water (11/04/15)
The mangrove rivulus, a drab, elusive fish found from Florida to Brazil, has been observed flipping out of hot water and onto solid ground. In half a minute or less, its body temperature falls to match its new surroundings.
Meet the neighbors: The tropical sea creatures El Nio is bringing to SoCal shores (11/04/15)
We know a strong El Nio means rain this winter, but scientists at the Natural History Museum say that's not the only thing the seasonal storm will bring. As warm El Nio water moves into the Southern California coast, it's bringing a whole new...
The Pacific Is About to Get a Massive New Ocean Reserve (10/28/15)
A tiny island country in the western Pacific Ocean that's smaller than New York City has approved the creation of an enormous marine reserve that's bigger than the U.S. state of California.
Rare Puffer Fish Stolen From Portland Shop (10/28/15)
Brandon Bacod, a manager at The Wet Spot Tropical Fish at Northeast 43rd and Hancock Street, said a puffer fish that theyve only had for a couple of weeks was stolen from his store late last week.
Electric eels actually use their zaps to track down tricky prey (10/23/15)
It turns out that the zaps of an electric eel are more than just a powerful weapon. After using electric pulses to stun their prey, the electric eels actually use the same electric field as a sort of radar, allowing them to track down their meal...
A Toxic Substance In Sunscreens Can Damage Coral Reefs (10/23/15)
Before applying those enormous amounts of sun protectant lotion, try considering this new study, published in the journal Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, which found that there is a harmful element in sunscreens that can...
Man Obsessed With Fish Arrested For Trespassing At Santa Monica Pier Aquarium (10/23/15)
The manager said that he had recognized the suspect due to the fact that on many previous occasions the suspect had entered the business (with the intent of staring at the fish) illicitly by jumping over a fence located at the side of the business.
Baensch Adds Hawaiian Christmas Wrasse to Captive-Bred Fish List! (10/15/15)
"The biology of many wrasse species, especially those with shorter natural larval durations, is probably quite to amenable to aquaculture, wrote Baensch in a recent email exchange. He continued, So given the number of gorgeous fish in this family...
full-scale, 360 panorama of the great barrier reef surrounds visitors to the panometer - photo gallery (10/15/15)
Within the Panometer in Leipzig, Germany a visual panorama displayed inside a former gasometer Berlin-based artist Yadegar Asisi projects a great barrier reef onto a giant circular screen, surrounding visitors in imagery of the underwater...
Extendable jaws gave fish an evolutionary edge (10/14/15)
Taking your mouth to your plate might not be accepted practice at the human dinner table, but in the fish world it is a winner. The ability, known as protrusion, allows fish to extend their jaw and snap up otherwise elusive prey, making them...
Divers off Portugal dwarfed by massive sunfish (10/07/15)
Divers off Portugal recently encountered a gigantic sunfish that dwarfed its human admirers, as they surrounded the docile behemoth to document their unforgettable experience
Glowing Sea Turtle is First Biofluorescent Reptile Ever Recorded (10/01/15)
Marine biologists made a shocking discovery while filming biofluorescence in small sharks and coral reefs around the Solomon Islands recently. Out of nowhere, a glowing sea turtle came swimming by.
Here's What Happens When the Animal You're E-Tracking Gets Eaten By a Whale (10/01/15)
European eels are critically endangered. To better understand their lives, researchers tracked them during a migration. Suddenly, three trackers returned very strange data. What, oh what, could have happened?
Squid Houses Bacteria to Protect eggs (09/24/15)
No bigger than a thumb, the Hawaiian bobtail squid needs all the help it can get to survive.
Shark Attacks Kill Less People Than Selfies (09/24/15)
A tally of selfie-related incidents leading to deaths this year comes with a startling revelation -- selfie deaths in 2015 outnumber deaths from shark attacks.
Vinegar used against crown of thorns starfish on Great Barrier Reef (09/24/15)
It's drizzled on fish and chips and used for cleaning, but simple household vinegar could soon be called on for its most important mission yet: saving the Great Barrier Reef.
Coral Discovery in Australia Rivals Great Barrier Reef (09/18/15)
A deep sea exploration of a national park south of Melbourne found marine life that rivals that found at the Great Barrier Reef.
Giant barrel sponges are hijacking Floridas coral reefs (09/18/15)
Giant barrel sponges (Xestospongia muta) like these in the Bahamas regularly grow to be over a meter tall and a meter across. The sponges are growing larger and more populous on coral reefs in Florida.
Shark Sanctuaries Announced Around Dutch Caribbean Islands (09/04/15)
The Dutch government announced Sept. 2 that the waters surrounding Bonaire and Saba in the Caribbean Sea will become shark sanctuaries.
This fish has an incredibly rude name (09/04/15)
Biologists mock x-rated animals and highlight beasties with the most ridiculous monikers
This Starfish-Killing Robot Could Help Save The Great Barrier Reef (09/04/15)
scientists have a new weapon in the fight against starfish bent on devouring the Great Barrier Reef: a killer robot that seeks out and destroys its prey.
Ocean sunfish spotted in B.C. waters as tropical fish move north (08/28/15)
WATCH:A large sunfish that washed up off northern Vancouver Island this weekend is just one of several tropical species migrating north. Linda Aylesworth explains.
Scientists consider captive breeding program for enigmatic little walking fish (08/28/15)
Scientists are considering a captive breeding program to ensure the survival of an enigmatic little sea floor walking fish found only in Hobart's Derwent estuary.
African lungfish, Protopterus annectens, can live in suspended animation, called aestivation, without food and water for three to five years. They wake up when water becomes available.
VIDEO: Bizarre spaghetti monster discovered 4000 feet under water (08/18/15)
BP workers were filming 4,000 feet under the sea off the coast of Angola with a remotely operated underwater vehicle when they captured footage of this thing - which they nicknamed the flying spaghetti monster .
Aquascaping Visonary Takashi Amano Dies at Age 61 (08/13/15)
Takashi Amano, founder of Aqua Design Amano, creator of the Nature Aquarium concept and visual aquatics master passed away earlier this week at the age of 61. The news of Takashi Amanos passing is causing quite a shake up of the general aquarium...
Octopus Genome Reveals Secrets to Complex Intelligence (08/13/15)
The largest invertebrate genetic code unleashes clues to camouflage, suckers, evolution
Video - Diver films a curious underwater creature (08/04/15)
This little fish seems to take no notice of the diver as it ambles along.
Fish tanks lower blood pressure and heart rate (08/04/15)
Fish tanks lower blood pressure and heart rate. Higher numbers of fish also helped to hold peoples attention for longer and improve their moods
This Beautiful But Destructive Fish Is Resorting to Cannibalism (07/27/15)
Efforts to tame Floridas invasive lionfish havent worked. Now these venomous fish are eating each other, though it probably won't reduce their numbers substantially.
Car-sized ball of squid eggs filmed off the coast of Turkey (07/27/15)
Oh July 9th, 2015 a group of lucky divers happened upon something truly remarkableA 4-meter-wide clear sphere floating off the coast of a small town in Turkey. The sphere was 22 meters below the sea surface, and even up close, it appears almost...
Coral reefs become training ground for NASA (07/22/15)
NASA has partnered with FIU researchers to create a real-life scenario for the astronauts as they test communications between land and reef to simulate communications between Earth and space.
The beautiful creatures with a deadly streak (07/22/15)
Coral reefs are beautiful places, says Ken Johnson, a researcher specializing in coral at the Natural History Museum in London. They have "complex, three dimensional structures like cliffs and turrets" with a huge diversity of life. "We see schools...
Forget kalescientists have discovered a super-nutritious seaweed that tastes exactly like bacon (07/20/15)
There are a lot of reasons to cut down your bacon habityour health, animal welfare, the giant lagoons of pig poop it takes to make it. But one major obstacle: Its delicious.
Fishing boats become citizen science data platforms (07/20/15)
Fishermen in South Devon, UK, have turned their boats into "massive data platforms" for a citizen science study. They have become the first commercial fishers to gather data for the Secchi Disk Study, which is gathering data on the state of the...
Scientists Say Bleaching Poses a Threat to Hawaii's Coral Reefs (07/20/15)
Coral reefs, already under threat around the globe, may be in particularly acute danger in the waters of Hawaii because of a phenomenon known as bleaching.
Scientists Say Bleaching Poses a Threat to Hawaii's Coral Reefs (07/20/15)
Coral reefs, already under threat around the globe, may be in particularly acute danger in the waters of Hawaii because of a phenomenon known as bleaching.
Ocean life looks unreal in this time-lapsed and hyper-focused video (07/16/15)
Ocean life looks unreal in this time-lapsed and hyper-focused video. Sandro Bocci, an Italian film and documentary maker who specializes in experimenting with filming nature, shot a hypnotic underwater time-lapse of some strange-looking, alien-like...
Cameras focus on coral reef sharks in world-first study (07/16/15)
Cameras focus on coral reef sharks in world-first studyThe Cairns PostNorth Queensland scientists are joining a world-first global effort to survey shark numbers on coral reefs, called the Global FinPrint initiative.
7 Crazy Facts About Sharks, In Honor Of Shark Week (07/08/15)
Bustle7 Crazy Facts About Sharks, In Honor Of Shark WeekBustleBut it does mean that I&amp;#39;ve grown up with shark nets on beaches, a few attacks here and there, and a sense of sharks as a seriously intriguing part of our marine ecosystem.
Nurseries bring coral reefs back to life (07/08/15)
Nurseries bring coral reefs back to life. With its sandy beaches and endless ocean vistas, Florida's natural beauty is famous. And the Sunshine State is just as beautiful below the surface of the water as it is above.
Are Seahorses the Secret to Robots (07/08/15)
Are Seahorses the Secret to Robots? - A new study cites the fish appendages as possible inspiration for a breakthrough after finding that its movements facilitate bending and twisting while also providing strong resistance to crushingkey components...
Unexpected' rainbow of fluorescent colours discovered in corals in depths of Red Sea (06/29/15)
A group of scientists from the University of Southampton, Tel Aviv University and the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences (IUI), Israel, have discovered glowing corals that display a wide array of colours in the deep water reefs of the Red...
Irish coral reef discovered off Kerry coast a total surprise (06/29/15)
A team of Irish marine scientists have made the rather amazing discovery 300km off the coast of Kerry of a bed of cold-water coral just 700m below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.
Great Barrier Reef spared 'in danger' listing - for now (06/16/15)
The Great Barrier Reef should not go on a World Heritage danger list, according to a United Nations draft report. However, it says Australia must carry out commitments to protect the reef, including restoring water quality and restricting new port...
6 Wonderful Aquariums To Explore In Los Angeles - LAist (06/12/15)
A stone's throw from the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is a mid-sized aquarium that is the most comprehensive overview of the life just off L.A.'s beaches. The main exhibit hall has almost 40 individual tanks curated to ...
Coral Reefs: a Invasive Microbe May Protect Them, But at a Cost (06/09/15)
Nature World NewsCoral Reefs: Invasive Microbe May Protect Them, But at a CostNature World News&amp;quot;Coral reefs are highly important to the biosphere, and they also have enormous economic and societal value in the form of tourism, recreation...
Why it matters to keep the world's oceans pure and clean (06/09/15)
WWF InternationalWhy it matters to keep the world&amp;#39;s oceans pure and cleanMashableThe true definition of what constitutes a marine protected area can vary, but there&amp;#39;s at least one common thread: It&amp;#39;s a designated part of a...
Palau's Improbably Healthy Coral Reefs - NOVA Next (06/03/15)
To their surprise, Cohen's team has found that the corals in Nikko Bay and a few other naturally acidified Rock Island sites seem to be shrugging off this sneak preview of the coral-reef apocalypse....
9 dangerous coral reef creatures - Mother Nature Network (06/03/15)
This small, beautiful octopus can be found in tide pools and coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian oceans. It is also one of the most deadly marine animals in the world. If sharks are what you're mostly wary of when snorkeling, you may want to shift
Aquarium launches crowdfunding campaign for next exhibit - Plymouth Herald (06/03/15)
The National Marine Aquarium has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise 30,000 for its next new attraction. The money will be used to build a What a Waste exhibit, highlighting the damage which plastic pollution causes to marine life...
Pocket shark discovery is only the second ever seen (04/30/15)
pocket shark discovered
Spider crabs build big pyramid (04/20/15)
PT Hirschfield and some friends were diving near the Blairgowrie Pier in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, in Australia when they encountered a most unusual sight: close to 1,000 spider crabs crawling over each other to make a huge pyramid on the ocean...
Paratrooper brings fish on his last jump (04/20/15)
As Spc. Matthew Tattersall prepares to leave the U.S. Army, he wanted to make his last jump as a paratrooper a memorable one. So last weekend, he jumped with Willy MakeIt, his pet Siamese fighting fish.
Adding fish could help coral reefs recover, new study claims (04/13/15)
Restoring fish populations to coral reef systems could be the key to helping those ecosystems recover, according to a new study based on an assessment of fish biomass and functional groups from over 800 coral reefs worldwide and published in the...
A Fight in Australia Pits Coal vs. Coral (04/06/15)
Image Broker/Rex Features Reefs and atolls of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. (Bloomberg Businessweek) -- Australias Great Barrier Reef, the worlds largest coral reef, is home to more than 1,600 species of fish.
NOAA study provides detailed projections of coral bleaching (04/06/15)
( NOAA Headquarters ) New NOAA research shows that while nearly all coral reefs in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico will experience bleaching by mid-century, there will be great variety in the timing and location of these harmful effects.
A decade in, have Australia's no-take reserves protected life on the Reef? (03/30/15)
The expansion of no-take marine reserves within Australia's Great Barrier Reef Marine Park more than a decade ago is working to protect fish just as experts had hoped it would, say researchers who have been monitoring the reef via underwater surveys.
Take a dive at Natural History Museum, manta ray included (03/30/15)
The museum's new show plunges into the underwater world, featuring a &amp;quot;virtual dive&amp;quot; that provides a 180-degree view of five coral reefs controlled by a joystick, including one vista with a manta ray in Komodo Island, Indonesia.
Passionate About Coral Reef Parasites (03/23/15)
This ScienceLives article was provided to Live Science'sExpert Voices: Op-Ed &amp; Insightsin partnership with the National Science Foundation. Unbeknownsteven to most marine enthusiasts, parasitesaccount for the vast majority of biodiversity on...
Rare glimpse into how coral procreates could aid future conservation (03/23/15)
A rare and threatened Caribbean coral species has for the first time been successfully bred and raised in the lab, according to new research. The study provides the first photos of juveniles of this species, and could provide information to help...
Dumping subway trains into the ocean ... in a good way (03/17/15)
Photographer Stephen Mallon captured pictures of disused subway cars being loaded up onto a barge and thrown into the Atlantic Ocean to make an artificial coral reef.
Coral reef symbiosis: Paying rent with sugar and fat (03/09/15)
( Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne ) Scientists have revealed how coral-dwelling microalgae harvest nutrients from the surrounding seawater and shuttle them out to their coral hosts, sustaining a fragile ecosystem that is under threat.
Bacteria in marine sponges harvest phosphorus for reef community (03/06/15)
Significant accumulations of polyphosphate granules have been found in three common sponge species of the Caribbean coral reef, indicating that microorganisms that live on marine sponges are pulling phosphorus out of the water to feed themselves and...
Fears over plastic-eating coral in Australia's Barrier Reef (03/06/15)
Corals in the Great Barrier Reef are eating small plastic debris in the ocean, Australian researchers said on Tuesday, raising fears about the impact the indigestible fragments have on their health and other marine life. &amp;quot;If microplastic...
Great Barrier Reef: a late-season cyclone may ease coral bleaching threat (02/16/15)
The threat of major coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef looks to be receding with the onset of stormier weather including the formation of the first tropical cyclone of the season likely to cross the coast.
Reef-eating crown-of-thorns starfish spurred on by rising sea temperatures (02/16/15)
Rising sea temperatures have been found by scientists to improve the survival rate of the coral-eating crown-of-thorn starfish in findings that are likely to stoke fears about the future of the Great Barrier Reef.
Scientists try to regrow a dying coral reef 25 times faster than nature (02/04/15)
Endangered Coral Reefs Die as Ocean Temperatures Rise and Water Turns Acidic Slowing Great Barrier Reef Coral Growth Worries Scientists Even healthy corals have herpes, so whats making them sick?
Tynemouth's Blue Reef aquarium unveils UK version of the Great Barrier Reef (02/02/15)
Staff at Tynemouth&amp;#39;s Blue Reef aquarium created the reef to highlight the importance of marine habitats around Britain&amp;#39;s coastline
Genetic basis of color diversity in coral reefs discovered (02/02/15)
Scientists from the University of Southampton have discovered the genetic basis which allows corals to produce their stunning range of colours.
Corals in Semakau sucessfully relocated to Sisters' Islands Marine Park (01/28/15)
Over 700 coral colonies found in Semakau landfill lagoon have been successfully relocated to the Sister's Islands Marine Park, said the National Environment Agency (NEA) today.
Into the dark: Two new encrusting anemones found in coral reef caves (01/28/15)
Research primarily conducted in Okinawa, Japan, by graduate student Yuka Irei and associate professor James Davis Reimer from the University of the Ryukyus, along with Dr. Frederic Sinniger from JAMSTEC, has found two new species of encrusting...
Climate and friends influence young corals' choice of real estate (01/19/15)
Coral larvae use ocean temperature and the presence of symbiotic algae to determine where they should settle, researchers have found.
As Oceans Heat Up, a Race to Save World's Coral Reefs (01/19/15)
Climate change has damaged reefs around the world, with rising sea temperatures and increased ocean acidification. Can science help reefs recover?
Lemon Peel Mimic Tang caught in Florida (01/12/15)
After spotting a surgeonfish off the coast of South Florida, two scuba divers caught the invasive species and sent it to conservationists in an effort to help protect coral reefs.
ORA Answers Kamohara Fang Blenny Personal Ad (01/12/15)
ORA is set to start shipping the Kamohara Blenny this week, citing that this species has proven to be very robust in captivity, and given its sub-tropical origins, it can actually tolerate temperatures from 60-80F without issue...
Will normalized relations with Cuba help restore Florida's coral reefs? (01/08/15)
Scientists have already forged strong international connections to study Cubas rich marine environments . By removing some of the barriers to their work, we may end up learning some lessons about how to restore coral reefs here in the U.S.
Sea-snail perfume may help save coral reefs (12/18/14)
The scent from a giant sea snail may be key to convincing coral-reef-munching starfish to move along and find something else to snack on.
See blue shark swimming off the coast of Cornwall in amazing underwater snap (12/15/14)
Here's something you don't expect to see in the murky depths off British coast: the cold stare of a sharkss glistening eyes glaring into your underwater camera.
Great Barrier Reef spawn event (12/15/14)
Rare mass coral spawning delights marine scientists.
Crafty Reef Fish Disguises Smell to Fool Predators (12/10/14)
The harlequin filefish smells like coral instead of dinner to things that would like to eat it.
Clive Palmer's refinery charged over alleged Great Barrier Reef toxic spill (12/09/14)
A nickel refinery owned by Clive Palmer has reportedly been charged with six environmental breaches after toxic sludge was poured from its storage dams near Queenslands Great Barrier Reef marine park.
Watery dwellings (12/09/14)
Toilets, shopping carts, washing machines and other assorted junk have been dumped into the sea to create habitats for marine organisms and the fish that feed upon them. But making reefs from refuse is now frowned upon.
Mapping the genes of an endangered sea creature (12/01/14)
Scientists at The University of Manchester are attempting to map the genes of an endangered British sea creature to aid a captive breeding programme.
Little-Known Porbeagle Shark May Soon Get Protection (12/01/14)
Expert Voices: Op-Ed &amp; Insights.
Half a million photographs could hold key to coral health (11/24/14)
Queensland researchers have started analysing half a million photographs in a bid to understand coral reefs around the world.
California Fisherman Catches Giant Lobster, Befriends It, Releases It Back To The Ocean (11/24/14)
When a California fisherman managed to catch a giant lobster after he went fishing off the coast of the Channel Islands, the first thing he had in mind was the sumptuous dinner that awaited him.
Study shows rock gobies use rapid color change camouflage to hide from predators (11/18/14)
Research from the University of Exeter has revealed that the rock goby (Gobius paganellus), an unassuming little fish commonly found in rock pools around Britain, southern Europe, and North Africa, is a master of camouflage and can rapidly change...
New Coral Species Discovered Off California Coast (11/10/14)
The first-ever intensive research trip to the bottom of the sea in the waters north of Bodega Head, California has produced a few startling discoveries including a new species of coral .
Why Divers In Bonaire Are So Eager To Kill The Beautiful Lionfish (11/10/14)
Bonaire is a scuba diver's paradise in the Caribbean. But the invasive lionfish is gobbling up smaller fish that protect the reef. The island is now teaching divers how to spear the lionfish.
As Great Barrier Reef Ails, Australia Scrambles To Save It (11/04/14)
One Australian report estimated the reef had lost more than half its coral since 1985. The government is considering a new 35-year plan to rescue the reef, but some say it falls short.
57 tons of marine debris removed from marine monument (11/04/14)
A team of 17 NOAA divers sailing aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette has returned from a 33-day mission to remove marine debris from Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument in Hawaii, a World Heritage Site and one of the largest marine...
Arrested development -- Sediment wreaks havoc with fish larvae (10/27/14)
Sediments associated with dredging and flood plumes could have a significant impact on fish populations by extending the time required for the development of their larvae, according to Australian researchers
'Last refuge' for coral reefs on earth (10/27/14)
A team of scientists has just finished what might literally be described as one of the most breathtaking jobs in the world -- surveying and mapping the coral reefs in Southeast Asia's Coral Triangle off the coast of Indonesia's Sulawesi Island.
Shy epaulette shark to thrive from climate change, Queensland researchers say (10/20/14)
The timid epaulette shark is one of a small group of species that will thrive on the expected impacts of climate change, north Queensland researchers say.
New moon brings fishing closures (10/20/14)
CORAL reef fin fish will be off limits from midnight Tuesday, October 21, as part of the first of two annual closures that protect these fish during spawning season.
Check out the freaky deep-sea creature - video (10/13/14)
We asked a marine biologist to identify the subject of a viral video and it's a basket.
Global warming "will drive fish towards poles" (10/13/14)
Climate change will cause mass extinction of marine life in tropical oceans over the next 35 years, experts are warning. They say global warming will also spark an invasion of alien species into polar waters.
Smithsonian Scientists Discover Coral's Best Defender Against An Army Of Sea Stars (10/07/14)
Kathryn Sabella, Smithsonian Coral reefs face a suite of perilous threats in todays ocean. From over fishing and pollution to coastal development and climate change, fragile coral ecosystems are disappearing at unprecedented rates around the...
Great Barrier Reef survival key to indigenous identity (10/07/14)
Aboriginal Australian Gavin Singleton has recently started to work with authorities to help protect the world's largest coral reef system as it faces a tide of threats to its existence, led by climate change.
Older coral species are hardier than newer ones (10/07/14)
The incredible diversity of coral reef ecosystems is being threatened by factors associated with global climate change and local pollution. Today diseases have increased and are killing more corals. Seeing this increase in frequency and severity of...
Tiny Sea Monkeys Create Giant Ocean Currents (10/02/14)
Every evening, sunset signals the start of dinner for billions of wiggling sea monkeys living in the ocean. As these sea monkeys which are not actually monkeys but a type of shrimp swarm to the surface in one large, culminating force, they may...
Mantis Shrimp Eyes Inspire Cameras to See Cancer (10/02/14)
Mantis shrimp eyes helped inspire a sensor that can detect cancer based on polarized light reflections
Fish are turned off by the smell of algae, study shows (09/29/14)
The mere closure of degraded reefs to fishing may not be enough to encourage the settling of new fish and coralsespecially if there are enough algae to keep them away, out of sheer stench.
Octopus Cannibalism Caught on Video for 1st Time (09/29/14)
When octopuses go hunting for prey, they sometimes end up &amp;quot;dining&amp;quot; on members of their own species, and the cephalopods seem to have a taste for their victims&amp;#39; arm tips. In a new study, researchers described three cases of...
Inside a million-dollar coral farm (09/29/14)
Far from the sea, a man-made coral reef is taking shape -- and it could change medical operations forever.
This Underwater Museum is Bringing a Coral Reef to Life (09/22/14)
A 1,700-pound elephant sculpture will serve as a platform for new coral Coral reef enthusiasts in the coastal Egyptian city of Dahab have installed an underwater art museum in the Red Sea that will eventually give birth to a brand-new reef. The...
Conservationists Spar With Fishermen Over World's Largest Marine Monument (09/22/14)
Federal officials weigh arguments on President Obamas proposal to expand the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument.
20 New Coral Species Listed as Threatened Under the Endangered Species (09/15/14)
Twenty coral speciesten times the number listed previouslyare the newest animals slated for protection under the Endangered Species Act. The ruling, announced Tuesday evening by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
Endangered staghorn coral raised in nursery thrives (09/15/14)
In a major scientific coup for researchers at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, transplanted nursery-raised staghorn coral a critically endangered species spawned for the first time.
New UN-backed protections for sharks, manta rays enter into effect (09/15/14)
Beginning Sunday 14 September, international trade in specimens of five shark species and all manta ray species, including their meat, gills and fins, will need to be accompanied by permits and certificates confirming that they have been harvested...
A Small Island Takes a Big Step on Ocean Conservation (08/25/14)
On the tiny Caribbean island of Barbuda, fishing communities and biologists craft a marine conservation plan.
WATCH: Meet Miranda the octopus who can open jam jars (08/25/14)
Staff at Sea Life Manchester at the intu Trafford Centre say the octopus has learned to open containers to get to her food
Florida's reefs go digital (08/25/14)
There is a battle to save the coral reef waged by scientists and explorers armed with some very special cameras
Hi-tech means to save Tubbataha's reefs (08/18/14)
QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA The past several years have seen some of the worst cases of coral reef destruction in the Philippines. However, a group of scientists continue to pursue research into the causes of coral reef destruction and the potential...
Algae under threat from invasive fish (08/18/14)
Tropical fish invading temperate waters warmed as a result of climate change are overgrazing algae, posing a threat to biodiversity and some marine-based industries.
Coral Miles Away From 2010 BP Oil Spill Still Shows Damage (08/18/14)
Four years after a BP oil rig exploded and flooded the Gulf of Mexico with an estimated 170 million gallons of oil, scientists have discovered further evidence of coral communities affected by this environmental disaster. Scientists at Pennsylvania...
Bumps, buzzards and critical species (08/11/14)
Coral munching bumphead fish give insight into conservation
Ecosystems can have their fish, and we can eat them too (08/11/14)
Tighter bag limits for fishermen have been identified as an important key to ocean ecosystem conservation.
Squishy, strange things found on Monterey Bay beaches this week (08/11/14)
You probably don't want to go swimming at the beach this weekend. Santa Cruz beaches are under a water quality health warnings because of high bacteria levels created by all the dead fish. And in Monterey, the waves are green because of an algae...
'Hell's Jells!' Scottish swimmers warned to beware of plague of stingers (07/28/14)
THE report by the Marine Conservation Society and Exeter University says blue jellyfish and moon jellies have been spotted in large numbers this year.
Deadly Coral Diseases Surge Near Dredging Sites (07/28/14)
In a first study of its kind, researchers have linked dredging to increased sickness in nearby coral reefs. Researchers studied the effects of such digging operations on the health of corals around Barrow Island, which is located off the west coast...
Safeguarding Belize's barrier reef with conservation drones (07/28/14)
Seeking to gain a high-tech edge over illegal fishers, the Government of Belize will use eyes in the sky to enforce fishing regulations in the biodiverse Glovers Reef Marine Reserve and other reef systems in what is the first use of conservation...
Educating the Sciences' Next Generation (07/21/14)
Ocean Institute interns get hands-on lab, field experience with Kelp Watch By Danielle Juncal Its a good day when you have kelp slime on your hands, said Julianne Steers, director of husbandry at the Ocean Institute, as she lifted a strand of...
Coral reefs face increased risk of fatal disease from dredging (07/21/14)
Australian scientists have discovered that coral reefs face a serious threat of disease from underwater excavation activity, raising further concerns about the future of the Great Barrier Reef.
Belize's lobster, conch, and fish populations rebuild in no-take zones (07/14/14)
A new report shows that no-take zones in Belize can not only help economically valuable species such as lobster, conch, and fish recover from overfishing, but may also help re-colonize nearby reef areas. According to past studies, the recovery of...
Singapore to get first marine park (07/14/14)
Singapore's Southern Sisters Islands, and the waters around them, will be the site of the country's first marine park. The 40ha park, the size of about 50 football fields, will include the western reefs and intertidal zones of nearby Pulau Tekukor,...
Monterey biologist reveal life of elusive jellyfish that looks like fireworks (07/10/14)
A team of jelly biologist with the Monterey Bay Aquarium recently mapped the elusive life cycle of Olindias formosus the stunning jelly whose multicolored, fluorescent-tipped tentacles are like a living fireworks show. Also known as the "flower...
Colourful parrotfish key to saving Caribbean's coral reefs (07/10/14)
Colourful parrotfish and spindly sea urchins are the key to saving the Caribbean's coral reefs, which may disappear in two decades if no action is taken, a report by several international organisations said.The report, which analysed...
Is a Vast Marine Sanctuary Any Use if You Can't Police It? (06/30/14)
Tiny New Caledonia relies on a handful of French ships to patrol a marine reserve twice the size of Texas
Oldest Animal-Built Reef Found in Namibia (06/30/14)
The coral-like creatures may have built the superstructures to protect themselves from predators or to soak up the nutrients from ocean currents.
Hawaii at center of battle over aquarium fish (06/26/14)
Scientists say the aquarium fishery off the Big Island is among the best managed in the world, but it has nevertheless become the focus of a fight over whether it's ever appropriate to remove fish from reefs for people to look at and enjoy.
Cyclone Ita carved a path of destruction through delicate corals (06/23/14)
When Cyclone Ita northern hit Queensland in April, it did so with a devastating force of 105 miles per hour (170km/h). While large parts of infrastructure inland were able to weather the storm, areas of the delicate Great Barrier Reef werent so...
Cousteau joins effort to protect coral reefs (06/23/14)
Philippe Cousteau Jr, the grandson of legendary Jacques Cousteau, has joined the efforts of the Department of Environmental Protection and its Southeast Coral Reef Initiative to protect Floridas coral reefs.
President Moves to Create World's Largest Marine Sanctuary (06/17/14)
President Obama will advocate for a large portion of the central Pacific Ocean to become off limits to fishing and energy exploration. His proposal as announced would create the world's largest marine sanctuary, doubling the amount of ocean that is...
Mission 31 (06/17/14)
A 31 day underwater life/science experiment piloted by Fabien Cousteau, grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, kicked off on June 1 and will continue through the month. Fabien and his team of aquanauts will be the first mission of this length to take...
Shark Parks and DNA Tracing Seen as Best Chance of Conservation (06/11/14)
Shark conservationists are tracing DNA to save endangered species and encouraging the establishment of sanctuaries for the predatory fish, according to scientists with The Pew Charitable Trusts.
Stanford marine scientist's quest to save coral (06/11/14)
More than half the world's coral reefs have died since the dawn of the industrial age, due to human activities and ever increasing ocean temperatures. Steve Palumbi has a plan for bringing them back to life.
Drunk Zebrafish Doubles Its Swim-Speed Limit (06/11/14)
Does a group of sober zebrafish encourage one drunk fish to swim really fast?
Call to Ban Trade on Iconic Nautilus Seashell (06/02/14)
An internationally renowned palaeontologist, who has recently joined the University of Adelaide, is calling for a global ban on the trade of the highly sought-after Nautilus seashell.
Corals Collected From Shipping Channel Off Miami (06/02/14)
Divers are collecting corals from a shipping channel off Port Miami in an effort to save them. Plans call for the channel to be deepened to accommodate much bigger ships that soon will pass through a widened Panama Canal.
Deepwater Fish Glows Red to Ward Off Competitors (06/02/14)
Ever wonder why the ocean is blue? Sunlight can only reach so far below the surface, so the deeper you go, the more limited the color spectrum becomes. For the marine organisms that inhabit those depths, living beyond the reach of most of the sun's...
Divers draw praise for spotting rare seahorse off coast of Nova Scotia (05/27/14)
HALIFAX - A marine biologist is praising two divers for filming a rarely seen seahorse and posting it on a website that collects information from so-called citizen scientists. Nedia Coutinho and Martin Roy, owners of an underwater imaging company,...
DNA testing to help save corals (05/27/14)
To avert coral demise, experts report the establishment of DNA markers that might be applicable to all species of the Acropora reef-building coral, giving accurate identification to individual corals. The technique, similar to DNA profiling in...
Nusa Penida sets example for marine management (05/27/14)
Nusa Penida has been recognized as one of the most effectively managed marine protected areas in Indonesia.
The spot-tail golden bass: A new fish species from deep reefs of the southern Caribbean (05/20/14)
Scientists have described a new species of small coral reef sea bass from underexplored deep-reef depths of Curaao, southern Caribbean. With predominantly yellow body and fins, the new species, Liopropoma santi, more closely resembles the other two...
Analysis: Coral reefs cheaper than concrete to protect coast cities (05/20/14)
Paris, France Coral reefs are as good as concrete defenses in protecting tropical coastal cities from rising seas but are far cheaper, scientists said in a study published on Tuesday. Instead of committing billions of dollars to build breakwaters...
Rare Megamouth Shark Caught Off Japans Coast (05/12/14)
Its been a banner month for rare shark sightings. Last week a fisher off the coast of Florida caught the second goblin shark ever seen in the Gulf of Mexico. Now reports out of Japan state that fishers have caught a 13-foot (3.9 meter) long...
Coral disease high priority (05/12/14)
LIHUE A year and a half after a U.S. Geological Survey report described Kauais coral disease outbreak as an epidemic, the state Department of Land and Natural Resources said Tuesday it will lead an investigation to identify research and...
Designer-Made Coral Reefs Could Survive Climate Change's Hot Seas (05/05/14)
Biologists are directing the evolution of corals to prepare them to fight climate change -- Read more on
Coral reefs: life in the balance (05/05/14)
The seabed's rainbows survive by making intimate relationships; if they fail, coral bleaching will be devastating A coral reef is a busy neighbourhood. In warm, shallow, tropical waters, clownfish mill among sea anemones; sponges and seaweeds jostle...
Myanmar research reveals underwater treasures (05/05/14)
Scientists returning from a marine research expedition have recorded an astonishing variety of sea life in Myanmar's Myeik Archipelago.
Coral babies stay at home in warmer seas (04/29/14)
Queensland researchers point to another climate change-induced threat to the Great Barrier Reef.
Artificial reef could use electric fields to create corals (04/29/14)
Belgrade architect Margot Krasojevic's concept incorporates an electric field designed to attract calcium carbonate from the water, to form new reefs quickly.
State considers lionfish ban (04/29/14)
They gobble up native fish on South Florida's reefs and fend off predators with an intimidating array of venomous spines.
Reef fish arrived in two waves (04/15/14)
The world's reefs are hotbeds of biological diversity, including over 4,500 species of fish. A new study shows that the ancestors of these fish colonized reefs in two distinct waves, before and after the mass extinction event about 66 million years...
Devil in Disguise: Small coral-eating worm may mean big trouble for reefs (04/15/14)
A coral-eating flatworm has been identified as a potential threat for coral reefs. It is barely possible to see the parasitic worm Amakusaplana acroporae when it sits on its favorite hosts, the staghorn coral Acropora, thanks to its excellent...
Mozambique Channel Coral Reefs Are A Leading Candidate For Saving Marine Diversity (04/15/14)
Wildlife Conservation Society Marine scientists keen on finding patterns of coral decline and persistence in gradually warming oceans have a complex challenge: how to save reefs containing the most diversity with limited resources. In the Western...
Aquarium CEO floats plan for research (04/07/14)
The new head of the New England Aquarium plans to make promoting and increasing research a priority at the Boston institution that in recent years has expanded its exhibits and initiatives in marine research and conservation. One of the things I am...
Carysfort next target in coral restoration project (04/07/14)
Jack Curlett, president of the Ocean Reef Conservation Association, says he hears a common reply from longtime Upper Keys residents when divers and snorkelers comment on how beautiful the reef
Saving the planet: To remove debris underwater, WWF-P cleans up Kaio Island (03/31/14)
KARACHI: World Wide Fund Pakistan (WWF-P), along with Engro Vopak Terminal Limited, carried out an underwater cleanup operation at Kaio Island near Karachi on Saturday.
Palau's plans to ban commercial fishing could set precedent for tuna industry (03/31/14)
The Pacific island-nation of Palau is close to kicking all commercial fishing vessels out of its tropical waters. The move will single-handedly section off more than 230,000 sq miles of ocean, an area slightly smaller than France, to create one of...
From reef to plate - Belize combats the lionfish (03/25/14)
Combating the invasive lionfish in the Caribbean in a bid to protect the biodiversity in coral reefs. (video)
Jellyfish are very hard to raise, but McCallie students are doing it (with video) (03/25/14)
When entering Karah Nazor's biology lab on the fifth floor of McCallie's Upper School, it's hard to decide which of the many exotic sights to pay attention to.
Highest Percentage Of Unique Fish Species Dominate Deep Coral Reefs In Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (03/19/14)
NOAA Deep coral reefs in Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument (PMNM) may contain the highest percentage of fish species found nowhere else on Earth, according to a study by NOAA scientists published in the Bulletin of Marine Science . Part of...
Sea anemone is genetically half animal, half plant (03/19/14)
The team led by evolutionary and developmental biologist Ulrich Technau at the University of Vienna discovered that sea anemones display a genomic landscape with a complexity of regulatory elements similar to that of fruit flies or other animal...
Dive, snorkel, glass bottom boat trips benefit Coral Restoration Foundation (03/19/14)
Space is still available for dive and snorkel trips this weekend to watch the Coral Restoration Foundation transplant coral on the reef off the Upper Keys.
First Known Coral Reef Discovered in Iraq: Photo Essay (03/10/14)
A large living coral reef has just been found in the coastal waters of Iraq.
Absurd Creature of the Week : The 28-Foot Sea Monster That Can Survive Being Cut in Half (03/10/14)
In 1973, American soldiers on the Mekong River in Laos killed and hauled ashore a massive 24-foot ribbon of a fish. It was the Queen of the Naga, claimed a postcard still widely circulated in Southeast Asia with the above photo, a mythical serpent...
Video: a Colourful coral spawning event captured on film (03/03/14)
Each year researchers flock to The University of Queensland&amp;#39;s Heron Island Research Station to witness and study the annual coral spawning event.
Indonesia Protects Manta Rays (03/03/14)
The Wildlife Conservation Society applauds the Government of Indonesia for its recent decision to protect the world's largest ray species, the giant and reef manta rays, from fishing and trade throughout the country.
High Tech Tuna Research (03/03/14)
We met 30 years ago, Barbara Block and I, over the body of a huge Pacific blue marlin. We were standing on the dock at Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, on opposite sides of the table supporting the fish. Professor Block, then a young...
Healthy Coral Reefs Need Predatory Fish (02/26/14)
Scientists had already demonstrated that overfishing removes angelfish and parrotfish that feed on sponges growing on coral reefs--sponges that sometimes smother the reefs. That research was conducted off Key Largo, FL.
US urges fishing ban in melting Arctic (02/25/14)
Washington is urging countries that share the Arctic to ban commercial fishing in the offshore Arctic Ocean, something that will soon be possible for the first time in human history as the ice melts.
Bizarre see-through fish plucked from New Zealand waters (02/25/14)
A New Zealand fisherman has been left baffled after reeling in a completely see-through creature just off the North Island's coast.
Fast Pace of Climate Change Threatens Fish Near Equator (02/13/14)
According to an international team of researchers, the rapid pace of climate change is threatening the future presence of fish near the equator.
Common chemical kills coral reefs. (02/03/14)
Benzophenone-2, used to manufacture many soaps, shampoos and other products, is killing young coral reefs at concentrations commonly found in the environment.
Great Barrier Reef "In Danger" After Marine Park Authority Approves Dredge Dumping (02/03/14)
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park dAuthority, or GBRMPA, was established in 1974 to manage the worlds largest living organism and protect it from a growing list of threats. So when it announced last Friday that it would allow 3 million cubic...
Unusual corals discovered off the Big Island (02/03/14)
A coral species new to the main Hawaiian Islands has been discovered in West Hawaii.
Fishing restrictions largely obeyed at marine sanctuaries (01/28/14)
Compliance with restrictions on fishing at marine sanctuaries off the coast of Southern California appears to be high two years after the reserves were created.
Toronto Zoo expert helps give fish on brink of extinction another chance (01/28/14)
It was last-ditch effort to save a dying kind. Late last year, only three Mangarahara cichlids were known to exist. The fish were all males, living out the last days of their species in aquariums. An earlier attempt to breed a pair at the Berlin...
Coral reef discovered off Greenland (01/28/14)
By sheer coincidence, Canadian researchers have discovered a reef of living cold-water corals in southern Greenland. PhD student Helle Jrgensbye from DTU in Denmark has been investigating the reef further
VIDEO: a Timelapse shows secret life of coral (01/20/14)
Secret life of coral revealed by timelapse photography
Sydney Coastal Waters See Successful Seaweed Transplant (01/20/14)
In its natural environment, seaweed plays a major role in marine ecosystems. Not only does the plant provide nutrients and energy for organisms up the food chain, but these plants also provide shelter and habitat for many different species. So when...
Carbon Dioxide Emissions Keep Conch Snails From Escaping Predation (01/10/14)
Brett Smith for - Your Universe Online New research from an international team of scientists has found that if more carbon dioxide makes its way into the ocean conch snails will be more vulnerable to predation. Conch snails typically...
Competition Between Coral, Seaweed Occurs On A Chemical Level (01/10/14)
April Flowers for - Your Universe Online For one particular species of tropical seaweed, competition may have a high cost. Scientists investigating the chemical warfare that takes place on Fijian coral reefs have discovered that one...
Related coral species differ in how they survive climate change effects (01/06/14)
Ocean waters warming from climate change are placing coral reefs in jeopardy, but a new discovery suggests that two similar-looking coral species differ in how they survive.
National Aquarium: Moving Underwater Creatures to a New Home (01/06/14)
Moving house is always an exhausting and stressful experience - but imagine if the property is an aquarium and 2,500 underwater creatures need to be packed up.
Saving Fiji's coral reefs linked to forest conservation upstream (01/02/14)
The health of coral reefs offshore depend on the protection of forests near the sea, according to a new study by the Wildlife Conservation Society that outlines the importance of terrestrial protected areas to coastal biodiversity.
A numbers game that puts divers up close with fish (01/02/14)
Carlos and Allison Estape started their own fish count at Alligator Reef, reigniting their passion for scuba diving on their home reef.
New Coral Species Discovered in French Polynesia (01/02/14)
With humans scattered throughout the globe, it is hard to imagine lands still unexplored or species undocumented. Yet, on the remote French Polynesian Gambier Islands a new coral reef species has been found thriving in underwater lagoons....
Research shows coral reefs worth saving (01/02/14)
Although some scientists suggest that coral reefs are headed for certain doom, a new study by University of Florida and Caribbean researchers indicates even damaged reefs can recover.
Governor signs fisheries rules package (12/16/13)
Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed a long-awaited fisheries rules package Saturday, as he and a host of Democratic Party leaders bid goodbye to state Rep. Denny Coffman at the Kona International Airport.
Lionfish invade Negril (12/16/13)
WESTERN BUREAU:Members of the Negril scuba-diving fraternity have expressed grave concern about the growing number of Lionfish that are being spotted off the West End coast in the resort town.
Very similar looking coral species differ in how they survive (12/16/13)
Some corals have been found to have the ability to survive in harsh environments, according to new research. The researchers report previously unrecognized species diversity that had been was hiding some corals' ability to respond to climate change.
WWF calls for satellite technology on all commercial vessels to increase transparency of fishing activities (12/09/13)
A new pilot project initiated by WWF proves that the use of satellite technology in the surveillance of fishing activities can be an efficient and simple method to increase safety on fishing vessels and promote legal and transparent fishing...
First global assessment of key coral reef fishes (12/09/13)
In the first global assessment of its kind, a science team led by researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego has produced a landmark report on the impact of fishing on a group of fish known to protect the health of coral...
Scientists freeze coral sperm to help save Barrier Reef off Queensland from extinction (12/02/13)
Researchers on the Great Barrier Reef off Queensland are freezing coral sperm to stop some of the animal species from becoming extinct.
Large study shows pollution impact on coral reefs, and offers solution (12/02/13)
One of the largest and longest experiments ever done to test the impact of nutrient loading on coral reefs today confirmed what scientists have long suspected -- that this type of pollution from sewage, agricultural practices or other sources can...
Groundbreaking deepwater fossil study reveals reef's past and future (12/02/13)
( Many people look back at their time on the Great Barrier Reef by viewing holiday snaps. Scientists have taken an even longer look back at the Great Barrier Reef via another image caught in time - deepwater fossils - which reveal the...
Sea cucumbers next to be protected (12/02/13)
The opening of a Lower Keys seafood processing facility has spurred state fishery managers to move toward limiting harvests of the Florida sea cucumber.
Are reef fish slowing down as oceans warm up? (12/02/13)
Australian study finds warmer ocean temps may be causing problems for coral trout and other large reef fish By Summit Voice FRISCO Warmer water temperatures in the southeastern Pacific Ocean are taking a toll on coral trout, according to a new...
VIDEO: a Coral spawning on Great Barrier Reef (11/25/13)
For a few days each year, a vast area off the Australian east coast becomes an underwater city of coral spawning.
The Cookii monster: Huge deadly pink jellyfish has been discovered 100 YEARS after it was last seen off the Australian ... (11/25/13)
The incredibly rare jellyfish, which measures 50cm long, was discovered off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Its sting so powerful it can be felt in the water surrounding the creature.
Invasion by soft coral threatens reef ecosystem (11/25/13)
The soft coral was noticed in Wandoor jetty in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Andaman, in June 2009.
World's first 3D map of the Great Barrier Reef (11/25/13)
Australian scientists complete worlds first 3D survey of the "unmappable" Great Barrier Reef - by using satellites.
Great Barrier Reef to offer moonlit spectacle during spawn (11/20/13)
It may be a bit voyeuristic, but divers on the Great Barrier Reef are eagerly awaiting an annual event described as the Everest of reproduction in nature.
Coral Reef Committee raises 2 concerns (11/18/13)
At the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force meeting in St. Croix today, Nov. 15, 2013, the U.S. All Islands Coral Reef Committee will issue a call to action on their two top priorities: supporting the reauthorization of the nations Coral Reef Conservation...
Sea Slugs Stab Mates Between The Eyes to Get Them In The Mood (11/18/13)
The Marquis de Sade had nothing on this crittera sea slug that makes out by stabbing potential mates between the eyes and, researchers suspect, drugging them.
Can We Replace Lost Coral Reefs with 3D Printed Versions (11/11/13)
Overfishing, pollution, and climate change are pushing the oceans coral reefsto the brink of extinction. Depending on the region, average declines in coral reef cover can range from 40 to 80 percent. And a recent study reports that reefs may be...
Bizarre Mystery Fish Identified: Species of the Week (11/11/13)
Earlier this week, an angler in Borneo caught an unusual-looking fish, which caused quite a stir online. Reported the Borneo Post:
Florida's coral reefs make a comeback (11/07/13)
WASHINGTON South Florida's coral reefs, a natural wonder worth more than $6 billion to the local economy, appear to be rebounding after decades of damage, disease and deterioration.
Logging destroys Solomon fish stocks (11/07/13)
A marine scientist is warning Solomon Island landowners that logging will kill nearby reef fisheries within a decade leaving future generations with neither timber nor marine resources to support their families with.
Sponges Smothering Corals (11/04/13)
With coral cover on Caribbean reefs at historic lows, sponges are now the dominant, habitat-forming animals on most of them. The decline in coral is due to disease, heat stress from warming waters and waves from storms.
Video: Baby Albino Whale (11/04/13)
Footage of a rare baby albino whale swimming with its mother has been has been filmed by surfers off the Chile coast.
Interactive Coral Reef Panoramas Will Make You Hate Your Landlubbing Life (10/28/13)
You will want to dive into your computer when you see these coral reef panoramas, some of which have been rendered as 360-degree interactive images.
Coral Animals Pump Out Ocean Aroma (10/28/13)
Coral animals produce a chemical that serves as a seed for clouds and gives the ocean its unique scent.
So You Know, This Is How to Incubate Baby Cephalopods in a Soda Bottle (10/28/13)
Say you find yourself, as one occasionally does, in need of incubating some baby cuttlefish. Say you don't have a lot of money, as one occasionally does not, to do the incubating of said cuttlefish.
3D-Printed Reef Restores Marine Life In The Persian Gulf (10/21/13)
Coral reefs around the world are disappearing at an alarming rate. Pollution, overfishing, coastal development and global warming are all culprits. In the waters near China, 80 percent of the coral reefs have died over the last 30 years and,...
Aussies want dredging banned in reef area, poll shows (10/21/13)
A NEW national opinion poll show four in every five Australians want dredging and dumping banned in the Great Barrier Reef.
Drones Help Create Detailed Maps Of Coral Reefs (10/21/13)
Brett Smith for - Your Universe Online The War on Terror may have given unmanned drones a bad name, but a research team from Stanford University just might be able to rehabilitate that image. Ved Chirayath, an aeronautics researcher,...
IMAX Film Amazes With South Pacific Ocean Life (10/14/13)
If you think you know what a thriving coral reef community looks like, take a look at this trailer for the upcoming IMAX movie "Journey to the South Pacific"
Building a better fish trap - Reducing fish bycatch with escape gaps in Africa (10/14/13)
Scientists have achieved a milestone in Africa: they've helped build a better fish trap, one that keeps valuable fish in while letting undersized juvenile fish and non-target species out.
Coral reef rehab aims to help improve the lives of Pinoy fishermen (10/14/13)
ANILAO, BATANGAS Guillermo Delos Reyes has been fishing all his life in the waters off Batangas.
Rare reef REFILL (10/14/13)
There are many issues faced by Sri Lankans when it comes to protecting the country's biodiversity. Most of the issues are being looked into and taken care of. Out of such issues, one thing that has captured the minds and attention of certain people...
Disney grant supports Palau coral reef research (10/07/13)
The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund is donating more than $24,000 to the University of Hawaii for coral reef research in Palau.
Sponges solve coral reef mystery (10/07/13)
The mystery of how coral reefs thrive in ocean deserts has been solved sponges are the unsung heroes holding the delicate ecosystem together, scientists say.
Eighty-Year-Old Mistake Leads to Species Extinction%3f (10/07/13)
Eighty-Year-Old Mistake Leads to Species Extinction?
Goosefish Lays Veil Holding 1 Million Eggs (09/30/13)
When the homely goosefish lays its eggs, it creates something beautiful.
Eilat's corals stand better chance of resilience than other sites (09/30/13)
Israels southern Red Sea resort of Eilat, one of whose prime attractions is its colorful and multi-shaped underwater coral reefs, may have a clear advantage in the future over rival coral-viewing sites around the world, scientists have found.
Global study reveals new hotspots of fish biodiversity (09/30/13)
Teeming with species, tropical coral reefs have been long thought to be the areas of greatest biodiversity for fishes and other marine life -- and thus most deserving of resources for conservation. But a new global study of reef fishes reveals a...
Nursing Indian Ocean coral reefs back to life (09/23/13)
Coral reefs provide a home to fish and protect coasts from eroding. But, they are threatened, and have suffered from ocean warming. In the Seychelles, a project is underway to transplant healthy coral onto dying reefs.
Sharks Play Critical Role In Coral Reef Health (09/23/13)
Brett Smith for - Your Universe Online Sharks play an important role in the food web of a marine ecosystem and a study recently published in the journal PLOS ONE has found that overfishing of these predators can have a disruptive effect...
Great Barrier Reef Under Threat (09/23/13)
On one side lies the opportunity to efficiently exploit nine proposed megamines in the Galilee Basin and the thousands of jobs and billions of export dollars that entails. On the other lies the integrity of the World Heritagelisted Great Barrier...
Governor considers West Hawaii fishery rules (09/23/13)
A state Department of Land and Natural Resources spokeswoman said Tuesday the rules package on which West Hawaii residents, fishermen and state officials labored for the better part of a decade was hand delivered to Abercrombie on Monday. The...
White Plague Decimating Corals May Be Viral, Not Bacterial (09/17/13)
Brett Smith for - Just as the black plague laid waste to communities across Medieval Europe, a white plague; has been decimating marine corals in the Caribbean. Once thought to be caused mainly by bacteria, researchers at Oregon State...
Coral reef's wonders re-created in Baltimore (09/16/13)
Cobalt-blue surgeonfish and dazzling diamondfish, among others, will glide around lumbering rays and become one with a reef that is, in fact, made of 3,000 pieces of painstakingly crafted man-made coral. The 260,000-gallon indoor saltwater tank...
Experts say Matson molasses spill caused significant coral reef damage (09/16/13)
Four days after a faulty Matson pipe discharged 233,000 gallons of molasses into the waters at Honolulu Harbor, marine biologists say the environmental disaster is causing significant damage to the coral
Aquarium boosts reproduction of California's state marine fish (09/16/13)
San Pedros Cabrillo Marine Aquarium has discovered a way to dramatically boost reproduction of Californias official state marine fish the tangerine-colored garibaldi.
Divers witness coral spawning in Upper Keys (09/16/13)
KEY LARGO, Fla. (WSVN) -- Divers in the Florida Keys have witnessed a reproductive phenomenon that occurs in the coral reef once a year. Coral spawning occurs several nights after the full moon in August.
'Walking' Shark found - a New species stalks prey on the sea floor (09/16/13)
A coral reef ecologist discovered hemiscyllium halmahera off the coast of an island in Indonesia and hopes it will save other shark species in the region.
Can we restore the world's coral reefs? (09/16/13)
Science offers hope for the world's besieged corals
Divers willingness to pay for biodiversity could help conservation efforts (09/16/13)
New research shows divers were willing to pay to improve the reef's attributes and were able to differentiate and rank their preferences of biodiversity, numbers of fish and corals, coral species richness, fish species richness, coral size, coral...
Ferocious 10-Foot Bobbit Worm Is the Ocean's Most Disturbing Predator (09/16/13)
This is Eunice aphroditois , also known as the bobbit worm, a mix between the Mongolian death worm, the Graboids from Tremors , the Bugs from Starship Troopers , and a rainbow but its a really dangerous rainbow, like in Mario Kart .
Finding Nemo just got a lot easier (08/20/13)
EXPLORE Australia's majestic Great Barrier Reef without getting wet, saying hello to Nemo, Dory and chums via an underwater Google Maps tour.
Artificial reef in Red sea teems with life (08/20/13)
In 2007, an artificial reef designed by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers was placed in the Gulf of Eilat to reduce environmental pressure on the region's natural reef. Now teeming with life, a new study using the "Tamar Reef"...
In pictures: Scotland's marine wildlife (08/19/13)
An amazing photo essay of marine life from Scotland including anemones, starfish, clams among others.
Are octopuses too intelligent to eat? (08/19/13)
Staff at Sea Life Centre launch campaign to remove octopodes from human diet
Corals, marine life destroyed in oil-spill areas (08/19/13)
The state marine-watch agency has found that some coral reefs in the oil-slick-affected Ao Phrao area of Koh Samet have been killed off by bleaching, and some marine life had been reduced by up to 20 per cent.
Cooler Than #SharkWeek - Bulking Up On Bull Shark Testosterone? (08/12/13)
Discovery Channel has pissed off tons of its viewers by launching shark week with the mockumentary "Megalodon: The Monster Shark That Lives". With so much awesome shark science out there, it's sad that they had to stoop so low for ratings.
Wounded veterans aid coral farm, prosthetic research (08/12/13)
Amputee veterans learn from youth members of SCUBAnauts International how to transplant Staghorn coral during the annual Mote Marine Lab coral's mitigation project
Helping coral reefs with beads of faith (08/12/13)
In what could be the first of its kind in the world, a 65-meter-long artificial reef shaped like a rosary was dropped into the Albay Gulf off the coastal town of Sto. Domingo in Albay.
Can You Stomach This? Starfish Feeding Secrets Revealed (08/05/13)
Starfish have a feeding method that is unlike any other. To eat, the echinoderm ejects its stomach from its own body placing it over the digestible parts of its prey, typically a mussel or clam.
Megalodon: Is It Possible That This Nearly 67-Foot Shark Still Exists Off the Coast of South Africa? (08/05/13)
Shark Week is upon us (starting Sunday, 8/4 at 8 PM with a new "Air Jaws"), and one of the highlights this year is "Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives," which combines our love of all things shark ("Jaws," "Sharknado") with our love of all things...
National Aquarium overhaul creates coral ecosystem (07/31/13)
BALTIMORE (AP) The National Aquarium in Baltimore has overhauled what once was a drab, leaky, concrete tank of mostly sting rays, adding 1,000 animals and 3,000 hand-sculpted coral replicas to create a colorful and massive new centerpiece exhibit.
Sailors, workers fight to clean up 'massive' oil spill on Thailand's Koh Samet island (07/31/13)
The oil spill hit Ao Phrao beach on Koh Samet on Sunday night. The island's proximity to Bangkok makes it popular with international tourists and weekend visitors from the city, and most of it is national park.
Marine compound first new natural antibiotic in decades (07/30/13)
Anthracimycin, a chemical compound derived from the Steptomyces bacteria, was discovered in the ocean off the coast of Santa Barbara in California. Its unique chemical structure makes it a new addition to the antibiotic family that could pave the...
Save Caribbean snorkeling and 'eat a lion,' conservationists say. (07/29/13)
Red lionfish have invaded the Caribbean and threaten to devastate the marine ecosystem in a region renowned for diving and snorkeling.
A new coral reef species from the Gambier Islands, French Polynesia (07/29/13)
The new species Echinophyllia tarae is described from the remote and poorly studied Gambier Islands, French Polynesia. Although the new species is common in the lagoon of Gambier Islands, its occurrence elsewhere is unknown. Echinophyllia tarae...
Researchers seek to preserve where the wild things are (07/29/13)
Isolated wildernesses such as Palmyra, which is now a National Wildlife Refuge, provide precious natural laboratories and hold a powerful allure in the popular consciousness. However, few scientists or policymakers have considered how to tailor...
Scientists across the globe make case for shark conservation, says Birch Aquarium marine biologist in La Jolla (07/25/13)
Editors note: This is the second installment in a four-part series on exhibits, public programs, lectures, and scientific research in connection with Shark Summer at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps.
Bombs in Great Barrier Reef (07/22/13)
Two Marine Corps jets were forced to make an emergency jettison off the coast of Australia this week, dropping four unarmed bombs into the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, two U.S. officials told NBC News.
Line Island Expedition Will Shed Light On Microbial Dynamics Of Coral Reef Robustness And Decline (07/22/13)
Climate change , unsustainable fishing, and pollution are serious threats facing coral reefs . A multidisciplinary series of studies is being conducted to understand the underlying processes. The researchers are investigating variability in coral...
Sharks Thrive in Fiji's Protected Waters (07/22/13)
In Fiji's largest marine reserve, shark populations are benefiting from "no-take" protections that keep their food supply steady, according to a new study.
New Approach to Measuring Coral Growth Offers Valuable Tool for Reef Managers (07/16/13)
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. A new more sensitive weight-based approach for monitoring coral growth in the wild has been developed by U.S. Geological Survey researchers leading to more definitive answers about the status of coral reefs.
Juvenile Reef Fish Use The Sun Compass To Guide Them To Safety (07/16/13)
Brett Smith for - Your Universe Online When reef fish hatch from their eggs, they are immediately swept out to sea -- sometimes miles from the safety of their coral homes. Once they are able to swim, these fish must begin the arduous...
Corals cozy up with bacterial buddies (07/16/13)
Corals may let certain bacteria get under its skin, according to a new study. The study offers the first direct evidence that Stylophora pistillata, a species of reef-building coral found throughout the Indian and west Pacific Oceans, harbors...
Bid to protect Antarctic waters gets second chance (07/08/13)
Proposals for two huge marine reserves back on the agenda at major international meeting.
Our Immune Defenses May Have Evolutionary Origins In Corals (07/08/13)
Many biological processes have their roots in the very earliest stages of life's evolutionary tree, and new research in the journal BMC Genomics indicates that part of our immune system comes from coral-like ancestors. According to the study,...
New England Aquarium reopens Giant Ocean Tank (07/08/13)
New England Aquarium officially reopened its Giant Ocean Tank on July 1 after a 10-month, $17.3 million redesign and renovation of its signature Caribbean coral reef and the development of two new complementary exhibits.
Japan's beaches facing a deadly invasion (07/01/13)
Spike in sightings of tiny, but extremely venomous blue-ringed octopus brings scary headlines, but expert says an octo-lypse is unlikely
Giant hydroid found in Irish deep-sea expedition (07/01/13)
Jellyfish-like hydroid and 200-year--old clams among Marine Institute discoveries
Boat noise stops fish finding home (07/01/13)
Boat noise disrupts orientation behavior in larval coral reef fish, according to new research. Reef fish are normally attracted by reef sound but the study, conducted in French Polynesia, found that fish are more likely to swim away from recordings...
Even in dark, small fish can learn of predator dangers (06/27/13)
Small fish may have small brains, but they're not stupid. A common coral reef fish called damselfish can learn to avoid predators from more experienced kin, even in complete darkness, new research shows.Biologists have long known that fish use a...
Aquarium turns 25 with party for the sharks (06/25/13)
An underwater party hosted by aquarists dressed as clowns and with some fishy guests marked the beginning of SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium's 25th birthday celebrations.
Spearfishing to be allowed in Collier County on June 30 (06/25/13)
Starting June 30, saltwater species can be targeted with a spearing device in Collier County state waters for the first time in more than 60 years.
How Fish Swim: Scientists Reveal Secret Behind Undulatory Swimmers (06/25/13)
Fish are efficient swimmers, gliding through the water peacefully or quickly darting to escape predators. Yet actually finding out how they do it is more complicated than you might expect. Now, scientists have discovered exactly how fish swim, which...
Coral Evolution in Action (06/20/13)
Photojournal of natural fluorescence of Acropora millepora under dissecting microscope, a rare morph with cyan-colored tentacles.
18 Vietnamese crew held as ship hits Philippine reef (06/18/13)
Eighteen Vietnamese crew members of a cargo ship have been detained after it ploughed into a coral reef in the central Philippines, the coastguard said Tuesday.
Fishing ban proposed near Rockall after rare scientific finds (06/18/13)
Fishing is expected to be banned near the Atlantic islet of Rockall after a rare methane gas vent in the seabed and two new shellfish species were discovered by British scientists.
FWC's lionfish regulations change (06/17/13)
Big changes have been made for anglers and divers across the state that target lionfish. FWC will lift the limit on how many of the invasive species people can catch or kill.
Shark Stewards Project Report (06/17/13)
David McGuire of Shark Stewards gives his account of the state of the shark nation. It's great to have personal accounts of the real animal in its element, the open ocean.
Live underwater reef tour (06/17/13)
Veteran diver Richard Fitzpatrick will point out Nemo, sharks and vibrant coral as he takes millions on a live tour of the Great Barrier Reef - online.
Mindless mining sets coral reef declining in Lakshadweep (06/17/13)
A drastic decline in the live coral cover in Lakshadweep has been reported, causing serious concern among researchers and naturalists.
Shark nursery found on coral reef (06/17/13)
Edinburgh marine biologists discover a deep-sea shark spawning ground on Scotland's only inshore coral reef.
Fish swimming in water tainted with Prozac exhibit antisocial, aggressive and even homicidal behavior (06/17/13)
Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee found that minnows exhibited worrying behaviour after living in water contaminated with Zoloft and Prozac.
Aquarium Sculptors Create Coral For Conservation Awareness (06/10/13)
Colorful, fake coral gives aquarium visitors an eco-friendly glimpse inside a reef. At the National Aquarium in Baltimore, a new reef exhibit presents an artistic challenge to the coral fabrication team.
New Genus, Species Of Coral Found In Well-Documented Region (06/10/13)
A new genus and species of coral was discovered in the North Eastern Pacific Ocean.
Coral Recovery In Light Of Cyclone Yasi Shows Promise (06/07/13)
April Flowers for - Your Universe Online The corals reefs on Australias Great Barrier Reef were devastated by Cyclone Yasi a Category 5 Hurricane which made landfall in Queensland, Australia, on February 3, 2011. A new study from the...
Crown of thorns starfish threatens famed PH coral reef (06/03/13)
A coral-killing starfish has begun infesting a channel of water in the Philippines famed for having some of the most diverse marine life in the world, the government said Friday.
Share your ideas on how to protect coral reefs (06/03/13)
Focus on reefs north of Biscayne National Park South Floridians will get the chance this month to share ideas on how to protect 105 miles of coral reef running from northern Biscayne Bay to northern Martin County.
Corals take years to recover after catastrophic climatic events (06/03/13)
Washington, June 1 (ANI): Scientists have revealed that it took 13 years for the coral reef system in Brazil to recover after the catastrophic El Nino event of 1997-98.
Scientists Urge Preservation of Deep Ocean Coral Reefs (05/29/13)
When most people think of coral reefs, they think of sunlit shallow shelves, teeming with sea creatures and iridescent tropical fish that almost anyone with a snorkel and a swimsuit can see. [More]
Biscayne National Park drops controversial fishing ban plan (05/28/13)
Less severe measures to be used to protect reefs Biscayne National Park has dropped a controversial proposal to ban fishing across nearly 16 square miles of coral reef, after vigorous opposition from anglers and members of Congress.
Photojournal: Beautiful Close-Up Underwater Photos of Luminous Sea Creatures (05/28/13)
Photographer Joshua Lambus has put together a beautiful series of photographs showing luminous creatures of the deep glowing with light against a pitch-black background. The project is titled Blackwater.
Volcanoes Responsible For Coral Reef Diversity (05/23/13)
Michael Harper for Your Universe Online A new study claims earthquakes and volcanoes are responsible for the diverse nature of the oceans coral reefs. With this information, scientists are now becoming even more worried about global...
Unusual Offshore Octopods: The See-Through Glass Octopus (05/20/13)
Octopuses that live in the deep open ocean are difficult enough to find. But try locating a glass octopus, which is nearly transparent. Floating in the dim midwaters, this gelatinous octopod looks almost like a be-suckered jellyfish.
Rainy season first real test for Thailand's artificial reefs (05/20/13)
The rainy season will be the first real test for the artificial reefs placed in shallow waters along the coast of Phetchaburi's Cha-am district as they begin their mission of preventing coastal erosion. The reefs, which are partially made from...
Dive Activists One Step Behind Vandals (05/20/13)
Volunteer divers this week began restoring a section of damaged coral reef as activists continued to keep the underwater vandals - a sea walking company - under scrutiny.
Tripping with Tridacna (05/13/13)
IT WAS easier to change the title to "Swimming with Tridacna" but I had to be honest, I didn't take a dip in the waters. Plus, you may be wondering what in tridacna are we talking about. Tridacna is a genus of large saltwater clams, marine bivalve...
NOAA scientists survey Kauai coral die-off (05/13/13)
Federal coral experts join multi-agency effort
Deep-sea creatures at Long Beach aquarium (05/13/13)
The Aquarium of the Pacific's newest gallery will showcase bioluminescent fish and marine scavengers found at the bottom of the ocean. Read more: Aquarium exhibit peers into ocean's dark depths
Special project to restore Hikkaduwa reef (05/07/13)
A special project to restore the devastated coral reef of Hikkaduwa National Park has been launched by the Wildlife Conservation Department.
Without wetlands, what will protect the Great Barrier Reef? (05/06/13)
UNESCO has released its latest report on the state of the Great Barrier Reef, and has once again raised concerns about excessive port development along the coast, and the state of water quality around the reef.
Inside the Shedd's Beluga Breeding Program (05/06/13)
The Shedd Aquariums baby beluga whale is just a couple of days away from getting a name. Caretakers at the aquarium spend most of their time tending to the Shedds in-house whales. WGNs Marcus Leshock found out what theyre doing to preserve the...
Father of crocodile hunter Steve Irwin launches campaign to save Australias Great Barrier Reef (04/29/13)
The father of crocodile hunter Steve Irwin has launched a multimillion pound campaign to save Australias Great Barrier Reef.
Reef predator uses sign language to hunt (04/25/13)
The roving coralgrouper, a predator fish of the tropical reef, uses sign language to advise fellow hunters of hiding prey, according to a new study.
What a mouthful! Male fish takes on the task of protecting its eggs... (04/25/13)
Many fathers might find themselves with their hands full when looking after their children, but this fish has his mouth crammed full with scores of his offspring. Among yellow-headed jawfish - which are mouthbrooders - it is the male that takes...
PHL joins sustainable ocean summit (04/25/13)
An April 24, 2013, press release from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources: The Philippines is taking part in the worlds largest gathering of ocean stakeholders that seeks to develop leadership and collaboration in the sustainability...
Insights into deadly coral bleaching could help preserve reefs (04/25/13)
Coral reefs are stressed because of climate change. Researchers have discovered corals themselves play a role in their susceptibility to deadly coral bleaching due to the light-scattering properties of their skeletons. No one else has shown this...
When the moon is full, some sharks dive deeper (04/22/13)
A full moon and warm waters may send some sharks diving deep, according to a new study.Over the course of nearly three years, researchers from Australia observed 39 mostly female gray reef sharks (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos) living near coral reefs...
Coral robot turns to Kickstarter (04/22/13)
A project that designs robots to repair and replenish damaged coral reefs is looking for funding on Kickstarter.
In ocean showdown, state appeals court upholds California's landmark marine reserves network (04/17/13)
Environmentalists cheered a ruling Tuesday that allows a network of coastal areas where fishing is banned or limited in roughly 16 percent of state waters to remain in place.
Akaroa marine reserve approved (04/16/13)
A new marine reserve in Akaroa Harbour has been approved by Conservation Minister Nick Smith.
Chinese Ship Runs Into Protected Reef (04/16/13)
A Chinese vessel that ran into a protected coral reef in the southwestern Philippines held evidence of even more environmental destruction inside: more than 22,000 pounds of meat from a protected species, the pangolin or scaly anteater.
Buy a Fish, Save a Tree (04/15/13)
How can the area sustain an annual take of 40 million fish? Every year, when the dry season comes and the water level drops, billions of ornamental fish lie doomed in drying puddles. Many species compensate by producing extravagant numbers of...
Experts puzzled by Antarctic fish with crystal-clear blood and no scales (04/08/13)
The ocellated icefish (Chionodraco rastrospinosus) has gin-clear blood. And it has no scales. And it lives nowhere but the inky depths down to 3,200 feet (1 kilometer) in the icy waters off Antarctica. Other than that, it's just an ordinary fish.
Isolated coral reef surprises scientists by healing itself (04/08/13)
By Douglas MainLiveScienceCoral reefs may be more independent and resilient than previously thought.New research shows that an isolated reef off the northwest coast of Australia that was severely damaged by a period of warming in 1998 has...
Atmospheric Aerosols Can Harm Coral Reef Growth Rates (04/08/13)
redOrbit Staff &amp; Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Fine particles in the air resulting from burning coal or volcanic eruptions can negatively affect coral growth, a team of climate scientists and coral ecologists from the UK, Australia and...
Study shows serious threat to coral reef colonies, mangrove forests in Palk Bay (04/08/13)
A recent study taken up by a team of researchers from the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), Chennai, brought to light the serious threat of extinction the coral reef colonies and mangrove forests...
The most colorful creatures on Earth (04/02/13)
Nudibranchs are soft-bodied marine molluscs which shed their shells as larvae revealing their remarkable exterior.
WA's coral reefs turn pink from spawning (04/01/13)
There will be a lot more pink at WA's Ningaloo Reef next week as the annual coral mass spawning fills waters
Last of the USS Guardian removed from Philippines reef (04/01/13)
U.S. facing hefty fine after a Navy minesweeper ran aground on a protected coral reef two months ago in the Sulu Sea.
Scientists discover invisible fish (03/27/13)
American scientists have discovered an interesting invisible fish. It was pirate perch, a favorite of many aquarists. However, it is not invisible in terms of visibility but, rather, in terms of scent. Olfactory receptors of virtually all its...
Mimic Octopus Makes Home on Great Barrier Reef (03/25/13)
Mimic Octopus Makes Home on Great Barrier Reef
Scientists Use Antacid To Help Measure The Rate Of Reef Growth (03/25/13)
There's some evidence that carbon dioxide we pump into the atmosphere has slowed the development of coral reefs. So researchers are adding antacid to the water in a tiny part of the Great Barrier Reef , to see whether the corals will grow faster if...
An animal to feed your eco-car (03/25/13)
Researchers at the University of Bergen and Uni Research have found that a certain type of tunicate - ascidiacea - can be used as a renewable source of biofuel and fish food. This is particularly good news for the growing aquaculture industry, which...
Palau looks at commercial fishing ban (03/18/13)
Palau's president has proposed banning all commercial fishing in the Pacific nation's waters to create one of the world's largest marine reserves, covering an area roughly the size of France.
Marine diversity study proves value of citizen science (03/13/13)
Citizen science surveys compare well with traditional scientific methods when it comes to monitoring species biodiversity, according to researchers. A new study shows that methods to record marine diversity used by amateurs returned results...
Fluorescent light revealed as gauge of coral health (03/13/13)
Coral reef decline in recent years due to a variety of threats -- from pollution to climate warming -- has lent urgency to the search for new ways to evaluate their health. A new study has revealed that fluorescence, the dazzling but poorly...
NSW reef has clues to climate effects (03/11/13)
Scientists have mapped the remnants of a reef off the NSW mid-north coast in a climate change investigation.
'Seismic' day for shark protection (03/11/13)
Three species of critically endangered but commercially valuable shark have been given added protection at the Cites meeting in Bangkok.
Diverse coral reef yields many new species (03/04/13)
A vast array of new species was recently discovered in the world's most spectacular reef you've never heard of -- Madang Lagoon in Papua New Guinea.
Study exposes world's slaughter of sharks (03/04/13)
Sharks are being slaughtered at an unsustainable rate, with a new study showing 100 million are killed a year.Before the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Cites) begins meeting today...
Coral comeback: a Reef seeding in the Caribbean (02/27/13)
ORACABESSA BAY, Jamaica Mats of algae and seaweed have shrouded the once thick coral in shallow reefs off Jamaicas north coast. Warm ocean waters have bleached out the coral, and in a cascade of ecological decline, the sea urchins and...
More protection for some shark species (02/25/13)
The Convention in Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) is advising a number of shark species are re-categorised in order to ensure their adequate protection
US backs adding teeth to global shark protection (02/25/13)
The United States said Friday it would support proposals to curb the trade of five shark species and manta rays, whose numbers are declining because of demand for fins and gills.
Wandering Whitetip Sharks Stick Close To Home In Bahamas (02/25/13)
Brett Smith for - Your Universe Online As their name indicates, oceanic whitetip shark s ( Carcharhinus longimanus ) are best known as inhabitants of the open seas. However, a new report by an US-led team of marine biologists has found...
Study of world's richest marine area shows size matters (02/25/13)
A new study of Asia's Coral Triangle, which contains nearly 30 percent of the world's reefs, shows that when it comes to ensuring a rich and diverse range of species, size matters.
Picky eater fish clean up seaweeds from coral reefs (02/18/13)
Using underwater video cameras to record fish feeding on South Pacific coral reefs, scientists have found that herbivorous fish can be picky eaters a trait that could spell trouble for endangered reef systems.
It's jelly on a pate for sea life fanatic Lee (02/18/13)
Aquarium expert shatters a few illusions about stinging jellyfish at t Birmingham Sea Life Centre.
Indonesian fishing communities find balance between biodiversity and development (02/11/13)
Fishing communities living on the islands of Indonesias Karimunjawa National Park have found an important balance, improving their social well-being while reducing their reliance on marine biodiversity, according to new research.
Stricken Dolphin 'Asks' Divers For Help (VIDEO) (02/11/13)
An injured dolphin apparently approaching a group of divers for help has been caught on film. The rescue; took place in the waters of Kona,...
Rare Japanese squid bred and on show at the SeaLife Centre (02/11/13)
The mysterious world of the squid can be studied in much more detail in Weymouth now they have been successfully bred and displayed at an aquarium for the first time ever in Britain.
Furry crabs may be saving Great Barrier Reef (02/11/13)
Furry crabs once thought to be damaging the Great Barrier Reef may in fact be helping save the coral by stopping the spread of disease, according to research.
California considers protecting great white sharks (02/11/13)
Great white sharks might someday be classified as a threatened or endangered species in California, if the state's Fish and Game Commission votes Wednesday to begin a year-long review process.
Gorgeous Patterns of the Sea: Macro Photographs of Starfish by Alexander Semenov (02/06/13)
Photographer Alexander Semenov has done it again. This time the Russian biologist takes us on an up-close encounter with starfish, although looking at these neon carpets I had no idea what they were at first. Even after covering Alexanders previous...
Australia failing UNESCO demands on Barrier Reef (02/04/13)
Australia insisted Friday that protecting the Great Barrier Reef was a top priority, but conservationists WWF said not enough had been done to prevent UNESCO deeming it a world heritage site "in danger"
Evidence highlights threat to Caribbean coral reef growth (02/04/13)
Many Caribbean coral reefs have either stopped growing or are on the threshold of starting to erode with potential impacts to people, according to research from The University of Queensland (UQ).
U.S. Navy will hack $61million minesweeper ship to pieces to remove it from sensitive reef near Philippines (02/04/13)
The USS Guardian has become a political and logistical nightmare for the Navy since it ran aground on January 17 in the Sulu Sea.
Scientists watch a fish think as it swims freely about (02/04/13)
Neural signals observed in real time, offering important look at how brains see outside world
Blackpool Sea life centre finds 12,000 SHARKS' TEETH after draining aquarium for first time in 23 years (01/28/13)
More than 12,000 shark teeth were discovered hidden in the gravel sea bed of the ocean display at the Sea Life Centre, in Blackpool, by researchers when it was emptied for refurbishment.
Flushing Nemo: Home aquarium species a potential threat to California waters (01/21/13)
Well-intentioned children and aquarium hobbyists seeking to free their pet fish down a toilet bowl or into a local waterway may inadvertently be contributing to the threat of invasive species downstream, according to a new report from the...
Most Crew Leaves US Navy Ship Stuck in Philippines (01/21/13)
Most crew leaves US Navy ship stuck on coral reef in Philippines; the ship ran aground Thursday while in transit through the Tubbataha National Marine Park, a coral sanctuary in the Sulu Sea, 640 kilometers (400 miles) southwest of Manila. There...
Saving The Shark: 10 Questions With 2 Pros About Our Top Ocean Predators (01/21/13)
We connected with two shark professionals, Chris Huss and Mark Strickland , who have boldly gone where many men would never and are using their underwater photography skills to help expose the plight of sharks. [ more ]
Tiny fish challenges tuna's speed (01/16/13)
Tiny coral reef wrasses can swim as fast as some of the swiftest fish in the ocean but using only half as much energy to do so, Australian scientists working on the Great Barrier Reef have found.
Unborn sharks freeze to avoid predators (01/14/13)
New research shows that the shark embryos can detect the bio-electric fields of approaching predators. When they do, they freeze by stopping their gill movements, as shown in the video below. This suggests that even at these early stages, embryonic...
Coral Fighting Back (01/09/13)
Corals are marine animals typically living in compact colonies of many identical individual polyps. The group includes the important reef builders that inhabit tropical oceans and secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard skeleton. Coral reefs are...
Elusive giant squid caught on video for the first time (01/09/13)
For centuries the giant squid has been the stuff of legend, but now, for the first time ever, scientists have collected footage of a giant squid, (Architeuthis), in its natural habitat, thousands of feet below the ocean's surface.
'Reef Balls' A Strange Name for An Ocean Cure-All (01/08/13)
On a moonless night in November 2003, fishermen Chris Goldblatt was awakened by a grinding, sickening crackthe speedboat on which he was asleep was being crushed by a 300-foot petroleum barge.
China Boom Savages Coral Reefs (01/03/13)
China's economic boom has seen its coral reefs shrink by at least 80 percent over the past 30 years, a joint Australian study found, with researchers describing "grim" levels of damage and loss.
Injured Coral Have Less 'Sex' (01/03/13)
No one thinks damaging coral is sexy, but researchers from the University at Buffalo just made it official. Turns out, coral sex is dampened after injury from storms and human activity.
Call for Reef aid package (12/17/12)
REEF experts believe the loss of half the coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef is a "national crisis" worthy of a rescue package similar to the Murray Darling Basin plan.
Scary news for corals from the Ice Age (12/17/12)
There is growing scientific concern that corals could retreat from equatorial seas and oceans as the Earth continues to warm, a team of international marine researchers warned today.
International trade in live corals could help preserve wild corals and coral reefs ecosystems, study suggests (12/17/12)
Researchers have published findings about a unique trade and its long-term implications.
Scientist at Work Blog - To Save a Coral Reef Enabler (12/17/12)
The social wrasse might not seem important, but this tiny fish plays a critical role in linking the open ocean to the reef ecosystem. And it is being threatened by a new invasive predator.
Birmingham Bowmouth Guitar Shark captive breeding hopes (12/10/12)
A female shark from an vulnerable species has been brought to Birmingham, where it is hoped she will breed with a male from the species.
Video: A Magical Nighttime Journey Through a Fluorescent Reef (12/10/12)
A coral reef is a world of kaleidoscopic shape and color. To see one at night, illuminated by its own fluorescence, is even more marvelous still. This luminous parade was filmed off the coast of Egypt, and shows reefs illuminated ...
Weird sea creatures on show at Te Papa (12/03/12)
"Deep NZ: Our underwater wilderness", developed by NIWA, GNS Science and Te Papa, promises to showcase New Zealands deepwater habitats and creatures such as crabs, tubeworms, precious corals, fish, molluscs and sponges.
Pitcairn Island could become world's largest marine reserve (12/03/12)
THE world's largest marine reserve could be created around Pitcairn Island under a proposal before the British Government.
NOAA proposes listing 66 reef-building coral species under the Endangered Species Act (12/03/12)
In compliance with a federal court ordered deadline, and consistent with existing international protections, NOAA Fisheries announced today that it is proposing Endangered Species Act (ESA) listings for 66 coral species, including 59 in the Pacific...
World's largest aquarium opens in Singapore (11/26/12)
Washington, Nov. 25 (ANI): The world&amp;#39;s biggest aquarium which will house more than 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species in 45 million liters of water has opened in Singapore.
Tropical Reefs Become Biggest US Marine Sanctuary (11/20/12)
A pristine tropical reef that has weathered several natural disasters is now part of America&amp;#39;s largest marine sanctuary.
Most Ocean Species Remain Undiscovered (11/19/12)
Up to a million species live in the seas, and two-thirds of those ocean-dwellers may still be undiscovered, according to a new study that also cataloged all of the known species that dwell beneath the waves.
Halloween-colored lobster caught off Mass. coast (11/19/12)
A Massachusetts fisherman has caught a creepy-looking lobster that&amp;#39;s colored to match Halloween.
Australia declares marine reserve (11/19/12)
Australia formally creates the world's largest network of marine reserves, protecting oceans around its coast.
Chemical warfare on the reef (11/13/12)
Algae kill corals, corals muster fish, fish eat algae and become more toxic.
Oddly shaped deep sea carnivorous sponge found off coast of California (11/13/12)
Ocean scientists have collected another example of an unusual deep sea carnivorous sponge, shaped like a harp, off the coast of northern California.
Coral genomes under microscope in climate race (11/13/12)
Researchers from Australia and Saudi Arabia launched a project Thursday which they hope will help them understand the genetic makeup of corals and how they react to climate change.
Humans caused Great Barrier Reef collapse (11/07/12)
The expansion of European settlement in Australia triggered a massive coral collapse at the Great Barrier Reef more than 50 years ago, according to a new study.
Seadragon image wins photography prize for marine educator (11/06/12)
AN AMATEUR wildlife photographer and Southern Cross University research candidate has helped reinvigorate the profile of Victoria&amp;#39;s state marine emblem.
Coral spawning show goes cosmic (11/06/12)
Coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef comes with a cosmic bang this year.
Shark brains similar to humans (10/30/12)
SHARK brains share several features with human brains, which could help researchers working on a shark repellant, scientists at the University of Western Australia (UWA) say.
Coral found thriving off Great Barrier Reef (10/29/12)
A recent survey of the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef has found coral flourishing in deep waters, a stark contrast to the shallower reefs that have seen a drastic decline over the last few decades.
Mission to save Sweden's only coral reef (10/23/12)
Chilly waters of Sweden were once home to three coral reefs, now the last remaining reef is in danger of dying out
Researchers Use Underwater Robot To Track Tagged Sharks (10/22/12)
Researchers from University of Delaware are in the midst of a multiyear study with Delaware State University researchers to better understand the behavior and migration patterns of sand tiger sharks. In the latest phase of the study, an underwater...
Unusual octopus specimen found in waters off San Pedro (10/18/12)
A female Argonaut, commonly called a paper nautilus, was accidentally scooped up by some fishermen a few miles out from Angel&amp;#39;s Gate lighthouse in San Pedro and brought to Cabrillo Marine Aquarium this week.
New cave-dwelling reef coral discovered in the Indo-Pacific (10/11/12)
A new species of reef coral is discovered, which lives on the ceilings of dark caves. Its closest relatives are larger, have symbiotic algae in their soft tissue and need sunlight to grow. The new species lacks such algae and its tissue is...
How To Turn a Fish Tank Into a Crazy Alien World (10/11/12)
Here are some more cool uses for your fishtank, at least when it doesn't have fish in it.
New Coral Reef Growths Found in the Snapper Banks (10/10/12)
The newly discovered reef has scientists excited. They are black corals, which are now calling the ancient reef home. Some stand four feet tall. They are also known as wire corals.
Australia scientists tackle reef-killing starfish (10/08/12)
An Australian research team said Monday they have found an effective way to kill the destructive crown-of-thorns starfish, which is devastating coral reefs across the Pacific and Indian oceans.
50pc less coral in Great Barrier reef (10/02/12)
Coral cover in the Great Barrier Reef has been reduced to half of what it was in the 1980s, an alarming new study has found.
Marine animals could hold key to looking young (10/01/12)
Scientists have discovered that a group of marine creatures known as echinoderms have genes which can change the collagen in their bodies, potentially holding the key to maintaining a youthful appearance.
Weird new species sea creature found in Philippines (10/01/12)
Batangas City (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) - An odd-looking sea creature locally christened the "bubble shark"; is breathing new life into a campaign to preserve a vital marine corridor straddling five provinces in the Southern Tagalogue region...
Tubbataha Reef hailed as conservation model (10/01/12)
The Philippines Tubbataha Reef was recently recognized by an international policy research body for the excellent care of the heritage site, hailed as a model in coral reef conservation.
Take 360-degree tours of the Great Barrier Reef (09/26/12)
Thousands of images from Australia's Great Barrier Reef and other coral locales are being stitched together into an eye-popping array of 360-degree panoramas but this project isn't just about pretty pictures.
The 'slippery slope to slime' - Overgrown algae causing coral reef declines (09/24/12)
( at Oregon State University for the first time have confirmed some of the mechanisms by which overfishing and nitrate pollution can help destroy coral reefs it appears they allow an overgrowth of algae that can bring with it...
America's Largest Coral Reef Research Center to Open Its Doors on Sept. 27 (09/24/12)
The $50-million Nova Southeastern University facility will provide significant environmental research and boost South Florida's $6 billion coral reef industry that sustains 71,000 jobs. Center built with federal stimulus package dollars.
Coral diversity rivals Great Barrier Reef (09/24/12)
The coral diversity in the West Indian Ocean, especially around Madagascar, is greater than previously believed and it may even rival parts of the Great Barrier Reef, new research shows.
Save the reef (09/24/12)
Pure Blue Foundation has launched a coral reef regeneration programme on Hanuman Bay as the first project undertaken in cooperation with Akaryn Samui Resort and Spa.
Pioneer shark expert Ron Taylor dies (09/10/12)
Australian marine conservation pioneer and renowned shark expert Ron Taylor has passed away at the age of 78.
Fish trawling reshapes deep-sea canyons (09/07/12)
Dredging stirs up slow silt storm and may disrupt marine life.
Scientists Track Fish Through A Coral Reef Seascape (09/05/12)
Your Universe Online Ocean scientists have known for a long time that juvenile coral reef fishes use coastal seagrass and mangrove habitats as nurseries, before they move into the coral reefs as adults. According to a study published in Proceedings...
New model to help coral reef conservation planning (09/05/12)
Global warming has spurred dire warnings about the future of coral reef ecosystems, with warnings that many reefs could be wiped out by bleaching, sending biologists scrambling to develop conservation strategies. A sometimes bewildering array of...
Coral study provides clues to reef damage in Madagascar (09/05/12)
( group of international researchers, including one from UWA Oceans Institute, has used coral sampling to assess the impact of river run-offs in a bay in north-eastern Madagascar.
Less is more for reef-building corals (08/30/12)
Researchers at the University of Hawaii -- Manoa (UHM) School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) made a discovery that challenges a major theory in the field of coral reef ecology. The general assumption has been that the more...
Coral scientists use new model to find where corals are most likely to survive climate change (08/30/12)
Marine conservationists have identified heat-tolerant coral species living in locations with continuous background temperature variability as those having the best chance of surviving climate change, according to a new simplified method for...
Environment: Grassroots conservation pays off in Fiji (08/27/12)
Local grassroots efforts to protect marine habitat are paying off in Fiji, which is making progress toward the goal of protecting at least 30 percent of Fijis inshore habitats. A new study by researchers from the Global Change Institute at [...]
In Fiji, marine protection gets local boost (08/22/12)
A new study by researchers from the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University, and the Wildlife Conservation Society has found that locally managed marine...
Improving Water Quality May Help Save Coral Reefs (08/21/12)
redOrbit Staff &amp; Wire Reports - Your Universe Online It has been found that an unevenness of nutrients in reef waters can increase the bleaching vulnerability of reef corals according to Research from the University of Southampton and the...
URI student monitors fish returning to restored coral reefs in British Virgin Islands (08/21/12)
Sarah Merolla spent three weeks this summer diving twice a day on a restored coral reef in the British Virgin Islands to monitor whether fish populations have returned to the reef.
357 pounds of junk hauled off coral reefs (08/20/12)
Like many mysteries of the sea, the source of a pair of dentures found on a coral reef off Fort Lauderdale may remain forever unknown.
Spawning coral monitored for effects of climate change (08/20/12)
As waters warm, researchers keep a wary eye on reef life cycles.
A Introducing the Ocean Health Index (08/17/12)
Comparing different parts of the world&amp;#39;s oceans, the index weighs whether the human activity there is sustainable or in need of better management.
Dot Earth Blog - a The Art of Reef Conservation (08/15/12)
An artist installs sculptures in tropical shallows with an eye to saving reefs.
Spawning Of Threatened Pillar Coral Observed For First Time In Florida Reef System (08/13/12)
Male and female threatened pillar coral have been documented for the first time spawning together in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary , said researchers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission . The researchers were...
Sea Life Gordon's split personality is a bit fishy (08/13/12)
IS he a fish? Is he a crocodile? Whatever he is, he is also superbly camouflaged. His mottled colouring blends in perfectly with the seabed, and even his eyelids have frilly edges to prevent his jet-black pupils giving him away
Electrified reef jolts corals back to health (08/13/12)
A bizarre experiment in marine conservation rests on the ocean floor off Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.
Coral Seen Growing in Sediment-Rich Middle Reef (08/08/12)
Part of the vast Great Barrier Reef in Australia has flourished in a sediment-filled environment, which was thought to be detrimental.
Tioman reef clean-up plan (08/06/12)
IN collaboration with several non-governmental organisation (NGO) partners, Berjaya Hotels and Resorts (BHR), Berjaya Cares Foundation (BCF) and Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) have embarked on a 15-month coral reef rehabilitation programme.
Eruptions help rebuild Great Barrier Reef (07/31/12)
The Great Barrier Reef's amazing diversity of life gets a helping hand from distant underwater volcanic eruptions, a new study has found.
World's Northernmost Coral Reef Discovered in Japan (07/31/12)
When you think of coral reefs, you probably picture scuba divers gliding through warm, crystal-clear waters. And for the most part, you would be right: more than 90 percent of the world's coral reefs are located in the tropics.
Frozen Sperm Offer a Lifeline for Coral (07/24/12)
Scientists hope that building what is essentially a sperm bank for the worlds corals will someday help restore and even rebuild damaged reefs.
World's Last Undersea Lab Imperiled By Funding Cuts (07/23/12)
IN THE OCEAN OFF KEY LARGO, Fla. -- Ocean explorer Sylvia Earle sported one Rolex dive watch on each wrist as she slipped beneath the balmy waters of the Florida Keys for a weeklong stay at an undersea research lab where marine biologists have kept...
Whale Shark Seen Stealing Fish From Net In Rare Footage (VIDEO) (07/17/12)
Talk about making the most of an opportunity. A whale shark in the waters off Indonesia capitalized on the chance for an easy dinner by sucking fish straight out of a hole in a fishing net.
Coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific Ocean naturally tougher than Caribbean reefs (07/12/12)
Coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region, including the Great Barrier Reef, recover faster from major stresses than their Caribbean counterparts, leading marine scientists say.
New parasitic coral reef crustacean named after late reggae performer Bob Marley (07/11/12)
President Barack Obama has one. Comedian Stephen Colbert has one. Elvis Presley has one. Even computer software magnate Bill Gates has one. And now, Bob Marley -- the late popular Jamaican singer and guitarist -- also has one. So what is it that...
Purple fringe means healthy coral (07/09/12)
That's not a tasteful color scheme for a knit - it's a healthy color for a coral. Reef-building corals produce vivid colors as they grow, offering a new tool for monitoring these fragile environments.
Scientists urge reef protection (07/09/12)
Scientists at a major coral reef symposium in Australia call for immediate international action to save the world's coral reefs from rapid decline.
Coral clues to climate, Reefs vanished for 2,500 years (07/06/12)
Coral reefs along Panama's Pacific coast completely collapsed for 2,500 years due to natural climate cycles, researchers reported in a study Thursday, adding that there's a lesson in the data for man-made climate change: ease up on greenhouse gasses...
Hopes of destroying reef starfish (07/06/12)
SCIENTISTS hope the coral-eating crown of thorns starfish on the Great Barrier Reef could be killed by an infectious bacteria.
New Reef Fish Found - Photo Gallery (07/02/12)
Among the new species: a candy-striped clingfish and fairy gobyplus, a &amp;quot;bizarre&amp;quot; scorpionfish and an eel opening wide for flounder.
UNESCO passes Barrier Reef care measures (07/02/12)
The international community has voiced ongoing concern for the future of the Great Barrier Reef.
Seagrass could help coral reefs (06/25/12)
Research headed by a Swansea University marine biologist offers a potential solution for endangered coral reefs around the world's oceans.
Rarity saving lobster from the pot (06/25/12)
A rare blue lobster is pulled up in a trap in Rockport Harbor.
Conservation pays off in Florida marine sanctuary (06/21/12)
Researcher document recovery in coral reef ecosystems of Dry Tortugas National Park By Summit Voice SUMMIT COUNTY Focused and collaborative conservation efforts can pay off in coral reef ecosystems, federal biologists say, reporting that theyve...
Lord Howe coral recovery studied (06/21/12)
THE ability of coral to recover from a significant bleaching event is the subject of an ongoing research project at the world&amp;#39;s most southerly coral reef at Lord Howe Island.
A Fight to Convert High Island, a Platform, Into a Reef (06/18/12)
A lush ecosystem has grown around High Island, a dormant platform in the Gulf of Mexico that is facing demolition.
Mexico cancels Baja resort project near coral reef (06/18/12)
MEXICO CITY The shallow-water reefs at Cabo Pulmo, in Mexicos Sea of Cortez, are a national treasure, a marine reserve with a remarkable back story about how a once-abused environment can rebound. The protected waters are now packed with fish.
Australia creates largest area of marine reserves (06/14/12)
Australia has created the world&amp;#39;s largest network of marine reserves and will restrict fishing as well as oil and gas exploration in a major step to safeguard the environment and access to food.With the ...
Giant Reef Fish Head-Butt Rivals for Sex (06/11/12)
Ramming behavior among male bump-head parrot fish, which occurs during competition for females, has been observed by humans for the first time
USC Dornsife Scientific Diving - a Jellyfish Lake (06/08/12)
by Roxi Aslan On our science diving trip to Palau we visited Jellyfish Lake, a tropical marine lake home to millions of golden and moon jellyfish. Due to the stratification of the lake into two layers, the bottom anoxic layer containing...
Stimulus money boosts Florida reef restoration (06/04/12)
Coral reef restoration along Florida's shores has been getting a boost from federal stimulus money.
Grazing snails rule the waves, a marine study (06/01/12)
Coral reefs and seashores largely look the way they do because large fish and urchins eat most of the seaweed that might otherwise cover them, but a major new study has found that the greatest impact of all comes from an unexpected quarter small...
Pollution plus Sedimentation Equals Coral Die Off (05/30/12)
The speed of coral death increases alarmingly if colonies are flooded with polluted rather than "clean" sediments, an international team of researchers writing in a prestigious scientific journal has found.
Rare calico lobster calls aquarium home (05/29/12)
A Rhode Island aquarium has a lot to look at and now it has a rare calico lobster.
Marine reserves boost fish - An Australian study (05/29/12)
Researchers said they have proven a theory that fish born in marine reserves boost overall ocean stocks.
A Deep Look at the Aquarium Trade (05/22/12)
Researchers find a startling error rate in statistics on imports of fish for saltwater aquariums. Yet reliable data is needed as coastal managers seek to reduce risks from the introduction of diseases and invasive species.
Blue Coral discovered in Yasawa (05/21/12)
Blue Coral, scientifically known as Heliopora Coerulea was found on one of the reefs off Tiliva Island, Viwa in Yasawa. It was first discovered by former Mamanuca Environment Society scientist Dine Walker way back in 2004 at Tokoriki Island in the...
Government considers protection for dwarf seahorse (05/15/12)
The government will study whether the inch-long dwarf seahorse should have federal protection. The seahorse the smallest of four species found in U.S. waters lives only in seagrass beds in the Gulf of Mexico. The beds have declined dramatically...
Stanford scientists identify coral tough enough to withstand warming climate (05/14/12)
Beneath the sea, in the fight for survival, coral reefs are thriving in the turquoise lagoons of a tiny, volcanic outcrop island called Ofu. This island in American Samoa houses the Muhammad Ali of corals, able to thrive in temperatures that would...
US expedition targets unexplored Puerto Rico reef (05/14/12)
U.S. scientists using sonar and submersibles to map a reefs off Puerto Rico's northeast coast say they have found a 12-foot (3.6-meter) hammerhead shark, an undersea canyon that suddenly plunges 900 feet (280 meters) and an enormous orange-and-brown...
Something fishy - Video of mysterious unidentified floating object leaves marine experts baffled (05/10/12)
Footage showing what looks like an enormous blob lurking at the bottom of the ocean has prompted armchair Internet experts to question what the bizarre object actually is.
The Fearsome Jawfish (05/07/12)
Forget Angry Birds, this is one angry fish. This tropical jawfish certainly looks like it got out of the wrong side of the bed as it gives the photographer a fearsome look. Yet despite its appearance, the burrowing fish is actually quite timid.
A sea monster ... and he's still a nipper! Monster Tasmanian King Crab saved from the pot and shipped to Britain (05/02/12)
He was destined for the pot if they had found one big enough to fit. But Claude the Tasmanian giant crab was saved from death when the fisherman who caught him sold him to a British aquarium for 3,000.
Isolated Pacific Could Become Safe Haven In A Warming World (05/02/12)
Jason Farmer for Based on current models of climate change, scientists predict that ocean temperatures will continue to rise in the equatorial Pacific, potentially devastating coral reef ecosystems. However, a recent study by Woods Hole...
Spectacular Underwater Images by 2012 Miami Amateur Photography Contest Winners (04/30/12)
The contest is organised by the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.
Doctors develop life-saving drugs from coral reefs (04/23/12)
Patients are benefiting from the natural chemicals derived from the Earths oceans.
Aquarium farming species to save them (04/16/12)
SARASOTA, Fla. Shawn Garner watches over 18 tanks of hundreds of tiny seahorses bobbing among the artificial sea grasses and plastic zip ties provided to give their tails a hitching post. Its the coolest animal in the world, he said, showing...
Two new species of coral discovered (04/10/12)
Two new species of shallow-water coral have been discovered just off the coast of Taiwan, but their natural habitat is being threatened by construction projects in the area, environmentalists said yesterday, urging the government to put greater...
Biologists to study coral mass spawning this week (04/10/12)
A team of eight biologists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and National Parks Board will be documenting the annual event here by diving into the waters at the Southern Islands below Sentosa - from Monday to Friday, the days when the...
Pitcairn Islands Expedition Photos: Strange and Beautiful Algae (04/09/12)
From microscopic forms living inside coral, to large waving stands of seaweed, algae take on many shapes and serve many functions, making life as we know it at coral reefs possible.
Coral reefs mending, but fish stock declining (04/09/12)
A group of marine biologists say they have found signs of recovery of Jamaica's depleted coral reefs in the critical fishing resource area known as the Pedro Bank. At the same time, they have warned that there must be proper management of the reefs...
Corals 'Could Survive a More Acidic Ocean' (04/03/12)
Corals may be better placed to cope with the gradual acidification of the world's oceans than previously thought -- giving rise to hopes that coral reefs might escape climatic devastation.
Viral disease may contribute to coral reef die-offs (04/02/12)
Herpes strains found to be common in reef ecosystems By Summit Voice SUMMIT COUNTY After finding that bacteria from waste water effluent are a major factor in the elkhorn coral die-off in Floridas coastal waters, researchers are focusing on other...
Ancient civilizations reveal ways to manage fisheries for sustainability (03/29/12)
In the search for sustainability of the ocean's fisheries, solutions can be found in a surprising place: the ancient past. Marine scientists reconstructed fisheries yields over seven centuries of human habitation in Hawaii and the Florida Keys, the...
Coral damage linked to Deepwater Horizon spill (03/29/12)
The Deepwater Horizon oil spill damaged coral formations deep beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico and miles from the ruptured well at the heart of the disaster, researchers reported Monday.
Coral reef fish saviors (03/29/12)
Users of natural resources can be the guardians of their fauna and flora, despite the hostility we show towards those who strip the planet bare. In collaboration with several governments and others, co-management schemes have been evaluated by the...
Coastal development destroying reefs off Phuket (03/19/12)
Massive land development in Phuket province will be strictly controlled by environmental regulations.
Cuttlefish use polarizing vision to communicate (03/19/12)
Cuttlefish and other cephalopods use polarized light, which humans are unable to see, to communicate with each other and to distinguish objects under the water, according to a new Australian study.
Sawfish snout senses and swipes (03/14/12)
The spectacular snouts of sawfish are revealed as complete hunting weapons - even as the creatures themselves head to extinction.
A test of the senses in the search for a 'shoal mate' (03/13/12)
Young coral reef fish use sounds, smells and visual cues to find their nursery grounds, according to new research. By testing how young French grunts (a common fish in Curaao and throughout the Caribbean) responded to local sounds, smells and...
Coral Reefs May Be Adapting To Global Warming (03/13/12)
As global warming heats up the Earths oceans, one ecosystem stands to be severely threatened: Coral reefs. However, new research has given scientists to be hopeful about the fate of these coral reefs. An international team of researchers has...
'Chum cam' underwater video survey shows that reef sharks thrive in marine reserves (03/13/12)
A team of scientists, led by the Institute for Ocean Conservation Science at Stony Brook University, used video cameras to count Caribbean reef sharks (Carcharhinus perezi) inside and outside marine reserves on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in the...
Florida group rebuilds vital coral reefs (03/06/12)
Ken Nedimyer started the Coral Restoration Foundation, which has grown more than 25,000 staghorn and elkhorn corals in underwater nurseries. He and his staff of volunteers work three days a week maintaining the nurseries just off Key Largo. The...
Great Barrier Reef corals clone in bad weather (03/05/12)
Coral offspring spawned from Australia&amp;#39;s Great Barrier Reef clone themselves when rough weather hits with not all of the fragile embryos perishing in big waves, research showed Friday.
UN probes threat to barrier reef (03/05/12)
A Unesco team arrives in Australia to investigate possible damage to the Great Barrier Reef by the mining industry.
Google street view dives into the reef (02/23/12)
A pioneering scientific expedition that will document the health of coral on the Great Barrier Reef will be undertaken as a joint venture between global technology giant Google, the UQ Global Change Institute and insurance company Catlin.
Change in Florida law would allow dumping effluent in the ocean (02/23/12)
A bill making its way through the Legislature would dump 5 billion gallons of treated sewage into the ocean every year, but save South Florida&amp;#39;s utility ratepayers at least $1.3 billion.
Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea bathymetry (02/21/12)
Video and images of the bathymetry of the GBR and Coral Sea.
Scientists hope transplants will revive coral reef off Fort Lauderdale (02/17/12)
In an experiment, scientists plan to transplant basketball-sized staghorn corals grown in the laboratory to a depleted reef off Fort Lauderdale, hoping to expand and heal the reef.
Reports calls for separating Great Lakes from Mississippi to halt Asian carp (02/17/12)
A new study suggests restoring the natural flow of the Chicago River as part of a multibillion dollar public works project to separate the Great Lakes from the Mississippi water basin, and stop the spread of Asian carp and other invasive species.
Beautiful monsters from the White Sea (02/17/12)
This is only small part of my underwater work at the White Sea Biological Station. When I went underwater for the first time I was absolutely shocked. White Sea showed me another world with it's own aliens, and some of them were really amazing...
Big Fish Reveal Shelter Secrets On Reefcam (02/14/12)
When it comes to choosing a place to hang out, big reef fish like coral trout, snappers and sweetlips have strong architectural preferences. The choices big fish make on where to shelter could have a major influence on their ability to cope with...
Cameras on the Great Barrier Reef (02/13/12)
Raine Island, in the far northern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, is shorter than the runway at Cairns International Airport, yet receives almost as many visitors each February.
Pacific Octopus makes her debut at zoo (02/13/12)
A 10-month-old Great Pacific octopus came to the Pittsburgh Zoo &amp; PPG Aquarium in June but just made her public debut in the facility's 1,300-gallon tank.
5,000 reefbuds to repair Boracay coral reef system (02/06/12)
Appealing for drastic intervention, representatives of various sectors launched on Sunday a P60-million artificial reef project aimed at rehabilitating the islands almost totally destroyed coral reef system.
Coral, Part II - Is the Cold or Heat More Lethal? (02/06/12)
Researchers find that extreme cold induces acute stress in coral but that heat is ultimately more lethal.
Rising sea temperatures boost coral growth in certain areas (02/06/12)
WARMER sea temperatures have been promoting faster coral growth along the coast of Western Australia, federal government research has found.
Sea cucumbers to save Great Barrier Reef (01/30/12)
Sea cucumbers could hold the key to saving the Great Barrier Reef, University of Sydney scientists say.
Marine Study in Singapore Digs Up 100 Species (01/30/12)
In the first phase of the three-year Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey, researchers looking at coastal mudflat and intertidal areas have already found a hundred species, some of which are new for Singapore or new to science altogether.
Satellite mapping could help prevent coral reef decline (01/30/12)
By using sophisticated satellite mapping, the decline in coral reefs can be identified and measures put in place to help prevent it, says an American marine ecologist.
Corals in Cold Water (01/24/12)
It may be the last place youd expect to find coralsup to 6,000 m (20,000 ft) below the oceans surface, where the water is icy cold and the light dim or absent. Yet believe it or not, lush coral gardens thrive here. In fact, scientists have...
Lessons In Coral Reef Survival From Deep Time (01/23/12)
Lessons from tens of millions of years ago are pointing to new ways to save and protect todays coral reefs and their myriad of beautiful and many-hued fishes at a time of huge change in the Earths systems. The complex relationship we see today...
Genetically Engineered Stomach Microbe Converts Seaweed into Ethanol (01/23/12)
Seaweed may well be an ideal plant to turn into biofuel. It grows in much of the two thirds of the planet that is underwater, so it wouldn't crowd out food crops the way corn for ethanol does. Because it draws its own nutrients and water from the...
How a venomous cone snail catches and kills fish (01/16/12)
Cone snails are the largest known genus of invertebrates. They eat molluscs, worms or fish, which they catch using "harpoon-like" spears that are loaded with a venom containing up to 200 different toxins.
Free lionfish dives scheduled (01/16/12)
The one-tank dive is the beginning of a dedicated monthly effort by local dive operators, in partnership with Fosters Food Fair, to eradicate the poisonous invaders and add a new seafood delicacy to menus. Fosters Food Fair has contributed $20,000...
Reef fish at risk as carbon dioxide levels build (01/16/12)
Rising carbon dioxide emissions threaten the survival of some fish species by sending their central nervous systems haywire.
Coral disease affecting reef colonies in Kaneohe Bay (01/09/12)
Here are the most recent story comments. View All Very well said Steve Leong! It's sad the state of Hawaii's waters...
Watch a lowly fish mimic the incredible octopus (01/05/12)
While swimming off of the coast of Indonesia last July, diver Godehard Kopp noticed that a black-marble jawfish was surreptitiously hitching a ride with the mimic octopus.
British oceanographers find new species in Indian Ocean hydrothermal vents (01/03/12)
A research team sailing on the vessel James Cook has been studying the unique habitat surrounding deep sea vents in the Indian Ocean far off the south-east coast of Africa. The vents, created by under-the-sea-floor volcanic activity, spew black...
Australian Waters Harbor Hybrid Sharks (01/03/12)
Marine scientists from the University of Queensland have discovered hybridized sharks off Australias east coast, leading them to believe that some of these predatory beasts display a tendency to interbreed, challenging long-standing scientific...
Exploring the Genetics of Deep Coral Reefs (01/03/12)
The four expedition members include marine biologists, medical scientists, and geologists who will explore depths up to 328 feet (100 meters) using technical re-breather tri-mix SCUBA technology. The team is in search of the elusive far-red...
Electrified cages jolt coral reef survival (12/27/11)
A low-level electric current running through domed-shaped metallic structures in the waters off Bali is giving a jolt to coral reef survival there, according to news reports. The Biorock technology is seen by some conservationists as a means to...
Visit an increasingly rare, thriving coral reef (12/27/11)
On 60 Minutes last weekend, Anderson Cooper visited a vibrant coral reef off the coast of Cuba, where he swam with sharks and a 200 lb. grouper, a large fish whose numbers are dwindling but which you can still find on your plate in Indiana, for a...
Sea cucumbers-Dissolving coral reefs (12/27/11)
Coral reefs are extremely diverse ecosystems that support enormous biodiversity. But they are at risk. Carbon dioxide emissions are acidifying the ocean, threatening reefs and other marine organisms. New research analyzed the role of sea cucumbers...
A Visual Feast in an Undersea Twilight Zone (12/27/11)
On a dive with "rebreather" rechnology and in a trip inside a transparent acrylic vehicle, a scientist encounters new fish species at a surprisingly rapid rate near Cocos Island.
Damselfish Study May Help Improve Marine Reserves (12/19/11)
In recent years scientific studies have shown that marine environments made off-limits to fishing fleets are a boon to the fish that swim there. The question is: What parts of the ocean are the best to close for the benefit of the fish and those who...
Coral bleaching threatens South Florida reefs (12/15/11)
An ashy pallor has spread across South Florida's coral reefs over the past few months, as stressed corals expelled the algae that gives them color.
Coral reef successfully restored after 2002 boat grounding in Florida Keys (12/12/11)
Corals damaged in 2002 when a boat ran aground in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary are now thriving following a restoration and near decade-long monitoring effort, according to a new NOAA report released today. With hundreds of groundings...
Parrot Fish Are The Constant Gardeners Of The World's Reefs (12/12/11)
Australian scientists have urged greater consideration for the brilliantly-hued parrot fishes that tend and renew the worlds imperiled coral reefs. Parrotfishes are the constant gardeners of the reef. They play a crucial role in keeping it...
Under the Sea: A Squid Album (12/05/11)
A photo gallery of some amazing squid
Ancient Environment Found to Drive Marine Biodiversity (12/02/11)
Much of our knowledge about past life has come from the fossil record -- but how accurately does that reflect the true history and drivers of biodiversity on Earth?
Australia to create world's largest marine reserve (11/28/11)
The Australian government has announced plans to establish the world's largest protected marine area in the Coral Sea.
Coral research aided by human technology (11/23/11)
Scientists will be able to identify coral-killing diseases with technology normally used to diagnose human illnesses, marine researchers say.
Corals can sense what's coming (11/21/11)
Scientists have thrown new light on the mechanism behind the mass death of corals worldwide as the Earth's climate warms. Coral bleaching, one of the most devastating events affecting coral reefs around the planet, is triggered by rising water...
Massages Relax Fish Too (11/17/11)
Massages don't just relax people; fish may also enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of a rubdown, a new study shows. In the wild, coral reef-dwelling surgeonfish get a massage from the cleaner fish that usually picks parasites off their skin. Now,...
WWF - My Coral Triangle (11/14/11)
It is the worlds centre of marine life, which millions depend on to survive. But overfishing and climate change are threatening to destroy this natural treasure. You can help!
'Fishy lawnmowers' help save Pacific corals (11/10/11)
Can fish save coral reefs from dying? Researchers have found one case where fish have helped coral reefs to recover from cyclones and predators.
Coral breeding spawns international interest (11/08/11)
Marine scientists have converged on the Great Barrier Reef off north Queensland to study the annual coral spawning event.
Coral Sea could be world's largest marine park (11/04/11)
Labor is considering proposals to establish the world's largest marine protected area with 972,000 square kilometres of the Coral Sea to be given differing levels of environmental cover.
Coral Reefs May Support More Biodiversity Than Thought (11/03/11)
Smithsonian scientists and colleagues conducted the first DNA barcoding survey of crustaceans living on samples of dead coral taken from the Indian, Pacific and Caribbean oceans. The results suggest that the diversity of organisms living on the...
Coral Population Stable and Sea Urchins Are on the Rise in Florida Keys (11/03/11)
Over the past decade, the populations of staghorn and elkhorn corals in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary have remained steady after dramatic declines in the last century. Long-term monitoring conducted by researchers from the University of...
Trick or Treat? (10/31/11)
Halloween is a time to celebrate the power of disguise. Wherever your travels take you today it wont be surprising if you bump into a few zombies, vampires or witches on your way. Humans love to dress up in silly costumes and disguises, and...
Bali to build underwater cultural park (10/31/11)
Nusa Dua (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Nusa Dua Reef Foundation is planning to build an underwater cultural park in the peninsula area in an effort to protect coral reefs and raise public awareness of marine conservation by combining the environmental...
Corals flourish in dim light (10/25/11)
Deep-reef coral grows more prosperously in very little sunlight researchers at The University of Queensland and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies have found. The research team looked at coral populations from three habitats on...
Hawaiian Coral Reefs Valued At $2433.5 Billion (10/24/11)
A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) survey of U.S. residents has discovered that Americans estimate the value of Hawaii's coral reefs at $33.57 billion per year, the scientific agency reported on Friday. According to an NOAA...
Reef fish live and hunt as a team (10/24/11)
Reef fish work together to catch their dinner, scientists find, with one fish chasing prey while others block escape routes.
Toxic Seaweed Poisons Coral Reefs on Contact (10/18/11)
Attack of the killer seaweed may sound like a cheesy horror flick, but for many coral species, murderous multicellular algae have become real-life villains. A new study of reefs in the South Pacific suggests that some algae can poison coral on...
Scientists to study healthiest of reefs (10/14/11)
Pulley Ridge is one of the healthiest coral reef ecosystems off Florida and home to one of the largest gatherings of grouper and snapper. The amount of live coral on its reefs far surpasses most... read more
Snails Sail Through Life on Bubbles of Mucus (10/11/11)
nails that get around on rafts of mucous-y bubbles inherited the talent from ancestors that carried their eggs around like balloons on a string, a new study finds. In the process, the slimy snails transformed themselves from ocean-floor dwellers to...
Retired Tanks and Jets House Marine Life (10/07/11)
Nearly 80 percent of the worlds natural reefs could be gone by 2050. But at least some of the creatures that rely on them will still have a place to live.
Biologists Fish for Reasons Behind Endangered Grouper's Comeback (10/07/11)
In the waters along Florida's east and west coasts, Florida State University marine biologists are collecting new data on the once severely overfished Atlantic goliath grouper, a native species that is making a comeback in the southeastern United...
Health of Coral Reefs Linked to Human and Environmental Activity (10/04/11)
Changing human activities coupled with a dynamic environment over the past few centuries have caused fluctuating periods of decline and recovery of corals reefs in the Hawaiian Islands, according to a study sponsored in part by the Institute for...
Earthquakes Can Ravage Coral Reefs, Study Reveals (10/03/11)
Coral reefs are plagued by a long list of problems that can injure the fragile ocean ecosystems: Ocean acidification due to global warming, plankton blooms, emerging diseases, pollution and overfishing. Researchers have now added one more to that...
New marine plants discovered (10/03/11)
WA scientists have discovered almost three-dozen new marine plant species in the South West.
In Undersea Lab, 'Aquanauts' Study Endangered Coral Reefs (09/29/11)
An underwater lab is hosting scientists and technicians who are on a 10-day mission to research ways to protect or even restore damaged coral reefs.
Discovery Gives Hope For Saving Coral Reefs (09/27/11)
An international team of scientists has achieved a major breakthrough in fishing sustainability on coral reefs which could play a vital role in preventing their collapse. Fishermen and scientists have long wondered how many fish can be taken off a...
Bizarre jaws help angelfish adapt to menu (09/23/11)
Colorful angelfish, beauties of coral reef habitats, have capitalized on a remarkable set of jaws to exploit niches inaccessible to other reef denizens, according to new research.
Captive breeding could transform the saltwater aquarium trade and save coral reefs (09/23/11)
Captive breeding could transform the saltwater aquarium trade and save coral reefs Marine biologists at The University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute are developing means to efficiently breed saltwater aquarium fish, seahorses, plankton...
Sharks' Virus Killer Could Cure Humans (09/23/11)
Natural Products: Cationic sterol found in sharks blocks infection by a wide variety of viruses
NOAA's 'early warning' coral reef observing network expands to the Pacific (09/23/11)
Coral reef managers in the Northern Mariana Islands will now receive early warning of dangerous environmental conditions that can weaken and kill high value coral reefs, thanks to a new coral observing station added today in Lao Lao Bay, Saipan.
Dan Haifley, Our Ocean Backyard: What happens to containers lost at sea? (09/19/11)
Since it covers most of earth's surface, the ocean is a highway for ships carrying the stuff that powers our economy: cars, factory equipment, refrigerators, lumber, and just about everything else.
Method Unveils Breakthrough Bottle Made of Ocean Plastic (09/19/11)
Government Officials and Business Leaders Join Together to Support Progress in Eco Innovation and Marine Debris Reduction
Counting Fish From Space (09/19/11)
A young research scientist who has studied fish from outer space in order to help predict the future of our coral reefs and their fish stocks is this year's winner of a prestigious science prize. Dr Nick Graham of the ARC Centre of Excellence for...
Fears in Miami That Port Expansion Will Destroy Reefs (09/12/11)
As Miami prepares to dredge its port to accommodate supersize freighters, environmentalists are making a last-ditch effort to protect threatened coral reefs and acres of sea grass that they say would be destroyed by the expansion.
Mote Marine research looks to bacteria to save coral reefs (09/12/11)
Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota is at the forefront of research aimed at figuring out what makes some corals better at fending off disease when temperatures rise. The answer appears related to bacteria. Further research could lead to new ways to...
Coral reef bacteria found to protect bone health, fight cancer (09/12/11)
Scientists from the University of Florida (UF) have identified a substance in the bacterium of some varieties of coral reef that helps heal injured and deteriorating bones, as well as prevent bone loss and degradation.
Photo: a Phytoplanton Bloom in the Great Barrier Reef As Seen From Space (09/06/11)
The Sea in many places is here cover'd with a kind of a brown scum, such as Sailors generally call spawn; upon our first seeing it, it alarm'd us, thinking we were among Shoals, but we found the same depth of Water were it was as in other places.
Coral could lead to sunscreen pill (09/02/11)
Scientists hope to harness coral's natural defence against the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays to make a sunscreen pill for humans.
SCIENCE IN PICS: Giant Clams (08/29/11)
The giant clam, Tridacna gigas, is the largest species of bivalve mollusc in the world, reaching more than 1.2 meters (47 inches) in length and weighing over 200 kilograms (440 pounds).
DMSP and betaines or, Stinky clams and coral bleaching. (08/19/11)
Last October I had the opportunity to chat with Dick Hill, who is the author of one of the most popular animal physiology textbooks in circulation right now and a pretty darn successful ecophysiologist. He used to work with mammals and birds, but...
Caribbean Coral Catch Disease From Sewage (08/19/11)
A bacterium from our guts is killing coral reefs throughout the Caribbean. Leaky sewer systems are to blame, according to a new study. But the city of Key West has shown that upgrades to sewage treatment systems can stop the disease as well as...
How Schools Of Fish Can Lead To More Efficient Wind Farms (08/19/11)
A new source of inspiration for wind farm engineers has come from an unlikely place: the sea. By imitating schools of fish, engineers can increase wind farm output--potentially getting up to 10 times more power from the same site compared to...
Fish, coral from off-limits Hawaii come to Waikiki (08/17/11)
Hundreds of rare fish and coral pieces from one of the most remote parts of the planet have arrived in bustling Waikiki.
Pictures: Best Marine Park (08/17/11)
From leaping rays to lazy sea lionsthe "extraordinary recovery" in a Mexican marine reserve makes it Earth's most robust, experts say.
Fish Masquerades as Coral to Hide in Plain Sight (08/15/11)
One coral-living fish has found an ingenious way to avoid being gobbled up during a nap, a new study finds. The harlequin filefish has evolved to have polka-dot markings that match its coral home. Just before a snooze, the fish slicks back its fins...
Big fish return to Mexican marine park (08/15/11)
Most effects of overharvesting reversed within a decade
Explore The Rarely Visited Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (08/08/11)
Dozens of tiny islands, atolls and shoals, spanning more than 1,200 miles of the worlds largest ocean, are slowly, quietly slipping into the sea, destined to become seamounts. Hundreds of miles north of Kauai, places like Nihoa, Laysan, Pearl and...
Coral damage affects humans (08/08/11)
Jakarta (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Damage to coral reefs could affect various critical aspects of human life and should not be viewed as merely a loss of marine biodiversity, an expert warned.
Federal funding awarded for coral reef projects (08/08/11)
Delegate Madeleine Bordallo today announced that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has awarded GovGuam $567,781 in federal funding to support coral reef management projects and help study the environmental impacts of the Guam...
Severe low temperatures devastate coral reefs in Florida Keys (08/08/11)
Increased seawater temperatures are known to be a leading cause of the decline of coral reefs all over the world. Now, researchers have found that extreme low temperatures affect certain corals in much the same way that high temperatures do, with...
Ongoing global biodiversity loss unstoppable with protected areas alone (08/02/11)
Continued reliance on a strategy of setting aside land and marine territories as "protected areas" is insufficient to stem global biodiversity loss, according to a new comprehensive assessment.
National Geographic profiles Deep Sea Anglerfish - Lophius piscatorius (07/27/11)
The angry-looking deep sea anglerfish has a right to be cranky. It is quite possibly the ugliest animal on the planet, and it lives in what is easily Earth's most inhospitable habitat: the lonely, lightless bottom of the sea.
Coral genomes could aid reef conservation (07/25/11)
Sequences of two species shed light on corals' response to stress and disease.
Coral reef species may adjust to climate change (07/25/11)
Many of the world's coral reefs, including the Great Barrier Reef, could survive the coming decades if greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, a study has found.
Can't Beat Em, Eat Em - Local Chefs Dish Up Snakeheads, the Tasty Invasive Species du Jour (07/21/11)
The Baltimore Sun reports on a " new twist on the sustainable food movement "local chefs serving snakeheads, the invasive fish species from Asia that is overtaking Chesapeake-area rivers.
Taiwan researchers redefine nature of coral reefs (07/18/11)
A recent study led by Taiwans Academia Sinica is reshaping the conventional understanding of coral reef formation by showing that soft corals can build reefs, the state-backed research body said July 15.
Innovative Tagging Technique May Help Researchers Better Protect Fish Stocks (07/14/11)
Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are often hailed as a way to halt serious declines in the abundance of marine species that have been over-fished. But even as nations begin to set aside protected parcels of ocean for marine reserves, the effectiveness...
Data revealing migrations of larval reef fish vital for designing networks of marine protected areas (07/14/11)
Networks of biologically-connected marine protected areas need to be carefully planned, taking into account the open ocean migrations of marine fish larvae that take them from one home to another sometimes hundreds of kilometers away. Research sheds...
Lionfish no match for big groupers (07/11/11)
Initially all but ignored by native predators, the beautiful but venomous lionfish an Asian native has been spreading widely and rapidly throughout eastern U.S. waters and the Caribbean since being introduced through the aquarium trade.
Caught in the act: Diver takes first ever photos of a wild fish using a tool (07/11/11)
A professional diver has captured the first images of a wild fish using a tool.
Coral Reef Restoration Projects Using Biorock and Reef Balls (07/06/11)
The Biorock process can help with coral reef restoration, and uses electricity to promote the deposition of calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide. Hard corals quickly bond to this material and growth may be accelerated up to four times. The...
Keys coral reefs to reproduce by moonlight (07/06/11)
Sparked by the August and September full moons, a rare underwater exchange of reproductive cells means the continued survival of coral reefs and a fascinating experience for divers.
Gene secrets of the reef revealed - Genome of staghorn coral Acropora millepora sequenced (07/06/11)
Australian scientists have sequenced the genome of the staghorn coral Acropora millepora, a major component of the Great Barrier Reef and coral reefs worldwide. This is the first animal genome project to be carried out entirely in Australia, and is...
Help sought for another starfish outbreak (06/29/11)
Divers from the Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators discovered and killed hundreds of the starfish on the popular Bait and Knuckle reefs a fortnight ago, in the first significant outbreak in more than three years.
New wildlife species amaze US, Philippine scientists (06/29/11)
There is no question now that the Philippines is a biodiversity hotspot. That is, it is one of the worlds biologically richest countries with a significant share of endemic species that are under threat from humans, making it a top priority for...
Keys lionfish hunter ranks grow (06/22/11)
A stuffed toy nicknamed Tasty can be found in the arsenal in the war against the invasive lionfish. Alecia Adamson wielded the faux lionfish in a Wednesday class to teach volunteer divers the proper technique to safely bag a lionfish and get the...
New Report Confirms Threats to World's Oceans and Reefs (06/22/11)
A new report on the state of the worlds oceans is gaining considerable attention this week. The report by the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature warns that combined...
Reef camera offers coral bleaching snapshot (06/15/11)
Marine scientists are hoping the installation of a permanent underwater camera on the Great Barrier Reef off Queensland will give them an insight into the daily life of coral and other sea creatures.
Much More to Jellyfish Than Plasma and Poison (06/06/11)
Jellyfish have long been dismissed as so much mindless protoplasm with a mouth. Now, in a series of new studies, researchers have found that there is far more complexity and nuance to a jellyfish than meets the eye.
Ocean Acidification Leaves Clownfish Deaf to Predators (06/06/11)
Affects of ocean acidification on clownfish
Bubbles highlight reef trouble (05/31/11)
They are called champagne reefs, but they provide little cause for celebration. Three coral reefs near Papua New Guinea, which are bathed in bubbles of carbon dioxide from volcanic vents, have provided a unique natural laboratory for the long-term...
This Reef May Save Your Life (05/31/11)
In an era of spiraling health care costs, nature's most promising pharmacy is the only thing that is still free. We ought to take better care of it.
Smithsonian Using VA Facility to Preserve Great Barrier Reef (05/23/11)
The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute is helping to build a frozen repository of living coral cells from the Great Barrier Reef that could restore a species in the future.
'Secret Shark' Discovered At Aquarium (05/23/11)
Aquarium staff in Blackpool were stunned to discover a shark they did not know about had been living undetected in one of their tanks for years.
Big tank for big fish - Biggest piece of Marine Sanctuary's deep-sea submarine canyon exhibit arrives (05/18/11)
SANTA CRUZ -- A 14,000-gallon tank that will serve as a deep-sea submarine canyon exhibit was lowered into its new home at the new Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center on Tuesday.
Corals Find an Effective Way to Spawn Despite Being Cemented in Place (05/16/11)
It is hard to court the opposite sex when you are cemented in place, which explains why polyps--the tiny creatures whose exoskeletons form corals--do not reproduce by mating. Instead they cast millions of sperm and eggs into the sea, where they...
Florida may limit soft coral harvest (05/16/11)
South Florida divers take marine life for the aquarium trade Divers who collect fish and coral off South Florida's coast for the domestic and international aquarium trade face potential limits on the number of sea fans, sea whips and other soft...
Bali Coral Reefs Reveal Nine New Species (05/16/11)
A bubble coral that resembles underwater daisies and a decorated garden eel are among the nine potentially new species discovered in Bali's coral reefs, researchers just announced. The downside: The divers found few reef sharks, possibly signaling...
Village chief sees reef as source of income (05/09/11)
The chief of a coastal village in Barili town hopes the local government would declare their vast coral reef as a marine protected area (MPA) so that villagers could make a living by offering their services to divers.
Australian dog whelk in cancer fight (05/09/11)
A PREDATORY Australian mollusc with a large cone-shaped shell could one day be on the menu to kill off cancer cells.
'Test tube' reef a key to understanding coral disease (05/02/11)
Microbial ecologist and UTS Research Fellow Dr Justin Seymour is part of an international team that will apply emerging technology to investigate the causes of bacterial disease in coral.
Scientists search Great Barrier Reef for new species (05/02/11)
A team comprising Japanese and Australian explorers headed for Osprey Reef yesterday with a newly designed remote operated robot to dive to 650m and visit the sea bed and everything in between.
Fishing tournament targets invasive lionfish (04/25/11)
The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and the Reef Environmental Education Foundation will host the second annual Lionfish Tournament Series in the Florida Keys to help rid the delicate ecosystem of coral reefs of the invasive species.
Five Year Research Expedition gets Underway to Survey Coral Reefs Worldwide (04/25/11)
An unprecedented five-year, world-wide assessment of the health and resilience of coral reef environments gets underway from Miami, Florida this Monday, April 25th.
Pictures: Sharks Taught to Hunt Alien Lionfish (04/20/11)
Seemingly striking a blow for ecological balance, a Caribbean reef shark chomps on an invasive lionfish in the clear waters of Roatan Marine Park off the coast of Honduras.
Acidic ocean robs coral of vital building material (04/18/11)
Oceans become acidic when they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. Once dissolved, the gas reacts with carbonate to form bicarbonate, stripping seawater of the compound that many marine organisms including coral, shrimp and crabs need to build their...
Coral transplantation boosts rebuilding of marine habitat (04/18/11)
Transplanting corals to help rebuild reefs
The Life Aquatic with Richard Branson (04/15/11)
Not content with taking paying passengers to the edge of space, British business tycoon, adventurer, and self-publicist extraordinaire Richard Branson has just announced another adventure in the other direction: to the bottom of the ocean.
World's reef fishes tussling with human overpopulation (04/11/11)
Coral reefs provide a range of critical goods and services to humanity -- everything from nutrient cycling to food production to coast protection to economic revenues through tourism, according to researchers. Yet, they say, the complex nature and...
Ancient corals provide insight on the future of Caribbean reefs (04/11/11)
Climate change is already widely recognized to be negatively affecting coral reef ecosystems around the world, yet the long-term effects are difficult to predict. Scientists are now using the geologic record of Caribbean corals to understand how...
Black Coral, a 2,000 Year-Old Black Coral Found By USGS Near BP Oil Well (04/04/11)
Black Coral Image Credit: A 2,000 year-old black coral was found by scientists in the Gulf of Mexico, near the broken BP oil well, according to a report by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) on Wednesday, March 30, 2011. According to the...
New marine species discovered off Gulf of Mexico (04/04/11)
A new marine species has been discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission announced Thursday the discovery of Chromodoris fentoni, a type of shell-less snail known as a nudibranch (pronounced...
Diving deep into coral science (04/04/11)
Karl Castillo was in his early 20s when he sat with his stepfather in a small boat off the coast of southern Belize, prepared to examine the coral below. About 15 years later, Castillo returned to the Gulf of Honduras as a postdoctoral researcher...
Coral Reefs Along Faultlines Could Help Predict Next Big Earthquake (03/25/11)
Using coral structures to ascertain historical records of earthquakes and using that data to extrapolate future events.
Reef 'Stress Test' Aims to Preserve Threatened Corals (03/24/11)
Researchers have developed a coral reef "stress test" in hopes the system will act as a kind of marine biodiversity triage, allowing for better management of the most diverse and hardiest of corals in threatened and quickly dwindling ecosystems.
Ecosystem-wide framework for monitoring coral reef fisheries can be used on global scale (03/24/11)
Scientists have created a framework that increases the effectiveness of critical reef monitoring techniques. The new framework improves the accuracy and efficiency of fish counts and can be used to determine the best long term management strategies...
The Coral Pulse of Life (03/21/11)
Corals are marine organisms living in compact colonies of many identical individual polyps. The group includes the important reef builders that inhabit tropical oceans, which secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard skeleton. Coral reefs form some...
13 Stunning Photos from 10 Year Survey (03/21/11)
A collection of photographs of previously unknown marine life
Snorkellers call for marine protection (03/14/11)
Scores of people have taken to the waters off Cottesloe this morning in a Snorkel for Sanctuaries event organised by the Wilderness Society and the Cottesloe Coastcare Association.
Coral reef cryogenic plan gets under way (03/14/11)
AN AMBITIOUS plan to create a ''coral bank'' of frozen reef polyps so that they can survive extinction is being developed by Australian researchers.
Weed-eating fish 'vital to coral reefs' survival' (03/14/11)
Washington, Mar 11 (ANI): A new study has found that a weed-eating fish could be the key to saving the world's coral reefs.
Bleaching and resilience, can reefs survive (03/09/11)
Red anthia fish and rainbow-coloured wrasse dart among the glittering reefs of Indonesia's Wakatobi archipelago as eagle rays and barracudas cruise past in the blue depths.
The Coral Gardener (03/07/11)
Dr. Bowden-Kerby is a marine biologist living in Fiji, who has come up with an incredibly simple but effective way to restore corals in reefs -- start gardening them. He's taught his method to coastal communities and has already seen success in...
Conditioning Coral Reefs for the Future (03/07/11)
In a world first, a new 'state of the art' climate change experimental facility has been completed at the University of Queensland's Heron Island Research Station.
Coral "Whisperers" diagnose reef pollution woes (02/28/11)
Enzymes from stressed corals specify stressors
Semporna may have richest marine biodiversity in the world (02/28/11)
Eighteen scientists from Malaysia, the Netherlands and the USA spent three weeks examining the reefs of Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia, situated at the apex of the Coral Triangle. A biodiversity team documented the species richness for mushroom corals,...
Coral reefs said vital to biodiversity (02/23/11)
Australian scientists say corals reefs in the South China Sea, West Pacific and Coral Triangle are key to preserving fish and marine resources in the region.
One great big CO2 gobbling calcium reactor (02/21/11)
Using seawater and calcium to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) in a natural gas power plant's flue stream, and then pumping the resulting calcium bicarbonate in the sea, could be beneficial to the oceans' marine life
Marine scientists offer Bt2-bn plan to save coral (02/18/11)
Marine scientists from 11 universities want the problem of coral bleaching and deterioration to be made part of the national agenda, a Bangkok seminar was told yesterday.
Extinction predictor to help protect coral reefs (02/18/11)
More than a third of coral reef fish species are in jeopardy of local extinction from the impacts of climate change on coral reefs, a new scientific study has found. A new predictive method developed by an international team of marine scientists has...
Venom of marine snails provide new drugs (02/18/11)
Baldomero Olivera studies chemical compounds found in the venoms of marine cone snails, a potential source of powerful, yet safe and effective drugs. He will discuss the development of Prialt - an FDA-approved drug for intractable, chronic pain -...
Newly discovered group of algae live in both fresh water and ocean may have worldwide distribution. (02/18/11)
A team of biologists has discovered an entirely new group of algae living in a wide variety of marine and freshwater environments. This group of algae, which the researchers dubbed "rappemonads," have DNA that is distinctly different from that of...
Plumbing The Depths Of Aquarium Science (02/14/11)
What happens if you mix fat puffers with sponges? Do clownfish do better alone or in pairs? What's the best way to prune staghorn coral? Joseph Yaiullo, co-founder of Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, N.Y., and the curator of the aquarium's...
Green norms for ornamental fish export finalised (02/11/11)
With an aim to boost to exports of ornamental fish in the country, Marine Products Export Development Authority, has finalised the guidelines on green certification. The norms for the green certification have been prepared after long deliberations...
Rowdy residents warn crustaceans away from perilous reefs (02/09/11)
( -- Coral reefs present a treacherous wall of mouths to flea-sized planktonic crustaceans, but the clamor generated by animals on the reef may act like a foghorn to warn them away from danger.
Coral passion turns to science project (02/07/11)
High senior Sarah Zimmer conducts a study on sea anemones and effects of differing sound wavelengths on their symbiotic algae.
Good and bad news for reef in Yasi's wake (02/04/11)
Water run-off produced by rainfall from Cyclone Yasi will have both good and bad impacts on the Great Barrier Reef.
This 3-D Cam Captures Close Encounters With the Aquatic Kind (02/04/11)
Taking a cue from James Cameron, D. J. Roller custom-built a 3-D camera to capture eye-popping shots for his documentary Last Reef , out this summer.
Musandam reefs "world class" (02/04/11)
MUSCAT A unique coral reef study in Musandam in Oman has shown that the reefs are in good condition with coral cover reaching one of the highest levels in the world.
Sea urchins bred to clean up reef (01/31/11)
Tiny sea urchins are now devouring blankets of algae smothering some of the best coral reef in the state. State scientists, environmentalists and a local canoe club released about 1,000 collector sea urchins yesterday at Kaneohe Bay with the goal of...
Bills seek to maintain fish in the ocean, preserve reef (01/31/11)
Collecting reef fish for sale in the aquarium trade would be banned or restricted statewide under bills introduced by Maui legislator.
Indonesia's Coastal Economy is on the Biorocks (01/31/11)
Walking down the beach at Pemuteran Bay provides a glimpse into both the past and future of Indonesias coastal communities. One end of the beach serves as the mooring and launching area for the fleet of traditional fishing craft that have so long...
Hot seas bleach Ningaloo Reef (01/31/11)
ABNORMALLY hot sea temperatures at Ningaloo Reef are bleaching the area's coral, environmental officers say.
Color offers insight into coral reef depletion, researchers show (01/28/11)
While most scientists agree that coral reefs are in danger of dying, they point their fingers at causes that range from global warming to water pollution. New research from UT researchers suggest there could be a way to slow down the process. UT...
A New Way To Protect Fish And Fishers (01/28/11)
Researchers at Australias leading coral reef research center have developed a way to protect both coral reef fish - and the interests of fishers. In pioneering research carried out in Fiji in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society...
Hidden benefits of marine reserves (01/28/11)
IN our material world, things are perceived as real when they are seen or felt with our senses. This is especially true of scientific predictions of natural events. We faced this difficulty when we set up the program of marine protected areas way...
Coral reef care via smartphone (01/24/11)
THE potential threats facing coral reef systems worldwide can be better managed. The Coral Reef Scenario Evaluation Tool (Corset) is a generic model framework that can be applied at a regional scale to tropical coral reef systems anywhere.
Environmental Kid Crusaders: 12-Year-Old Protects Mauis Coral Reefs (01/24/11)
12-year-old Dylan Vecchione has been visiting the Hawaiian island of Maui for five years. He noticed the coral at the Kahekili Reef wasnt looking so good, so he began his own investigation and campaign.
Dive sites in national marine parks in Thailand closed (01/24/11)
The founder of the For Sea Foundation (FSF) is urging authorities to close dive sites in more national marine parks on the Andaman Sea, claiming the recent closure of 18 sites in seven parks does not go far enough.
Coral marches to the poles (01/24/11)
Reefs may simply move house when the oceans heat up. Corals around Japan are fleeing northwards, according to a new study. One type has been spotted 'sprinting' at 14 kilometers a year, thanks to a lift from ocean currents.
Coral Has Rhythm Helping To Beat Night Time Blues (01/17/11)
Both corals and people have circadian rhythms which govern our body functions according to changes in day and night or season. Corals use these rhythms to dictate their feeding and breeding and to manage their symbiotic relationship with algae.
Deluge puts coral reef at risk (01/16/11)
Sections of the Great Barrier Reef face coral bleaching and dieback as a result of flood plumes. About 5 per cent of the Great Barrier Reef was being affected by the flood plumes, discharging mostly from the mouth of the Fitzroy River.
Study finds how sea urchins affect coral reefs' growth (01/16/11)
An 18-year-old study has found that overfished reef systems have more sea urchins-organisms that in turn eat coral algae that build tropical reef systems. The study found that sea urchins were the dominant grazer in the fished reefs, where the...
Deep-sea coral reefs get more scientific attention (01/16/11)
In the Atlantic Ocean off Florida's coast, at 1,500 feet and deeper, the water is 45 degrees and pitch-black. Yet life thrives there. Scientists are just beginning to explore this vast secret of the deep: extensive coral reefs and the marine...
Bat fish, Razor fish,Frog crab rediscovered (01/09/11)
Three unique marine organisms, Deep Sea Smoky Bat fish, Grooved Razor fish and Frog crab, have been re-recorded from Indian waters after a gap of over a century.
Twilight Zones may hold clue to coral reef health (01/09/11)
Over the last decade scientists and world governments have been desperately trying to come up with a way of protecting coral reefs from devastating bleaching events. But now a group of Australian researchers say they've uncovered deeper parts of the...
Scientists see the light in bizarre bioluminescent snail (12/29/10)
Two scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego have provided the first details about the mysterious flashes of dazzling bioluminescent light produced by a little-known sea snail.
Sea urchin could lead to knives that never need sharpening (12/29/10)
Urchins have self-honing teeth which allow them to chomp through stone, carving out hideaways on rocky shores. Scientists have now learned how the urchins keep their teeth razor-sharp and believe that technology based on the same principle could...
Possible New Species Found in Ocean Crossroads (12/29/10)
A "Bubblegum coral" that features large, knobby polyps is among the swarm of possible new species found at an oceanic crossroads by a joint Indonesian-U.S. expedition this year.
Starfish Could Be Key to Treating Asthma and Arthritis (12/23/10)
A slimy substance, secreted by starfish, may be the key to treating inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and asthma in the future, according to a new study out of Scotland.
El Nio killing young coral reef fish, biologists find (12/20/10)
The unusually warm Pacific Ocean temperatures ushered in by El Nio can have a profound impact on the fish populations surrounding South Pacific coral reefs, a new study finds.An international team of biologists studied the arrival of young fish to...
Sleeping with the fishes in Cancun (12/18/10)
AROUND 750,000 tourists a year visit the national park in Cancun, Mexico, where the recent UN climate talks were held. But an underwater sculpture museum in the park is attracting not just people, but hundreds of swarming grey angel fish.
Aquarium feeds fish unwanted Brussels sprouts (12/18/10)
Bosses at an aquarium in the UK say they're planning to reduce waste this Christmas -- by feeding their fish leftover Brussels sprouts. Staff say they stumbled on the finding that the fish have a 'surprising penchant' for the unpopular but festive...
Coral spawning used to predict climate change effects (12/18/10)
It's that time again on the Great Barrier Reef; the annual spawning of the coral and Queensland researchers are using the event to examine the effects of climate change. They're capturing coral sperm and eggs and subjecting them to different levels...
Rare fish sighting thrills world's experts (12/12/10)
Marine scientists around the world are excited about the first sighting of a rare deepwater fish at the Poor Knights. The 10cm translucent whisp captured by photographer Crispin Middleton has been identified as a juvenile spiderfish.
Reef relocation from Jebel Ali to Jumeirah begins (12/09/10)
100 brain (Faviidae), table (Acroporidae) and lesser starlet (Siderastreidae) coral colonies will be collected by the Emirates Marine Environment Group from the natural reef and transplanted, using epoxy glue, to the caprock stones.
Conditioning Coral Reefs for the Future (12/09/10)
In a world first, a new 'state of the art' climate change experimental facility has been completed at the University of Queensland's Heron Island Research Station. It has 72 experimental aquaria and 12 mini-reefs which can simulate ocean...
Jellyfish are taking over the oceans: Population surge as rising acidity of world's seas kills predators. (12/05/10)
Britain's beaches could soon be inundated with records numbers of jellyfish, marine experts warned today. Scientists say the number of jellyfish are on the rise thanks to the increasing acidity of the worlds oceans.
To be or not to be endangered? (12/05/10)
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Marine Fisheries Service is currently reviewing the status of the coral on the petition. If the listing is granted, it will afford higher protection and designate critical habitat...
Rare local boarfish gets scientists' attention (12/05/10)
The most unusual boarfish, or Antigonia sp. has already attracted the attention of scientists at Harvard University's Museum of Comparative Zoology and at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History.
Squid worm emerges from the deep (11/29/10)
The previously unseen creature has 'arms' growing from its head and swims by rhythmically beating its bristles has been discovered nearly 3,000 meters below sea level off the Indonesian coast.
Sea urchins tolerate acid water (11/22/10)
It was thought the corrosive effect of the acid would harm their calcium carbonate skeletons, but now scientists have discovered sea urchins are likely to be able to adapt to increasingly acidic oceans resulting from climate change.
Rare Cold Water Coral Ecosystem Discovered Off Coast of Mauritania (11/22/10)
For the scientists, the discovery of an ecosystem with living cold water corals came as a surprise. Lophelia coral with orange-red polyps and gorgonias, which, beside the reef-building stony corals, formed imposing octocoral gardens in a dark and...
Blankets of Snot Protect Sleeping Reef Fish From Parasites (11/22/10)
If you were to find yourself in the jungle without a mosquito net, slathering yourself in snot might be a good alternative. It works for fish.
New ocean acidification study shows added danger to already struggling coral reefs (11/14/10)
A new study suggests that over the next century recruitment of new corals could drop by 73 percent, as rising CO2 levels turn the oceans more acidic. The research findings reveal a new danger to the already threatened Caribbean and Florida reef...
The Silent Invasion Of The Lionfish (11/14/10)
A year ago divers spotted just one of these non-native fish on a reef. Today there are thousands. So what's the big deal? Nothing in South Florida eats the lionfish. In fact there is video of divers feeding the fish to sharks. They just spit the...
Philippe Cousteau carries on mission to save the oceans (11/14/10)
Philippe sounded genuinely surprised that a newspaper from halfway across the world wanted to interview him. He also admitted that he hardly has any personal time. On the day we finally reached him.
Coral Reefs Just Might Survive (11/05/10)
Dr. John Pandolfi, a marine biologist and professor at the University of Queensland, Australia, talks about how reefs are surprisingly resilient to threats.
How Voracious Comb Jellyfish Makes Itself 'Invisible' to Prey (11/05/10)
Despite its primitive structure, the North American comb jellyfish can sneak up on its prey like a high-tech stealth submarine.
Can marine life catch your germs? (11/05/10)
Scientists study the first known case of such a reverse zoonosis involves the transmission of a human pathogen to a marine invertebrate, elkhorn coral.
Artist completes artificial reef, 'The Silent Evolution,' installing 400 sculptures underwater (11/05/10)
Artist Jason deCaires Taylor recently completed work on one of the most surreal and awe-inspiring artificial reefs I've seen. "The Silent Evolution" is the final and most ambitious of four stages of an underwater museum and consists of 400...
New species of deep-sea fish discovered (10/29/10)
Marine biologists have discovered a new species of deep-sea fish in a deep ocean trench which had previously been thought to be uninhabited.
From Beautiful Nudibranchs To Coral Graveyards (10/29/10)
Nudibranchs are beautiful and brightly colored sea slugs that thrive on healthy coral reefs. While that has been exhilarating, it is the changes that I've ...
Transmission Of Human Pathogen To Coral Reefs To Be Studied By UGA Researchers (10/26/10)
The spread of lethal diseases from animals to humans has long been an issue of great concern to public health officials. But what about diseases that spread in the other direction, from humans to wildlife? A multidisciplinary team of researchers at...
Coral Algae Found In Black Corals At Never Seen Before Depths (10/26/10)
Researchers at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB), an organized research unit in the University of Hawaii at Manoas School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology have made a remarkable new discovery. When most people envision coral,...
QM Reef-A-Palooza Tank featured on NBC of Los Angeles (10/26/10)
Coral-growing hobbyists flock to a weekend show that emphasizes growing your own, rather than raiding the ocean.
Gulf corals in oil spill zone appear healthy (10/26/10)
Just 20 miles north of where BP's blown-out well spewed millions of gallons of oil into the sea, life appears bountiful despite initial fears that crude could have wiped out many of these delicate deepwater habitats.
Toxic algae rapidly kills coral (10/08/10)
Harmful algal blooms kill coral reefs in just three weeks, suggesting coral communities face a new threat.
Census of Marine Life reveals extent of ocean mystery (10/04/10)
Ten years, 1200 new species and 9000 days at sea but there are still at least 750,000 species waiting to be discovered
Marine biology: Out of the blue (10/04/10)
The ten-year Census for Marine Life is about to unveil its final results. But how deep did the $650-million project go?
Tiny Plankton Could Steer Giant Hurricanes (09/29/10)
Microscopic plants less than half a centimeter across may be able to change the paths of 300-mile-wide tropical storms, due to their ability to change the color of the surface of the sea. Phytoplankton is as common in the oceans as grass is on...
NOAA: Coral Bleaching Likely in Caribbean This Year (09/23/10)
According to the NOAA Coral Reef Watch monitoring system coral bleaching is likely in the Caribbean in 2010. Scientists are already reporting coral bleaching at several Caribbean sites and severe bleaching has been reported from other parts of the...
Taking the pulse of coral reefs (09/23/10)
Healthy reefs with more corals and fish generate predictably greater levels of noise, according to researchers working in Panama. This has important implications for understanding the behaviour of young fish, and provides an exciting new approach...
Lionfish roundup a success (09/23/10)
More than 100 divers collected 534 Indo-Pacific red lionfish during the first tournament dedicated to reducing the population of the invasive species in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.
Aquarium lands rare 'ribbon fish' (09/14/10)
A rare fish shaped like a ribbon has been handed in to an aquarium after being accidentally hauled up in a fisherman's nets. The red-band eel fish has been donated to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Portsmouth, Hampshire, after being found off the south...
Smithsonian's National Zoo Successfully Grows Two Species of Anemones (09/14/10)
Washington, DC - The Smithsonians National Zoo has become the first in the zoo and aquarium community to use coral larvae settling techniques to successfully grow two species of anemones.
Scientists to map carbon effect on Barrier Reef (09/08/10)
Scientists are hoping a new study will help predict how rising levels of carbon dioxide will affect the Great Barrier Reef off Queensland.
Robotic Fish Blend In (09/08/10)
Researchers at the University of Leeds in England have developed a robotic fish, called Robofish, capable of blending in with real fish; at least inside an aquarium or tank
Progress on vaccine for 'Ich,' bane of fish farms and home aquarium hobbyists (09/01/10)
Tests are raising hopes for finally controlling the dreaded fish disease, Ichthyophthirius (Ich), scientists reported today at the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS).
Ancient coral reef uncovered in South Pacific (09/01/10)
A team of researchers from Australia and New Zealand have discovered a huge 9,000-year-old reef surprisingly far south.
Barrel Sponges Now Dominant Life Form In Florida Keys (08/30/10)
Xestospongia muta, better known as the giant barrel sponge, is now the most dominant life form in the coral reefs of the Caribbean and the Florida Keys, according researchers from the University of North Carolina (UNC) Wilmington.Working at the...
Octopus mimics flatfish and flaunts it (08/30/10)
The mimic octopus, which can imitate flatfish and sea snakes to dupe potential predators, may well be the king of impersonation. By creatively configuring its limbs, adopting characteristic undulating movements, and displaying conspicuous color...
NOAA, SeaWeb Partner to Communicate the Value of Coral Reefs (08/27/10)
NOAA and SeaWeb have entered into a partnership to enhance understanding of the nation's valuable, but increasingly vulnerable coral reef ecosystems in the Caribbean, Florida, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. Sometimes referred to as the 'rainforests...
Baby Coral Lead A Dangerous Life (08/27/10)
Tiny corals face shocking losses when first they settle on reefs, making the full complexity and wonder of the mature coral reef all the more remarkable.Research by Australian and French scientists has thrown new light on corals dangerous infancy...
Scientists find 10 new coral species in Hawaii (08/26/10)
Scientists returning from a 30-day research expedition to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands found what they believe are 10 new species of coral. Researchers arrived Friday from their voyage to the remote string of atolls that make up the largest...
Smithsonian Institution Creates the First Frozen Bank for Hawaiian Corals (08/24/10)
Scientists at the Smithsonian Institution and the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa have created the first frozen bank for Hawaiian corals in an attempt to protect them from extinction.
Scientists make coral health breakthrough for Barrier Reef (08/24/10)
Researchers from James Cook University (JCU) in north Queensland believe they have found the key to protecting the Great Barrier Reef from degradation.
Do your civic duty: Eat this fish! (08/17/10)
non-native lionfish are an invasive and destructive species for critical reef habitats, which is why the federal government wants you to eat this delicious fish.
Endangered corals grow in Fla. 'nurseries' (08/16/10)
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 13 (UPI) -- In ocean waters off Florida, scientists and volunteers are raising plots of rare corals to repopulate depleted Florida and Caribbean reefs, experts say. Caribbean - Florida - Coral reef - Coral - Reef
The evolutionary origins of coral sex (08/03/10)
The paper, "Correlated evolution of sex and reproductive mode in corals" finds that ancient corals consisted of mostly separate sexes and needed to pass through an evolutionarily period in which they brooded their young before they could become...
Scientist excited by rare coral find in the Marshall Islands (07/30/10)
An Australian scientist has discovered what could be the world's rarest coral in the remote North Pacific Ocean.
Scientists test Moreton Bay as coral 'lifeboat' (07/30/10)
An international team of scientists has been exploring Moreton Bay, close to Brisbane, as a possible 'lifeboat' to save corals from the Great Barrier Reef at risk of extermination under climate change.
Male pipefish gives birth to hundreds of babies (07/23/10)
Staff at an aquarium are celebrating today after their male pipefish gave birth to hundreds of babies.
Scientists discover bizarre deep sea creatures (07/20/10)
Australian scientists have discovered never-seen-before prehistoric marine life in the depths of the ocean below the Great Barrier Reef, the University of Queensland said Wednesday.
Coral reefs suffer mass bleaching (07/20/10)
Coral reefs are suffering widespread damage in what is set to be one of the worst years ever for the delicate and beautiful habitats.
New Coral Reef Book Reveals the Missing Link in the Health of the Earth's Most Ancient and Biodiverse Ecosystem (07/16/10)
Internationally acclaimed and award-winning scientist tells the untold story of coral reefs that has puzzled investigators for decades by illuminating the interrelationships among the sharks, the microbes and the corals.
Red Sea Coral Species Under Threat (07/16/10)
Scientists say that a species of coral in the Red Sea could stop growing by 2070 if current warming trends continue. A team of researchers said they used 3D technology to find that the rate of growth of Diploastrea heliopara declined by 30 percent...
Guidebook on coral reef protection launched (07/12/10)
Local government units (LGUs) and fishersfolk in the Philippines, which encompasses the Coral Triangle Region, known as the worlds center of marine biodiversity, will find a useful guide to monitor marine protection in a more comprehensive but...
Marine scientists return with rare creatures from the deep (07/12/10)
Scientists have just returned from a voyage with samples of rare animals and more than 10 possible new species in a trip which they say has revolutionized their thinking about deep-sea life in the Atlantic Ocean. One group of creatures they observed...
Research: Clean water means healthy reefs (07/12/10)
MELBOURNE, Fla., July 7 (UPI) -- Improving the quality of local water boosts the resistance of coral reefs to global climate change, a Florida Institute of Technology ecologist found. Climate change - Coral reef - Florida Institute of Technology -...
Ocean acidification may make fish foolhardy (07/06/10)
Rising carbon dioxide may rob fish larvae of their ability to sense predators and survive.
Fish Talk To Each Other, Researcher Finds (07/06/10)
Fish have been found to grunt, growl and "pop" at each other, according to University of Auckland marine scientist, Shahriman Ghazali, the New Zealand Herald reported Wednesday.
Isolation a Threat to Great Barrier Reef Fish (07/06/10)
Studies have found that fish living on small, isolated reefs face a greater risk of local extinction.
Scientists call on US to stem ecological impact of trade in coral reef wildlife (06/28/10)
( Washington State University ) International law has failed to protect coral reefs and tropical fish from being decimated by a growing collectors market, but US reforms can lead the way towards making the trade more responsible, ecologically...
Scientists Watch For Signs Of Coral Evolution (06/28/10)
Biologist Mikhail Matz uses next-generation sequencers and a massive, NSF-supported supercomputer to study corals at the genomic level and look for evolutionary changes. Our oceans are getting warmer and more acidic every year; as a result, coral...
Damselfish Cultivate Their Algae Gardens (06/28/10)
Researchers found a variety of gardening strategies among 18 damselfish species.
Discovery of how coral reefs adapt to global warming could aid reef restoration (w/ Video) (06/28/10)
Discoveries about tropical coral reefs, to be published on 23 June 2010, are expected to be invaluable in efforts to restore the corals, which are succumbing to bleaching and other diseases at an unprecedented rate as ocean temperatures rise...
Egypt oil spill threatens marine life (06/21/10)
An oil spill off the Egyptian Red Sea coast of Hurghada is threatening to damage marine life in the area.
Caribbean Coral Reef Protection Efforts Miss The Mark (06/21/10)
Evolutionary potential, edge zones, should be considered as factorsConservation efforts aimed at protecting endangered Caribbean corals may be overlooking regions where corals are best equipped to evolve in response to global warming and other...
Video: When Oil and Coral Collide (06/21/10)
Coral reefs are home to a quarter of all ocean life, but they're now fighting for survival and soon there will be a new threat to their existence as the oil spill worsens. Kelly Cobiella reports.
Sea creatures flee oil spill, gather near shore (06/21/10)
Dolphins and sharks are showing up in surprisingly shallow water just off the Florida coast. Mullets, crabs, rays and small fish congregate by the thousands off an Alabama pier. Birds covered in oil are crawling deep into marshes, never to be seen...
Why Nudibranchs? (06/15/10)
Nudibranchs are fascinating because of what they tell us about the evolutionary process, but the story of how I became interested in them is a little less sophisticated.
Depth Important in Generating Reef Diversity (06/14/10)
A study by UQ researchers reveals that corals are more adapted to smaller ecological niches than previously thought, and provides new insights into the processes that generate diversity on coral reefs.
Brilliantly hued coral found off Olympic Peninsula (06/14/10)
What appears to be a garden, but which is actually a colony of animals - deep-sea coral - glows orange or gold or blazing pink in a place so dark that the vibrant colors would never be seen by anything that lives there.
A tale of two atolls: A Stanford scientists study impact of fishing on remote coral reefs (06/14/10)
Stanford marine scientists and anthropologists are developing strategies for sustainable fishing by comparing two remote coral reef ecosystems one inhabited, the other a "no-catch" reserve.
Ocean Explorer Fabien Cousteau Announces New Non-Profit Plant A Fish (06/14/10)
NEW YORK, NY (June 2, 2010) Fabien Cousteau, third generation Ocean Explorer, has announced Plant A Fish, a campaign to help restore and protect healthy waters around the world.
Cheap, simple solution to save coral reef - transplantation (06/08/10)
Research says that the simplest and cheapest option to preserve coral reefs may be transplantation.
Maui bills target reef fish captures (06/07/10)
WAILUKU, Maui Maui County's coral reefs and colorful fish are under assault by permitted collectors and outside poachers who capture the fish to sell to aquarium owners across the globe, according to two Maui County Council members who presented...
Deep Underwater, Oil Threatens Reefs (06/07/10)
Plumes of partly dissolved oil threaten a large deepwater coral reef in the gulf discovered just last year.
Coral atolls may adapt to rising sea levels, study shows (06/07/10)
Coral islands respond to changes in weather patterns and climate, with debris shoring up coasts, a study in the South Pacific shows. Out of 23 islets, only four are smaller amid rising sea levels; some have grown. Some South Pacific coral atolls...
Displaced Fish Is Ravaging Caribbean Reefs (06/02/10)
One of the prime suspects in the destruction of Caribbean coral has been found guilty, but researchers were wrong about its motive. For years s